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As a campaign, you get pitched by multiple people claiming to be the next best thing for your success...To be honest your site is the hands-down most reputable thing we've encountered.

Mark Matthews - The Momento Pearl

Truth be told I was skeptical at first because there are a lot of paid promotion services out there and I feared that BackerClub may be one of them. I will obviously be recommending the service should anyone I know require assistance in crowdfunding.

Mark Boda - Solofy

BackerClub members provided a phenomenal boost to my Kickstarter campaign. I had hit a mid-campaign slump when their support jump started my effort. They eventually accounted for 25% of my total pledges.

Wayne Josephson - EZ Bacon

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I know a big question when launching a campaign is "how do I boost traffic or get in front of people?" This is now my 3rd Kickstarter campaign and I have tried a few promotion services. None of them worked before today.

As of today I have received 101 backers for $3,476 from BackerClub and they keep coming in. The surge of activity sky rocketed me to #1 in the food category and top 20 live projects overall on Kickstarter. So BackerClub works.

Brian Gibson - Founder of Seally Cap


Design Kickstarter
163 Members contributed $30,314
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376 Members contributed $27,423
Design Kickstarter
12 Members contributed $26,201
Technology Kickstarter
67 Members contributed $25,908
Technology Kickstarter
123 Members contributed $23,763
Technology Kickstarter
119 Members contributed $23,623
Design Kickstarter
13 Members contributed $20,340
Fashion Kickstarter
82 Members contributed $20,224