Current and Past Projects That Have Listed on BackerClub

Project Name Total Funding Currency
The World's Best TRAVEL JACKET with 15 Features || BAUBAX 9,192,055.00 USD
UNOBRUSH - Toothbrushing Reimagined 7,240,095.00 DKK
The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling 6,565,782.00 USD
The Everyday Messenger: A Bag For Cameras & Essential Carry 4,869,472.00 USD
PolarSeal Heated Tops 4,623,089.00 HKD
Film Wear - The ultimate in film-like clothing 4,296,722.00 JPY
Pimax: The World's First 8K VR Headset 4,236,618.00 USD
Zen Blanket - The Blanket for Better Sleep 4,149,970.00 SEK
The World's Best TRAVEL JACKET with 25 Features | BAUBAX 2.0 3,948,547.00 USD
Smart Parka - The World's First Complete Winter Coat 3,257,695.00 CAD
Amabrush - World's First Automatic Toothbrush 3,198,516.00 EUR
Vinpok Split - Best On-the-go Touch Screen Monitor 2,837,878.00 USD
Myst 25th Anniversary Collection 2,810,127.00 USD
OSSIC X: The first 3D audio headphones calibrated to you 2,708,472.00 USD
mifold - the Grab-and-Go Booster seat 2,640,470.00 USD
Mark Drone: The Ultra-intelligent 4K foldable drone, $239 2,597,029.00 HKD
Superscreen – Supercharge your phone with a 10.1″ HD display 2,542,045.00 USD
Revols - Premium Quick Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones 2,530,756.00 USD
Protective iPhone X and 8 Cases - Mous Limitless 2,448,266.00 USD
Aircon Watch: The World's First Personal A/C Watch 2,320,666.00 HKD
SpeedX Leopard | the first ever smart aero road bike 2,319,876.00 USD
BionicGym: PROVEN cardio-training breakthrough! 2,281,835.00 USD
Vue: Your Everyday Smart Glasses 2,215,583.00 USD
Rain Socks - The world's best rainwear for sneakers 2,175,945.00 JPY
SMOVE: Smartphone Stabilizers & PowerBank in One 2,148,420.00 USD
Tropic - The Ultimate Travel Shoe 2,140,417.00 EUR
Sobro Smart Side Table 2,121,399.00 USD
Phazon : Wireless Earbuds Guaranteed Not to Fall 2,121,272.00 USD
Mous Limitless iPhone Case AiroShock Protection 1,978,887.00 USD
US$175 Customizable Retro Watch Challenge by Undone 1,960,430.00 HKD
PIQO: World’s Most Powerful 1080p Pocket Projector 1,870,522.00 USD
High-Tech Heels & Flats that Feel Like Sneakers Inside 1,845,714.00 USD
Lumen: Hack your metabolism & lose weight 1,792,858.00 USD
Oomi - Welcome Home 2.0 1,791,235.00 USD
The NOMATIC Travel Bag 1,725,336.00 USD
FLX: Electric Bikes with Attitude 1,711,295.00 USD
The Most REBELLIOUS Swiss Automatic Watch Ever - LIV Watches 1,703,914.00 USD
Vi. The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer 1,688,179.00 USD
Nebula Capsule II: World’s First Android TV™ Pocket Cinema 1,677,550.00 USD
SILENT PARTNER quiets snoring noise like magic 1,651,156.00 USD
TRINUS - The Affordable All-Metal 3D Printer 1,621,021.00 USD
BLOCKS - The World's First Modular Smartwatch 1,613,874.00 USD
AlpinerX - The Most Beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch 1,569,882.00 CHF
SAIL: The Thinnest and Most Affoard Electric Skateboard 1,537,878.00 HKD
WILLIAM & STERLING - socks worth taking care of 1,521,516.00 SEK
Plexus Wheel+ | The World's Simplest Back Pain Relief 1,500,976.00 USD
Nordgreen - Luxury Scandinavian Design Watches 1,495,496.00 DKK
FaceCradle Travel Pillow - Upgrade to Sleeping Class! 1,479,231.00 AUD
Sgnl - Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip, literally. 1,469,202.00 USD
PUGZ-World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through phone 1,433,779.00 USD
Travis - I speak 80 languages, so can you! 1,407,725.00 USD
Pacum: It's time to end the struggle with space. 1,407,336.00 HKD
Vimble S - Never Capture A Shaky Video Again 1,406,034.00 HKD
The Cubes : The World's First Geometric Structure Pillow 1,382,863.00 HKD
Aura: Speeds & Simplifies ALL Your Scanning Needs 1,381,158.00 USD
QUARTZ Bottle - Water Purification in a Self-Cleaning Bottle 1,374,021.00 USD
BedJet v2: Sleep inducing climate control just for your Bed 1,363,381.00 USD
Lily: The 1st smart speaker that teaches Chinese 1,362,404.00 USD
HyperJuice: World's Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack 1,345,593.00 USD
Qi Aerista - Smart Tea Brewer for Every Type of Tea 1,343,877.00 HKD
Qi Aerista - Smart Tea Brewer for Every Type of Tea 1,343,877.00 HKD
ARIA Waterproof Earbuds: Bluetooth 5 & 32h Battery 1,333,731.00 USD
ROUSE CASE - The purest Portable Toothbrush Case 1,332,429.00 JPY
The World's First Heated Down Jacket w/ 6X Mobile Charging 1,330,293.00 USD
The Lampster | A Lamp with Attitude 1,327,559.00 USD
FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer | The End of Shaky Videos 1,325,241.00 USD
Tern - The Best Price to Stay Connected Anywhere 1,280,249.00 HKD
Handcrafted Dress Shoes Reinvented for the Modern Gentleman 1,265,430.00 USD
GeoOrbital wheel | Make your bike electric in 60 seconds 1,261,222.00 USD
Vessi: The 100% Waterproof, Extremely Breathable Knit Shoe 1,260,557.00 USD
World's first personal air conditioner 1,255,258.00 USD
Barracuda: Collapsible Luggage + Tray + GPS + USB Charger 1,252,222.00 USD
MEATER: The First Truly Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer 1,251,486.00 USD
HiddenHUB | Wireless HD Audio Meets Timeless Design 1,239,639.00 USD
Ambi Climate 2: A.I. Enhanced Air Conditioning Comfort 1,215,905.00 HKD
Reviv | The Affordable & Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket 1,203,763.00 USD
BetterBack—Perfect Posture Effortlessly ( 1,193,776.00 USD
Rite Press -The 'No Mess' French Press 1,187,192.00 USD
Luuup Litter Box - The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made 1,178,504.00 CAD
Solo Stove Bonfire | The World's Most Unique Fire Pit 1,176,641.00 USD
DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light/Desk Accessory 1,173,763.00 HKD
Keezel:Online Security for Every Device Everywhere 1,170,956.00 USD
Algobrix | The Ultimate Coding Learning Game 1,153,514.00 USD
Knocki: Make Any Surface Smart 1,144,399.00 USD
RIVER Bank: Smart Power System & Solar Charging 1,142,400.00 USD
Botanium 1,139,744.00 SEK
Sonic Soak: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool 1,129,339.00 USD
KEYTO: The Key to Burning Fat Faster 1,119,172.00 USD
Redefining Swiss Automatic Watches by LIV 1,119,029.00 USD
UPRIGHT GO | Fix Your Screen-slouch, Correct Your Posture 1,118,469.00 USD
FireFlies - Truly Wire-Free Earbuds - Music Without Limits! 1,115,031.00 USD
Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer | Shake-Free Videos 1,111,638.00 USD
Sevenhugs Smart Remote: The First Remote for Everything 1,107,372.00 USD
Evapolar 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner 1,083,421.00 USD
RIVER: Your Mobile Power Station & Solar Generator 1,079,930.00 USD
HALLAM new york SMART JACKET 2.0 for TRAVEL with 29 FUNCTION (Ca 1,076,751.00 USD
MONKII BARS 2: A Gym You Can Take Anywhere 1,073,512.00 USD
Nireeka. The Most Affordable Smart eBike 1,070,658.00 USD
Wiral LITE | The Easy Cable Cam, For Impossible Film Shots 1,055,480.00 USD
EOZ Air - World's Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones 1,050,200.00 USD
MUtable 2.0: The All-in-One Children Play Table 1,048,989.00 EUR
SELFLY Camera: The smart, flying, phone case camera 1,048,262.00 USD
Sento Towel: An Incredible Upgrade for an Everyday Essential 1,039,829.00 AUD
Hover 2 - The 4K Drone that Flies Itself 1,036,199.00 USD
Transformer Table 2.0 | 6 Tables In 1 1,035,321.00 CAD
Vessi - The World's First 100% Waterproof Knit Shoes 1,026,231.00 USD
OGarden Smart: Grow An Indoor Garden of 90 Fruits & Veggies 1,024,477.00 CAD
Polygons | The Flat 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon 1,022,120.00 USD
BetterBack Therapy — Perfect Your Posture + Heal Back Pain 1,021,481.00 USD
SilverTech - Odorless Underwear Made with Pure Silver 1,018,886.00 DKK
Vinci - First Smart Headphones with Artificial Intelligence 987,384.00 USD
BionicGym: PROVEN cardio-training breakthrough! 980,590.00 USD
Minimalist Watches Without the Luxury Markup 965,758.00 USD
Pause Pod - Your Private Pop-up Space for Relaxation 960,244.00 SEK
Revolutionary, Smart, Space Saving Luggage and Backpacks 934,795.00 USD
The Ultimate Boardgame Backpack 930,339.00 USD
Redefining Italian Luxury Watch - Filippo Loreti 926,960.00 EUR
MOFT - World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand, $19 Early Bird 926,567.00 USD
Space Case 1 - The World's Most Advanced Smart Suitcase 920,122.00 USD
The Neck Hammock - Better Neck Pain Relief at Your Door 901,058.00 USD
Tregren T-series: turns your kitchen into a food factory. 893,680.00 SEK
22pen: Special Ballpoint Pen for Designers & Creators. 891,941.00 JPY
The Leather Duffle Backpack 6-in-1 Set || Zip Pack Go 889,425.00 USD
CARBO, The World's Lightest Folding Electric Bike 887,644.00 USD
Vinci 2.0-World's First Standalone Smart Wireless Headphones 885,609.00 USD
AKITA | Instant Privacy for Smart Homes 884,254.00 USD
Hub+ for USB-C: Get your MacBook ports back. 883,460.00 USD
Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius 882,205.00 HKD
BERG - The Ultimate Minimalist Timepiece 880,683.00 NOK
N-Tech: World’s First All-In-One Portable Smart 4K 874,068.00 USD
Kickstarter Gold: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 866,194.00 USD
DUO: The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor 862,434.00 USD
Wynd Halo + Home Purifier: Keep your home’s air healthy 857,738.00 USD
The Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack 855,094.00 USD
Wunder360 S1: FIRST 3D Scanning & 360 AI Camera 853,656.00 USD
Xpand® Lacing System: Shoelaces Redesigned 851,108.00 USD
Comper Smarkin, The Next Generation Of Smart Skincare (Suspended 850,869.00 HKD
GoCube | The Classic Puzzle Reinvented 847,861.00 USD
Air Bonsai | Create your "little star" 843,743.00 USD
YoCam | The Smartest, Lightest Waterproof Camera. 839,145.00 USD
Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone 829,506.00 USD
Smark Translator - Your Cross Border Sidekick 829,177.00 HKD
BATBAND 821,015.00 USD
Handcrafted Dress Shoes & Sneakers Reinvented For Modern Men 817,293.00 USD
Make Any Headphones Wireless - Preorder Jack Today! 804,268.00 USD
TACS | Automatic Vintage Lens- Watch inspired by photography 798,554.00 HKD
Nuheara IQbuds: Super Intelligent Wireless Earbuds 792,944.00 USD
Roost Laptop Stand | Free yourself from laptop neck pain 785,724.00 USD
Cubetto - Coding without screens for kids aged 3 and up 781,823.00 USD
Octopus by Joy, the training wheels for good habits! 777,777.00 USD
VAVA Home Cam: Wire-free Security with a One-Year Battery 777,777.00 USD
Watches built from spaceborne rockets. 768,039.00 CHF
ASAP Connect: The future of USB cables 767,880.00 USD
THE ERGO Posture Transformer | Perfect Posture Instantly 767,193.00 USD
ERA Timepieces: Certified Millionaire Watches Under $1000 766,968.00 USD
Podo - The First Stick and Shoot Camera: The Sequel 761,130.00 USD
MODU: Build Real Creations for Active Play 759,625.00 DKK
Seiun Players: Hi-Res Audio meets 4K Video 753,557.00 USD
Premium, Hand-Assembled Watch - The Eagle 747,391.00 HKD
lofree: typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard 744,199.00 USD
ForeverSpin™ - World Famous Spinning Tops 736,320.00 CAD
Wear a backpack? Lift the lbs + strain instantly SuperStraps 725,710.00 USD
Fat Freezer Platinum: Freeze away stubborn fat 717,159.00 USD
Brixo - Building Blocks Meet Electricity and IoT 716,791.00 USD
Exploride - Turn Your Car into a Smart Car 711,761.00 USD
The Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD) 711,397.00 USD
The world's smartest photo storage and management device. 703,818.00 USD
Mini Museum 4: The Fourth Edition 696,588.00 USD
AfterShokz: Trekz Bone Conduction Headphones 694,832.00 USD
Redux COURG - Hybrid Watches with Missions to Tackle 692,912.00 USD
The World's First Performance Enhancing Gaming Glove 692,562.00 SEK
SkyValet | Innovative Smart Luggage with Shark Wheels 685,844.00 USD
The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling - The Expeditioner 680,259.00 USD
Sleep Shepherd Blue: A Sleep Tracker that HELPS You Sleep 675,184.00 USD
Rigiet: The Most Advanced Stabilizer for Your Phone & GoPro 673,916.00 USD
The Holga Printer - Restyling Mobile Photography 673,440.00 HKD
Onion Omega2 672,801.00 USD
UNDIVE DARK SEA 500m 670,763.00 HKD
icebreaker - ice cubes made easy 664,222.00 DKK
Swedish Contemporary Moon Phase Redefining Designer Watches 659,837.00 SEK
UsBidi- The World's Most Intelligent Charger Ever! 659,625.00 USD
Eye - Smart Android Case for iPhone 659,301.00 USD
TOTAL BODY PORTABLE GYM - DoubleFlex Black | OYO Fitness 659,175.00 USD
SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear with Silver 654,557.00 USD
CamBuddy Pro: World's First Do-It-All DSLR Smart Controller 653,513.00 USD
TRAK 2.0 | The Ultimate Touring Kayak 645,474.00 CAD
iBand+: EEG headband that helps you Sleep and Dream! 644,249.00 EUR
Butterfleye: Smart and Versatile Monitoring Camera 641,774.00 USD
Bobby, the Best Anti Theft backpack by XD Design 640,923.00 GBP
RetroEngine Sigma - Mini Video Game Console 629,306.00 USD
PAGE ANCHOR: Making you read more through Nordic design 627,032.00 SEK
Crua Koala | The Hammock You'll Want to Stay in Forever 625,787.00 USD
KP Duffle - The Ultimate Travel Bag 624,474.00 USD
Misen Cookware 623,602.00 USD
mim X - The first smartwatch with INVISIBLE display 617,752.00 HKD
WASHWOW | Portable Wash & Disinfect Device Without Detergent 616,049.00 HKD
Dobot: Robotic Arm for Everyone! Arduino & Open Source 615,600.00 USD
Lifepack: Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack 613,917.00 USD
You deserve better coffee. Make it now with the Arctic. 613,387.00 USD
MagiMask - Immersive, High Definition Augmented Reality 610,247.00 NOK
Wynd - The smartest air purifier for your personal space 604,792.00 USD
Roidmi F8: Lightest &Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum 602,255.00 USD
HEMS - Stain & Odour Repellent Oxford shirts, 100% Cotton 600,309.00 JPY
The Evolution Pant | One Pant, Unlimited Potential. 599,395.00 USD
Jellyfish Aquarium & Live Jellyfish Shipped to Your Doorstep 599,384.00 USD
WalkingPad | The Most Compact, Foldable Exercise Device (Suspend 597,713.00 CAD
Olive: Next-Gen Hearing Aid with a Social Mission 597,411.00 USD
Thin Ice: The Very First Weight-Loss Clothing Line 592,551.00 USD
LUMZAG: The Smart Bag Packed With 7 Cool Features 589,688.00 USD
Fluent Forever, The App: Learn to *Think* in Any Language 587,785.00 USD
Deadwood 1876: A Safe-Robbing Game of Teamwork & Betrayal 587,340.00 USD
Pivo. Get Insanely Creative GIFs, Photos & Videos. 585,938.00 USD
Sento Towel 2: The NEXT Upgrade For Your Everyday Essential 584,482.00 AUD
VH-80: The World's First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer 583,286.00 USD
Keplero Luxury Wallet - Strong RFID-Blocking 582,634.00 USD
goTenna Mesh: Off-Grid, People-Powered Connectivity Anywhere 582,473.00 USD
JUISIR - juicing with zero cleaning and more juice 579,348.00 SGD
Talon - ultra lightweight pocket tool for everyday carry 578,975.00 USD
Artisan Dress Shoes Built for the Modern Gentleman 574,368.00 USD
MagicStick - Most powerful PC stick - 8GB RAM! 573,698.00 USD
SLASH: The Next Level of Affordable Professional 3D Printer 571,926.00 USD
A Better Backpack 571,353.00 USD
ZORE - A New Generation of Gun Storage 568,067.00 USD
FUBi fixie - Transform your bike into a folding bike 567,608.00 SEK
Carry-On Closet 2.0 - Solgaard Suitcase with Shelf and USB 567,082.00 USD
World's First Custom Fit Sandals for Personalized Comfort 566,401.00 USD
Ecomo: The First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water 561,881.00 USD
BodyBoss 2.0: The World's 1st Home Gym You Can Take Anywhere 561,142.00 USD
que Bottle: The Fashionable & Collapsible Travel Bottle 560,785.00 USD
Sea to Sky -The Waterproof Backpack That Fits In Your Pocket 559,335.00 USD
PITTA - Transformative Autonomous 4K Selfie Drone 556,710.00 USD
SuperTank: Power Your Phone For A Week, Recharge In One Hour 553,785.00 USD
Orbitkey 2.0 - Carry Your Keys Better 552,501.00 USD
Belle: World's 1st A.I. Doorbell that Recognizes and Speaks 548,856.00 HKD
X-Connect: World's 1st Cross-device Magnetic Cable 548,191.00 USD
The World's First Duffle Suitcase: Premium Bag | 19 Features 547,506.00 USD
Companion: Most Advanced 2 Person Emergency Survival System 546,923.00 USD
SoundFlux - Incredible Sound Proven By Musicians 544,799.00 USD
CODE41 ° High-quality watches at a fraction of their price 543,150.00 CHF
Ably™ | Unbelievably odor & stain repellant natural apparel 540,112.00 USD
Silvon: Bedding Basics Reimagined 537,823.00 USD
The New Jamstik Guitars - For Learning & Creating 535,247.00 USD
Walli - The Smart Wallet 534,973.00 USD
Angee. The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System. 531,107.00 USD
Slicks Travel System: One Backpack, Limitless Possibilities. 530,792.00 CHF
Bruvelo. Simplify and elevate your coffee. 528,921.00 USD
CMXI watch - A true 70s sports car companion 516,273.00 NOK
The Z: The most advanced gaming mouse ever made. 514,140.00 USD
JUNO|The Smartest Makeup Mirror Ever 511,669.00 USD
One of a Kind Design Bracelet Made of Japanese Sword Steel 511,299.00 JPY
THE TRAVEL PACKER: The Only Toiletry Bag You Will Ever Need 509,838.00 HKD
Pebby: The Most Advanced Smart Ball! Play Anytime, Anywhere. 509,227.00 USD
Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool 503,528.00 USD
Lumapod - The World's Fastest Tripod 501,691.00 EUR
Apollo 7 - World's Most Compact True Wireless Earphones 500,846.00 USD
Meet the Smart Cube: Tech That Protects 493,922.00 USD
PowerUp FPV - Paper Airplane VR Drone 492,204.00 USD
ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor 491,544.00 USD
HomeBiogas 2.0: Transforms Your Food Waste Into Clean Energy 490,319.00 USD
REMOVU S1 - Smartest Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro 488,221.00 USD
GoSho: World's Most Powerful Mini HD Projector 487,630.00 USD
Tiny1: The World's Smallest Astronomy Camera 487,372.00 USD
Forge Solid KILO: Denser than solid uranium 487,241.00 USD
PowerUp: The MacBook Charger That Does More 483,395.00 USD
Lotushirt: The STAINLESS wrinkle free shirt 483,207.00 HKD
Boetti 36mm - The World's Smallest Automatic Watch 478,528.00 SEK
Elbike - the coolest E-bike at the best price. 477,414.00 EUR
Manta Sleep Mask - World’s 1st Modular Eye Mask for Sleeping 475,193.00 USD
VELLO BIKE -The First Self-Charging Folding E-Bike 472,846.00 EUR
The World's Best Hybrid Hoodie 471,558.00 USD
VELLO BIKE+ The First Self-Charging Folding E-Bike 471,174.00 EUR
Glance. See what you need, when you need it. 468,302.00 USD
Backbone: The world's FIRST complete smart posture support! 467,833.00 USD
Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry On Luggage 467,290.00 USD
EONIQ Custom Watches: Crafted by your story 466,693.00 USD
SLICK stabilizer - A Motorized Camera Gimbal 466,432.00 USD
Bristly - World's Most Effective Toothbrush for Dogs 466,361.00 USD
blö - The World's First Wearable Cooling Device and Diffuser 466,206.00 USD
SpineGym - Strong Back and Abs for life 463,996.00 USD
Ruggie™ - The World's Best Alarm Clock 461,679.00 CAD
Spyra One: The next generation of water guns. 460,966.00 EUR
Caliburnus — A hand-Tooled Automatic Watch by VALIMOR 460,395.00 HKD
Alfred - Travel made easy 460,366.00 HKD Massive Multiplayer Laser Tag 458,300.00 USD
Sphericam 2, the 4K 360º Video Camera for VR 457,881.00 USD
The Freedom Journal: Accomplish Your #1 Goal in 100 Days 453,803.00 USD
Gate: Your Personal Doorman 449,369.00 USD
The Orb: Danish Designed, Intelligent Lighting 448,860.00 USD
BRID Air Purifier: NanoTechnology that will change your life 446,241.00 USD
Raise3D 3D Printers - Raise the Standard of 3D Printing 445,892.00 USD
Volta - This is more than your average electric bicycle 443,189.00 USD
The Sensel Morph - now available at 442,648.00 USD
Cardlax - Thinnest Electric Card Massager 441,298.00 HKD
OPLØFT - Make your desk height-adjustable 440,746.00 DKK
Lifepack Hustle: Solar + Anti-theft backpack & shoulder bag 440,348.00 USD
Best 3-Axis Stabilizer for iPhone & Android Phone 439,826.00 USD
VerteCore Lift: Receive Instant Back Pain Relief!! 439,003.00 USD
Beam: Stop Hackers and Data Collection. 438,011.00 USD
HUB: HiFi Wireless Earbuds with 100 Hours Playtime 437,333.00 USD
Smacircle S1: The eBike That Fits In Your Backpack 436,381.00 USD
PolySmooth & Polysher: 3D Prints Without Layers 433,860.00 USD
The world’s first expandable suitcase! 433,684.00 USD
HELLO 2 — World’s Most Powerful Communication Device 431,751.00 USD
Gather: The minimal, modular organizer that cuts clutter 430,960.00 USD
Kickstarter's Most SUCCESSFUL BAG - 430,393.00 USD
Plugfones - Bluetooth Earplug Headphones - Music Calls Quiet 427,247.00 USD
WASHWOW 2.0-A Portable Wash&Disinfect Cube Without Detergent 427,142.00 HKD
The VAVA Dash Cam: Capture the Road Ahead 425,502.00 USD
Weightless Sitting: Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion 423,989.00 USD
BelayCords - Reversible USB Charging Cords iPhone & Android 423,564.00 USD
Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster 422,928.00 USD
Line Dock- Thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank 422,430.00 USD
Cinch! The World's Smartest Pop-Up Tent! 421,299.00 USD
Kickstarter's Most SUCCESSFUL Footwear Campaign 417,835.00 USD
Rhino Slider EVO - Motorized Camera Slider 417,062.00 USD
The Best Anti Theft Everyday Backpack (Suspended) 416,399.00 DKK
PRVKE 21 | The Best Bag For Everyday Carry & Camera Gear 413,738.00 USD
HUB: HiFi Wireless Earbuds with 100 Hours Playtime 411,071.00 USD
Truebuds - The World's Smallest Stereo Cordless Earbuds 411,061.00 USD
The World’s First Truly Smart Lamp by Luke Roberts 409,782.00 EUR
Italian Suede Bomber Jackets Without the Luxury Markup 409,233.00 USD
Yecup 365: Your All Season Smart Mug 409,015.00 USD
DWISS M2 - The Most Innovative and Design Awarded Watch !!! 407,837.00 CHF
The Bond Collection | Travel Briefcase & Everyday Padfolio 406,228.00 SGD
The World's Most Eco-Friendly Shoe 405,968.00 USD
Lief | Smart patch that fights stress 405,922.00 USD
Kira Mechanical Keyboard 405,471.00 USD
Golchi - World's Most Versatile and Customizable Bottle 404,899.00 USD
Mikme - Wireless Recording Microphone 403,846.00 USD
XPlotter - Desktop Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver 403,700.00 USD
PIECE - Change The Way You Use Smart Pho 403,392.00 USD
HELLO - The Most Advanced Video Communication Device 401,635.00 USD
ZEEQ Smart Pillow: Stream Music, Stop Snoring, Sleep Smarter 400,787.00 USD
Noke U-Lock: World's Smartest U-Lock 400,166.00 USD
ASAP Connect: The future of USB cables 398,947.00 USD
Root - A robot to teach coding 397,427.00 USD
Pop 'N Go - The World's Best Kids Playpen 395,479.00 USD
WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard 395,388.00 USD
Rockwell Model T Razor and Razor Blades - Shaving, Perfected 393,407.00 USD
EROVR - A Transformable Dolly, Wagon, & Cart 390,943.00 USD
Percko - Wear it and get perfect posture 385,361.00 EUR
SilverAir SOCK: Odorless Socks Made With Pure Silver 385,268.00 USD
The Barisieur: Designer Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock 383,623.00 GBP
The World's Most Advanced Modular Backpack 382,798.00 HKD
HOPii | Your Personal Micro-Brewery 382,321.00 USD
Robo C2 and Robo R2 Smart 3D Printers 382,027.00 USD
FITT360 - The First 360° Neckband Wearable Camera 381,496.00 USD
Seed turntable | Quality, power and design, in one setup 381,372.00 USD
The Worlds best TRAVEL PILLOW: 9 features packed in 1 pillow 379,569.00 USD
Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home System 379,022.00 USD
Snapnator: Your MacBook Snap feature is back! [MagSafe] 378,758.00 USD
Revl Arc - The World's Smartest Action Camera 377,737.00 USD
Sweatpants That Look Like Dress Slacks: The Stealth Pant 376,429.00 HKD
The SD-09™ Spacecraft Watch - inspired by sci-fi ethos 376,224.00 HKD
The Gamefolio System 1.0 375,380.00 USD
EcoQube C- Your Window to Nature! 375,058.00 USD
Unbound Merino - The ultimate travel hack 374,390.00 USD
SwitchPod — The minimal, versatile, handheld tripod. 374,070.00 USD
Cinch! ultimate pop-up tent. Solar power, LED, heat control 366,905.00 GBP
Dango Products | Redefining the Wallet 366,877.00 USD
Perfect Fitting Wireless Earbuds With Endless Battery Life 366,065.00 USD
Betterspot: A VPN Router for All Devices & Platforms 362,529.00 CAD
X Suit | The Suit of the Future 362,320.00 USD
Ember - Temperature Adjustable Mug 361,691.00 USD
Gravity Alpha Watches 361,100.00 HKD
OROS Orion Series. NASA-Inspired Performance Apparel 360,788.00 USD
Mili-Tech Boxers - Underwear that will follow you for life 360,609.00 DKK
THE FOREVER O.G. PANTS Lifetime Quality without The Markup 359,870.00 USD
Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard 359,783.00 USD
Hush Iced: The Awesome Cooling and Sleep-Inducing Blanket 359,544.00 CAD
MAEN Watches: Limited Edition Moonphase Watches and More 358,925.00 SEK
OBLONG - A Contemporary Danish Designer Watch 358,617.00 DKK
VoltBot - Graphical Quick Charger & DC Power Supply 357,792.00 HKD
Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker: Wake Up Feeling Energized 357,769.00 USD
Futuristic Mechanical Tourbillon Watch Made Into Reality 356,930.00 HKD
Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap - The Keyring, Reinvented. 354,512.00 USD
Nativ: High-Res Music System & Touchscreen Control 352,846.00 USD
Aurai-The World's 1st Cool/Warm Water-propelled Eye Massager 352,716.00 USD
RokBlok - A New Spin, on Vinyl. 351,816.00 USD
AirBuddy | explore the underwater with tankless dive gear 351,400.00 AUD
The Smart Garden: A care-free solution for fresh food. 350,749.00 USD
Tool Pen mini - Precision Bits 350,119.00 USD
GoSun Go: Boil Water and Cook Meals with Solar Power 349,519.00 USD
Pictar Pro | DSLR Your Smartphone. 348,655.00 USD
Oval - The First Digital HandPan 348,018.00 EUR
Touch - Ultra Small Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 347,762.00 USD
Fontus - The Self Filling Water Bottles 345,576.00 USD
Paralenz – World's Greatest Action Camera for Diving 345,529.00 USD
CrossHelmet - the smart motorcycle helmet 344,336.00 USD
ALCHEMA: Turn Fruit into Personalized Craft Cider 344,231.00 USD
Avya - The Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler by Aura Medical 344,189.00 USD
Affordable DLP 3D Printer - Amazing 2K Resolution 343,880.00 HKD
The Bero | A Smart Lamp with App and Sensor. (Suspended) 343,154.00 HKD
The Blazer by Bluffworks 342,185.00 USD
Swiss Made - The Ideal "Sport/Diver-Dress" Automatic Watch 340,064.00 SEK
Barracuda Konzu: The World's Most Advanced Backpack 338,852.00 USD
SOLIDteknics nöni seamless stainless saucepan + skillet-lid♥ 336,010.00 AUD
Moment Drone: The Best Foldable 4K Aerial Camera 335,327.00 USD
Smacircle S1: The eBike That Fits In Your Backpack 335,278.00 USD
Otto’s O.F.B.: your 970˚C/1700˚F grill for the perfect steak 334,607.00 EUR
FlexSafe Plus : The Ultimate Portable Travel Safe 333,863.00 USD
ANISO UNI | Swiss Movement Watch with Unique Time Display 333,705.00 HKD
ORII - The Fastest Way to Send Messages Without a Screen 333,619.00 USD
Zelos: Swiss Automatic Watches Unlike Any Other 333,566.00 SGD
Eco-Friendly, All-Purpose Camper Hooded Jacket 2.0 333,446.00 USD
Ekster Wallets 1.0 -  Ultra-slim Trackable Smart Wallets 331,946.00 EUR
LABFRESH | The Most Advanced Stain & Odour Repellent T-shirt 331,911.00 EUR
WINGBRUSH® - The revolution of interdental cleaning 331,475.00 EUR
Viviva Colorsheets- The most portable watercolors! 330,756.00 USD
Thin Ice 2.0: A Next-Gen Weight Loss Clothing Line 330,490.00 CAD
#FreeYourFeet with the world's most minimalist footwear, FYF 330,330.00 USD
TAPP: The World's First Smart Fingerprint Padlock 330,046.00 USD
The Most Eco-Friendly All-Purpose Camper Hooded Jacket 2.0 329,370.00 USD
ProSounds H2P: Get Up To 6x Normal Hearing 327,843.00 USD
VIE FIT - The Softest, Custom-fit, True Wireless Earphones 327,699.00 USD
The Boho Series 2.0 by Bohemian Guitars 325,283.00 USD
PLEVO - The World's Most Innovative Smart Luggage 324,816.00 USD
Kello: The Sleep Revolution Device That Upgrades Your Day 322,747.00 USD
Zombie Battleground - The New Generation of CCG/TCG 321,606.00 USD
Fittbo - An Innovative Lunchbox 321,038.00 USD
SOSO - Custom Made Jeans 319,897.00 SEK
Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet: Safely tune in to your ride 319,765.00 USD
Petcube Bites + Petcube Play: Treat & Care for Pets Remotely 319,193.00 USD
CARBON6™ The Belt With Maximum Style, Ultimate Functionality 319,060.00 USD
Lumu Power - a Light Meter for the Future. 318,877.00 USD
PICTAR. Probably the best iPhone camera-grip ever built. 318,628.00 USD
Clazio: Alexa & Android Touchscreen Smart Speaker 318,028.00 USD
Shonin Streamcam Wearable Camera 317,135.00 USD
Blackbeard cookware set: chef-grade, nonstick and nonscratch 316,863.00 EUR
CityGo Urban - Changing your Urban Commute Forever 316,571.00 USD
AfterMaster TV. Television Audio Reinvented. 316,176.00 USD
Unlimited's Eon | World's 1st Electric Skateboard Powertrain 315,488.00 EUR
Maslow CNC - a $500 open source 4 by 8 foot CNC Machine 314,547.00 USD
ZEIº - the most simple time tracking solution 313,637.00 EUR
Tertill: The solar powered weeding robot for home gardens 312,810.00 USD
Somabar: Automated Bartender 312,707.00 USD
Marlon: Smart & Spacious Softside Carry-on Luggage 312,387.00 USD
Innergie 55cc: The smallest power adapter for everything 312,227.00 USD
Azio Industry First Luxury Vintage Keyboard 311,957.00 USD
The Rumpl Puffe-, A Portable Battery-Powered Heated Blanket 311,730.00 USD
Solidteknics iron skillet: wrought not cast: lighter,tougher 311,383.00 USD
Rollux: The Most Versatile 2-in-1 Suitcase Around 309,904.00 USD
Sitka Leather Messenger - A Bag For Cameras & Everyday Carry 309,606.00 USD
Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor 308,924.00 USD
The Swedish Dive Watch - Huvudskär Automatic 40 308,102.00 SEK
TreePod: A Spacious Hanging Retreat 307,639.00 USD
Smart Tracker 2: Track anything, anytime, anywhere 307,086.00 USD
HandyCase™: Transparent iPhones/iPads for Gaming - HandScape 305,441.00 USD
Ra: World's First Strap Light! 305,350.00 USD
Create your personalized artwork with PELCRAFT 302,511.00 HKD
Senstone, Never Miss a Note Again 302,023.00 USD
Impression Pi: Wireless VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking 301,719.00 USD
Mighty - Spotify Without Your Phone 300,101.00 USD
Four Outdoor Essentials in One Tent / Hammock - Crua Hybrid 300,003.00 USD
Holus: The Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display 297,790.00 CAD
ACPAD – The Electronic Orchestra For Your Guitar 296,922.00 EUR
The World's First Weight-Reducing Backpack 296,260.00 USD
Thimble: Learn & Build Electronics w/ Monthly Delivered Kits 295,760.00 USD
The GoBoat. Personal, Portable Watercraft 295,014.00 USD
UP&GO Aerial Camera 293,571.00 USD
Nise Wave | WiFi Sous Vide With Adaptive Temperature Control 292,214.00 USD
HelloEar Arc: The world's most comfortable custom earphones 290,408.00 USD
Travis Touch - I speak 105 languages, so can you! 290,396.00 USD
The Best Workout Shirt Ever Made. Guaranteed. 289,888.00 USD
Sento Bathrobe & Slippers - Upgrade to Pure Comfort & Luxury 287,728.00 AUD
Fit-Shirt by Y-Curve: The Ultimate Men’s Shapewear 285,923.00 HKD
Atmotube: The Portable Air Pollution Monitor 283,797.00 USD
LIFT | Anti Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger and Lamp 283,737.00 USD
LEO, Fine Minimalist Analogue Watch with Ten Smart Features (Can 282,760.00 HKD
Sheets & Giggles: Absurdly Soft Eucalyptus Bedding 281,718.00 USD
SOLOSOCKS™ - A Sustainable Solution to Sock Waste 281,503.00 DKK
The Timbermine Collection | Titanium & Wood Polarized Shades 280,610.00 USD
Piper Computer Kit 280,033.00 USD
Hudly Wireless: Next Gen Head-Up Display For All Cars 279,351.00 USD
Edible Cutlery: The Future of Eco Friendly Utensils 278,874.00 USD
Chris: Your digital co-driver with Artificial Intelligence 278,720.00 EUR
Geizeer - eco friendly ice cooling 277,361.00 EUR
Fingertip Microscope - Add an 800x microscope to your phone 276,897.00 CAD
Imagine VR: An Interactive VR Coloring Book 275,702.00 HKD
CARV: The world’s first wearable that helps you ski better! 275,196.00 USD
MIOPS MOBILE: The World's Most Versatile Camera Remote 275,188.00 USD
ZUS - The Truly Smart Car Charger & Car Locator 274,165.00 USD
Arrim ONE: World's First Professional AR Measuring Device 273,639.00 USD
Swiss Made Vintage Inspired Dive Watch With ETA 2824 Elaboré 272,844.00 EUR
Eco-Friendly Chopsticks made from Aerospace Grade Titanium 272,664.00 USD
Life Lite - Your Everyday Light for any Lifestyle 272,476.00 USD
Belos - Swedish self-winding watches 270,616.00 SEK
Greycork - Upgrade Your Living Room 270,313.00 USD
Zerpico - Carbon Fiber Sunglasses 269,580.00 SEK
REVOLUTIONIZING Swiss Automatic Dive Watch - E.C.Andersson 269,235.00 SEK
Airia Insole & Racing Flat which make you a faster runner (Cance 268,934.00 SEK
THE MUNCHER - Titanium Multi Utensil 268,539.00 USD
Crystal Wash 2.0: Clean Laundry with No Detergents 268,368.00 USD
TouchPoints basic - Alleviate Stress in 30 seconds 267,861.00 USD
Onion Omega: Build Hardware with JavaScript, Python, PHP 267,851.00 USD
KUAI: The World’s Smartest Multi-Sport Headphones 266,992.00 USD
Alkaline Filter Free Water Bottle (Canceled) 265,628.00 SEK
The World's Smartest Doorbell: VEIU 265,421.00 USD
MIN7 : The Multi-function Handmade Wooden Speaker 265,042.00 USD
HELIX: Wearable Cuff with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 264,205.00 USD
GameBoks: A Beautiful, Portable Gamestation for Your Console 262,107.00 DKK
MOORING: Reboots Your Sleep Cycle 261,595.00 USD
Henty CoPilot: First Two Bag System for Commuting & Travel 260,782.00 USD
KOSMOS ink - Magnetic Fountain Pen 260,535.00 EUR
Oliwer Lion | Watches and a good cause combined 260,431.00 SEK
IAMRUNBOX: The Active Commuter's Backpack & Garment Carrier 260,079.00 SEK
MAGNETIPS™ - Incredible Magnetic Pens! 259,933.00 GBP
Fix Your Posture While You Sleep with True Pillow 259,747.00 USD
Trainerbot: Smart Table Tennis Robot 258,898.00 USD
Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game 258,408.00 SGD
UNIZ-UDP: the World's Fastest 3D Printer Technology 257,968.00 USD
A duffel built to last a lifetime—two if you count the cow's 257,058.00 USD
Tovala: The Smart Oven That Makes Home Cooking Easy 255,603.00 USD
The Ultimate Weighted Blanket 255,209.00 USD
BOD: The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee System 254,607.00 USD
Project: ELITE 254,157.00 USD
20:16 MoonWalker: The shoes that defy gravity! 253,882.00 USD
Decibullz - The First Wireless Custom Molded Earbuds 253,741.00 USD
Kidzdesignlab - Kitchen products made by kids for kids 253,114.00 NOK
Dungeon Dice: THE LOST KING and Boxed Game 252,810.00 USD
Kodiak Leather - Classic Weekender Duffel 60L 252,311.00 USD
Nakamichi EDGE: AI-Enhanced Wireless Headphones 251,455.00 USD
Findster Duo - The 1st GPS Pet Tracker Free of Monthly Fees! 251,126.00 USD
Spinbox - A DIY Portable Turntable Kit 249,148.00 USD
Monkey Light Automatic: our best bike lights yet 248,331.00 USD
Shape Flexer: The world's first shape-able stiff brim sunhat 247,564.00 USD
Soulitude: Goodbye to Unwanted Light and Disturbing Noise. 247,032.00 SEK
Finally, Women's Jeans with Deep Pockets! 245,678.00 USD
BACKPAIX: stylish, versatile, the best backpack for commuter 245,516.00 USD
Zenlet 2│Series ─Most Elegant Aluminum Quick Access Wallets. 245,501.00 USD
WonderForce Custom Lightsaber - The Hitoren 245,376.00 HKD
MuConnect - Faster, Safer and Magnetic Charging 245,269.00 USD
TheoryBoard | Music Theory Made Easy 244,994.00 USD
inCharge Universal - one cable to rule them all 244,628.00 USD
MORPHEUS delta; Fine Quality Resin 3D Printer at FDM price. 244,321.00 USD
Kryo Sleep Performance System 243,444.00 USD
Montfort Watches - Time to Innovate 242,287.00 CHF
The Modern Day Briefcase 242,014.00 USD
CHIIZ: Toothbrush 4.0 242,004.00 USD
GEOPRESS™ PURIFIER: Clean Water, Anywhere in the World. 241,985.00 USD
MRz+ UHD Music Server as the digital hub in a high-end audio 241,440.00 HKD
Vufine: a Handsfree Wearable Display 241,111.00 USD
The McCoy Motorcycle Jacket by Tobacco Motorwear Company 241,038.00 USD
KERUO L7: The Most Portable Smart Projector 240,045.00 USD
Sonnet: World's Most Advanced Mobile Mesh Network 239,509.00 USD
Ellum Solar • Light Different 238,726.00 USD
Put2Go: Car Mount with Wireless Charging, Ultra Convenient 238,663.00 USD
Linky: The Foldable Electric Longboard 238,228.00 USD
Nimb: A Smart Ring That Helps You Feel Safe And Sound 237,775.00 USD
ProSounds M-Series Electronic Hearing Protection Earmuffs 237,611.00 USD
Zenlight-A 360 Degree Portable and Aesthetic Lamp 236,812.00 HKD
"The Greatest Pants Ever" 235,965.00 USD
Legion Solar 2 - Energy Made Simple 235,403.00 USD
ONAK: the origami foldable canoe 235,230.00 EUR
ProSounds X-Pro Earplugs 235,152.00 USD
Wiivv Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles 235,054.00 USD
Superior Sound True Wireless LED Earphones by SOUL 234,438.00 USD
The Longhaul Pant - Merino performance in style by Woolly 233,712.00 USD
JOEY – The backpack that gives your body a break. 233,656.00 USD
SHIFTCAM: Add 7 Stunning Features on your iPhone 7 Plus Lens 233,577.00 HKD
asap Dash: World's Fastest Pocket-sized Powerbank 233,505.00 USD
SuperMeat - REAL meat, without harming animals 233,429.00 USD
ALL Controller | Universal & Fully Customizable 232,026.00 CAD
Serafim Keybo: World's Most Advanced Projection Keyboard 231,989.00 USD
Auroma: Gourmet Coffee At Your Fingertips. 231,448.00 USD
Ultra Thin, High Quality Minimal Watches by Kevin Russell 230,825.00 NOK
The Miang Copenhagen Bespoke - a highly customizable watch. 230,752.00 DKK
FLI Charge 230,134.00 USD
3Dsimo mini - Make your vision come true 229,958.00 USD
From where to wear, go afield with BOLDR Expedition Watch 229,928.00 SGD
Skybuds - Free Your Sound 229,802.00 USD
The Revolutionary "NO SWEAT" Pant w/10 features & Nature2X® 229,132.00 USD
Thousand: Finally, a bike helmet you actually want to wear 228,714.00 USD
Trailhead Adventure Shorts 228,441.00 USD
OAK - Cufflinks made with wood from aged whisky barrels 228,421.00 SEK
RAVEAN WALLET | World's Most Functional Minimalist Wallet 228,149.00 USD
Lightseekers 227,660.00 USD
PEEjamas: The Cleaner, More Convenient Way to Potty Train 227,468.00 USD
TITAN - Titanium wayfarer sunglasses with changeable lenses 226,869.00 SEK
Sonnet: World's Most Advanced Off-Grid Mobile Mesh Network 226,324.00 USD
UPstage 360|World's First 360° Smart Speaker in Hi-Res Audio 226,061.00 USD
Perfect Memory Camera: Precision Built, Pro Grade 225,826.00 USD
THE AAL WATCH 224,689.00 DKK
RAYCONO UVC LED Sterilizer: Kills Germs in Only 10 Seconds (Susp 223,242.00 HKD
The Pocket Fly Fishing Rod | Tenkara Rod Co. 222,960.00 USD
GRAYL Ultralight – World's Best Purifier [+Filter] Bottle 222,450.00 USD
[MU]table: The Ultimate Children's Play Table 222,254.00 EUR
BIKI: First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone 222,232.00 USD
Somiflash: World's Smartest 1TB flash Drive. 222,027.00 USD
Woobo: The Talking Robot Inspiring Curious Kids to Explore 221,642.00 USD
Cubetto Super Series - Coding Adventures in the Savannah 220,382.00 USD
pi-topCEED, the first $99 Raspberry Pi desktop! 220,361.00 USD
TRAGL, The Smartest Hands-Free Live Translator 220,265.00 USD
Solu - A new breed of computing 219,543.00 EUR
Get FIT! Full body fitness that takes you everywhere. 218,568.00 USD
The World’s Best Everyday Sweater | By Grand Frank 218,016.00 USD
Dualo - The new musical instrument for all 217,941.00 EUR
Passport - The World's First Fail-Safe Global Travel Adapter 217,053.00 USD
GOSPACE - Expandable 5G Wireless Storage 216,873.00 USD
Click - The First Watch Band Adapter for Apple Watch! 216,436.00 USD
KEEGO – The world’s first SQUEEZABLE metal bottle. 215,734.00 EUR
The Hughes - Aerospace Grade Titanium Aviator Sunglasses 214,345.00 USD
Pebblebee® Finder - Lost is found. 214,259.00 USD
Redefining Luxury Eyewear With Smart Lenses - Lance Glasses 214,132.00 EUR
MasterSous: The 8-in-1 Smart Cooker 213,996.00 USD
Bravo Headphones: The Best Sound At The Best Price 213,460.00 USD
GeeFi | Unlimited 4G Wi-Fi Everywhere You Travel 213,404.00 USD
GIR Tongs + Whisks | Squeeze. Lock. Whisk. Repeat. 213,359.00 USD
GOSPACE - Expandable 5G Wireless Storage and Streaming 212,726.00 USD
Ultimate Heated Jacket and Gloves RAVEAN DOWN 2.0 212,690.00 USD
YT TOUCH | Fast Aerospace Aluminium Defrosting Tray (Suspended) 212,586.00 USD
The Greatest Watch in Crowdfunding DWISS R1 212,582.00 CHF
The Customizable Smart Band that Lights Up Your Night 212,535.00 USD
MAGBINE - World's First Magnetic Cable For All Devices (Suspende 212,408.00 HKD
Caply — Ultra Lasting Action Camera 211,537.00 USD
LUNAR. The most precisely made Moon model with AR. 210,623.00 USD
World's most advanced air purifier without filters 210,300.00 USD
ButcherBox: Open your door to healthy, 100% grass-fed beef 210,203.00 USD
Nuimo: Seamless Smart Home Interface 210,171.00 EUR
PowerPlant: The Ultimate Portable Power Pack 209,869.00 USD
Orbit: The Social Sharing Drone With Precise Auto-follow 209,633.00 USD
LeveTop: The Autonomous Folding Drone 208,997.00 USD
Redefining Swiss Made Pilot Watches by Ferro 208,455.00 CAD
Pagaré NFC Payment Smartstraps for Pebble Smartwatches 208,164.00 USD
Keyport Modular Multi-Tools: Keys • Tools • Smart Tech 207,873.00 USD
FlexSafe + : The Ultimate Portable Travel Safe 207,870.00 USD
LOCTOTE Cinch Pack - World's Most Secure Backpack 207,808.00 USD
rOcean: World's First All-in-One Smart Water Maker 207,685.00 USD
MAD Gaze: Best AR Smart Glasses for Work & Entertainment 207,296.00 AUD
Steadify 207,289.00 USD
Domio Pro: a game changer in helmet audio & comms 207,201.00 USD
MagBak Case: World's thinnest car mount. 206,450.00 USD
Gululu | the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated 206,016.00 USD
GIGA | The Super Jacket with 16 Amazing Features 206,006.00 HKD
Workhorse Saddle Chairs: Improve your posture and well-being 205,610.00 AUD
Intelligent Security | Camera Cover 0.70mm Privacy Solution 205,587.00 CHF
Foxshot - Small Camera, Water-resistant Polychrome 1080P HD 205,281.00 USD
The Ultimate Explorer Watch - Swiss Automatic By Amant 205,130.00 SEK
Unyte: Interactive Meditation 204,408.00 USD
MOKURU: The Amazing Desk Toy That You Can Take Anywhere! 203,441.00 CAD
THE BELIEVER - A Watch that Challenge Minimal Design 203,282.00 HKD
Circadia Sleep System: Tracker, Speaker and Lamp 203,099.00 USD
The Titan Series 203,018.00 USD
Fromaggio: World’s first smart, automatic home cheesemaker 202,971.00 USD
Reliable and Convenient——mostfun desktop FDM 3D Printer 202,894.00 CAD
PREMIUM ONE-First All-in One Dock for Apple Watch & iPhone 202,666.00 USD
Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI 202,627.00 AUD
AirBolt: The Truly Smart Travel Lock. 202,306.00 AUD
Venture : An automatic timepiece made with craftsman spirit 202,300.00 HKD
Rekonect Notebook: The Magnetic Lifestyle 202,063.00 USD
Vufine+: The Next Evolution in Wearable Displays 201,994.00 USD
A Minimal Mechanical Pencil that will Last a Lifetime 2.0 201,785.00 USD
Ario: Smart Lighting. Better Health. 201,165.00 USD
Shoka Bell: The Ultimate City Cycling Tool 200,819.00 USD
POLATAP: Ultimate Bluetooth Audio and Battery Traveler Kit 200,494.00 USD
ZRRO - Play 300,000 touch games on your TV! 200,392.00 USD
Somnox - world's first sleep robot to improve your sleep. 200,275.00 EUR
The Sound Torch -Set your Music on Fire! 200,056.00 DKK
The Everyday Adventure Bag - KP Sling 199,629.00 USD
ArcLighter - Flameless, Electronic Candle Lighter 198,355.00 CAD
Wallz Copenhagen - Amazing wall art like never before! 196,788.00 DKK
Esington Glass: The Ultimate Productivity Timer 196,560.00 USD
The Westinghouse Nucli Smart Lock 196,340.00 USD
Aquanautia - The Ultimate Adventure Shorts 196,061.00 GBP
The Beluga Razor: A Barber Quality Shave...Minus the Barber 195,617.00 USD
Domio Pro - a game changer in helmet audio & communication 195,084.00 USD
StarSailor Live Brings the Skies into your Bedroom 194,424.00 USD
TSTAND IPad / tablet bed Stand - 'IPad Pro's secret hero' 192,562.00 USD
T10 Home: The Most Powerful and Affordable Vacuum 192,483.00 USD
Lomond Chronoscope Hand-Wound Watch 192,318.00 GBP
Devslopes - ANYONE Can Learn to Code 192,056.00 USD
Imperial Spherificator: Transforming Your Food Into Caviar 191,408.00 CAD
Cobba | The World's First Non-Stop Shorts featuring AptGrip 190,981.00 AUD
BIG-i: The First Personalized Family Robot 190,767.00 USD
The World Council 2 - A Board Game For Summit 190,530.00 HKD
Blue Freedom | The World's Smallest Hydropower Plant 190,353.00 USD
Detu MAX: World's First 3D 8K 360° VR Camera with AI Chip 189,513.00 USD
HUB | The first Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi hub for headphones and speakers 189,209.00 USD
Specdrums: Music at Your Fingertips 188,944.00 USD
JellyTank - The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium 188,828.00 USD
Toasteroid- First APP Controlled Smart Image Toaster 187,849.00 USD
Code 10 - Waterproof, Theft-Proof, Tech-Ready Backpacks 187,667.00 GBP
STEMosaur: #1 Smart Toy for Kids 187,534.00 USD
The Most Portable Tripod ever created for Phone/DSLR/GoPro 187,505.00 GBP
FitOn: World's 1st Blood Oxygen Saturation Smartwatch 187,369.00 USD
Mu6: Affordable Smart Noise Canceling Headphones 187,338.00 USD
UNLEASHED - Full Control Over Your DSLR From Your Smartphone 186,723.00 EUR
Albert - The Best Everyday Anti Theft Backpack 186,321.00 DKK
Enlaps - World 1st unlimited time lapse photography solution 185,203.00 EUR
Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice! 185,035.00 USD
Aerospace Grade: Solid Copper spheroids + Titanium + Silver 184,799.00 USD
KYTCHO. Sharpness redefined. Chef knife made in the USA. 183,847.00 EUR
Nagasaki Knife Collection - Japanese Damascus VG-10 Steel 183,806.00 EUR
CowTech Ciclop - $99 Open Source 3D Scanner 183,800.00 USD
Miró Watches - The Everyday 183,234.00 SEK
The Belt Concept | Patented | Danish Made 183,184.00 DKK
Heavy Armor, the diver watch that dares to be different! 183,177.00 HKD
CONSORTIUM: The Tower - An RPG world shaped by YOUR choices! 182,780.00 CAD
Phigolf WGT Edition: Golf Simulator for Your Living Room 182,466.00 USD
VacuumClicka™ - The World's Best Portable Vacuum Gadget 182,272.00 CAD
Titanium - Placing value in your hands 182,147.00 EUR
The AGUA. A totally new way to carry your camera! 182,058.00 USD
Spaceteam 181,625.00 USD
Brik Tile | LEGO™ Compatible Wall Tiles 181,567.00 USD
Worlds' Best Invisible Smartphone Protection 181,059.00 USD
ThreadStax : Magnetically Organizes your Closet 181,058.00 USD
Ultimate Belt | KORE Essentials 180,326.00 USD
The Most Advanced Briefcase - Briefpack Utility XL 180,106.00 CAD
The Ultimate Snoring Solution - Comfortable & Affordable 179,119.00 USD
Universal Lens Cap - 1 Cap for Every DSLR Camera Lens 178,745.00 USD
INNOVITIME - A New Level Of Watch Customization 178,577.00 HKD
Sated. Ready to Drink Keto Meal Shake 178,572.00 USD
Olarm: The Smartest Home Security System 178,390.00 USD
Seconds GMT - A timepiece for the avid traveller 177,990.00 SEK
It's a new way to brew - It's American Press 177,676.00 USD
World's 1st smart wallet with solar + USB charge & tracking 177,151.00 USD
The World's Lightest & Smartest E-Scooter - ZAR 176,524.00 USD
Luxury Watches With Wood Marquetry Dial 176,373.00 EUR
Riley, a Smarter Robot 176,033.00 USD
Inirv React: Make Your Home Smarter and Safer 175,548.00 USD
VIE SHAIR: Pain-Free Sociable Headphones 175,112.00 USD
Microphone Wind Cover for iPhone Headsets - xpuff (Canceled) 175,061.00 SEK
Pod 3 - The customizable GPS tracker for everything 174,456.00 USD
Cattle and Crops 173,988.00 EUR
K11 Bumper | iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus 173,820.00 USD
GNL Mats 173,625.00 USD
Hagic: The only stylish smart watch can last up to 15 days (Susp 172,920.00 USD
Aevi - New Premium Watch from Stockholm 172,586.00 SEK
Méraud: Vintage Inspired Watches with Swiss Movement 172,565.00 EUR
The Only 3D Audio, Voice Search & Noise Canceling Headphones 171,858.00 USD
Draken - Affordable, Fast, High Res DLP-SLA 3D Printer 171,664.00 USD
Spirit Rover - Learn Raspberry Pi and Arduino the fun way! 171,403.00 USD
BASICS: Slim Minimalist Wallet with easy access to all Cards 171,315.00 USD
Lilo: the easy way to grow fresh herbs at home 171,296.00 EUR
CINEMOOD: 3-in-1 Magic Cinema 171,109.00 USD
Ionizo Air Quality-Tracking Purifier (Canceled) 170,878.00 HKD
Langogo - 1st Pocket Translator and Mobile Hotspot 170,866.00 USD
ZEROHOUR APEX: Titanium Tactical Pen with Tungsten Tip (EDC) 170,793.00 USD
Swiss Audio - The First Personalized HiFi Wireless Earbuds (Canc 170,612.00 CHF
MiaMily HIPSTER Plus 3D Baby Carrier 170,348.00 USD
ODIN2: Smart Projector for movies, video calls, and apps 170,271.00 USD
A limited edition watch to mark the legacy of a champion 169,854.00 USD
MySight360 | Wearable VR Camera for Smooth Panoramic Videos 169,829.00 USD
Melomind : the relaxing headset 169,420.00 EUR
I LOCK IT - The world's first fully automatic bike lock 168,850.00 EUR
The BullRest Travel Pillow 168,585.00 USD
Ausker: Redefining High Quality Cookware 168,080.00 USD
WOWSTICK: A 62 In 1 Pen-shape Desktop Tool | Match Any Desk. 167,980.00 USD
Frenchie: The world's first speed wallet 167,922.00 USD
Spendwallet - No More Cards in Your Wallet 167,813.00 USD
EZ_Duffle: easily ORGANIZE travel & daily carry with ONE BAG 167,508.00 CAD
GlocalMe Kills SIM Card and Roaming Pains 167,301.00 USD
InkCase i7 Plus: Dual Screen For iPhone 7 Plus. 167,246.00 SGD
THE MAGIC COIN POUCH - handle coins better 166,910.00 USD
Canvia: The World's Most Realistic Interactive Art Display 166,778.00 USD
AIRSPEED: The FIRST Curved Regulator Watch For All 166,617.00 USD
AKO DICE 166,469.00 USD
Titanium Mechanical Pencil And Titanium Pen 166,065.00 NZD
SOLOSOCKS No-Shows - The World's Best Summer Socks 165,975.00 EUR
HoverChair | The Hanging Chair That’ll Make You Go “AAAHHHH” 165,247.00 USD
Tern - The Best Price to Stay Connected Anywhere 165,029.00 USD
Get Purer Hot Water with World's Most Advanced Water Heater 164,866.00 USD
THE SPLITTER : Titanium Multi Utensil 164,713.00 USD
Accomplice™: The Ultimate High-Capacity Slim Wallet 164,660.00 USD
Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case - iPhone 6/5 | Galaxy S6/S6 Edge 164,373.00 USD
Heated Sleeping Bag by Ravean | Camping Revolution Has Begun 164,262.00 USD
Aurora: match your mood with the smartest light 163,734.00 USD
Borofone BE10-Transformer Wireless Earphone 163,370.00 HKD
Heroclip - One fearless gadget. 689,348 uses. 162,843.00 USD
Dreamlight: The World's Smartest Sleep Mask 162,761.00 USD
Code10 - The World's Best Urban Theftproof Bags 162,740.00 HKD
Moon 1969 Lunar Landing by Apollo 11 - Bovarro Watch 162,737.00 CAD
BlazePod - Supercharge Your Workouts with Bursts of Light 162,042.00 USD
Parásole - Revolutionary 3D Recovery Socks 161,577.00 USD
PLUTO WIRELESS by earth - Wireless Portable Power Bank 161,558.00 USD
Phonster X - the best phone holster is back on Kickstarter! 161,182.00 USD
Somnova, the world's first/Best super smart sleeping mat 160,793.00 HKD
O6 - Free Your Eyes 160,032.00 USD
KORE TEK BELT 159,252.00 USD
Morsel Spork 159,060.00 USD
WOODIES | The Ultimate Performance Dress Shirt 159,052.00 USD
Oco2 Home Monitoring Camera with SD Card and Cloud 159,016.00 USD
One of the Most Classy Stylish Mechanical Tourbillon Watch 158,490.00 HKD
Mule Light V2 - The Only Flashlight You Will Ever Need 158,455.00 USD
The RAFINO - Coffee Grind Refining System 158,368.00 CAD
TriboTEX: Reverse Wear, More HP, and Better MPG in Engines 158,042.00 USD
IKAWA | Home Coffee Roaster 158,019.00 GBP
One Of The Most Detailed Mechanical Skeleton Automatic Watch 157,660.00 HKD
SoundFlow: All-In-One Earbuds, Battery, Phone Case 157,434.00 USD
Vintage Driver Chrono by Straton Watch Co. 157,000.00 CHF
Shae - The World’s Most Advanced Virtual Health Assistant 156,952.00 USD
BrakeFree: The Smart Brake Light for Motorcyclists 156,639.00 USD
Merino Tech 2.0: The Minimal and 360 Hoodie 156,609.00 CAD
Zero Trash Leather Jackets - We´ll Buy them back! 156,569.00 DKK
GAZE DESK : The Smartest Standing Desk Ever 156,312.00 USD
Stealth Socks: Covertly Fresh, Impeccably Styled 156,180.00 USD
FLYBi: First Drone with Virtual Reality Goggles 156,028.00 USD
LET Glass: Enjoy Music Anywhere without Headphones 155,789.00 USD
Kozmophone | A classic reimagined! 155,767.00 USD
Silvertech 2.0 - The World's Most Advanced Underwear 155,589.00 USD
The Performance Short | From Woodies 155,413.00 USD
Kettle & Fire Keto Friendly Soups | Powered by Bone Broth. 155,232.00 USD
WiCAM: The programmable wireless coin cam 155,069.00 CAD
Calendar Watch by What? 154,677.00 EUR
The Chameleon Pack: The Most Versatile Backpack in the World 154,479.00 USD
Pause Pod - Your Private Space for Relaxation 153,715.00 USD
WeatherAtPoint - World's Smallest Weather Station 153,651.00 USD
The PLIQO bag 153,644.00 GBP
Tern Cargo Node 153,638.00 USD
Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station (Suspended) 153,431.00 USD
MiiXR | Can your sports bottle, shaker or blender do this?! 152,936.00 USD
Kistler: The warmest jacket that uses aerospace technology 152,743.00 USD
Zip n Store… Food Storage, Simple and Easy! 152,710.00 USD
abode - The Future of Home Security. 152,604.00 USD
Trippy: Wireless speaker with Place and Play™ technology 152,524.00 SEK
Adore World's Smartest A.I. Powered Scale 152,147.00 USD
ViDi Action Camera: The Best Action Camera under $100 151,880.00 USD
AQUA+ | World's Most Powerful Wireless Headphone Amplifier 151,772.00 USD
Pixelvar: Smartphone Controlled Handheld Light Painting, $29 151,758.00 HKD
Smartclean Vision.5: A Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner 151,102.00 USD
Ekster® 3.0 - The World's Slimmest Smart Wallet 150,971.00 EUR
Marble: A Portable 2-in-1 USB-C Docking & Charging Station 150,971.00 USD
The World's Most Effective & Smartest Organic Air Purifier 150,955.00 AUD
MAGZET: The Audio Jack Reinvented with the Power of Magnets 150,670.00 USD
LABFRESH - Odor & Stain Repellant Cotton Shirts 150,646.00 EUR
dadamachines: music machines for everyone! 150,548.00 EUR
Spéciale | Built-in Damascus Knife 150,503.00 USD
Pix: The Backpack for those who dare to be different 150,409.00 USD
WRENCHit - Turning Smart 150,353.00 USD
simpli press coffee - Clean. Smooth. No Mess! 150,160.00 USD
Kleverness: The World's Smartest Lighting System 150,086.00 USD
AiraWear - World's First Massage Hoodie 150,035.00 USD
VOLTA: The World’s Strongest Cross-device Magnetic Cable (Suspen 149,862.00 AUD
Sybrillo - The most versatile GoPro accessory 149,026.00 USD
Higher Hangers 1.0: Space-Saving, 100% Classic Utility 148,885.00 USD
HEY: a revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance 148,839.00 EUR
The 48Hr Switch | Backpack, Messenger, Briefcase in a Switch 148,661.00 GBP
PulseBand A6 - Healthy Living: One pulse at a time 147,800.00 USD
World's First Solar, Battery, Drybox All In One 147,473.00 USD
Mountek GRIP Qi Wireless Phone Charger & Car Mount 147,178.00 USD
SOLIDteknics nöni 100% USA-made seamless 1-pc stainless pans 146,977.00 USD
Beautiful Dress Shoes Handmade in Italy 146,829.00 USD
Space Cadets: Away Missions 146,296.00 USD
Moona - Pillow temperature regulation to improve sleep 146,072.00 USD
Bikee Bike BEST | Make your full-power ebike, quickly 145,829.00 EUR
The Vintage Suitcase, Briefcase, & Portfolio. Reinvented. 145,523.00 USD
LIVIN Farms Hive 145,429.00 USD
IRONATE - Perfect "no oven" pizza in just 3 minutes 145,323.00 USD
Titanium Everyday Carry Pocket Knives: The Strand & The West 144,990.00 USD
Turtleneck® - Your earphones, tangle free 144,311.00 NOK
XKchrome: Reinventing Automotive Lighting 143,736.00 USD
RIZE Spinning Ferrofluid Display 143,598.00 USD
Tenkara Zoom Rod - The Teton Zoom 143,535.00 USD
Welle: Turn Any Surface Into A Smart Interface 143,419.00 USD
X PlusOne: Your Ultimate Hover + Speed Aerial Camera Drone 143,400.00 USD
Evo-One desktop CNC Mill made for anyone! 143,378.00 EUR
Martenero - Classic Mechanical Watches, Modern Design 143,292.00 USD
ROLLOVA! The First Compact Digital Rolling Ruler 143,036.00 USD
Tittle X: The World’s First Ultra Compact IoT Golf Simulator 142,713.00 USD
Qwest TV: Quincy Jones' new video-streaming service for jazz 142,556.00 EUR
GoDuo Speakers - Ideal Indoor+Outdoor Stereo Music Companion 142,049.00 USD
The Rove Gym: Crush full-body workouts in minutes a day 141,591.00 USD
Paqsule: Revolutionary Cleaning Technology in A Stylish Bag 141,406.00 USD
World's 1st Wireless device with 1TB storage. 140,816.00 USD
WILCOX Boots | Classic Style + Premium Comfort 140,720.00 USD
FUTO - The World’s Most Ultimate Air Mattress and Pillow 140,708.00 USD
The World's Best Hybrid Smartwatch - Muse Wearables 140,651.00 SGD
Actofit - Redefining Fitness Tracking 140,644.00 USD
Raybaby - World's only non-contact health & sleep monitor 140,590.00 USD
KOSMOS Titanium Pen 140,334.00 EUR
Dagadam Watch - Think Beyond 140,000.00 GBP
Qliplet - The Everyday Adventure Super Clip 139,467.00 USD
InstaDreamer: Take control of your dreams 139,313.00 CHF
Dice - Rendezvous with Randomness 139,245.00 SEK
Loopy® | No More Phone Drops, Easy One-Handed Use 139,229.00 USD
ET Mini: Make Entertainment Great Again! (Suspended) 139,124.00 AUD
NeuroPlus: Brain-sensing Headset Improves Focus 138,967.00 USD
iLuun: The Smart Wireless Storage Drive For iPhone & Android 138,958.00 USD
Spark Notebook: a place for your life plans and great ideas 138,572.00 USD
INFINITE: World’s Most Versatile, Smart Cooler 138,305.00 USD
Beer Pong Golf : Golf Spieth Can't Master 138,274.00 USD
A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You A Lifetime. 138,174.00 USD
The Stone Cup || Refine Your Drinking Experience 137,968.00 USD
iotty Smart Light Switch: Beautiful Smart Lighting 137,950.00 USD
Bluejay: The world's first smart mount for your car 137,865.00 USD
AUTOMATICA ONE Dive Watch by Mansfield Time 137,385.00 USD
Hive - Smart home, security, and entertainment for everyone. 137,377.00 USD
FLOAFERS: Foam Meets Fashion 137,349.00 USD
TORDNEY | Reviving The Small Seconds Watch Tradition 137,210.00 HKD
Axum Sports Wireless Earbuds - Signal Never Drops 137,135.00 USD
Humism: Automatic Watches that turn Time into Art 136,926.00 SGD
Yomee - The World’s First Automatic Yogurt Maker 136,808.00 USD
The First All-In-One Smart Dog Collar 136,582.00 USD
The Cold Shoulder PRO Calorie Burning Vest 136,545.00 USD
Rinsten Spring - The Ultimate Bicycle Shock Absorber. 136,501.00 USD
The 1st Aviateur's - Flyback Chronograph Pilot watch 136,470.00 CAD
NoBowl Feeding System: A Brilliant Solution for Cat Wellness 136,186.00 USD
flatev - The Artisan Tortilla Maker 136,165.00 USD
Keeping kids active with the world's smartest screenfree toy 136,126.00 USD
Wink - Learn to code with a bug! Robots for everyone! 136,000.00 USD
The 48Hr Classic - Travel | Shoot | Work 135,925.00 GBP
The JUMP PANTS | not your average sweatpants 135,638.00 USD
Cycli: First Social Under-Desk Cycle 135,437.00 USD
WONDERCUTTER : Ultrasonic Cutter. 40,000 Vibrations per sec. 135,139.00 USD
Frameworks One - Turn Your Memories into Art 134,926.00 SEK
StickMover - Feel It. Try It. Fly It. 134,535.00 EUR
The Lucid Dreamer: Wake Up Inside Your Dreams (Canceled) 134,450.00 EUR
Dango Products | P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen 134,340.00 USD
The TAKTEK Pant - 13 Features. Unparalleled Performance. 134,240.00 USD
Kodiak Leather: Kobuk Leather Backpack 134,029.00 USD
Wurf Board—Stand Longer in Comfort. We Reinvented Standing! 133,846.00 USD
SunGod Revolts: Custom Ski and Snowboard Goggles 133,724.00 GBP
The MSTR KEY (Master Key) 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Keytool 133,449.00 USD
ONELID - fits all 132,890.00 USD
Koze - Lightweight, Inflatable, and Amazing Comfort Anywhere 132,536.00 USD
Tranquil 2.0: Neck Support to Decompress for Instant Comfort 132,100.00 USD
REMI: The all-in-one sleep companion for kids 132,044.00 USD
TimeDock Pebble Time 2 and Pebble 2 Charging Dock 132,010.00 USD
The Cyclone-LEGO® Compatible Roller Coaster Construction Toy 131,985.00 USD
Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus 131,850.00 USD
Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus 131,850.00 USD
Actofit - Redefining Fitness Tracking 131,669.00 USD
AirLink: Make Any Audio Device Wireless 131,656.00 USD
The Stain Repelling Performance Shirt 2.0 | From Woodies 131,524.00 USD
FYB® London | The Worlds SMARTEST Handbag 131,449.00 USD
All-Adventures Backpack - THE FIELD RUCKSACK 131,425.00 USD
World's 1st Swiss Made Watch that fuels a Sports Car 131,295.00 EUR
FODI - The flat multi-purpose origami stand 131,271.00 CAD
Ola fingerprint smart lock. Open the door to the future. 131,126.00 USD
Sence: The Evolution of Mindfulness and Productivity 130,866.00 USD
Vikaura Screen: Use your smartphone to customize your world 130,837.00 USD
Ultimate Protection For Your RFID Credit Cards & Passports 130,737.00 GBP
Transformer Table: The Future of your Living Room 130,482.00 CAD
FitNeck: Fix Your Neck Posture 130,222.00 USD
Aki - The Best Minimalist Bifold Slim Wallet 130,189.00 AUD
Alpha: Body Fitted Weighted Blanket 129,624.00 USD
NIFTYX: The Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK 129,500.00 USD
Mover Kit: get kids moving, building & coding 129,311.00 USD
The HighHealer - Your Personal Foot Therapist 129,075.00 USD
Progo- A Revolutionary Carry-on or Camera backpack 128,780.00 CAD
Learn To Make Video Games - Unreal Developer Course In C++ 128,748.00 GBP
AXIS Gear: Motorize your existing window shades 128,601.00 USD
Evo-The Smallest Global Travel Adapter 128,579.00 USD
Siesta4: Heat & Light Blocking Tent with Built-in Fans 128,512.00 USD
SOLIDteknics US-ION 12" light iron skillet: wrought not cast 128,276.00 USD
BOLDR Watches: Sleek Design Meets 'Clever' Functions 128,187.00 CAD
GlocalMe U2: Ultimate Wi-Fi everywhere you travel 127,178.00 USD
SWINGS – the world's longest lasting hybrid smartwatch 127,152.00 USD
COVI: Speech-Enabled Light & Open Source Smart Home Hub 126,956.00 EUR
Taro: Your Next Camera-Mate | Auto-tracking + Stabilizer 2.0 126,944.00 USD
MyKee - Titanium Multi-Tool Key 126,825.00 USD
MACO 2.0 + BIG MACO - A Universal Cable Organiser (and more) 126,716.00 AUD
Sleep well tonight, get more from tomorrow 126,607.00 AUD
PISA light | World's Smallest Rechargeable Flashlight 126,513.00 HKD
Ganker: Fighting Robot for the Whole Crew 126,435.00 USD
The Ultimate American Boot - Where Heritage Meets Style 126,310.00 USD
World`s first natural heat generating gloves and insoles 126,072.00 GBP
MATRIX Voice: Open-Source Voice Platform For All 125,945.00 USD
The Regenerative Tee- Light on the body, Light on the Planet (Ca 125,829.00 HKD
Black Mint Playing Cards 125,808.00 USD
Scarab: See the world around you with new eyes 125,716.00 USD
Achilles Chef's Knife - Placing a legend in your hands 125,257.00 EUR
auris bluMe True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver 125,032.00 USD
360 GO - 360˚ 4K Action Camera. 125,018.00 HKD
Passport Pro - The Safest Global Travel Adapter 124,851.00 USD
The Amazing Campfire In A Can at last a 3-in-1 campfire! 124,763.00 USD
Axess Wallets: Artisan Front Pocket Wallets 124,650.00 SEK
World’s First Touch Enabled T-shirt 124,402.00 USD
Telepathy Walker: Eyewear for Discoveries while Walking 124,293.00 USD
Subplug - The Swimming Earplug Game Changer 124,186.00 HKD
ClubHub - See Your Game In A New Way 124,097.00 USD
Pakpod: Tripod with Ninja Feet for SmartPhone/GoPro/DSLR 123,937.00 USD
InvizBox Go - Privacy.Security.Stream.Extend.Block 123,660.00 USD
GP 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen - Mark the End of World War II 123,593.00 USD
Flowtime: Biosensing Meditation Headband 123,561.00 HKD
SONICAM: Professional VR 360 Camera With 3D Sound 123,352.00 USD
AlsterPlus: World's Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack + HUB 123,224.00 EUR
NowPresso - The First Automated Travel ESPRESSO MACHINE 123,084.00 AUD
X6: The Most Versatile USB-C PD Power Bank Ever 122,850.00 USD
Bixi: Add Gesture Control to any Smart Device! 122,552.00 USD
ClutchIt! : The World's First Anywhere Magnetic Phone Mount 122,529.00 USD
TAYBLES: The Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table 122,384.00 USD
The Brigadier automatic watch 122,161.00 USD
Cronovo Smartwatch 122,091.00 GBP
LEVITAT: The Revolutionary Aerial Mat 122,070.00 EUR
Inrigo Camera Bag | Intelligently Waterproof 121,921.00 HKD
Knife Robot: World's First Auto Knife Sharpener 121,684.00 USD
MicRig: Universal Video Grip Handle with Built-in Stereo Mic 121,516.00 USD
Bixi: Gesture Control Any Smart Device by Simply Waving! 121,496.00 USD
Pine - An action adventure game that adapts to you 121,480.00 EUR
CityWood - Minimal 3D Laser Cut Wooden Maps 121,279.00 USD
The BitzBlade 2.0 - The Last Multi-Tool You'll Ever Need 121,180.00 USD
Biger Bottle-The World's First Figure Toy Bottle 121,032.00 HKD
Eco-friendly baby bowl "Uinlui" 120,784.00 JPY
Sheer| The Ultimate ODORLESS & WATER RESISTANT Travel Jacket 120,563.00 SGD
APEX Wallet - Relaunch! 120,259.00 USD
SPACO Voice Controlled Levitating Speaker 119,915.00 USD
Memento Smart Frame : World's Most Advanced 4K Smart Frame 119,838.00 CAD
Pacific67 - Ultimate Kitchen Knife Collection 119,656.00 USD
Sunscreenr™ | Is your skin protected? 119,629.00 USD
Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket: a huge upgrade for tiny screws 119,543.00 EUR
BOLDR Odyssey automatic watch - dive into the next journey 119,381.00 SGD
U band -The First Personal Exercise coaching wearable device 119,340.00 HKD
EZSTAX: Organize Closets, Dressers, Laundry, and Offices. 118,989.00 USD
Pacific67 - Ultimate Kitchen Knife Collection 118,869.00 USD
Apollo Watches - The regulator watch inspired by Space 118,674.00 USD
Fishbone Charging Station – Tidy Up and Charge Up! 118,556.00 USD
FitPal - The Most Complete 24/7 Heart Rate Wearable 118,304.00 USD
Pillo: Your Personal Home Health Robot 118,282.00 USD
PocketLab Air: Measure What's in Your Air 118,164.00 USD
VARA - Your modular design light with unique app-control 117,974.00 EUR
The Most Portable Electric Skateboard in the World 117,654.00 SGD
LIVV Headphones 117,583.00 USD
Slice Planner: First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars 117,522.00 USD
FIFISH P3-1st Truly Professional Underwater Drone 117,406.00 USD
NODEZ: The latest tech in an affordable Smart Home solution (Can 117,355.00 USD
A Unique German Made Automatic Watch for an Affordable Price 117,353.00 EUR
iFetch Too! 117,192.00 USD
Flter: Privacy & Security Router 117,087.00 USD
AuraVisor: the future of VR is wire free. the future is now. 116,930.00 GBP
GreenTraveler: World's Best Travel-Friendly Food Container 116,830.00 USD
SCHAFFEN: Custom watches with rotors designed by you 116,565.00 SGD
FLUID - The Learning Water Meter 116,381.00 USD
Chameleon Turbo 40 MPH ebike: Take the Streets! 116,187.00 USD
TSAO BALTIMORE | The Ultimate Premium Watch + Watch Winder 115,843.00 USD
Acteon Compact Antibacterial Microfiber Beach Towels 115,797.00 USD
Yeelight Candela: The Smart Mood Candlelight 115,490.00 USD
aquabionic abs World’s first binding system for diving fins 115,381.00 CAD
Leaf Razor - Own Your Shave 115,328.00 USD
ReVault Smartwatch: Wearable Data Storage 115,295.00 USD
TUO: The Ultimate Travel Undergarment Organizer 115,260.00 USD
TUO: The Ultimate Travel Undergarment Organizer 115,260.00 USD
Vita - Bring Life Into Your Home 115,258.00 USD
It's up to you how to use it! 115,113.00 EUR
World's Most Affordable Wi-Fi Smart LightStrip 115,010.00 USD
Rho Board 114,977.00 DKK
Ambi Climate: The Smart Add-on For Your Air Conditioner 114,892.00 USD
Sundots: Sun Protection In a Daily Gummy 114,803.00 USD
Magnet Driver™ DDN: The Total Tool to Drill, Drive and Nail. 114,783.00 USD
The Jean Hanger: The new way to care for your jeans 114,499.00 CAD
HANDYCOSY Travel Pillow: Your Best Travel Buddy 114,426.00 HKD
Fixate Gel Pads (Suspended) 114,278.00 AUD
SpaceVR: Step into Space 113,310.00 USD
VoiceMojo: Voice AI to Make Your Life Easier and Smarter 113,215.00 HKD
The Ultimate Performance Chinos by Woodies 113,149.00 USD
ElectroSpit Vocal Instrument & Talkbox for Musicians 112,999.00 USD
AutoAuto | Your Auto Repair Kit in One Single Button 112,930.00 HKD
Nomadic Audio | Massive HiFi Speaker for Travelers 112,813.00 USD
The First Magnetic, Dime-Sized iPhone Storage Expansion 112,791.00 USD
'by BULBING' collection 2015 112,595.00 GBP
The Fish Call: Catch More Fish!! 112,573.00 USD
Meet MonPère; a travel pillow like you've never seen before 112,325.00 CAD
Lunarbaboon Comics, Parenting is Easy & Anxiety Troll Plush 112,296.00 USD
Wine Squirrel: The Decanter That Preserves Wine for Weeks 112,285.00 USD
Branto: Full Remote Presence & Security Device 111,987.00 USD
CRATE - Titanium | Carbon Fiber Multi-Mode Wallet 111,461.00 USD
Upgrade iPhone X to 8mm wide , 23:9 anamorphic , 360 camera 111,360.00 HKD
Liquid Repellent Leather Portfolio With 25+ Pockets - $99 111,281.00 CAD
The Quarter Century Backpack┃A 25 Year Guarantee 111,152.00 USD
EverLights - App Enabled Permanent Christmas Lights 111,000.00 USD
SAFEBRICK: Assist to avoid tickets in traffic 110,999.00 USD
SilentKeys: A Keyboard that Protects your Privacy & Security 110,913.00 EUR
The Pursuit of Happiness 110,912.00 USD
SmartPlate: Instantly analyze everything you eat! 110,872.00 USD
Amazing furniture invention - Magic Sticks! 110,862.00 EUR
Listit - Great Minds List Alike 110,845.00 SEK
MOBICASE - the most functional laptop bag for mobile workers 110,776.00 USD
Orfos Pro - Next Gen LED Flare for All Your Adventures 110,761.00 USD
Tynker: Let Any Child Create Mobile Games 110,634.00 USD
Hy - Concealed Smart Earbuds 110,610.00 USD
CORI ✈ The 1st Customisable Travel Pillow that ADAPTS to you 110,601.00 SGD
29 Linens || Reinvent Your Rest w/ Copper-Infused Bed Sheets 110,551.00 USD
MacroBoom || The Most Rugged Solar Speakers On Earth 110,449.00 USD
DOOGEE S70: World’s First Rugged Gaming Smartphone 110,430.00 USD
Lyd: This bottle opens when your lips touch, never spills. 110,425.00 USD
EverRatchet: World's First Ratchet Keychain Tool 110,419.00 USD
Kerv – the world’s first contactless payment ring 110,182.00 GBP
MOTI | Your Smart Companion for Better Habits (Canceled) 110,103.00 USD
Ocean Plastics Daypack by Solgaard: The Upcycled Backpack 110,097.00 USD
Aryzon - 3D Augmented Reality for Every Smartphone 109,996.00 EUR
Mr. Everything: All-in-One Charging, Power & Speaker Station 109,420.00 USD
Your smart doorman. Now called nello. Used to be monkey. 109,400.00 EUR
The Firebiner 109,341.00 USD
Magnic Microlights: Smallest contactless dynamo bike lights 109,264.00 EUR
Barner | Sleep & Life Enhancing Eyewear 109,211.00 EUR
All In One Portable Power Bank Featuring as Jump Starter 109,198.00 USD
MYCANOE: Origami Folding Canoe That Travels in a Box 109,195.00 USD
CAST: Community viewing hub. Watch entertainment together ! 109,086.00 USD
K Kit: Smart home made simple 108,947.00 USD
Swiss Movement Classic Look Smart Watch - Nada 108,814.00 HKD
K-25: Smart Bath Towels 2.0. 108,739.00 USD
BOLDR Journey Chronograph 108,629.00 CAD
CubeFit TerraMat | The Ergonomic Standing Desk Mat 108,570.00 USD
Closca Bottle + App | Redefining How You Drink Water 108,553.00 USD
VAPAUS Veli - 1950s inspired luxury hand-wound Swiss watches 108,549.00 GBP
REVEL GEAR™  The Future of Portable Power and Light 108,439.00 USD
More Than an Automatic Watch, a Piece of Art 108,429.00 EUR
MatataLab - A new hands-on coding robot for kids ages 4-9 108,349.00 USD
Astro - The worlds only "pure audio" Bluetooth speaker! 108,239.00 USD
The Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessel 107,925.00 USD
Ultra Suit · The Most Advanced & Eco-friendly Suit 107,823.00 USD
Gigaboom & Macro.II - Hi-Def Speakers Built for the Wild 107,723.00 USD
Enflux Exercise Clothing: Improve Form! Real-time Analysis. 107,621.00 USD
Your virtual roommate against burglars: Kevin by mitipi 107,611.00 CHF
PASSFORT - Your digital life, secure! 107,511.00 USD
Pigzbe: Helps Kids 6+ Develop Great Money Habits 107,439.00 USD
Nightingale - The First Smart Home Sleep System 107,389.00 USD
Kodiak Leather - Buffalo Leather Satchel 107,295.00 USD
Space Roller: The futuristic dice for your Sci-Fi games 107,274.00 USD
BOLT - Stylish iPhone bracelet charger by CHARLES DARIUS™ 106,872.00 USD
Mu tag: World's smallest loss prevention device. 106,730.00 USD
Marty The Robot 106,529.00 GBP
Wopilo: a revolutionary pillow that will change your nights 106,463.00 EUR
Connect. Code. Create. With SBrick Plus 106,222.00 USD
AIRY - your solution against indoor air pollution! 106,129.00 EUR
Wearsafe: Wearable technology on a mission to save lives 106,084.00 USD
The Detroit Bikes C-Type: The American Single Speed 106,035.00 USD
LeGrow - The Smart Indoor Garden For Any Space 106,007.00 SGD
Swidget™ Outlet: The Smart Home Device for All Platforms 105,886.00 USD
INBair O2: Give Your Brain a Boost with Oxygen 105,760.00 USD
Moovy Bag | The Essential All-in-one Device Carry 105,554.00 EUR
Jovens | Cashmere | Basics | Design for men 105,420.00 HKD
Radius - Keep Mosquitoes Away Without Spray! 105,346.00 USD
DAVEK: Uniquely strong umbrellas with Loss Alert 105,336.00 USD
Damascus knife 104,937.00 DKK
LuminAID Smart Solar Garden: Wireless Outdoor Illumination 104,901.00 USD
ScopeAround: Smart and Versatile Wi-Fi Video Camera 104,813.00 USD
SKOUT: The Hands Free Camera or Binocular Carrying System 104,803.00 CAD
Seasons Blanket. Waterproof. Comfortable. Built to Last. 104,580.00 USD
The World Metro Map 104,249.00 USD
MATRIX - The World’s First Smart Home App Ecosystem 104,157.00 USD
BOLT² World's Smallest 2.4A Battery Backup + Wall Charger 104,097.00 USD
MIND KIT: Maker Kit Exclusively for Robotics 104,058.00 USD
16-Year-Old Designs AEGIS Headphones to Prevent Hearing Loss 103,919.00 USD
PocKit | The Smart Adventure Kit 103,725.00 HKD
Freedom Pack | The First Packable Anti-Theft Travel Backpack 103,576.00 SGD
CABARO Swiss Watches - Classic, But Different 103,532.00 AUD
DUO: Turntable with a Detachable Bluetooth Speaker 103,364.00 USD
Pilates Wheel 2.0 103,309.00 USD
Handle Plus | The All-in-one Solution for Every Tablet 103,308.00 HKD
OneCook: the Robotic Private Chef to Free Your Cooking Time 103,206.00 USD
MICA: Custom designed watches using leather, wood, & steel 103,153.00 USD
RokPak: World's First Solar, Battery Pack, Drybox All In One 103,075.00 USD
Drawstring Backpack. The Most Advanced. 103,070.00 USD
Kangol 504: Bring Jobs To America With Bollman Hat Company 102,820.00 USD
Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars || KLOS Guitars 2.0 102,795.00 USD
MagBolt: World's 1st Magnetic Connector for iPhone 7&Android 102,664.00 USD
IOFIT: The First Smart Shoes To Improve Your Golf Game! 102,581.00 USD
Anvil: the TRUE USER-FRIENDLY 3D printer for EVERYONE 102,395.00 USD
Nommi - 4G Hotspot with Unlimited Wi-Fi Worldwide. 102,318.00 USD
Little Engineer: Best AR Programming Game for Kids 102,187.00 USD
Bryt Socks 2.0: The Ultimate Colorful Socks 102,179.00 GBP
Monkeycycle: The 8-in-1 Bike That Grows With Your Child 102,132.00 USD
Pins Collective 102,066.00 USD
PLUVI — A Revolutionary Umbrella as never seen before. 101,961.00 EUR
STRAPO™ Expandable Minimalist Wallet 101,753.00 USD
SMART JACKET for SMARTPHONE user / for TRAVEL / 40 Functions 101,708.00 USD
Omnos 5.1.2 Soundbar | Affordable 3D Sound for Home Theaters 101,607.00 USD
Designer watch | when design meets social responsibility (Suspen 101,499.00 HKD
InvizBox Go - Privacy Made Easy 101,420.00 EUR
PerioTwist | A Future without Flossing 101,381.00 CAD
L.U.C.Y. - Welcome home (Canceled) 101,356.00 EUR
HoloGrid: Monster Battle (Augmented Reality Board Game) 101,311.00 USD
The Egg | A Personal Web & Storage Device without the Cloud 101,237.00 USD
NV: S-HOLDER will keep your shirt perfectly tucked! 101,193.00 USD
The Only Bookshelf You Will Ever Need 101,191.00 USD
GoFish Cam 101,041.00 USD
Helios4 - The Open Source NAS 100,973.00 SGD
AP "THE LEGEND": the most complete CARBON FIBER watch! (Canceled 100,932.00 HKD
The SMART COAT for Men and Women: the Coat that Heats 100,891.00 GBP
A TwiLight! The Unique NEW SolarPuff Solar Light!! 100,844.00 USD
Darts Connect - The World's First Smart Online Dartboard 100,742.00 AUD
The Most Iconic Futuristic Watch Is Back Again! 100,664.00 HKD
Janus One: A Phone To Simplify Your Life In A Smart Way 100,589.00 USD
TOOR: The World's Smartest Lockbox 100,412.00 USD
FOGO ADVENTURE GADGET: Walkie-Talkie+GPS+Flashlight+Charger 100,390.00 USD
Perseus: The World’s Smartest Mirror 100,363.00 USD
Proviz REFLECT360 CRS - A Cycling Jacket Revolution 100,360.00 GBP
BE - LINK: Bluetooth Surround Sound for your Helmet 100,247.00 USD
The Tintico Carry-On: Simply Great Luggage. 100,246.00 USD
sndrBlock: The fix for your sending and sharing headaches. 99,943.00 USD
iMate: Plug, Sync, and Charge Your Apple Devices All At Once (Su 99,778.00 USD
MagCable. A magnetic cable that changes charging experience 99,745.00 GBP
SolarBox: Solar Power Waterproof Portable Speaker 99,706.00 USD
HALDOR - Swiss Made Dive Watches 99,658.00 USD
Rockwell Chrome Series - Classic, Adjustable Safety Razors 98,915.00 USD
Worlds First Small Global Item Tracking Device 98,664.00 USD
GEKKOPOD - The World's Most Flexible Mount 98,549.00 USD
Trilobi Magnetic World's First 3 in 1 Common Tip MAG Cable 98,318.00 HKD
Circuit Scribe: DIY Electronic Kits 98,210.00 USD
Grim Workshop Wearable Lock Pick and Escape System 98,154.00 USD
Meet Cinch!– The ultimate pop-up tent with solar power & LED 97,928.00 GBP
Poseidon: The Rugged & Waterproof Portable Charger and Light 97,741.00 USD
Sparq’s Vitamin Air: Breathe In Your Vitamins 97,529.00 USD
Mymanu CLIK-Truly wireless earbuds with voice translation 97,525.00 GBP
Ferro Watch | A Watch Inspired by Sports Car Tachometer 97,441.00 CAD
The Impossible Travel Pillow. "It Has Wings." 97,429.00 USD
NOCABLE: Best Portable Wireless Station 97,184.00 USD
TOB Cable: One cable for everything 97,126.00 USD
SmartTerra: a Smart Terrarium with Customizable Environments 97,050.00 USD
iGUANEYE Jungle : barefoot comfort everywhere 97,001.00 USD
agua. storm-proof bags for cameras and drones 96,997.00 USD
NX1. The First Fast 3D Printer (Canceled) 96,753.00 EUR
ESSENCE: the world's best computer speaker system 96,742.00 CHF
Keep Your Spines Healthy & Happy! - DTRAC 96,455.00 CAD
Methven Rua - Power Shower experience using 28% less water 96,357.00 USD
Hastings & Co | Minimalist Watch, Mechanical Sophistication 96,287.00 CAD
Plus+ : The Only 3-in-1 Smart Self Cleaning Travel Jacket (Cance 96,197.00 USD
Ferro Airborne - Titanium or Copper Pilot Watches 96,050.00 CAD
Weighitz: Weigh Smarter 96,015.00 USD
ORA-X: World's First Augmented Reality Headphones 95,949.00 USD
WING : The Affordable Premium Wireless Earphone 95,861.00 USD
Prodigy Hoops & Flow Props 95,838.00 USD
Worlds First Small Global Item Tracking Device Peace of Mind 95,794.00 USD
OpenMV Cam H7 - Machine Vision w/ MicroPython. 95,596.00 USD
Pocket: Phone stabilizer at its lightest and most affordable 95,448.00 USD
The Best 3D Printer for creative Kids - Only $349 95,410.00 USD
sedeō, sit right 95,403.00 DKK
Halfsies Dice 95,273.00 USD
Halfsies Dice 95,273.00 USD
IronScoop - The Fastest Cat Litter Scoop Ever 95,076.00 HKD
Origin Paddleboards - The World's Best Inflatable SUP 94,843.00 CHF
Drink & Buddy: Two beverages. One bottle! For best friends. 94,765.00 USD
MiniBle S : The Most Powerful Nanobubble Faucet Aerator 94,654.00 USD
Exodus: Edge of Extinction. Forge your space empire. 94,586.00 USD
REDEFINING LUXURY WATCHES by Gentleman Warfare 94,570.00 USD
Chrona: Sleep Smarter, Not Longer 94,475.00 USD
Energysquare - always stay charged 94,443.00 EUR
Nanofiber Baselayer - Ultra Soft, Odor-proof & Sustainable 94,426.00 USD
Voyage Pillow | The Most Versatile and Compact Travel Pillow 94,415.00 USD
Zotto Sleep - Your Best Sleep Ever. Guaranteed. 94,301.00 USD
Enki Stove Wild: Cook everywhere using any kind of biomass 94,086.00 EUR
Sarvi Dock: Designed for Apple and Android devices 93,948.00 USD
Anubis & Osiris Luxury Playing Cards by Steve Minty 93,907.00 USD
Mountain Apparel by Tendi Sherpa, 11-Time Everest Summiter 93,759.00 USD
SISSI STRAWBERRY - Grow Your Own Fresh Strawberries 93,705.00 EUR
DaySling : Easy Access, Ultra Quiet, and Expandable Day Pack 93,685.00 USD
WTIF | Sapphire Crystal Watch 93,525.00 USD
Cashew Smart Wallet 93,472.00 USD
The SpiderLight Hand Strap 93,350.00 USD
The Element Cube: 62 Elements - 1 Cube 93,173.00 GBP
AI War II - Will Be Re-Launched! (Canceled) 93,168.00 USD
Femometer: Smart Fertility Tracker 92,730.00 USD
Seamus Watch Co. - The Classic Gentleman's Watch 92,680.00 SEK
Sound-Reactive Fire Pits with Flames that Dance to Music (Cancel 92,557.00 USD
MUSE Swiss Art Watches - Art in movement 92,490.00 CHF
Flo: the contact-free smart thermometer 92,290.00 USD
Archibald - A Bauhaus Designed Automatic Watch by H&Co. 92,280.00 AUD
Awl & Sundry - Handcrafted Custom Shoes 92,275.00 USD
7ven Messenger: The Ideal Everyday Carry Bag. 92,191.00 USD
Wyrex | Wireless Charger For All Your Devices 92,169.00 USD
Turn your iPhone 6/6s into a GoPro with the ProShot Case 92,058.00 USD
Style + Performance = The Perfect Travel Shirt by Libertad 91,972.00 USD
HEIMPLANET Transit Line - Everyday travel bags 91,315.00 EUR
A Smart T-Shirt with Augmented Reality, QR & Infinite Texts 91,232.00 SEK
Fidgi Pen: A Fidget Toy Disguised As A Pen 91,111.00 USD
Cube In Cube In Oligodynamic Brass 91,075.00 HKD
PERSU: Redefining Gym Bags for the Modern & Active Lifestyle 90,938.00 USD
The First Fashionable GPS Smart Watch for Kids - POMO Waffle 90,584.00 USD
Peeple - Caller ID for your front door 90,164.00 USD
Lumes: World's Smartest All In One Projector 90,133.00 USD
Digitsole: The first interactive insole to heat your feet 90,074.00 USD
The Best Photography Gadget - FRAMEN PLAYER 90,051.00 EUR
SafariSeat: Open source wheelchair for developing countries. 90,036.00 GBP
Joule: Wear your Caffeine 89,570.00 USD
Swiss watch, Power Reserve Indicator, BigDate, Silicon, +58h 89,530.00 CHF
Kjaro: The Next Umbrella 89,287.00 EUR
STARSLIDER - Modular Motion Control Camera Slider 89,272.00 USD
Ferrofluid on Indiegogo 88,986.00 USD
SolidSuit: Leather Finish & Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 88,904.00 GBP
AGOGIE 2.0 Resistance Training Pants 88,757.00 USD
KYON:The pet collar re-invented 88,701.00 USD
Mosaic: Make your phone amazing in the ways it's not! 88,694.00 CAD
B-2 BLITZ | Small Pocket Knife Designed by Backers 88,656.00 USD
ONEMERINOS - The World's Best Travel & Business Socks! 88,563.00 EUR
D2K Plus - Affordable DLP 3D Printer 88,488.00 HKD
Inspired Designs 88,470.00 USD
izzbie - Home Network Virtual Private Net VPN Cybersecurity 88,438.00 USD
BeanPlus - Coffee Brewed Right, One Drip At A Time 88,215.00 USD
Catspad: the best smart food and water dispenser for cats 88,137.00 EUR
Firefly - The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife Accessory 88,132.00 USD
ShareRoller: Add-on E-Power for Bikes & Scooters 88,076.00 USD
The Spirale™ Wine Glass 87,983.00 USD
X-Connect: World 1st Cross-Device Magnetic Adapter 87,956.00 USD
Cascade Wallet | Simplify Your Everyday Carry 87,933.00 CAD
ZEROi : Smart Hat with Bone Conduction Technology 87,927.00 USD
ClayXYZ: Desktop 3D Clay Printer, Create Your Own Artwork! 87,821.00 USD
Scuttle! - The pirate card game for all ages 87,796.00 USD
AMADAS Smart Lock: The Truly User-Centric Security Solution 87,758.00 USD
E-CASE – First Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS 87,735.00 USD
SleepSmart: The Smart Adjustable Pillow for Side Sleepers 87,720.00 USD
Shipping Product Now - Get Your Touch 1K Today!!! 87,687.00 USD
GRIFFIN EMBLEM - High Quality Automatic Watches 87,591.00 USD
Nope 2.0 - Live Free 87,529.00 USD
Neofit Roller: The Foam Roller That Goes Anywhere 87,471.00 USD
The X-Frame is Coming Soon 87,373.00 CAD
Computer Vision A-Z™: Learn OpenCV and Cutting Edge AI 87,294.00 AUD
qualMeter:Finally a Smart USB Cable/Charger Tester for Dummy 87,205.00 CAD
JVL Bracelet - First Ever Customizable Anchor Bracelet 87,151.00 SEK
Ampere: wireless charging sleeve for iPhone and Android 87,125.00 USD
Seasoning Stixs - Seasoning From the Inside Out 86,981.00 USD
Reeljuice | All-in-one, Portable Power Charging Solution 86,733.00 USD
Cubroid - Teaching coding to help kids feel creative! 86,600.00 USD
The Heated Ice Cream Scoop (Canceled) 86,163.00 USD
The World's First Ready to Drink GrassFed Butter Coffee! 86,035.00 USD
Tealure: Bring Change to Nepal, One Tea Cup at a Time… 86,034.00 DKK
mojoe™ – The Coffee Maker That's a Travel Mug 85,860.00 USD
Casper Board: Burn Calories and Focus at Work 85,789.00 USD
Diggs Revol Dog Crate + Snooz Pad: A Dog Crate Revolution 85,778.00 USD
Flyte Socks - Ridiculously Bright, Bold & Comfortable Socks 85,752.00 USD
Sub - The World's Tiniest Ti Torch 85,706.00 GBP
First Ever Aircraft Grade ALUMINUM Watch 85,681.00 USD
Hexglo | Bottle + Light in One 85,515.00 HKD
Kayacat - The Boat in a Backpack 85,280.00 GBP
JSK Series: Mechanical Watch with The Custom Motorcycle Soul 85,233.00 USD
SIMpro - SIMplify the way you connect: Anytime, Anywhere! 85,186.00 CAD
Insanely Versatile Furniture! 85,095.00 GBP
GEIO: A FPS Battle Bot With Visual Recognition 84,980.00 USD
Enduro - Toy Cars Built for Tough Drivers |100% Sustainable 84,890.00 USD
ElectroFit: All-in-one smart muscle support 84,755.00 USD
Stay cool and protected with Alchemi Sun Hats 84,691.00 USD
URBAN PACK - A versatile 4-in-1 minimalist field bag. 84,526.00 CAD
SENS8 LightCam:Most Affordable Outdoor SecurityCam 84,521.00 USD
Clockbeats - Music Revolution 84,459.00 DKK
EvoWheel: The Ultimate E-bike Revolution 84,360.00 USD
C-Force: World's First HDMI Hub for Switch and S8/S8+ 84,180.00 USD
BaseBlocks: designed to work(out) different 84,076.00 AUD
Ferro Watch - A Timepiece inspired by Porsche Tachometers. 83,958.00 CAD
The Cubed Travel Jacket™: A Waterproof Shell for Everyday 83,924.00 USD
Cypress Umbrella - The last Umbrella you will ever buy 83,867.00 CAD
uHoo: Most Advanced Indoor Air Toxin Sensor 83,756.00 USD
Meyou: Classy Furniture for Discerning Cat 83,722.00 EUR
Spino - Simple Solution for a Healthy Back 83,660.00 USD
Elos Skateboard | Easy modern last mile transportation. 83,512.00 USD
Linky: The Foldable Electric Longboard 83,266.00 EUR
OPEN DSKY Apollo 50th Anniversary - Make 100 83,168.00 USD
The Rise of the Synths (80s retro music documentary) 83,168.00 EUR
The Martenero Kerrison: A Mechanical Watch, Modern & Classic 83,077.00 USD
GG: A mind dazzling card battle game 82,873.00 USD
GRENGINE - An evolution in portable power 82,772.00 USD
RUNE Rings - Affordable Carbon Fiber and Glow Resin Rings 82,730.00 USD
Néit - World's First Smart, Collapsible Hard Case Luggage 82,698.00 GBP
Mira-Pet ▪ The toothbrush that cleans more than any other! 82,652.00 USD
Renegade: The World's First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bottles 82,545.00 GBP
AutoPreme: Reinvent Your Floor Mats 82,336.00 USD
NapUp Fly | Your Personal In-Flight Comfort Zone 82,179.00 USD
xChain: Engineered for a New Breed of Total-Body Workout 82,115.00 USD
Sunny Side Up Eggs - Cat Fried Egg Mold 82,082.00 USD
Garamond Corpvs – Beautiful anatomy posters 82,070.00 SEK
Millo: The World's Smartest Smoothie Maker 82,021.00 GBP
Cubit: Perfect Cubes of Ultra-Dense Tungsten 81,985.00 USD
smrtFOB - Never Think About Charging Again (Canceled) 81,946.00 USD
Minimalist Luxury Wood Watches Guaranteed to get Compliments 81,922.00 USD
Rad Rodgers - The return of the 90's era Apogee platformer! 81,861.00 USD
Learn Python & Swift 3 from ZERO to HERO 81,754.00 AUD
Expandals: The ONLY Footwear That GROWS With Your Child! 81,464.00 USD
Want Music When You Swimming? Check Waveport Now Only $49 81,423.00 USD
Swift - The World's First Rapid Access Wallet 81,346.00 USD
CaptoGlove. Wearable Gaming, VR, AR, PC & Mobile Controller. 81,342.00 USD
Flash Porter: Backup and Protect Photos & Video - Fast, Easy 81,220.00 USD
Tantrum Cycles, the Missing Link in full suspension bikes 81,086.00 USD
nipi : The worlds BEST cooler! & solar generator (Canceled) 81,007.00 USD
The VIEW - a stunning self-winding mechanical watch 80,902.00 CAD
The VIEW - a stunning self-winding mechanical watch 80,902.00 CAD
OGarden, this invention will REVOLUTIONIZE your daily life! 80,808.00 EUR
The Rever: A fun and flexible way to enjoy 3D printing 80,760.00 USD
NEEURO Ultimate Brain Training Wearable with Games 80,730.00 USD
Wearhaus Beam: Smart earbuds with total color customization 80,710.00 USD
MAGNO | The World's First Magnetically Controlled Pencil 80,631.00 GBP
FLYBi - A Drone that takes you to an Aerial Adventure 80,479.00 USD
EXPLOSHIELD - The World's First Smartphone Battery Bomb Suit 80,468.00 HKD
100 Swords: Season 1 80,465.00 USD
The Zilker | Breathable & Sweat Wicking Every day Sneakers. 80,379.00 USD
The Hemingway Heritage Collection by Hawthorn Watch Co. 80,321.00 USD
Closca Bike Helmet - Safety, Functionality & Style 80,309.00 USD
Method: The Rain Jacket in a Sweatshirt's Body 80,264.00 USD
Quilo Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier 80,203.00 USD
Pulse Play: a smart watch for tennis players 80,145.00 USD
Mammoth Outerwear 80,000.00 CAD
Pedestal Footwear: The Future of Performance Training 79,949.00 USD
WarmEmbrace 79,862.00 USD
iSCOUT Head-Up Display(HUD) | Making Driving Smarter & Safer 79,286.00 USD
Vin's Answer - The Male Underwear Equivalent 79,220.00 SEK
Merino Runners - Woolen Comfort Shoes / 13 different colors 79,202.00 EUR
Hercules PalmTop-Palm Size PC of Invincible Resources 79,173.00 USD
Claw - The World's Tiniest Multitool 79,173.00 GBP
AquaGenie: The World's Smartest Water Bottle 78,971.00 USD
CamsFormer Next Gen DSLR Tether,High Speed Trigger,PTZ 78,711.00 USD
The WG Everyday Carry Grill 78,611.00 CAD
Aquajet Dive H2: A Hydrodynamic Sea Scooter For Everyone 78,328.00 USD
The Perfect Active Jacket with Vapor Dry Technology USA Made 78,289.00 USD
Stompump Tire Inflator for your Bicycle or any Tire 78,243.00 USD
Fravel: The World's Cutest Suitcase 78,229.00 USD
XOUNTS UP – Awesome Sound Meets Light, Rhythm & Smart Design 78,147.00 USD
Firelight Flask: The First Ever "Cheers-able" Flask 78,068.00 USD
Yak Wool Baselayers - Warmer and softer than merino 78,017.00 NZD
ti.ttle: The Ultimate Golf Swing Analyzer & e-Caddie tittle 77,986.00 USD
Orboot: The Educational, Augmented Reality Globe 77,881.00 USD
Minimalist sneakers made with the finest materials | Lenger 77,841.00 USD
The World's Best OUTDOOR JACKET With 50 Features 77,706.00 USD
Fave: the ideal all-purpose knife! 77,603.00 USD
Scuro:Vintage inspired pilot bronze watches with diver tools 77,524.00 AUD
XVIDA Smartphone Mounting System with Qi Wireless Charging 77,484.00 USD
Sprimo Personal Air Monitor 77,417.00 USD
Hurricane Relief - Kogalla Solar Storage Bank 77,146.00 USD
Carbon: A Versatile Watch inspired by Carbon Fiber. 77,057.00 AUD
PowearIN2.0: World First Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket 77,025.00 USD
GAZE TRAY: Hold & Charge All Your Devices Together 76,980.00 USD
Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Sunglasses | by Proof 76,925.00 USD
SKYLINYL - The First Vinyl Art Made From Recycled Records 76,872.00 USD
PRSRV Power Bank 76,620.00 USD
HAVOK | Disruptive Luxury Timepieces at $89 76,506.00 USD
ShadowBox: A Portable App-Controlled Wireless LED Smart-lamp 76,338.00 USD
Leg&Go - Everything a first bike should be! 76,268.00 USD
DFRobot's BOSON Kit: Powerful Building Blocks For LEGO STEM 76,227.00 CAD
Delphin: Run & Swim with ANY APP without your phone 76,217.00 USD
Two Degrees | Boat shoes that leave the right footprint 76,138.00 GBP
Cavetto | Titanium Crafted Automatic Watches Under $155 75,991.00 USD
Fishbit: Your Aquarium Made Simple 75,950.00 USD
Automatic Titanium Dive Watches 75,845.00 AUD
Halo- The World's Safest & Smartest Smoke Alarm 75,794.00 USD
Limited Edition Swiss Mechanical Hand wound watch by Ferro 75,711.00 CAD
YSMART: Redefining EDC Flashlight 75,676.00 GBP
The WiPy: The Internet of Things Taken to the Next Level 75,564.00 EUR
VoxEra - The First Voice Roaming Killer 75,551.00 USD
SmartFeed: Serving Up Better Media for Kids 75,551.00 USD
KuaiFit - Waterproof Sport Headphones with Smart Coaching 75,517.00 GBP
Absolut Hangsmart 75,516.00 USD
Kombuis a portable and efficient rocket stove / cooking set. 75,479.00 EUR
Swoveralls 2.0 = sweatpants + overalls, upgraded. 75,461.00 USD
helixee by Novathings - Back up and share, easily and safely 75,262.00 EUR
Great George: A New York City Watch Company 75,194.00 USD
fps1000HD - the low cost high frame rate camera 75,178.00 GBP
SuperFat - Amazing Nut Butters! 75,168.00 USD
Continuum Bag: The Best Carry-On for One Bag Travel 75,111.00 USD
iTouch ID World's Smallest USB Fingerprint Scanner 75,105.00 NZD
THE IGNITE:Handcrafted Automatic Wood & Steel Revival Watch 74,985.00 CAD
Troy: Handcrafted Wood Watch with Visible Skeleton 74,911.00 EUR
MiniToy 3D Printer 74,834.00 USD
NextDrive Plug - Create Your Own Cloud 74,832.00 USD
TZOA Enviro-Tracker: Connect With Your Environment 74,729.00 CAD
Weekend Warrior 74,702.00 USD
A.Brolly Stonehenge - An umbrella with unique functions 74,540.00 GBP
Pip: Never lose your pets 74,533.00 USD
Carbon Renegade - A Watch Made Of Carbon Fiber Goodness 74,518.00 AUD
Vitrima - 3D GoPro Camera Lens 74,500.00 USD
Kusshi: The Washable & Organized Makeup Bag 74,460.00 USD
Quiver X: Ultimate 3-in-1 Everyday Backpack 74,450.00 SGD
Smart Scale Ruler 74,422.00 CAD
EL PRESIDENTE- Lincoln Inspired Automatic Watch 74,354.00 USD
MICRO - The MOST beautiful minimalist wallet EVER! 74,352.00 GBP
Tiller––one tap time tracking 74,247.00 AUD
High Quality Watches Without The Luxury Markup 300x Made (Cancel 74,240.00 NOK
Daymak EC1 ebike - Carbon Fiber Electric Bicycle 74,220.00 CAD
Patara – The Only Shoe You'll Need to Go From Beach to Bar 74,219.00 USD
Luxury Aerospace Grade Wallet - JOIN THE TRIBE 74,177.00 CAD
Chestnut - The ultimate dock for your smartwatch 74,176.00 DKK
dscvr : a roadworthy Virtual Reality headset for smartphones 74,173.00 USD
Pictogram Vinyl Posters 74,120.00 SEK
IN ONE'S SKIN Watch Collection 74,015.00 HKD
indieGO! All-in-One Retro Game Console (Raspberry Pi 3) 73,898.00 EUR
+Winter heated insoles, ultra thin wireless charging 73,775.00 CHF
Hiku: The Premium Hand Coffee Grinder 73,741.00 CAD
TetraGear - Innovative Safety Lights for Wheeled Commuters 73,627.00 CAD
SKUNKLOCK: The only bike lock that Fights Back. 73,524.00 USD
Teplo: The Smart Bottle for Tea Lovers 73,517.00 USD
TAPS - Make touchscreen gloves using a Sticker w/ Touch ID. 73,385.00 CAD
Meridian: Instantly Convert From Backpack to Messenger Bag 73,192.00 USD
MicroBot Push: a robotic finger for your buttons 73,191.00 USD
trakkies. a multifunctional microcomputer for your things. 73,095.00 EUR
Story Time Chess - The Ultimate Game To Teach Children Chess 72,885.00 USD
Kappa - The World's First Straight Line Mechanism 3D Printer 72,847.00 SGD
61N, Hands-free photo shooting & Hassle-free uploading 72,815.00 USD
MagMount 72,740.00 USD
CARVON - Next Generation Electric Skateboards / Longboards 72,666.00 USD
IQube - The Ultimate Toy for Learning Electronics 72,659.00 USD
TT8 - The Best Wooden Multi-Functional Turntable 72,431.00 USD
SwitchBot - Retrofit All Devices For IoT 72,311.00 USD
Cloop XL - Magnetic Cable Keeper 2.0 72,256.00 USD
The New Woodie Specs 2020 Collection 72,250.00 USD
Banale Backpack: a new category of urban backpack 72,194.00 EUR
Wirebutter:Worlds smartest powerboard,measure,control & IOT 72,131.00 AUD
Dango Modular Watches with Quick Release Lugs & Straps 72,035.00 USD
Axess 2.0: Refined Front Pocket Wallets in Tuscany leather 72,015.00 SEK
Keysy - The Key Card/Key Fob Duplicator 71,865.00 USD
BUHEL Sunglasses & headphones with bone conduction & more 71,771.00 USD
The Språng Chair - the perfect balance of movement & comfort 71,708.00 USD
Ultimate Everyday Carry Jacket - The Joey Travel Jacket 71,689.00 USD
MeCam NEO: the Smarter Lifestyle Camera (Suspended) 71,648.00 USD
OMBEE - The Stand-up desk that turns into a case 71,640.00 USD
Pavilion : Wireless Speaker & D-Spiral Acoustic System 71,592.00 USD
ATOM: Use Your Electronics Anywhere You Go 71,479.00 USD
Crownstone - the smart power outlet (Canceled) 71,435.00 EUR
U-GYM Mini: The Smart Digital Muscle Stimulator 71,369.00 USD
HandEnergy: Your Pocket Electricity Generator 71,333.00 EUR
Candle Charger: Emergency Power Generator for Smartphones 71,281.00 USD
Symetium: The no-compromise Smartphone PC 71,030.00 USD
Ossii Sound - Highly customizeable bone conduction glasses 70,963.00 USD
TraxPack Luggage: World's First Stair Climbing Suitcase 70,927.00 USD
MAGBINE - First Magnetic Cable For All Devices 70,927.00 USD
LiteWire Key: Fastest & Safest Compact Dual Charging Cable 70,715.00 CAD
CLIC-FIT: The Complete Belt Solution 70,466.00 USD
Illuminate Your Helmet | LightMode Kits Redesigned 70,421.00 CAD
The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter 70,337.00 CAD
RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist 70,243.00 USD
Breathe - World's smallest wearable air purifier 70,111.00 USD
Frodo - The Most Intelligent Adventure Camera 69,898.00 USD
Airpaq - The Backpack Made From Airbags and Seat Belts 69,802.00 EUR
Glassy Zone: Surfing, Fitness and Wave Tracker 69,696.00 USD
SnoShark® - The Snow Tool REINVENTED 69,659.00 USD
The Memory Journal - Make your days memorable 69,543.00 SEK
Dorai Home | The Worlds Driest Bath Mat 69,388.00 USD
PIXU TABLE™ - LEGO® Compatible table with 23 color blocks 69,332.00 HKD
DoBox - portable wireless dock for Apple devices 69,203.00 GBP
iMate: Sync and Charge All Apple Devices At Once 69,175.00 USD
Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier 69,171.00 NZD
Not just the World's Best Running Shorts 69,167.00 USD
Rubbee X - The Ultimate E-bike Kit 69,144.00 GBP
Carry You On - the Voice for Veterans! 69,115.00 USD
Neminus Spacemen Watches - Built For Those Who DARE! 68,990.00 SGD
DAHON Curl | Ultra-Compact Folding Bike 68,958.00 USD
ROBOQI - World's Most Advanced Fast Wireless Charger 68,930.00 USD
Doodle3D Transform: 3D design made easy 68,772.00 EUR
Centauri Saga 68,761.00 CAD
Laïka: An Interactive Companion for You & Your Dog 68,738.00 USD
Soundlazer VR - Surround yourself in a virtual sound cloud 68,734.00 USD
iPhone/Apple Watch/Health Kit Connected Circuit-Style Gym 68,731.00 USD
The Slate Soul Collection | Stone Sunglasses (Canceled) 68,660.00 HKD
Sehen: one second to react and keep riding the bike. 68,648.00 USD
Tuck - The Ultimate Comfort Companion 68,458.00 USD
Padcaster VERSE 68,439.00 USD
The World's First/Thinnest/Strongest Super Watch 68,379.00 USD
MyHangover- The Ultimate Phone/Tablet Stand 68,284.00 USD
AlpineHawk: Never lose your Skis or Snowboard again 68,280.00 NOK
Ori-Kit | The Ultimate Small-Space Kitchen Solution 68,246.00 USD
Zenaura: Personalised Smart Scenting to Transform Your Home 68,246.00 USD
The E-Pack: Everywhere Packable Bag + Stow And Go Blanket 67,973.00 USD
BiTool 2.0 Lit - A Universal Multi-Tool, Even Better 67,925.00 USD
FLECTR ZERO - Ultra performance wheel reflector 67,619.00 EUR
BANALA: Alarm Clock that Makes You Fall Asleep Fast and Deep 67,446.00 USD
Half Century Coat | An Almost Indestructible Wool Coat 67,435.00 USD
The Spyslide: World's most elegant webcam cover! 67,397.00 EUR
iKON- The Best Tracking Device with a SMART BUTTON 67,389.00 USD
Fogo Adventure Gadget: GPS+Flashlight+Walkie Talkie+Charger 67,349.00 USD
Wireless Charging Apparel (Canceled) 67,310.00 USD
Poof 60 Day Battery Pet Calorie & Activity Tracker 67,248.00 USD
Gryphon: Smart WiFi Router to Protect the Connected Family 67,167.00 USD
SinkShroom™ - World's Best Minimalistic Hair Catcher! 67,159.00 USD
The Lightest & Smallest Portable Wall Outlet ! 67,102.00 USD
Think Ink Pens: Fidget for Focus 67,079.00 USD
Futuristic Spectrum - Swiss Made Automatic Mechanical Watch 66,967.00 HKD
NutraMilk: Make Nut Milk & Butter In Minutes 66,931.00 USD
MicFlip - World's First Reversible Micro USB 66,922.00 USD
The BuzzClip: Wearable Mobility Tool for the Blind 66,820.00 USD
Bundle Beds 66,785.00 GBP
Time Glass Watch by TACS (Canceled) 66,751.00 HKD
CATOLET 66,685.00 USD
STABYLIZR — Your GoPro® Camera Stabilizer 66,666.00 EUR
icon 6-in-1 backpack 66,581.00 USD
Autowater - Make any faucet automatic 66,568.00 USD
Turn Your Phone Into Work Computer and Family Game Console 66,561.00 USD
MISHMI TAKIN : Most BREATHABLE Waterproof Outdoor Gear Ever! 66,527.00 USD
Roxford: A Minimalist Watch with Tech in the Strap 66,492.00 USD
SeaTalkie keeps you SAFE and CONNECTED during water sports 66,485.00 HKD
Zac - Voice control your home with a raccoon hologram (Canceled) 66,299.00 EUR
Duo: Portable Security Sensor 66,283.00 USD
The Siletz Modular Carry System 66,248.00 USD
Hive Explorer | Smart Insect Farm for Upcycling Food Waste 66,164.00 EUR
The Worlds Most Stylish Functional Travel Jacket 66,081.00 USD
Silent goods: Luxury craft. Zero branding. Twice the value. 66,003.00 GBP
ONAK - The ultimate origami canoe 65,917.00 EUR
Shaper by NOWA | The World's Thinnest Hybrid Smartwatch 65,898.00 USD
Lever Gear Toolcard- 40 Tools in 1 Slim Card & Money Clip 65,840.00 USD
Fluance Turntable - It's Time to #RespectTheRecord 65,834.00 CAD
SENS8: Smart All-in-One Home Security System 65,700.00 USD
LenzO®: The Future of Underwater iPhone Imaging 65,662.00 USD
Nums: Ultra-thin Smart Device to Transform Laptop Trackpads 65,635.00 USD
SleepPhones Effortless: Wireless Headphones & Charger 65,609.00 USD
Boolsa | The secure backpack for the modern traveler (Canceled) 65,574.00 USD
Next Keyboard - The Perfect Keyboard for iPhone 65,497.00 CAD
ORLO: The 4 Kitchen Knives You Need + Knife Roll 65,494.00 USD
Divided By Zero watch: βeta series 65,429.00 CAD
UrielTones: The Answer for Sleep, Stress, and Tech-burnout 65,411.00 USD
DualFuel - The World's Most Portable Powerbank 65,406.00 GBP
EcoFire : Powerful Outdoor Cooking and Portable Fireplace. 65,392.00 USD
Kombine - World's First Slim & Portable Storage Water Bottle 65,198.00 CAD
Posture Keeper | Pain Relief & Perfect Posture in 60 Seconds 65,187.00 USD
Suave: Where Luxury Meets Functionality 65,123.00 GBP
MUV - Clean, safe filtered water adapted to your lifestyle 65,097.00 USD
Saent - Mindful productivity 65,015.00 USD
Midori: Resonate The World 64,887.00 USD
Nexo Tires: Flat Free Bikes Forever 64,719.00 USD
Ridge Stand 2.0 - Healthy Workstation for You & Devices 64,649.00 USD
Kinesix: The World's First Customizable Smart Heating Jacket 64,590.00 CAD
Lampix AR System powered by Blockchain Technology 64,590.00 USD
LAER: A Laptop Sleeve To Charge All Your Devices 64,538.00 USD
Flex Watches 64,500.00 USD
Parrot 2 | The most portable and affordable teleprompter! 64,417.00 USD
The First 3D Scanned Luxury Italian Handcrafted Shoe 64,216.00 EUR
Mary: Automated Growing with Uncompromising Design 64,179.00 USD
Disruptive Strong Bag | For Real World Strength 64,131.00 USD
Welly Bottle Pure water is essential to pure living. 64,127.00 USD
Aero - Most Portable Ebike that Folds in Seconds 63,970.00 USD
Multiwavelength UV Flashlight for Travelers & Photographers 63,576.00 USD
Key Caddy - EDC Key Holder and Accessories by Liquid Co. 63,550.00 AUD
SystemG | The Most Versatile Gaming+ Backpack for Everyone (Canc 63,470.00 HKD
Underwater Flash Light, Car Jump Starter and Powerbank 63,456.00 USD
QuikSnap: Customized Car Window Sunshades 63,430.00 USD
Wave - control sounds with motion 63,405.00 USD
HiCan: The World’s Most Revolutionary Smart Bed 63,404.00 EUR
Weela - Pro Gym & PT App with 100 Workouts At Home 63,357.00 USD
Saucemoto: An in-car dip clip for ketchup and dipping sauces 63,308.00 USD
HAIZE - minimalist urban bike navigation 63,055.00 GBP
Ultimate Travel Backpack • Carry-on Backpack • Luggage • v.2 63,026.00 CAD
The CHECKPOINT Series 63,000.00 AUD
Bird Photo Booth 2.0 - See life through a new lens. 62,923.00 USD
Capsule - The safe way to store your photos & videos 62,901.00 AUD
TRAK - Titanium Runner's Anywhere Knife 62,779.00 USD
Taskin Kube: The Duffel, Done Right. 62,625.00 USD
The Privateer and Voyager, by Mercer Watch Co. 62,557.00 USD
Invidyo: World's Smartest Child Monitor with Smile Detection 62,497.00 USD
Fuchsia Handmade | Re-imagining Traditional Craftsmanship 62,436.00 USD
Sky Shelves - Your Space. Your Design. 62,310.00 USD
TankTrouble Online Battles 62,295.00 DKK
Evo GoCam: Always With You, Stick Anywhere Camera 62,213.00 USD
Carlos by Carlos Santana Handcrafted Shoes for Men 62,153.00 USD
Pauli Caspieri watches - Deep Ocean automatic dive watch (Cancel 62,100.00 SEK
QuikSnap™ Car Window Sunshade: Customized Auto Shades 62,076.00 USD
clair B, bring clean air with you everywhere you go. 62,052.00 USD
Levitating CUP: Gravity Defying Drinkware 62,031.00 USD
OOWA -- Mobile photography's highest-quality lenses 61,985.00 USD
Silk by Saffron - Smart LED Lighting - Bring Sunlight Inside 61,917.00 USD
HoloSuit: XR Full Body Motion Tracker with Haptic Feedback 61,850.00 USD
Bike Rack & Roof Racks - by STANLEY Black & Decker 61,812.00 USD
Sienci Mill One: Simple and Affordable Desktop CNC Milling 61,802.00 CAD
Lemore Business Backpack-Time to Drop Luggage for 5-day-trip (Su 61,715.00 USD
Pascal Press - A Truly Portable Coffee Press 61,643.00 CAD
Anyware: Smart Home For Everyone 61,626.00 USD
Upgrade Your EDC! |Ti Tweezers & Pocket Lumen Keychain LED 61,575.00 USD
ONEclassic: $4K DECT Wireless Speakers That Sound 200K Setup 61,572.00 USD
ATMO SFERA™ Platterless Turntable 61,509.00 EUR
CALM. Wearable ECG for sports and sleep analysis 61,474.00 USD
Practix - The ultimate fitness product for your home workout 61,430.00 EUR
EIRTOUCH|1st Cablefree Powerbank for AirPods & Apple Watch 61,366.00 HKD
A Crimson Man 61,274.00 USD
Flyte Socks X - Bamboo Socks Re-Engineered 61,176.00 USD
Rayling Uni - Simple and Beautiful Watches 61,174.00 SEK
ReveaLED II - Night Vision UV Flash Light for Smartphones 61,169.00 USD
Autowater Pro: Touchless Water Filtration Faucet 61,136.00 USD
The Oomph | Portable Coffee Maker 61,089.00 GBP
RFID Faraday Pocket and Utility Pouch by BOMBER X BLACKOUT (Susp 61,046.00 USD
CYANO Dive Computer 61,007.00 USD
WeKast - Plug & Cast Solution Makes Presentations Easier! 61,001.00 USD
Quiver: The World's First Multi-Bag 60,983.00 SGD
ChargeWrite - The World's Coolest Pen 60,955.00 USD
Ark Labs - Affordable Smart Water Monitoring System 60,912.00 USD
Meet Zoè - Your personal relaxation revolution 60,894.00 USD
Shapeheart Armband | Heart rate tracking & easy phone access 60,804.00 EUR
Ratio Thermal Carafe 60,802.00 USD
OvRcharge: Levitating Wireless Charger 60,777.00 CAD
Aspirus: World's First Smart Standing Workstation 60,699.00 USD
CUBEd - A Magic Folding Cube in Stainless Steel 60,678.00 SEK
UNO: One Tip One Cable for ALL DEVICES 60,658.00 USD
Smart Kitchen Sous Vide - Precision Cooker (Suspended) 60,587.00 CAD
Bastion Bolt Action Pen in Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel 60,578.00 USD
LOOK™ - The Digital Picture Frame Reimagined (Canceled) 60,534.00 USD
BrilliAnts Relaunch 60,495.00 CAD
SleepSmart: Adjustable pillow for side sleepers 60,487.00 USD
BIOVESSEL - An Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste 60,468.00 USD
Luxury Vintage H Series Watch Collection by Blackout Geneve 60,466.00 CHF
Mu Tag: World's Smallest Loss Prevention Device 60,464.00 USD
Shooz: The World's First Modular-Tech TRAVEL SHOE 60,449.00 GBP
Povi: Endless Stories to Boost Kids' Emotional Intelligence 60,379.00 USD
Redesign of a highly successful watch from the 90s 60,341.00 EUR
Rever Vant Clipfold- The Most Cash Accessible Wallet 60,338.00 USD
HITCASE PRO 2.0: The Ultimate Photo & Video Case for iPhone 60,284.00 CAD
The Rove Portable Foam Roller 60,263.00 USD
Packed Pixels - An extra monitor for your laptop! 60,259.00 GBP
PATOS: Fresh sneakers with traditional textiles 60,255.00 USD
Linkio: The Bluetooth Mesh Smart Home Solution 60,175.00 EUR
CAMpanion: Enhance Your GoPro 60,130.00 USD
CRONO - low maintenance, belt drive, lifestyle bicycle 60,124.00 GBP
Settle by TEC OUT | a modular furniture crafted in Denmark 60,116.00 DKK
NovelTea Tins: The British Collection 60,081.00 USD
SketchyNotebook Pro Series: Creative's All-In-One Notebook 60,079.00 USD
SketchyNotebook Pro Series: Creative's All-In-One Notebook 60,079.00 USD
ShaveFace: The Strop 60,004.00 USD
LooBlade - a revolution in toilet cleaning 59,975.00 GBP
nomadplug - the last adapter you will ever buy! 59,966.00 USD
Get Fit. Stay Fit. FLEXFIT. 59,959.00 USD
Sugr Cube - Touch to Stream and Share Music 59,850.00 USD
Muggo: Smart Heated Travel Mug 59,700.00 USD
Direnzo watches 59,691.00 CHF
BRUSHIELD: The Most Hygienic Toothbrush Case Ever 59,649.00 USD
Lucidream eXo-Skeleton : Premium iPhone Case Reinvented 59,615.00 CAD
BoardUp: The World's First Self-Folding Longboard 59,456.00 USD
TubShroom™ - World's Best Minimalist Strainer | Hair Catcher 59,267.00 USD
TubShroom™ - World's Best Minimalist Strainer | Hair Catcher 59,267.00 USD
A shirt with the power to change lives 59,078.00 EUR
Borderhaime Chronicles (Canceled) 59,078.00 USD
TripleS - The Solar Powered, Smart, USB Charging, SunShade 58,834.00 EUR
Bisecu : The world's first fully automatic smart bike lock 58,771.00 USD
PLUME | An intelligent rocket launches in your house 58,698.00 USD
Mediocre Monster - The Life of an RPG Monster 58,680.00 USD
The High Performance Hoodie: Go Further. 58,538.00 USD
Petite Chaussette | World’s Best No-Show Socks For Women 58,531.00 USD
VOLTA Charger: 1 Cable To Power ALL Your Devices 58,418.00 USD
The Perfectly Minimal iPhone 6 & 6s Case & Mounting System 58,400.00 USD
D'Budz Wireless Earbuds | A Home Theatre in Your Ears!!! 58,398.00 USD
The Ranger Backpack and Roam Field Bag (Canceled) 58,397.00 USD
Chatlight: Light Up Your Video Chats & Selfies 58,387.00 USD
MYMUG: The Last Mug You'll Ever Need. Century Guaranteed! 58,321.00 USD
DAYFARER BY FARER DESIGN | The Best Backpack For Gym & Work 58,227.00 EUR
Rook: World's 1st Fly-From-Anywhere Home Drone 58,098.00 USD
ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press| Caffeinate & Hydrate Anywhere 58,082.00 USD
Case By Case: The Best Phone Case Ever! 58,057.00 USD
Affordable DLP 3D Printer - Amazing 2K Resolution 58,000.00 USD
Pagalli Wallets - Strongest ID Theft Protection 57,936.00 USD
Think Jerky | Healthy Jerky by Famous Chefs 57,862.00 USD
Honey Soles | Transform your shoes. Forget the socks. 57,791.00 USD
Pura Scents: Smart Air Freshener Meets Smart Nightlight 57,760.00 USD
Flair Espresso Maker 57,722.00 USD
Yeehaw Wand - Easily create any object out of thin air 57,690.00 USD
World's 1st Single-Dual Motor Switchable Electric Skateboard 57,689.00 USD
Clingies - A versatile clip and docking system. 57,607.00 USD
The lttl tumbler - the world's best insulated travel mug 57,537.00 USD
Blub Uno - A single retro tube clock 57,505.00 AUD
Art and Technology together; The Desktop Valve Amplifier 57,441.00 NZD
ZuperDAC-S, Zuper Charge Your Music 57,340.00 USD
The Yaasa Elements Blanket - Powerful All-in-One Wellness. 57,324.00 USD
Tashtego: The Roll-up Travel Kit to Tame Your Toiletries 57,256.00 USD
Elbee: Wireless in-ear headphones with smart features 57,197.00 USD
L’appel - Together we will see eyewear differently 57,187.00 USD
ionboard 57,133.00 USD
FabCreator Lasers 57,077.00 EUR
ShelfPack Luggage 2018 - The Next Generation 57,044.00 USD
Flypack - A 48 Hours Business Travel Briefcase 57,017.00 CAD
JetComfy - Best Travel Pillow Ever with 16 Features 57,001.00 USD
Octobo - the Smart Storytelling Plush for Creative Learning 56,991.00 USD
DockCase Adapter: Turn your MacBook Pro charger into a dock 56,947.00 USD
Art Mécanique Watches - Automatic Swiss Movement 56,937.00 CHF
Butterply Desk - Artfully Crafted Multi-functional Furniture 56,892.00 USD
BOOMR - The Most Comfortable Camera Strap EVER! 56,841.00 USD
BOOMR - The Most Comfortable Camera Strap EVER! 56,841.00 USD
THE ANSON CALDER ⅛” WALLET: Access Without Excess 56,837.00 USD
BRAIN One: Performance Tracking System for Motorcyclists 56,806.00 EUR
Homtime C1pro: All-in-one charger, alarm, speaker and more 56,742.00 USD
The Up Light: Smart Wake Up Light 56,619.00 USD
iSlush: The World's 1st Pro-Slushy Machine for Your Home 56,429.00 AUD
MAGKEY - Magnetic Smart Key Holder 56,427.00 USD
Pakems: Ultra-Comfortable, Lightweight, Packable Shoes 56,385.00 USD
PAL | A Versatile Rechargeable Light for Home and Outdoors 56,378.00 USD
Crosskix 2.0/APX Relaunch! 56,358.00 USD
The Ultimate Strap for every hammock 56,344.00 USD
The smartest dog tracker suitable for every dog collar 56,323.00 USD
Plug & Feather: Stone Face Watches 56,292.00 USD
PLAYBULB string - The Best Outdoor Holiday Lights 56,282.00 USD
easyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Webcam and Amazon Delivery 56,146.00 USD
The Wearable Camera for Athletes 56,142.00 CAD
MSTR Carbon fiber Automatic Watch 56,070.00 USD
MiniS Magnetic Speakers: 360° Sound - Anywhere, Anytime 56,048.00 USD
LYS: Track your light intake for a healthy sleep-wake cycle 55,978.00 GBP
ZKOO - The World’s Most Advanced Gesture Tracking Camera 55,948.00 USD
Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank 55,918.00 AUD
When Reflection Isn't Enough. #BeBrighter 55,867.00 USD
THE O: Wearable + App to Never Lose or Forget Anything. 55,850.00 GBP
PowerDock: Wireless fast charging dock & powerbank 55,754.00 USD
Duzu Watches - Ningaloo Reef: The Ultimate Tool Dive Watch 55,701.00 AUD
Ampple: World's thinnest HD speaker for iPad 55,567.00 USD
StylusFlex: The Best iPad Stylus & Stand for Everyday Carry 55,521.00 USD
Pyramid Shades | The NEXT GENERATION Sunshade! 55,502.00 AUD
Tempi - Smart Temperature and Humidity 55,438.00 USD
IvoryBoards (CANCELLED) (Canceled) 55,422.00 AUD
Nano Heated Wireless Mug/Cup 55,392.00 USD
Coolbox™: The Entertainment Cooler™ 55,383.00 USD
The MicroMill - A desktop CNC milling machine. 55,373.00 GBP
Sea Plastic Differently - Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglasses 55,367.00 USD
Kamibot | Robot Teaches Your Kids to Code 55,235.00 USD
Redefining Men's Luxury Leather Goods - Noblemen™ (Suspended) 55,215.00 CAD
The Voyage Bag | The Essential Travel Companion 55,198.00 USD
WUNDRWATCH - The watch that might change your life. 55,193.00 EUR
FetchitGO from Tantiv4: Controller for your smart devices 55,154.00 USD
PIN Genie Smart Door Lock 55,051.00 USD
The Dipper Audio Necklace by Tinsel 55,049.00 USD
Fyre: Temperature-Regulating Cardigans and Hoodies 55,044.00 USD
Jacopo Dondi | 24-Hour Watches 54,862.00 AUD
Plan B watch - stylish vintage timepiece 54,760.00 CAD
COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Spaceship Building Blocks 54,743.00 USD
SilverSocks | Anti-Bacterial Socks That Don't Show or Smell 54,715.00 GBP
MDrill One Noise Reduction Microphone 96kHz 54,694.00 USD
Apex Camping Shelter & Hammock Camping Tarp for Everyone 54,693.00 USD
Relio - your little, personal Sun. 54,617.00 GBP
Cap-Off: The Bottle Opener For The Craft Beer Enthusiast 54,613.00 USD
HIPSTER Smart hip seat baby carrier 54,596.00 CHF
Zero₂ - Slim Wallets for Minimalists. 54,547.00 AUD
(Relaunch) Gravity Warfare™ - Gaming on a Whole New Level. 54,544.00 USD
Pocket Samurai - EDC Keychain Knife in Aluminum 54,532.00 USD
MESAY 2.0 - The Ultimate Two-way AI Translator 54,528.00 NZD
Guardian Orb: The Most Advanced Pet Tracker 54,501.00 USD
Wing - Smart Asthma Monitor - BUY at 54,373.00 USD
GECKO - 1$ Magnetic wireless charging for mobiles 54,304.00 USD
InstaGrill™ - Best Charcoal Grill for Easy Grilling 54,207.00 USD
Someone Somewhere | perdurable good(s) 54,178.00 USD
Kurv Guitar 54,146.00 GBP
INTO MYSTERY: Clue 11 LightBox 54,082.00 USD
Cards For Mindfulness 54,031.00 GBP
EFFICIENT BODY GYM, Increase Power, Innovative SYWOS One 54,025.00 EUR
FORTSY. The 2 minute Fort! 54,001.00 USD
Jooki - The Jukebox for Kids 53,974.00 EUR
World's smallest 360 video camera for Android phones! 53,957.00 USD
Juvo: Track & Manage Sleep From Under Your Bed 53,940.00 USD
Trivae: Art and Function at Work in Your Kitchen 53,931.00 USD
Sweat Seal Shirt: Pit Stain Blocking Undershirt 53,924.00 USD
Viberoll - Handheld Vibrating Muscle Roller 53,903.00 USD
Make Time Yours - Personalized Watches by Lancaster Roberts 53,889.00 USD
MOS Pack - The Backpack You Plug In To Charge Everything 53,855.00 USD
Harker Watches - Exclusivity tailored for you 53,845.00 USD
Wireless Heated Mug (Canceled) 53,826.00 USD
Excursion Co. | The Ultimate Picnic Backpack 53,790.00 AUD
The Bike Hanger 2.0 - Beautiful Bicycle Storage 53,745.00 DKK
YoloBox: Help Your Cameras Go LIVE Instantly 53,707.00 USD
Silkhorse - Equine design handmade silk scarves 53,688.00 USD
SCOUTEE - The World's 1st Smart Speed Radar Gun 53,687.00 USD
CorePro - Activate Your Core 53,679.00 USD
Hy - hidden wireless earbuds you never have to take off 53,670.00 GBP
Rainworks Invisible Spray: Create Rain-Activated Art! 53,669.00 USD
Alberta Watches: stylish, rugged, and affordable watches. 53,616.00 CAD
Momas Electric Scooter 53,597.00 USD
Grafton - The Perfect EDC Pen 53,509.00 USD
Code10 - Waterproof, Lockable Bags 53,489.00 USD
Anylock Fingerprint Padlock:Safe And Fast! 53,488.00 USD
Flosstime - World's First Smart Floss Dispenser 53,479.00 USD
The Ultimate Stylish and Fully Functional Commuting Jackets 53,426.00 CAD
Grow Green Top Farms & Bring Real Food to More People 53,351.00 USD
VSSL Flask Light 53,344.00 CAD
FreeBird Flight: Safest, Best-Performing, Weatherproof Drone 53,326.00 USD
Cowin Ark: A Portable Speaker with Detachable Subwoofer 53,251.00 GBP
ARC-One 3D Printer: Smarter, Larger, More Affordable 53,221.00 USD
LUXURY BESPOKE SHIRTS Made Accessible: A Menswear Revolution 53,215.00 USD
eClip®: Helping to prevent babies from being left in cars 53,174.00 USD
Chill Systems: Cold Drinks. No Ice. Ready Anywhere You Are! 53,173.00 USD
VAVA Mobile Pet Cam: Peace of Mind on Wheels 53,142.00 USD
Covry Sunwear: Sunglasses Beyond the Standard Fit 53,127.00 USD
Aqua Dragons in Space! STEM project for kids 6-99 years old 53,113.00 USD
EOZ One - The Most Stylish Bluetooth Earphones. Ever. 53,062.00 EUR
RE.BIN: The Modern Alternative to Traditional Recycling 52,986.00 USD
RE.BIN: The Modern Alternative to Traditional Recycling 52,986.00 USD
Nurture | Radically improve your breast pumping experience 52,950.00 USD
DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar System Desk Accessory 52,916.00 USD
illumy - The Smart Sleep Mask 52,861.00 USD
Photon - World's First Robot Which Grows With Your Child 52,829.00 USD
Hi! your connected butler. 52,821.00 USD
World’s First Open & Closed Headphone By Rock Jaw Audio 52,650.00 GBP
Levanta Coffee—Let's Boost Coffee Farmers' Incomes, Together 52,638.00 USD
The Scorpion Light v2 - Revolutionising your Films 52,632.00 GBP
AnyLink™ - The Only Charging Cable You Ever Need! 52,579.00 USD
AnyLink™ - The Only Charging Cable You Ever Need! 52,579.00 USD
Meet bolo: The Rolling Knife 52,572.00 CAD
JikoPower Spark: Charge Your Cell Phone with Fire! 52,511.00 USD
Kai: The Gesture Controller for All Your Tech 52,499.00 USD
TiGr® mini: cool, simple, light, secure titanium bike lock 52,487.00 USD
Davek Alert Umbrella: Never lose your umbrella again 52,463.00 USD
The Springfield Classic Field Watch by Smith & Bradley 52,463.00 USD
GoMore - Know Your Endurance, Break Your Personal Best 52,443.00 USD
SunZee Wearable sunscreen dispenser for on-the-go protection 52,438.00 USD
Water Shield: World's First Smart Tap Water Safety Analyzer (Can 52,412.00 CAD
Sleepie - Better Sleep, Backed by Science 52,393.00 USD
Middle School Moguls: Dolls for your #KidBoss 52,381.00 USD
The Momento Pearl: Your Cherished Memories Made Wearable 52,256.00 USD
Combat Sync: First Walkie Talkie and Music Share Headphones 52,217.00 USD
Ambitious Adventures: Reality TV for Young Entrepreneurs 52,196.00 USD
Lenco-MD: World's first 3D Printed, modular record player 52,130.00 EUR
Crazy Circuits: LEGO™ Compatible Modular Electronics 52,107.00 USD
The Hoodie Reimagined 52,087.00 USD
Neon Automatic: stunning Swiss powered watches from Hamtun 51,923.00 GBP
The World's FIRST Water Purifier & Trekking Pole | PURTREK 51,895.00 USD
PEREN - Affordable Swiss Designed Luxury Watches 51,728.00 CAD
PODlife - Quality Protein Powders In Biodegradable PODs 51,666.00 USD
Emery & Oak - A Classic Bag for the Modern World 51,580.00 USD
US:E - Camera Equipped Smart Lock with Facial Recognition 51,578.00 USD
OWLBAG (Canceled) 51,577.00 USD
SlapSee Pro - Wrist Slapping Sunglasses That Never Fall Off 51,564.00 NZD
Masta Box: The World’s First Fidget Controller Gadget 51,539.00 CAD
Octalysis Prime - the Gamified Learning Journey 51,529.00 USD
Genesis - Augmented Reality Gaming the right way. 51,486.00 AUD
Goaleo, the sport social hub 51,400.00 EUR
Terracea | The Ultimate 3-in-1 Jacket 51,396.00 USD
Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Dwarf, Undead, Troglodyte Miniatures 51,379.00 USD
Watches with Antique Metal from the Original Hollywood Sign 51,321.00 USD
Capture and Enhance the Life of your Favourite Fragrance 51,305.00 GBP
The Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK 51,304.00 USD
A DOG’S LIFE GAME – Be A Canine Hero! 51,286.00 USD
DesignLiner a Modern Multi-Tool Stainless Steel Ruler 51,251.00 CAD
Cashmere WITHOUT the Luxury Markups-Machine Wash, Dryer Safe 51,230.00 USD
Mix Tape, XXXXX Scorpion + the World's First Hot Pepper CSA 51,225.00 USD
TripLit: The World's First Portable OLED Light 51,210.00 USD
The Easy Breezy Messenger Bag - For Everybody All The Time 51,195.00 USD
Halfsies Dice - The World Tour 51,195.00 USD
Must-Have Dumb Watch 51,114.00 NOK
CJR COMMANDER Series - Watch That Lets Your Personality Soar 51,095.00 USD
ShelfPack- a new kind of luggage with built-in shelves! 51,086.00 USD
PAXTER - Smart Travel / Gym Container For Hygiene Products 51,049.00 AUD
STEPP I Your Real-Time Running Coach Helps You Run Better (Cance 51,039.00 USD
LooBlade - a revolution in toilet-cleaning technology! 51,018.00 GBP
DrinkPure HOME: Filter for Safe and Tasty Water from the Tap 51,014.00 CHF
PARTYAKI- Japanese Steakhouse grill for your kitchen table! 51,000.00 USD
Bloomengine: The Perfect Home For Your Pet Plant 50,995.00 USD
LYNQ: The No Nonsense 6-in-1 Charging Hub 50,975.00 USD
Battery-free safety light that's powered by motion 50,947.00 GBP
FILMOCRACY - Movie Streaming with Gamified Rewards 50,896.00 USD
Thermo Tent: The new standard of Comfort, Outdoors... 50,891.00 EUR
Belt Drive Cruiser Bike-Full size bicycle that fits in a car 50,863.00 CAD
Garlic Shaker - Simply the Best Way to Peel Garlic 50,843.00 USD
THE BARON SHAVE KIT - Remastering The Wet Shave 50,838.00 USD
Blinkers - Reinventing Bike Lights 50,823.00 EUR
GRIPsher - The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool 50,788.00 USD
The Crispy Rice Cooker (Suspended) 50,755.00 USD
PreHeels: One quick spray prevents shoe blisters 50,749.00 USD
LooLoo: Most Advanced HANDS-FREE Toilet Freshener 50,692.00 USD
SnuggPlug 3.0 - Smart&Slim Multi USB Wall Charger 50,673.00 USD
KnittBar - The Internet of Things (IoT) Power Solution 50,670.00 CAD
Slide Rule Watch 50,657.00 CAD
HEATED JACKET. World's best jacket, by Redder 50,653.00 USD
The Everyday Smart Bra: Your Intuitive Wellness Coach 50,605.00 USD
BLINCAM, take a picture with a wink 50,591.00 USD
The Brooklyn Explorer Pants | Tailored for Extreme Movement 50,576.00 USD
Omni-Wearable | Sunglasses with a Docking HD Video Camera (Cance 50,575.00 USD
RideAir - The Next Generation Of Effortless Air Pumps 50,555.00 USD
RideAir - The Next Generation Of Effortless Air Pumps 50,555.00 USD
Meet your new massage therapist 50,503.00 USD
Bala Bangles: Get strong with stylish wearable weights. 50,448.00 USD
SUN-SEEKER: A Powerful Portable Solar Generator 50,445.00 AUD
Kiddo: Stay Connected To Your Child's Wellbeing 50,431.00 USD
raboo SMART Charger: Enjoy Risk Free Charging with raboo SC 50,424.00 USD
The All-Go | Carbon Fiber Electric Bike 50,335.00 USD
Kind Socks - Kind To Your Feet, Kind To The Planet 50,330.00 SEK
Felik - Intelligent Pet Companion 50,306.00 USD
YaÜ - Caramoolized Organic Vietnamese Yogurt 50,267.00 USD
Hexa – The Ultimate Air Filter Mask 50,265.00 USD
RUBIROSA - The Gentlemen's Sneaker 50,160.00 CHF
SMOBOT Robotic Grill & Smoker Controller 50,114.00 USD
MODUCO - Uniquely crafted, industrial Swiss made watches. 50,093.00 USD
Homsense: Multi-purpose home monitoring. No Monthly Fee. 50,091.00 USD
The WorldView Mirror: An Elegantly New Driving Experience 50,089.00 USD
Voladd: The Most Advanced Consumer 3D Printer 50,075.00 EUR
GP3D : Root - Full Metal Body 3D Printer 50,055.00 USD
The Perfect Cycling Commuter Backpack - DUCKS IN A ROW 50,040.00 USD
Meqnes: Unique Moroccan-designed, full-grain leather bags 50,020.00 USD
TreePod - Hanging Tree House 50,007.00 USD
roll: Bicycle Company. Modern bikes, built to order. 50,005.00 USD
Explore The Ocean with YouCan Underwater ROV Drone 49,917.00 USD
Sea Monster Jamboree Shower Curtain 49,845.00 USD
Plus: The Jacket that will free you from your bag 49,841.00 USD
The Straprack Home Fitness Gym 49,815.00 USD
THE TREEO: A 3-in-1 Utility Hammock That Does It All 49,815.00 USD
MoovyGo 9 in 1 USB-C Hub + 10W Qi Charger Mac/PC/iPad Pro 49,797.00 EUR
Meet BUOE - the iPad Lounge That Adapts to Any Surface 49,734.00 USD
World's First Four-in-One T-shirt | TRAVEL SIMPLE 49,679.00 EUR
THE WINGCASE - The Smartest Briefcase in the World. 49,616.00 EUR
InnoBrush - "No Muss No Fuss" Automatic Pet Groomer 49,608.00 HKD
CookPerfect - Intelligent Meat Thermometer 49,527.00 USD
A better paper bag 49,513.00 HKD
Zencube: The coolest, healthiest, smart lamp 49,486.00 USD
Military grade tactical headset (Canceled) 49,449.00 SEK
Cardboard 'Landmark' play houses for cats, dogs & small pets 49,397.00 EUR
Night Caddy | The New-Age Nightstand 49,296.00 USD
GlassX™ - Real Liquid Glass Universal Screen Protection 49,270.00 USD
aquabook 49,252.00 EUR
Puretta | The Ultimate Multifunctional Toothbrush Sterilizer 49,232.00 USD
SUPERELLIPSE - Swiss automatic watch, designed in Singapore 49,196.00 AUD
The Sidewinder -LEGO® Compatible Looping Roller Coaster 49,167.00 USD
Wood Kubb 49,098.00 EUR
SmoothVU All-In-One Phone Stabilizer | Great Videos Anywhere 49,078.00 USD
Routakit CNC 49,036.00 USD
Routakit: Next-Gen Open Source CNC Kits 49,036.00 USD
TriTac EDC Pen - It's a Pen, It's a Punch, It's a Knife 49,035.00 USD
Distinct™ ultra-thin multitool for DIY type of people 48,950.00 USD
KOSMOS | The World's Best Pen In 2016. 48,925.00 EUR
The Metal Delta – Build Your Own Metal Delta Printer! 48,920.00 USD
Pearls Band - World's Best Health Monitoring Band 48,912.00 USD
eyeForce VR Headset, 210° FOV (Canceled) 48,907.00 USD
MOTION - A German Designer Watch / Affordable Price 48,832.00 EUR
Goodnight Death 48,804.00 USD
TravelMore Jetpack 20L | The World's Best Travel Daypack 48,754.00 USD
KLR Boots - A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation. 48,586.00 USD
Get in Shape Faster Using Artificial Intelligence 48,366.00 USD
Lightcase #Flatlay. Photostudio for Instagrammers. 48,305.00 USD
TYNI WALLET RFID - Stylish, Slim and Secure. 48,296.00 USD
Anson Calder | Wallets for a minimalist lifestyle 48,237.00 USD
The Stowaway - A Durable, Portable Roof Rack 48,095.00 USD
UThermic Coldscreen: Warms & Hydrates your Skin 48,065.00 USD
Herb&Fish CONNECT.Smartly Designed 47,965.00 NZD
CAMLET MOUNT: World's First Multi-Device Camera Mount 47,952.00 USD
PAKAMA sports bag: the gym in your backpack 47,945.00 EUR
Sea2See Eyewear - Made from 100% recycled sea plastic. 47,941.00 EUR
Perigon HD Digital Mirror: Drive safer with no blind spots 47,893.00 USD
MakerBloks - Kids electronics powered by imagination. 47,874.00 CAD
FLOAT Shelf—The Ultimate Shelf for iMacs & Apple Displays 47,855.00 USD
Bear Soles | The Warmest Choice This Winter 47,796.00 USD
World's Best Lens For Smartphone Photography 47,769.00 USD
Cask | The Insulated Bottle Crafted From Inspiration 47,711.00 USD
Most affordable heated T-Shirts 47,691.00 USD
QSun | A Smart Sun Protection Wearable 47,640.00 CAD
Power Toothpaste: The First Caffeinated Toothpaste 47,540.00 USD
Winston Watches - Inspired by Travel 47,414.00 AUD
PAQ: Travel Companion 47,399.00 AUD
theOUTlet - The permanent solution to your outlet needs! 47,395.00 USD
Aero Digital Earphone, Upgrade to HiFi Music NOW! 47,384.00 USD
VOLT: The Fastest Wireless Charging Powerbank For Everyone 47,366.00 EUR
Gravity Warfare™ - Gaming on a Whole New Level. (Canceled) 47,342.00 USD
Defying the luxury watch industry - MAD Watches (Canceled) 47,282.00 CAD
PEREN SOD - Accessible Luxury Swiss Made Transylvanian Watch 47,257.00 CAD
AK Collectible Custom Handmade Knives by Andreas Kalani 47,248.00 USD
Sweet Case: World's Best iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Case 47,189.00 USD
RÔKA Bracelets | Sustainable Accessories 47,145.00 SEK
RÔKA Bracelets | Sustainable Accessories 47,145.00 SEK
OLLO ZERO - Parkour and Freerunning Footwear 47,133.00 USD
ARC Digital HD Amplifier (Canceled) 47,054.00 USD
Cashew Smart Wallet : Protect what you treasure the most! 47,054.00 USD
Hudly: Full Color Heads-Up Display for All Cars & Phone Apps 47,051.00 USD
The Most Capable Solar-Powered Watch under $200 47,048.00 USD
PIXELIO - First Portable All-in-One & Easy-to-Use 3D Scanner 47,034.00 GBP
Qball - Microphone You Can Throw, Drop, or Roll 46,895.00 USD
The ION BELT - Sleek, Safe and Stylish Portable Charging 46,842.00 USD
SPECTER Oligospheres | Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity 46,696.00 USD
Numistar - wallets that solves your loose change hassles! 46,669.00 SGD
Di-Pro: A Bike Computer with 96 Hours GPS Tracking 46,608.00 USD
MagnetTab: Unique device that will make Your life easier (Cancel 46,591.00 USD
Infinite M – Modular Power with Wireless Charging 46,327.00 USD
Eaubottle - The coolest & hottest vacuum bottle ever... 46,003.00 SEK
NovelTeas - War and Peach? 45,978.00 USD
NovelTea Tins - Tea Tins for Book Lovers 45,978.00 USD
Vacanza & KP Collection - The Ultra-Performance Bag for Vaca 45,914.00 USD
Doggy Bathroom: make/100 45,855.00 CAD
KEYMAGTIC : A minimalist leather key ring for everyday use 45,851.00 HKD
Hyper-B: Mesmerizing kinetics. 45,841.00 USD
Xpider: World's Cutest Spider Robot 45,721.00 USD
ThreadStax : Stay Organized with the Power of Magnets! 45,712.00 USD
CompREST the unstoppable camping bed that charges your phone 45,653.00 CAD
Divided By Zero watch: design meets science 45,601.00 CAD
WiBa: 2-in-1 Wireless Magnetic Power Bank & Dock 45,572.00 USD
GogglePal: The First AR Heads-up Display for Any Goggle 45,479.00 USD
evive: the best electronic prototyping platform! 45,404.00 USD
THESIS WATCHES - Make a Statement 45,386.00 USD
Pupbeamo: Whitening Your Teeth in 5 Minutes 45,372.00 HKD
Pivotte: The First Stylish Performance Wear Line for Women 45,362.00 USD
ReveaLED - The UV LED Flash Light for Smartphones 45,328.00 USD
The Package Guard 45,265.00 USD
Health Warrior and Operation Farm & Run 45,257.00 USD
Tapdo | World's Smallest Remote for Everything (Canceled) 45,242.00 EUR
InstantCool: the Wearable AC Unit for Outdoor Use 45,221.00 USD
Adventure Tape - The Ultimate Rescue Solution For Your Gear 45,210.00 GBP
Lever Gear CLiP System: Compact Storage, Driver & Flashlight 45,099.00 USD
The Ultimate Wide Calf Boot - High Quality in 4 Calf Widths 45,023.00 USD
FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro™: All-in-One Desk Bikes (Suspended) 44,973.00 USD
Zero Gravity: A Magnetic Miniatures Game (Canceled) 44,955.00 EUR
Carpe Diem EDC - Seize the Day! 44,941.00 USD
ARES | The Versatile Backpack For Work & Gym Needs 44,922.00 USD
Tile Light : Open the window on to the world 44,915.00 GBP
BooM: The coolest cap in the world 44,824.00 EUR
3C SMART WALLET : The most Ergonomic & Functional 44,751.00 USD
Big Life Journal: A Groundbreaking New Journal for Kids 44,640.00 USD
Wallet Buckle: The Best Way to Secure Your Cards & ID 44,611.00 USD
SHIFT: The Ultimate Pack for Photography, Travel and Tech 44,580.00 USD
Nutralux | The First Pod-Based Juicer (Canceled) 44,569.00 USD
Falcon 1: World's Best Fitting Sunglasses 44,555.00 USD
G.I. Key - World's most compact & highly functional key tool (Ca 44,542.00 HKD
The Apollo- Automatic Tourbillon Watch, Surf Coast Australia 44,511.00 AUD
Kevlar Playing Cards 44,508.00 USD
Celtrix : World’s Smallest Multifunctional Device 44,503.00 USD
T.brush - The Damn Coolest Electric Toothbrush in the World 44,460.00 GBP
Lehft | Redefining Minimal Watches 44,440.00 AUD
Competition Kitchen: A Deliciously Creative Party Game 44,376.00 USD
Project Expanda-2nd Monitor for your laptop (Solar Powered) 44,355.00 USD
Purisoo - Pump to Purify - Portable Purifier Water Bottle 44,353.00 USD
PowerMe - turn any device into a power source 44,311.00 USD
sheltaPod 44,197.00 GBP
SKYLIGHT® iTravel Smart Wallet 44,122.00 CAD
The Companion Bag by Fang & Hoof - Made in the USA 44,002.00 USD
The Spyder 360™ | Full Body Training Unlike Anything Else 43,932.00 USD
Express Yourself with POVLAMP: The future of Smart Lighting. 43,876.00 CHF
Opto - Virtual Reality for the living room 43,858.00 GBP
Panther Alpha - Small, 4K/2GB/32GB, All-in-One Supercomputer (Ca 43,858.00 USD
Artis Wall: Removable Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls 43,857.00 USD
CLASSIC AND CHRONOGRAPH WATCHES by the Mont Royal Watch Co. 43,844.00 CAD
Coldscreen: The newest way to keep WARM 43,797.00 USD
DayPac: The Ultimate Backpack for Work & Play 43,767.00 USD
Nettuno & Mercurio, first automatic Aged in Italy watch 43,674.00 EUR
Herbot: Automatic Indoor Gardening Robot 43,621.00 USD
Stock & Barrel | A Wallet That Only Looks Better With Age 43,522.00 USD
Seacoast Sweets 43,471.00 USD
PAWD - Pet Space Reinvented (Dog Crate) 43,391.00 USD
Room in Room: Warmer Winter, Lower Gas Bill and Much More 43,389.00 USD
VENQUE Transformer A-Modular,Transformable,Smart Backpack 43,361.00 CAD
MyDrone: Multifunctional Auto-follow Drone With 4K Camera (Cance 43,335.00 USD
SKYE Footwear | Super ultra comfy shoes. 43,327.00 USD
BitzBlade - An EDC Multi-Tool Keychain 43,310.00 USD
The Non Stop Travel Short: 3 Shorts in 1, Made in the USA. 43,236.00 USD
PlantSitter - The World's Smartest Plant Monitoring System 43,234.00 USD
Kujo Yardwear - First shoe ever created for the yard 43,203.00 USD
The Airhook 2.0 - Inflight & In Vehicle Travel Comfort 43,184.00 USD
CLRCASE: Record Display Reimagined 43,179.00 USD
360LOCK | 1st Modular Smart Padlock Certified by Blockchain 43,171.00 EUR
PHIGOLF 43,084.00 USD
Recon the Revolutionary Tripod Head for Camera and Film 43,084.00 USD
QTemp® Sun Safety Wearable 43,061.00 CAD
Christian DiLusso Watches 43,015.00 SEK
Worlds smartest car tune with bluetooth connectivity 42,992.00 AUD
Convertible HDL: Voice Activated Headlamp & Action Camera 42,976.00 USD
Orsden Slope Pants | Uncompromising Ski Gear 42,957.00 USD
HowUdish - Find the dish that’s fit for you! 42,939.00 USD
Pantropy 42,917.00 EUR
Kiki: toolbox meets key ring! 42,901.00 USD
Stowaway™ Tools: EDC Redefined 42,894.00 USD
2018 Goal Digger Planner. 42,776.00 AUD
Tea from Nepal: The Best Kept Secret In The Tea Industry 42,759.00 USD
JUS: A Solar Case/Charger that Never Runs Out of Power Ever! 42,741.00 AUD
Air Halo: Clean Air to Breathe Wherever You May be 42,733.00 GBP
SNOGO Bike 42,710.00 USD
Sustainable Protein Bars & Powders made with Crickets 42,669.00 CAD
From Urban to Outdoor, The Ultimate Travel Backpack. 42,632.00 USD
viavia transit: The Ultimate Pouch for All Your Essentials 42,548.00 USD
Generationnow | World-Class Quality Watches 42,547.00 CHF
Cabin X ONE - Hybrid Carry-On Trolley Backpack and Day Bag 42,517.00 GBP
VISTAR: 10-in-1 USB-C Hub for MacBook, PC, USB-C devices 42,514.00 USD
C is for Cthulhu Coloring Book 42,489.00 USD
MELANGE - Sleep Essentials Reimagined 42,473.00 CAD
True North: Water Tight, All-Natural Wood Watch Collection 42,459.00 USD
USB93 - Unbreakable USB cable with 90° rotatable connector 42,415.00 CAD
CompREST: The legit camping bed that isn't full of (hot) air 42,388.00 CAD
Smart Buckle: Convert Any Watch into a Fitness Tracker 42,365.00 USD
STAPPONE - Track, Identify, And Fix Your Posture 42,354.00 EUR
WhittleCNC - High Quality, Affordable, Desktop Router 42,352.00 USD
Vessel: The easy access wallet with a protective compartment 42,263.00 USD
TURBO Footstool - A Bathroom Must Have for Better Health 42,241.00 USD
The Sustainable Backpack 42,224.00 CHF
Antbo: An Insect Robot Anyone Can Build 42,208.00 USD
The Savior: Durable Waterproof Solar Charging System 42,189.00 USD
World's Most Comfortable Suit - The Stretch Suit 42,094.00 GBP
Tailor made. Customized. Premier Leather Jackets 42,079.00 USD
SportHacks Bag | The most functional sports bag ever! 42,077.00 EUR
Hemel - Classic Military Watches for the Modern Gentleman 42,044.00 USD
Pancor Watch - A Genius Pairing of Functionality and Style 42,038.00 EUR
HICKIES: Never Tie Your Sneakers Again 42,020.00 USD
The Quicklock- World's 1st Bluetooth + RF Auto Lock Doorlock 42,011.00 USD
UPlus, The Smallest Wireless USB with 12 Hours Working Time 41,976.00 USD
Leather Messengers Backpacks Duffles 41,974.00 USD
JAAP: Next Evolution in truly wireless earphones 41,935.00 SGD
Tree To Tub — World's 1st Soap Grown from Trees 41,917.00 USD
Inslip® - A Comfortable Strap for ANY Phone and Tablet 41,887.00 USD
auris beamit Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter & Receiver 41,886.00 USD
Travellr - Travel Bag & Razor Case 41,878.00 USD
DaySling 2.0 -Best Sling for Efficient Daily Use & Travel 41,872.00 USD
Parlieri - Affordable Premium Watches 41,869.00 SEK
AVA Yoga Bodywear 41,820.00 USD
COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction 41,807.00 EUR
Officiser - Stay Active While You Sit For Better Body/Mind 41,784.00 AUD
The TAP by ARMORZ intelligent screen protector for iPhone 6S 41,735.00 USD
Nerbon-Forged Carbon Fiber Glow rings 41,708.00 USD
Caiman Hat Clips: Free Up Space and Organize Your Hats 41,693.00 USD
The MONT Notebook "The Most Featured Notebook Ever" 41,692.00 AUD
THE CAT'S ASK: The Easy, Green & Clean Cat Litter Revolution 41,596.00 CAD
Spelly Straws 41,590.00 USD
HLCO: Hand Lettered Scripture Art 41,490.00 USD
Ergo Spout: Ergonomic Spout & Handle for Mason Jars 41,475.00 USD
iBeamBLOCK ∣ World's First Modular HD Projector with Tablet (Sus 41,434.00 USD
The Alkin Model One Automatic Watch 41,396.00 GBP
FreeBelts - Let's go buckle-free. 41,391.00 USD
Necksound: Smart wireless necklace wearable music device 41,307.00 EUR
Pocket Samurai - EDC Titanium Keychain Knife 41,273.00 USD
The World's Best WIRELESS CHARGER | HoverCharge. 41,260.00 USD
Cleancult, Green Cleaners That Actually Clean 41,235.00 USD
Adopt and name these cute storage jar characters. 41,224.00 GBP
The 2 Style Backpacks 41,220.00 USD
GENA | Adjustable Height Heels 41,167.00 SGD
REFORESTUM: Place and grow your own forest in real life! 41,130.00 EUR
MAPO® World's First Connected Beauty mask 41,110.00 EUR
The American Artisan Series - Custom Watches made in the USA 41,035.00 USD
Rhino Hammer 41,014.00 USD
SmartBalance Light: the FIRST pressure insole 41,000.00 USD
SMARTDUVET: The self-making bed is here! 40,945.00 CAD
Poppits Toothpaste Pods 40,924.00 USD
Bindle Bottle: Insulated Water Bottle with Secure Storage 40,864.00 USD
Slumber | Luxury Bed Sheets at an Unbeatable Price (Canceled) 40,821.00 USD
Anson Calder Bags and Cases: Customizable Access w/o Excess 40,819.00 USD
Latitude - First iPhone Case for Universal Wireless Charging 40,808.00 USD
RoomMe: The Intelligent Presence Sensor 40,688.00 USD
DFY - RFID Minimalist Wallets With No Ridiculous Mark Ups 40,678.00 USD
Beagle: unleash a healthy home. (Canceled) 40,668.00 CAD
Fresh Square | GROW FOOD AT HOME (Canceled) 40,646.00 EUR
LiquidNano - Liquid Screen Protector 40,567.00 USD
Pen Uno: The Most Minimal Pen 40,557.00 USD
NOVA - Magnetic all terrain running shoes 40,533.00 USD
Together Tales - Bring Stories to Life for your Kids! 40,525.00 CAD
TOYISH™ - The Ever-Changing Toy for Creative Kids! 40,517.00 USD
EZ, The World's First 4-In-1 USB Flash Drive For All Devices (Su 40,508.00 HKD
Jabber - Smart on the Inside, Soft on the Outside 40,484.00 USD
The Stratacous Series RADPAK Backpack 40,457.00 USD
JUNOJUMPER Pro - The Ultimate Portable Power Source. 40,443.00 USD
Raymio: Sun Protection Wearable 40,431.00 USD
UltraDuo Z2: The smart dual-lens dashcam 40,411.00 USD
World's First Amphibious Heart Rate & Fitness Wearable 40,404.00 USD
How to Make a Freaking iPhone App - iOS 9 Adventure Swift 2 40,356.00 USD
Smart fetch/treat toys from Paww …It's a whole new ballgame! 40,345.00 USD
MOTUS: First Smart Robot Cameraman for Your Phone (Canceled) 40,336.00 USD
"Luxury watches, Unique designs - Handmade in Spain. 40,334.00 EUR
Bellzi®: Anything & Everything Cute! 40,325.00 USD
The Ultimate Pet Carrier for Scooter, Cars and Bicycles. 40,320.00 EUR
Wolffepack Summit: The Ultimate Snowsports & Access Backpack 40,302.00 GBP
Chirps Cricket Protein Powder: Eat Bugs, Get Buff! 40,294.00 USD
Streetmatic - The Ultimate Driving Watch by Blacklist 40,293.00 USD
Plugo: An immersive AR gaming system 40,259.00 USD
Cyclist Raincoat, your urban lifestyle essential. 40,256.00 EUR
Legendary Metal Coins Season 2 40,215.00 GBP
VOLT : Worlds FIRST most ECO-Friendly ion LIGHTER 40,179.00 GBP
Volant: The World's First 3-in-1 Headphones 40,168.00 GBP
MELANGE | Remarkable Sheets That Won't Break The Bank 40,139.00 CAD
Palm bracelet - A modern day adventure and travel accessory 40,123.00 SEK
Swiss Movement Luxury Watches - Ethereal Timepieces 40,100.00 USD
MistR: Refillable. Portable. Card sized cologne atomiser. 40,053.00 AUD
ROAME Zeros: Wireless Blinker/Brake Light Motorcycle Shoes 40,039.00 USD
Fujian Trader: A board game adventure in Chinese history 40,032.00 USD
Talsam: Connect With A Loved One Using Smart Jewelry 40,028.00 USD
Kinflyte: Hi-Tech Posture Bra & Activewear Capsule 40,017.00 USD
Grove Junior: Snap-and-Play programmable modules $29 40,008.00 USD
The Fastest Way to Learn to Code and Make Apps 39,980.00 GBP
tiga│Sketchbooks with beauty, art and soul 39,952.00 AUD
Mini-Click : Great Pen - AMAZING Mechanism 39,903.00 USD
Pooch Selfie: The Best Way to Capture Selfies with Your Dog! 39,897.00 USD
Timberline Slider Belts 39,876.00 USD
Salvador Dalí Action Figure 39,810.00 CAD
YOBO Hammock Stand - The World's Lightest & Most Portable 39,802.00 USD
The Zstand - Sleek, Sexy Technology! 39,770.00 USD
LiquidNano Windshield Treatment 39,486.00 USD
Salt Water USB Charger & Light for under $60 39,430.00 USD
The Tails of Ae'tann: A Sunset Story 39,388.00 USD
MonoShot: The Best Tripod For iPhone And GoPro 39,378.00 USD
Baggizmo Wiseward - wallet meets gadget 39,303.00 USD
HATCH - A notebook for makers & entrepreneurs 39,298.00 USD
The GO! Hammock: Amazingly Comfortable, Durable & Portable 39,288.00 USD
The DIEM 'Everyday' Duffel Bag & ANGLZ Media Case 39,241.00 USD
COOLMORE: A Simple Desktop Air Cooler, Cooler & Fan 39,214.00 USD
invisaWear Smart Jewelry That Could Save Your Life 39,212.00 USD
Eggie - Light Up Your World 39,189.00 CAD
Zencube: The coolest, healthiest, smart lamp 39,154.00 USD
Edo – Life-sized cardboard bricks: giant fun for your kids. 39,144.00 EUR
Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz Headphones 39,125.00 GBP
World's most comfortable,multifunctional drawstring backpack 39,118.00 USD
FLATPAC: Just Pack & Unpack In A Second 39,110.00 USD
Interstellar ANC Wireless Headphones 39,056.00 USD
Plobot | Physical Coding for ages 4 and up 39,054.00 USD
Barber Surgeons Guild: Strong Hair for Strong Men 39,005.00 USD
KORE Slim Wallet  |  Carbon Fiber Money Clip [RFID] 38,996.00 USD
The Brigadier Chronograph by Mercer Watch Company 38,988.00 USD
Scollar Mini - Expandable smart collar for small dogs & cats 38,871.00 USD
Momentum - World's Fastest Hybrid Spinning Top Gyroscope 38,820.00 USD
Lightcase Pro – Bigger Pop Up Photo Studio for Smartphones 38,789.00 USD
SprayPrinter - 21st century way of designing walls 38,788.00 USD
Blub Keo - A supersized USB powered Nixie Tube Clock 38,786.00 AUD
Muggino® | The World’s Most Powerful Smart Mug (Canceled) 38,762.00 AUD
Green Pea Cookie - The Happeaest Cookies on Earth! 38,701.00 USD
MagSix The World's Small Magnetic Super Charger 38,663.00 USD
Torch - The World's First Universal Coat Heater 38,655.00 USD
Aquasana: The First Glass Water Filter Bottle! 38,572.00 USD
SmartAll : The First AI Butler for Everyone (Canceled) 38,556.00 USD
Jolt - Brew Coffee & Tea in the Palm of Your Hand 38,553.00 USD
Pure2Go Water Purifier "Don't Just Filter, Purify" 38,520.00 USD
(The Awesome & Mighty) Machu Picchu Dice 38,514.00 USD
L E I F - Make Any Wallet a Smart Wallet 38,507.00 USD
Easy Drone XL Pro - longest flying quadcopter on the market 38,500.00 USD
eCam: The Best 4K Camera ever 38,400.00 USD
Silvon: Kitchen Towels Reinvented. 38,353.00 USD
RaceYa - RC cars for fun & fast learning through play! (Canceled 38,344.00 USD
Tobo Track - Liquid wood eco-toy tracks for Thomas™ & Lego®! 38,315.00 CAD
Batteroo ReBoost: Make rechargeables work anywhere 38,311.00 USD
Black Bull, Daily Gadget Bags 38,274.00 AUD
SLIM 360 WALLET: Reversible Slim Wallet with RFID Protection 38,226.00 USD
The Lean Startup Co. presents the Intrapreneur's Journey 38,220.00 USD
Pencil Dice 38,161.00 USD
Brevitē Camera Backpacks 38,131.00 USD
PUMP Audio In-Ear Headphones 38,130.00 GBP
PUMP & OMG Audio 38,130.00 GBP
Fireside Audiobox - Light your music on fire. 38,127.00 USD
The Pocket Watch inspired by the pilot watches of WW1. 38,088.00 GBP
PenSe: Apple Pencil Case. Make the world your canvas. 38,076.00 USD
The Wayfarer GMT, from Mercer Watch Co. 38,055.00 USD
J&M Denmark NORDIC360 collection - Inspired by Copenhagen 38,016.00 DKK
SELBY - Original Design American Built Automatic Watches 38,000.00 USD
blipcast | Send TV Audio to your Smartphone's Headphones 37,994.00 USD
Graphis - a Pencil, a Pen, a Stylus. 37,925.00 USD
The Next Big Thing | #1 Board Game For Entrepreneurship & VC 37,882.00 USD
Lynxsonic - World's Most Advanced Wireless Headphones 37,857.00 EUR
Mizu Chef's Knife - Be A Cut Above 37,812.00 USD
IronBot Robot Kits: The Kid Next Door- Kid's Mate 37,792.00 USD
Mist: World's Smartest Sprinkler System 37,767.00 USD
CRAVAR - Leather Bags & Accessories 37,748.00 USD
It's THE Scoop! ~ Makes Scooping QUICK, EASY, & DUST-FREE! 37,720.00 USD
Timeless Classic Moonphase Watch By Karl-Leimon 37,699.00 USD
Put a Shark in Your Tank 37,627.00 USD
K-25 Smart Toiletry Bag | Travel essential redefined 37,607.00 USD
AirJamz: App-Enabled, Motion-Activated Music Toy 37,584.00 USD
100% Effective Sweat-Proof Dress Shirt 37,580.00 USD
Zeeva Artigiani: Design Your Own Custom Leather Shoes 37,562.00 USD
GoTie - Never Tie a Tie Again, Chuck Norris Style 37,518.00 USD
Minimalist Watches Paired With Swiss Precision 37,506.00 SEK
Trazor: The first all-in-one shaving system for men & women 37,474.00 CAD
SideRoot Wooden Eyewear 37,420.00 SEK
The Full Stack Developer Bundle - Learn By Building 40+ Apps 37,414.00 USD
iNTEGRATOR : The World's Most Precise Desktop SLA 3D Printer 37,382.00 USD
M A D E - Tech x Bespoke 37,311.00 USD
NOTE: The world's most innovative notebook 37,309.00 USD
Linner: Your First Noise-Cancelling Headphones 37,281.00 USD
Lumiere - automated essential oil diffuser 37,247.00 EUR
Oak: The First Augmented Reality Maker Kit for your iPhone (Canc 37,228.00 USD
The Pen to watch - Unique Gold Nugget Pen & Titanium EDC 37,223.00 GBP
Pressa Bottle - Experience Pressed Water 37,201.00 CAD
WIK LED Lightning Cable for iPhone LIFETIME WARRANTY 37,087.00 USD
1Cables: Turn your smartphone into a computer 37,064.00 USD
UNI Matrix - Smart Modular Charging Dock for All Electronics (Ca 37,058.00 HKD
Fun with Circuits 37,016.00 USD
DUOKET - Jacket & Bag Transformed in Seconds (Canceled) 37,001.00 USD
The Sabertooth. The Ultimate Beer Drinker's Tool. 36,993.00 USD
NunuloVR: The First VR Device with Adjustable Lenses 36,953.00 USD
Glowstone Heated Smart Mug - Fine Bone China 36,925.00 GBP
LIGHT STAX - Toy bricks meet LED 36,892.00 EUR
The X-Frame Mechanical Watch (Canceled) 36,851.00 CAD
loquilove | language learning app with a good cause 36,838.00 CHF
HALLAM new york SMART JACKET 2.0 for TRAVEL 36,831.00 USD
ADVENTURE MAT: A Clean Surface Wherever You Go 36,802.00 USD
Lagio: The Lap Desk of Luxury 36,788.00 USD
ROXs - real life gaming console 36,780.00 USD
Kitchen SinkShroom & Ultra TubShroom No More Clogs 36,712.00 USD
Beltline - A belt that stretches to fit your waist. 36,706.00 CAD
VASO to relax: Aroma Diffuser +Smart wake up &Natural sounds 36,687.00 USD
AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock 36,685.00 USD
Rabbit Charger 36,587.00 USD
Havit Smart Cable | The World's Best Multi-Functional Cable 36,586.00 USD
Chocolate Hub 36,512.00 USD
Trak Taag Tracker - 80 Year Battery & SOS Button 36,470.00 USD
Handmade Italian Luxury Timepieces by Monforti Watches 36,466.00 GBP
The Magical Land of Yeld 36,439.00 USD
Daga Pen Vise – A Simple, Honest and Versatile Writing Tool 36,433.00 USD
Dreamcade Replay - Universal Vintage Gaming Console 36,411.00 USD
SMARTBUNCH – the world's first modular light bulb 36,410.00 GBP
Blubel: the cycling navigator powered by community wisdom 36,356.00 GBP
Revolutionary Performance Denim Jeans by Joseph Chanan 36,354.00 CAD
FOOMEXT |The World’s First Carbon Nanotube Smart Heated Vest (Su 36,353.00 USD
Kancy: The World’s Smallest Universal Smart Home Switch 36,299.00 CAD
Forged Illumination | Damascus Steel Glow Rings 36,262.00 USD
WRBLS | wear your Apple Watch with style 36,252.00 EUR
KRUVE EQ: Game-changing Coffee Glassware 36,245.00 USD
Magnetic Attachable Hood by Shux 36,221.00 USD
VENQUE - The Future of Duffle + Backpack 2in1 36,216.00 CAD
CuBowl - Pet Bowls That Won't Get Slimy! 36,148.00 CAD
SOS PowerBank: Life-Saving Portable Solar Battery (Canceled) 36,146.00 USD
MASTERPAN - The All in 1 pan that makes cooking fun and easy 36,142.00 USD
STELLIGHT – The Next Generation Smart Bike Light 36,097.00 USD
Dual Case for iPhone • Wireless • Battery • Music + Charger 36,072.00 CAD
Kingsman Leatherware | Premium Bags, Belts & Accessories 36,069.00 USD
Your Daily Servings of Fruits and Veggies in a Pack 36,068.00 USD
Totm+Travl for Apple Watch the Ultimate 3in1 36,053.00 EUR
Snow Monkey Subzero Superfood: Ice Cream For Breakfast? 36,023.00 USD
Close Your - Life one blink at a time 35,992.00 USD
BilletSPIN Spin Top 35,978.00 USD
DashPal - 24x7 Protection for Your Car & Driver 35,943.00 USD
ExoLife Finder: A New Telescope To Find Life On Exoplanets 35,927.00 USD
HydroActive & Flex Waterproof Headphones They Won't Fall Out 35,925.00 USD
Piqapoo - Collects your dog’s poo for you - HANDS-FREE! 35,910.00 USD
Whiskey Barrel Coffee 35,903.00 USD
M2│A Better Way To Listen To Music On Your Mobile Device 35,899.00 USD
Al33, The fastest aluminum bicycle wheels 35,875.00 EUR
iBeamBLOCK: Next Gen Modular Computing Projector 35,867.00 USD
Itero: Pocket watches are back 35,856.00 USD
Learn languages through stories 35,846.00 GBP
World’s Thinnest 3-in-1 HyperChargers 35,815.00 USD
Not Just Another Overpriced Minimalist Design: Belfort Watch 35,804.00 USD
CASTIZO Handcrafted luxury espadrilles at attainable prices 35,792.00 EUR
Routakit M: The next level in desktop CNC performance 35,772.00 USD
World's Most Adventurous Swiss Field Watch - Oakridge 35,770.00 CAD
Quickguard >> full length bicycle mudguard 35,760.00 AUD
Afrosneaker 35,729.00 EUR
INIE Belt: Smart and Fashionable Belt monitors your health (Canc 35,729.00 HKD
PlutoX Kit: Unbreakable nanodrone, 10 DIY projects 35,702.00 USD
Arceo Wallet | The Premiere Magnetic Carry System 35,668.00 CAD
Baby's First Toy by Yoee Baby 35,663.00 USD
TAPP 2: The Smart Water Filter 35,638.00 USD
Bags Designed to Organize Your Daily Carry- Farrier Leather 35,621.00 USD
A/STAND - The Ultimate Lap-desk, Case, Tray, Stand 35,600.00 USD
Air Quality Monitoring Network 35,596.00 USD
LightBox Photography Cards 35,590.00 USD
Lemore | 7-day Business Travel Backpack 35,573.00 USD
Slim Edition: The Slimmest Classic Bifold Wallet 35,572.00 USD
Pterodactyl - 5' RC Flying Lizard 35,546.00 USD
Take Control of Your Side of the Bed | SERENEHEAT BLANKET (Cance 35,539.00 USD
Phone Ring: Hinged Magnetic Aluminum iPhone Case 35,527.00 USD
Renaisscent: A Customizable Smart Diffuser 35,521.00 USD
TRIX- The new stylish travel power strip with USB charger 35,517.00 USD
CharmBelt - EMS Abs Belt 35,489.00 CAD
Grow.Bar: Managed Indoor Grow System for Your Home 35,476.00 USD
Dragon: The Game 35,417.00 USD
Atlas C57 | Carbon Fiber Titanium 1,000 Lumen Flashlight 35,410.00 USD
Fello Eyewear: The Glasses that keep on Giving. 35,347.00 USD
The Executive Chrono Watch | 2.0 35,311.00 CAD
Fall of the Berlin Wall Watches - REAL History on Your Wrist 35,310.00 USD
Get digital images and video with an "old times" flavour... 35,309.00 EUR
Imperium Omni - "To Rule All" - Epic Fantasy Video Game RPG 35,302.00 USD
CLAIR-S: The all-in-one companion for better sleep 35,293.00 USD
CarDroid - First Car Monitoring Device with Android™ 35,283.00 CAD
alignG, Essential Item in the 3D Printer and CNC Toolkit 35,218.00 USD
Voxel Quest 35,213.00 USD
IoT LoRa Boards - Your Gateway to the Internet of Things 35,173.00 GBP
Zen Mount - The Most Over-Engineered Mount For Your Gadgets 35,154.00 USD
A Portable + Modular Brick Oven. Ultra-Durable Pizza Stones. 35,116.00 USD
Go from 3D printing to Desktop Injection Moulding 35,095.00 USD
The Shackleton® clothing range: proudly made in Britain 35,054.00 GBP
MudWatt: Clean Energy from Mud! 35,028.00 USD
Casamera | The World's Softest Towels 35,020.00 USD
Trail Mutt: Doggie equivalent of the diaper bag 35,018.00 USD
Learn how to wire and program the Raspberry Pi. 35,015.00 USD
Roome, The World's First Gesture Controlled Smart Lamp 34,953.00 USD
GIR Bottle Stoppers - low-profile corks that fit anywhere 34,919.00 USD
TrimX: First Science-Backed Workout Enhancement 34,861.00 USD
SnapDice: Magnetic Dice Rolling Tray 34,792.00 USD
Seally Cap Set 34,784.00 USD
The First Reversible Leather Belt with Micro-adjustable Fit 34,775.00 SGD
Freestate - Travel shoes have never looked this good. 34,772.00 GBP
Data science for business 34,765.00 USD
Machu Picchu Dice | Vol.2 - World's First 4 Elements Dice 34,721.00 USD
Really Big Lights | Supersize Christmas 34,628.00 USD
TC-9 Navy Watch. Solid Bronze Automatic Watch. 34,578.00 GBP
Halfsies Dice - World Tour (Canceled) 34,570.00 USD
Chornobyl360Immersive Documentary 34,540.00 EUR
TAG: GPS Tracker with Functional Design & Style 34,517.00 USD
Proforge 3D Printer 34,516.00 GBP
LID: the ultimate folding helmet for urban riders 34,423.00 USD
loopit - Tangle free earbuds in 3 sec (seriously!) 34,423.00 USD
X-Blade Pocket 34,396.00 USD
Bootleg Botanicals Ginger Beer & Mule Cocktail Making Kit 34,388.00 USD
Pigeon - make your family happy even when you're not there! 34,387.00 USD
The U.S.H is an Organizational Game Changer! 34,385.00 USD
Modulos - an ever changing desk for your ever changing needs 34,333.00 USD
The World’s First Stabilizer That Directly Controls GoPro® 34,331.00 USD
World's Most Dependable Canvas Pants 34,287.00 USD
BRIIDGS: The Ultimate Weekender 2-In-1 Travel Pack + Duffle 34,253.00 USD
Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. Save Your Eyeballs. 34,214.00 USD
ELEPHBO: Made by redesigned Cambodian cement bags 34,165.00 CHF
Levia - Unique levitating marble lamp 34,152.00 EUR
Deuce Wallet: The Best 2-in-1 Minimalist Bifold RFID Wallet 34,100.00 SGD
World's first on-the-go screen for switch and smart phones 33,962.00 USD
TreadGaming - Exercise while Playing Games 33,918.00 SEK - Get your privacy back in the cloud 33,916.00 EUR
The Incrediblanket - The world's best outdoor blanket! 33,909.00 USD
LensRacks - Quick Change Camera Gear Storage System 33,875.00 CAD
Sensly - A Smart, Portable Pollution Sensor For Your Home 33,871.00 GBP
NEW Experia® ProLite: Your Fastest Feet Ever! 33,803.00 USD
The Complete SNES - Collector's Book & Ultimate Guide 33,799.00 USD
Eve Smart Mirror: Interactive Smart Mirror with an App Store 33,778.00 USD
uRADMonitor 33,768.00 USD
bots_alive | robots with playful artificial intelligence 33,762.00 USD
Lasso bag: carry your essentials in simplicity and style. 33,733.00 EUR
The Avanco Hear Quad Core Computers For Your Ears! 33,679.00 GBP
The Barnacle Action Camera 33,679.00 AUD
Kushel - The Towel Made with Wood 33,650.00 EUR
The World's Best Toilet Odor Removal System || The Odorless 33,633.00 USD
MOO:D - Sunglasses that match every occasion 33,617.00 USD
Yantouch EyE - World Best Camping Speaker 33,589.00 USD
Smart Cambridge Mask: You & Clean Air, Connected 33,522.00 GBP
Sealz rapid transition glasses 33,409.00 AUD
828 Leggings: The World's First Bacteria-Fighting Leggings 33,402.00 USD
iKydz - The answer to any parents digital dilemma. 33,343.00 EUR
City Map Posters reflecting your URBN city love 33,343.00 EUR
STEIGER & SON CHRONO: German precision - unbeatable price 33,326.00 EUR
Magginy: The Coolest Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 33,312.00 USD
SCRUB BUGS - New Surgeon Inspired Hand Scrubbers for Kids 33,308.00 USD
THINO - Charge your device Faster, Safer, Easier 33,217.00 USD
HIKARO - Modern Industrial Take on Wooden Watches 33,210.00 USD
B-Creative 3D Printer | A New Way to Make Magic 33,188.00 USD
Travellr XL | Leather Toiletry Bag & Travel Gear 33,172.00 USD
SMART Furnace Filter. Breathe Clean Air For Life. 33,162.00 USD
Lynxsonic - Ultimate Wireless Headphones w/ 40+ hour (Canceled) 33,158.00 EUR
Bluenero World's Most Advanced Smart Aquarium 33,133.00 USD
Artibo | AI Robotics that's Codable, Affordable & Compact 33,113.00 USD
Gartenzwerg. Pretty Smart Personal Gardens. 33,059.00 USD
GoLapse- Easy Timelapse Trolley 33,054.00 USD
ORION360: World's 1st AI-powered speaker system with ATMOS. (Sus 33,052.00 AUD
Dice Eater Madness is Back! 33,039.00 MXN
The Strong Cable - The Longest and Strongest Charging Cable 33,020.00 CAD
Wireless Building Blocks For Coding & Creativity (Canceled) 32,997.00 USD
Infini | Smart Home Management Made Simple 32,939.00 USD
CarryGo Travel Bag – Travel Safer & More Conveniently! 32,918.00 NOK
ALLY: High Performance Nude Heels in 5 Shades 32,915.00 USD
Pixentu - The World's Most Functional Photography Jacket 32,869.00 GBP
The Hinge Toaster 32,850.00 CAD
The Weatherneck System-A Breakaway Balaclava 32,835.00 USD
Hudly: A Heads-Up Display for All Cars & Phones 32,828.00 USD
Freecube- The World's First Modular Tech Command Center 32,815.00 USD
Happy Eye - Another Eye For You 32,789.00 AUD
BILLY Footwear: Universal Design with Fashion in Mind 32,763.00 USD
SENS - the most minimalistic pen 32,760.00 USD
The Northward Jacket - Wear One, Share One 32,732.00 USD
This Sheet Never Comes Untucked | SPUN Luxury Bedding 32,713.00 USD
LightBox: The light switch, re-invented. 32,713.00 USD
KNBOR:The first smart ceiling lamp providing Wi-Fi (Canceled) 32,711.00 USD
Kurrent The Ultimate Charging Alarm Clock 32,698.00 USD
Nut Find 3: The Best Designed Smart Tracker in the world. 32,661.00 USD
Jungle Tea - Empowering African Communities a Cup at a Time. 32,661.00 USD
SANS Juice and Smoothie Preserving Travel Bottle 32,654.00 USD
MAESTRO | The Game-Changing Soccer Collection 32,585.00 USD
SIGHTSAVER SUNGLASSES - Sunscreen For Your Eyes 32,559.00 USD
Undermine - Worker Placement & Resource Management Card Game 32,504.00 USD
Discover Wonders: Brain Boosting STEM Talking Books 32,501.00 USD
ICEGOLD: World's Purest Glass Design Highlights Every Drink 32,488.00 EUR
SENTIO - World’s first open & closed headphone (Canceled) 32,466.00 GBP
SwapBots - Bringing Toys to Life 32,461.00 USD
INSIDECOACH - Smart Soccer Ball Trainer 32,432.00 USD
SPECTRE - Light Up Case for an iPhone 32,411.00 USD
Fly Pedals COLORS : Universal Clipless Bicycle Pedal Adapter 32,384.00 USD
if... TITANIUM Pen 32,383.00 AUD
Dynamics 3D Printer 32,383.00 SGD
LUMICHARGE Smart LED Lamp & Universal Phone dock 32,362.00 USD
Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons Series 32,324.00 USD
VeganCare: Cruelty-free & Organic Personal Care 32,321.00 EUR
Wired In - Wireless Productivity Sign With Arduino & HomeKit 32,307.00 USD
TripTarp®. Gear Organization and Trip Planning Made Easy. 32,291.00 USD
SOL Water | Hydration Powered by the Sun 32,276.00 USD
Watch: Vintage Trench Watch Series Built with Today's Best 32,274.00 USD
MINIM: The All-Weather, All-Activity Athletic Pants 32,270.00 USD
The "MS1 Military" - A Complete Set with 2 Watches 32,267.00 CAD
Charggee: A New Way to Charge. Increase gadgets longevity. 32,263.00 GBP
TK. World's First Stainless Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 32,247.00 USD
Key 2ool 32,222.00 HKD
Bronze Time Machine - Swiss Automatic, Vintage Tool watch 32,207.00 AUD
OrbitBeam | Bring iPhone Screens to Life Anywhere Anytime. 32,165.00 USD
Side Window Wiper 32,161.00 USD
Gjallarhorn: A Viking Playing Card Poker Deck 32,159.00 USD
Pies Are Awesome - Pie Guides 32,146.00 CAD
Create your Watch - Guaranteed for Life 32,142.00 AUD
SnapPal - The Ultimate Camera Trigger 32,127.00 USD
Automatic Watch: The Mechanical One 32,115.00 USD
The 365 Hat | Backed by a 10 Year Guarantee 32,067.00 USD
Sibiu Nano: Affordable & Portable Underwater Robot 32,057.00 EUR
The Stache Shield - Protect your Moustache 32,050.00 SEK
Keen Bean Organic Blends: Baby Food Redefined 32,024.00 USD
The Key Armory: Part II - SWORD SHAPED KEYS FOR YOUR HOME 32,021.00 USD
FATBAR - Keto, Low Carb, High Fat, Plant-Based Bar 31,965.00 USD
Miramir - New Social Ecosystem for Change 31,960.00 CAD
OLLO S Edition - Parkour and Freerunning Footwear. 31,935.00 USD
Goodtimer: Shine a light on good behavior (Canceled) 31,928.00 USD
WIK PowerPak The Ultimate Travel & EDC Backpack 31,835.00 USD
The Refuge: A Race For Survival 31,830.00 USD
LEAN Longboard / Skateboard 31,818.00 USD
Carbon Grey Omnibus Collection 31,812.00 USD
Queen Girls - Stories of real women turned into fairy tales! 31,784.00 USD
Coral UV: Sanitize & dry almost ANYTHING in your home 31,772.00 CAD
Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game System (Canceled) 31,741.00 USD
BEAN ME UP - The new generation in coffee grinding 31,711.00 EUR
Pretty Smart Lamp: Reloaded - Helps you find your phone 31,666.00 USD
ChocolateConstruction: Build a 3D Edible Chocolate Dinosaur 31,665.00 USD
GEN i1 Putting Game: A Golf Ball for Improvement & Fun (Suspende 31,657.00 USD
TacoBot : Stackable Coding Robot for Kids 31,640.00 USD
EPHEMERIS : my watch • my day • in space 31,640.00 EUR
Here's a Crazy Idea... Let's End World Hunger! 31,625.00 USD
Phoenix Knife Set 31,624.00 USD
World’s First Immersive VR Headset with HI-FI Audio- Model A 31,613.00 USD
Futsolo: The Future Of Independent Soccer Training 31,600.00 USD
Cafflano® Klassic (All-in-one Coffee Maker) - STAFF PICK! 31,524.00 GBP
Ultimate Carry-on Backpack | Travel Backpack | Luggage 31,476.00 CAD
FitPod - Healthy Hydration Made Easy 31,448.00 USD
A Photo capturing Mini Robot that fits in pocket 31,417.00 CAD
The TRAVEL MAT -make your next trip 100% BETTER 31,376.00 AUD
Leather Jackets Redefined : Perfect Fit-Radically Affordable 31,371.00 CAD
The Transforming X Table 2.0 - One Table To Rule Them All 31,362.00 USD
SmartyPans: World's First Smart Cooking Pan 31,322.00 USD
The Shlocker | Roommate stealing your shampoo? Not anymore! 31,285.00 USD
Unique and purposeful products made from upcycled materials. 31,231.00 USD
STUDLACE: Style and Comfort On All Your Shoes 31,225.00 USD
Impakt: One-Click Ethical Shopper 31,214.00 USD
QromaScan: A New, Smarter Way to Scan Photos 31,211.00 USD
BuddyLight - Simple, Efficient, and Easy-to-Install. 31,206.00 USD
Klistem: UV-C Light Technology Kills 99.9% of Bacteria 31,200.00 USD
ViperSharp, The Best Precision Knife Sharpener! (Canceled) 31,131.00 USD
treevo - The Simple Way To Grow Your Tree Into a Work of Art (Ca 31,102.00 USD
BRICWAVE™ Xpress with Apple MFi Certified ICs & Connectors 31,084.00 USD
The Geometrically Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph Watch (Cancele 31,071.00 CAD
Mahameru: Luxury Automatic Watch Inspired by 1950's Watch 31,058.00 USD
allb - A Smart Wearable Device for Infants. 31,052.00 USD
Bamboo Eco-Fleece Hoodies, Technically Soft and Beautiful 31,002.00 CAD
FOXTAIL - Organize Better. 30,961.00 DKK
Leather & Canvas Moto-Gear | Launch A New Janus Motorcycle! 30,961.00 USD
Keyper - A Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Device 30,952.00 USD
Girls & Co: Dolls for the Next Generation of Leaders 30,941.00 USD
Italian Automatic Chronograph Watches by OVAO 30,924.00 EUR
IMStick - your phone's best friend accessory! 30,895.00 GBP
SaStek Watches : Time Speed Indicator (Canceled) 30,885.00 GBP
The Line Collection. Uncompromising Everyday Watches. 30,867.00 GBP
The Mach Series - An Unusual, Mechanical, Automatic Watch 30,850.00 USD
LUX CABLES | The Premium Charging Cable 30,829.00 CAD
LUX CABLES | The Premium Charging Cable 30,829.00 CAD
Food Protectors | Your Kitchen's Heroes 30,821.00 USD
Replica Surfaces: Hyper-realistic Photography Backdrops 30,800.00 USD
Omnia - 100 dresses in 1. The Women's Multi-Tool. 30,775.00 USD
Boldfoot USA: Ridding the world of terrible quality socks 30,770.00 USD
Stridalyzer Smart Insoles 30,768.00 USD
Renegade: The First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bags & Bottles 30,765.00 GBP
Wendu: Control your Climate, Wear the Future 30,751.00 EUR
Kasia - What did you forget to turn off today? 30,727.00 USD
Fam-it: The Safest Security Camera Ever 30,723.00 HKD
Panoporter: World's First Live Chat 360° Video Camera 30,719.00 USD
Craft Wallet - Ditch Your Bulky Wallet 30,703.00 USD
Quantow Gear: World's Smallest Smartphone Controlled Car 30,694.00 USD
KitRex Pterodactyl: The 3D paper dino puzzle! 30,678.00 USD
alphaTUB | The World’s First Dynamic Alphabet Peg Board 30,650.00 USD
NOCABLE: 3 In 1 Fast Wireless Magnetic iPhone Charging Kit 30,632.00 HKD
LANTERN: The Ultimate Multifunctional Light! 30,628.00 CAD
Creation Crate: Your Personal Programming Teacher 30,622.00 USD
LUME, A Pro Grade Portable Burr Coffee Grinder & Camp Light 30,620.00 USD
Spill Proof Spinning Wine Glass 30,606.00 USD
The Main Street Entrepreneur - Documentary 30,606.00 USD
Cleep - The World's first Travel Wrist Camera 30,587.00 EUR
Cleep - The World's First Wearable Wrist Camera 30,587.00 EUR
MAGNERAK - The World's 1st Magnetic Fishing Rod Roof Rack 30,573.00 USD
HERO BLVD: The Street-Form Watch That Gives Time Back 30,563.00 USD
DuoTrac - World's First Swing Analyzer and Footwork Sensor 30,555.00 USD
Stereocap a new way to wear headphones 30,516.00 EUR
Tiny Atlas SOLAS: A casual camera bag for photographers 30,506.00 USD
Total Sous Vide: The best sous vide cook box & sear station 30,505.00 USD
The First Clothing Line Designed For Dads | Father Figure 30,499.00 USD
The Bootclaw - tackle mud 30,484.00 GBP
Buku Babies - World's Coolest & Most Innovative Baby Shoe 30,460.00 USD
STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning (Children's Book) STEM & STEAM 30,433.00 USD
Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice 30,391.00 USD
Ottm: Wood bands for Apple, Android & Pebble Watch 30,383.00 USD
WIFO Drum Kit & Game: The Best Way to Learn to Play 30,357.00 USD
JUICED - Charge everyone's phone wirelessly. 30,354.00 USD
CableKnife - The World's best cable insulation stripper 30,334.00 GBP
Cabin Bag co. 30,332.00 USD
DNA Lifestyle Coach: Genetics-based wellness 30,325.00 USD
Equerry - The World's Premier Shoe Shiner 30,305.00 GBP
Farm to Tea Cup • Winterwoods Tea Company 30,294.00 USD
Susana Madrid Launch -Unique Handmade in Italy Fashion Shoes 30,292.00 EUR
Warage Card Game: Extended Edition 30,279.00 EUR
Partake Foods 30,260.00 USD
Piks, a creative toy to develop concentration & imagination 30,220.00 EUR
Custom Candles from Repurposed Bottles - THE PERFECT GIFT 30,215.00 USD
Ogre Sauce - All-Purpose Craft BBQ Sauce 30,142.00 USD
Voyage Sleep Mask | The Compact 360° Padded Sleep Mask 30,133.00 USD
Night Rhythm: Ultimate Audio-responsive Neon Glow Headphones (Su 30,129.00 USD
360° Virtual Reality Action Camera IP9K 90 Feet Underwater 30,126.00 USD
SelfEco Pot: The First Self-Feeding Seed-Starter Garden Pots 30,107.00 USD
Weekend Warrior Bag: Most Dynamic Travel + Adventure Bag 30,106.00 USD
Mixiw: the modular notebook that suits you 30,098.00 EUR
The World's Most Advanced Stand Alone Tracking Device 30,092.00 USD
tpad refillable grade 5 titanium spiral notepad, notebook 30,091.00 USD
ManMade: SciFi Action Adventure Game set in an AI-Ruled 2050 (Ca 30,064.00 EUR
Shadowstar Corsairs: 1st Campaign (Canceled) 30,051.00 USD
LINKBOOK PRO - Turbocharge your phone signal 30,034.00 NZD
StitchKit - The Fashion Technology Kit for Everyone 30,011.00 CAD
REMORA • A Stylus & Pen Holder for Apple iPad Smart Covers. 29,982.00 USD
The Sailor - A Modern Take On A Classic Watch. 29,930.00 DKK
Button-Up + Laces: Quit Tying Knots! 29,892.00 USD
Dripkit, The Pocket-Sized Coffee Maker 29,826.00 USD
Perfect Pressure Revolutionary Sleep Innovations from $150 29,821.00 USD
Haru v2 - The Easiest Minimalist Slim Wallet 29,786.00 USD
LidSitter - A Brand New Way to Organize Your Kitchen! 29,783.00 USD
4-Rest | Travel Blanket 29,753.00 USD
EndlessID - The most innovative NFC wearables ever! 29,741.00 USD
Ventila: A NEW VENTILATION FAN For Backpacks & More 29,734.00 HKD
LEVSHA DESIGNER DIARY. Organize your life creatively! 29,728.00 SEK
SUGA - Yoga Mats Made from Recycled Wetsuits 29,725.00 USD
DM 29,687.00 USD
PATCH: The Smart Strap For Your Analogue Watch 29,644.00 SGD
Yoga Flexer: Truly Versatile Home Gym 29,593.00 USD
ConBody: The World's First PRISON STYLE VIRTUAL GYM 29,548.00 USD
ACp : Your AC outlet and DC power bank in your pocket. 29,518.00 USD
BoardPass Bag: Tangle-Free solution for Apple accessories 29,509.00 NZD
HidInslip® - A Minimalist Wallet for Your Phone or Tablet 29,501.00 USD
Harperwoods : Design Your Perfect Shoe 29,496.00 USD
MAKE/100 TOP GRADE Swiss Made Mechanical Hand Wound Watches 29,488.00 CHF
JinGoo: Transform Your Space with Music and Light 29,466.00 USD
Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game of Elements, Spells & MAYHEM! 29,418.00 USD
Version 2 Prank Greeting Cards that don't stop playing music 29,379.00 USD
MNML - A Wallet 70 Years in the Making. 29,375.00 CAD
The most useful earbuds accessory 29,354.00 EUR
GroomPal,the world's first pet care tool 29,328.00 USD
ezcontrol, home automation made easy 29,308.00 USD
Harperwoods: Define Your Kick. Custom Design Your Shoes. 29,267.00 USD
Goldchef: Reddot design award 2018 winner Grill 29,212.00 USD
Elvenroot Collapsible Dice Tower & Dice Case 29,206.00 USD
iBrush 365 ™ For Smart People 29,202.00 USD
Dusty-Brush - The new way to clean (Canceled) 29,201.00 CHF
"First Class" Overhead Collapsible Travel Guitars 29,197.00 USD
Livesglass 29,153.00 AUD
Focal Series -- High Performance, Long Lasting Bike Lights 29,067.00 USD
Willis Judd Forged Carbon Automatic Watches 29,054.00 AUD
Lock&Go:The Best Sports Armband You May Ever Have 29,051.00 USD
The Mamachic: the Do-It-All Scarf for the Do-It-All Woman 29,003.00 USD
Reflexbox 2.0 : Innovative Multimedial Wireless Charger 29,002.00 EUR
The All-In-One Ski Suit from Red7SkiWear (Canceled) 28,999.00 GBP
Greensbury: American Organic Meat & Seafood Delivered 28,989.00 USD
Passo Watch | Italian Designed. Swiss Made. Custom Built. (Cance 28,986.00 EUR
Trequant - First Wearable for Tremors 28,986.00 USD
Keago: A Smartlock Without Limits! 28,984.00 AUD
Okawi Smartbox - the balanced food container 28,954.00 SEK
SEA'SONS - World's first color changing swim shorts 28,941.00 EUR
ReForm - Compression Re-Thought 28,928.00 GBP
The Legends: Shoes made for your Feet Shape 28,886.00 EUR
Dock for your Apple device, Pebble Watch and USB-C device. 28,865.00 USD
Ornata Watches. Truly Swiss. Truly unique. 28,848.00 CHF
ENGO | Your Digital Lifestyle Companion (Canceled) 28,817.00 USD
WRAPTIE - The SMARTEST straps in the world! 28,811.00 USD
The Mason Bottle 28,734.00 USD
WALLY 2: The World's Coolest Commuter Solar Power Backpack 28,719.00 HKD
KUKE: Superpowers for Your iPhone 28,699.00 USD
P8S: Fastest Air Purifier with Nanoscale Filter 28,696.00 USD
True gentleman's gloves 28,658.00 GBP
BranchBox – USB-C dock for new MacBook 28,642.00 USD
Create your own high quality Revolo, unique and personal 28,640.00 EUR
meeperBOTS Turn Your Lego® Blocks into Amazing Machines! 28,637.00 USD
Upmood: track and share your emotions with this wearable 28,618.00 HKD
BREATHE Smart - Personal air quality monitor 28,609.00 USD
BYRON: The First 2 in 1 Leather Carryall. 28,593.00 EUR
EPUBReader for future Firefox 28,584.00 EUR
Unreal Estate - A Fantasy Cityscape Card Game 28,574.00 USD
The World's Smartest & most Elegant Wireless phone charger 28,570.00 EUR
Skies of Fire: #3 28,568.00 USD
G2 Turbo: The World's 1st Wearable BACKPACK VENTILATION FAN 28,517.00 HKD
Cando - Heater, Hot plate & Fondue 28,454.00 USD
WHY Watches - Architecturally Designed Timepieces 28,378.00 AUD
LyfieEye200 - World's First 360 VR AR Camera 28,353.00 USD
FytoStick - Where Will You Grow? 28,346.00 USD
Pinn | All-In-One Handsfree Device For Your Smartphone 28,335.00 USD
LINKEY | An Elegant Organizer For Keys And Carry Essentials. 28,329.00 USD
Ra. Lantern - 3-in-1 GPS Radar Trackers 28,316.00 USD
Keelcrab! First underwater Drone for the care of your Hull 28,298.00 EUR
Luxury Luggage, Made from Aeroplanes. 28,285.00 GBP
RamMore X: Unlimited Storage, unlimited possibilities 28,271.00 USD
Wheyward Girl Creamery- Local Artisan Cheese 28,210.00 USD
Mighty Toothbrush Holder - Organize Your Bathroom Better 28,204.00 AUD
Good Hangups: Hanging System for Posters, Prints, & More! 28,182.00 USD
R/Auto - An Automatic Watch Series inspired by Carbon Fiber. 28,179.00 AUD
Flip - thinner and better British plug 28,115.00 GBP
Kids Imagination Furniture by The Cardboard Guys 28,099.00 USD
Andiamo iQ Smart Luggage: Wi-Fi, Charger & More 28,075.00 USD
nomadiQ - the first real portable gas bbq (Canceled) 28,042.00 EUR
Stargazers App: touch the sky 28,037.00 EUR
Mark - The Best Cardholder Wallet for the Minimalists 28,023.00 SGD
Slim Edition: The Slimmest Classic Bifold Wallet now Slimmer 28,011.00 GBP
Ambassador: Stainless&Odourless Pima Cotton Shirt 28,009.00 EUR
Six or Less - The Most Natural Soap for your Family 27,988.00 USD
WRAPTIE - The SMARTEST straps in the world! 27,949.00 USD
Roblella: Premium Oak Bottle with removable base. 27,943.00 EUR
Metperial survivalist multi-tool and pocket clip key holder 27,923.00 AUD
The Posture Reminder T-shirt 27,909.00 USD
JOEE | World’s Best Cooler Accessory with 5 Amazing Features 27,901.00 USD
Corva Saxodate (Canceled)- look at the project updates. (Cancele 27,892.00 USD
AphroAdonis: Custom-made Luxury Leather Bags 27,889.00 USD
Everwaters | The Advanced Natural Water Filter 27,835.00 USD
Shower Shimmy 27,827.00 USD
ChopTainer : The ultimate all-in-one cutting board companion 27,819.00 USD
Thundrblade 27,816.00 USD
Jungle Bar: The Insect Powered Protein Bar 27,806.00 USD
Jacopo Ridolfi | Italian Shoes Handmade & Hand-painted 27,765.00 EUR
The Complete Virtual Reality Game Development Course 27,757.00 AUD
New Dragon/Cat Shoulder Packs 27,750.00 USD
Lini cube Luxury Toy - Next Generation Building Block 27,723.00 EUR
SDJ-02: Self Drying Jacket w/ Climate Control + USB Charging 27,706.00 USD
The TeaBook - The Best Way to Store, Share & Serve Your Tea 27,687.00 USD
ONE SMARTDIET: Healthy Body Shape Solution 27,629.00 USD
Rhea: Raising the Standard of Sandals 27,626.00 USD
Platonics - Polyhedrons cast in solid brass and bronze 27,611.00 EUR
The Rocket | Interactive Ferrofluid Lava Lamp 27,601.00 USD
CLOCKWRIGHT: Large-Scale Analogue Time Machines 27,588.00 USD
TurnsPro | Time Lapse Camera Mount - for everyone! 27,577.00 GBP
Ferdi & 3Five6: High-End Modern Swiss Watches with a Soul (Cance 27,575.00 AUD
Nova Minimal Pen 27,545.00 GBP
KATE | The universal (camera) designer bag 27,530.00 USD
1983 XL Pilot - Limited Edition Watch 27,524.00 CAD
Weed Snatcher, The Ultimate Crack & Crevice Weeding Tool 27,517.00 USD
Biotraps-The Safe and Effective Mosquito Solution 27,516.00 USD
World's 1st Immersive Smart Capture Binoculars :: eyeQ 27,510.00 USD
World's 1st Immersive Smart Capture Binoculars :: eyeQ 27,510.00 USD
Italian Moms - Spreading Their Art To Every Table 27,508.00 USD
Novus Watch Co. | The only watch you'll ever need. 27,483.00 CAD
Metal Flowers That Open and Close With Temperature Change 27,470.00 USD
UNIQUE TRAVEL SET | World's best travel clothing for Women 27,462.00 USD
EyeQue Insight: 20-20 Smartphone Vision Screener 27,435.00 USD
MYO Magnets 27,389.00 USD
BOOMPHONES: World's Most Advanced Headphone Speaker Hybrid 27,370.00 USD
EyeQue Insight: Empowering You! DIY 20/20 Vision Screener 27,346.00 USD
The Bernard Flask: The World's Most Beautiful Flask 27,333.00 USD
Sword Drives - Sword Shaped USB Drives 27,322.00 USD
Yambuu Mail | Take the FULL control over your information 27,314.00 USD
Xcissor Pen – One Mighty Scissors Hidden in Your Sleek Pen 27,235.00 USD
WATKINS CERAMIC watch- The ambition to meet higher demands 27,226.00 EUR
Prism: Night Playing Cards (Relaunch) 27,208.00 AUD
AMPSound Personal Bluetooth Amplifiers & Earbuds 27,202.00 USD
goldno.8 Customizable Handbags 27,190.00 USD
SUPRA TAG - Credit card multifunctional plier full Titanium 27,182.00 AUD
VOYAGER - A Sci-Fi Series Based On Events From A Near Future 27,155.00 USD
TINK | The Fiber Artists' First Wearable Notions Bracelet 27,149.00 USD
Paulson Grade 5 Titanium Automatic Dive Watch 27,138.00 USD
Vierra - The Best Watch Ever Made Under $150 27,137.00 USD
The Story | Create Your Own Lamp 27,098.00 USD
PureShape: Enhance your productivity with Apple Magic Mouse 27,075.00 USD
Journey | A Mini Travel Duffel Designed for Flight 27,016.00 USD
ScreenStick: Sensitive Joystick for Tablets & Smartphones 26,949.00 GBP
Panda Planner Pro: Happiness + Productivity = Success! 26,944.00 USD
Aeroe BikePack - Bike Bag Revolution! 26,937.00 NZD
BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform 26,907.00 USD
Ferroflow - The First Fully Automatic Ferrofluid Sculpture 26,903.00 USD
Whoa Board: Dream With Touch Sensing EL Wire, Panels, Paint 26,857.00 USD
Slim II - The Classic Wallet, Redesigned with RFID 26,848.00 USD
Comfort Reinvented | Luxurious Boots with NASA Comfort Tech (Can 26,847.00 USD
The National Park Poster Project - Centennial Collection 26,843.00 USD
Kaizen Planner: Make Tomorrow Your New Personal Best. 26,843.00 SGD
The World's Most Eco-Friendly & Toxin-Free Skincare 26,800.00 CAD
Third Wave Water • Let's make better coffee! 26,795.00 USD
DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball 26,772.00 USD
THE ULTIMATE EVERYDAY BACKPACK for Work + Life + Play 26,766.00 CAD
EVO : The Ultimate Companion for your smartphone 26,741.00 CAD
Hideout Travel Pillow. Compact. Self Inflating. Adjustable. 26,739.00 USD
Bronze Divers Watch from TC-9 Watches, Basel, Switzerland 26,734.00 CHF
Artisan & Fox: Extraordinary Ethical Craftsmanship 26,675.00 USD
Rove Gym (Canceled) 26,652.00 CAD
HANA convertible bag 26,645.00 USD
Olympians Playing Cards printed by USPCC (Relaunched) 26,620.00 SGD
VIEWPOINT - a collection of Art and Design by LRNZ 26,613.00 USD
War in Christmas Village sequels. Tabletop gaming mini 26,582.00 USD
The Dandyline by MAKELOS - a high-quality automatic watch 26,526.00 EUR
3Deep : The Sonic Toothbrush 26,517.00 USD
AirPlus - Wireless Charging Protective Case for AirPods 26,514.00 AUD
The Ultimate Merino Running Jacket 26,512.00 CAD
Drop: The Wireless Network Built By You 26,505.00 USD
The Premium Long Lasting Polo Shirt 26,484.00 USD
Phoenix Hunting Survival Knife Set 26,471.00 USD
American Ostrich Farms: The Healthy, Sustainable Red Meat 26,453.00 USD
RGB - The Most Unique Men's Belt In The World 26,420.00 USD
Flio Up - The 1st Laptop Stand Workstation on the Go 26,418.00 EUR
Drawn Together. Comics, Diversity & Stereotypes 26,391.00 USD
NEVERQUIT: The Ultimate Socks for All Your Adventures 26,383.00 CAD
Fonebud W: International 4G WiFi Hotspot & Charger 26,364.00 USD
Light Insoles: A New Approach to Custom Footwear 26,358.00 USD
Scandy Sphere: Capture life's best moments, order a 3D print 26,340.00 USD
K-25: Bath Towels On Another Level 26,340.00 USD
Gamingvisor: VR Headset for pc and console (Canceled) 26,335.00 EUR
EXYRA - Stylish Solution For Digital Eyestrain 26,302.00 AUD
The World's Most Cushioned Sneakers Shoes 26,300.00 USD
Smore Magazine: Ignite Her Brilliance 26,299.00 USD
Fanci Belle: Anti-Aging Handheld Laser Device 26,294.00 USD
Umami Steamer X (Fast, Healthy, Delicious Cooking) (Canceled) 26,290.00 HKD
Henlen: The Interchangeable Smartwatch 26,271.00 USD
GlowBowl - Motion Activated Night Light For Your Toilet 26,253.00 USD
VSSL Mini LED Lantern + Cache 26,248.00 CAD
MonoCharge: Wireless Charging Reimagined 26,229.00 USD
The Chaski Backpack 26,228.00 USD
iPad Pro - ProBack Cover | Charge Your Apple Pencil 26,218.00 USD
Trance Solid Titanium: The World's Best Ruler 26,213.00 USD
Starfall Tactics: Next-Gen Space RTS 26,213.00 USD
Felcana: The first smart cat & dog health monitor 26,191.00 GBP
THE BEAD GAME: Play to gain a new kind of gaming experience 26,174.00 GBP
YuVue: Get Paid for the Photos and Videos You Share Online 26,157.00 USD
Hoby - your personal time lapse tool 26,155.00 GBP
The Travel Bottle 26,098.00 USD
Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime 26,092.00 GBP
Core Training and Gaming System 26,032.00 USD
Giiro : Personal Posture Coach on your Standing desk 26,003.00 USD
Fredrick Harold - A Sock Co. 26,000.00 AUD
A Revolutionary single-handed watch 25,989.00 CAD
Pipmen Playing Cards (Relaunch) 25,985.00 AUD
The Arkade - a Classic Christian Video Game Plug and Play 25,965.00 USD
You've Never Seen A TieBar & Pocket Square Like This Before! 25,963.00 USD
Bee The Swarm's Games for Charity 25,960.00 USD
Orilamp - Your Best Lighting Companion 25,885.00 USD
STRYVE Watch - stylish, yet comfortable. 25,875.00 EUR
VIT-S 25,840.00 EUR
YUNMAI2 Smart Scale:Track ALL of your body's stats 25,838.00 USD
SUSTAIN SPORT Heated Scarf -- The warmest Scarf in the world 25,817.00 USD
MEET Q | The World's most Affordable Smart Wallet! 25,807.00 USD
Minimalist, High Quality Watches without the Bulls**t 25,802.00 GBP
THE ANNAPURNA SOFTSHELL | WindProof - 4 Way Stretch Jacket 25,791.00 USD
Welcome 25,790.00 EUR
MOTION V2 - A unique German Made Designer Watch (Canceled) 25,776.00 EUR
FOCX™ Everyday Wallet 25,769.00 EUR
See with LinkSquare SDK: Like Your Eyes, but Better 25,769.00 USD
Masterkey 4.0 25,767.00 EUR
KP OrbitPen - The Ultimate Fidget Pen 25,767.00 USD
MYPIN : Great Audio for Great Video Production 25,767.00 USD
APÉRO - The World's First Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener 25,755.00 USD
Stylish Raincoats 100% Guaranteed to Keep You Dry 25,748.00 USD
Breaker One Bag. The incredibly organized travel backpack. 25,743.00 USD
INVICTA Challenge - Games About American Heroes & Leaders 25,741.00 USD
CrossXvest EVO: World's Most Advanced WeightVest 25,738.00 USD
The World's Most Stylish Travel Packs - Buy one, Give one 25,712.00 NZD
Plant Hero: no more sad plants! 25,678.00 SGD
PopUp Play - Moving kids from screen time to play time. 25,676.00 USD
X5-Plus: Charge Up To 5 Unique Devices In Your Car 25,674.00 USD
Voxos: Bone Conduction Smart Glasses 25,656.00 USD
Golden Mylk Chocolate by Endorfin Foods (Canceled) 25,634.00 USD
SwapBots: Augmented Reality Toys For Creative Play 25,617.00 GBP
ChargePool: the only charger you’ll ever need 25,608.00 USD
Work'N'Play Bags | Luxury with a Social Conscience 25,591.00 USD
Comfy Travel Pillow- Sleep Easy & Go Anywhere in Comfort! 25,565.00 HKD
Accordion Play House – The best playhouse for small spaces 25,555.00 USD
Mini Hand - The Most Versatile Third Hand 25,530.00 USD
Energy Sac, A SmartPack with infinite possibilities 25,508.00 USD
Meet TASK - The Ultimate Travel Wallet! 25,502.00 USD
FITLY - the Most Exciting and Innovative Running Pack 25,442.00 USD
DOERS Coffee | 100% Your Custom Roasted Coffee Delivered 25,425.00 USD
The Backcountry Baselayer for Skiing & Snowboarding 25,421.00 GBP
The Everyday Watch – 3 Interchangeable Straps without Markup 25,409.00 SGD
Lord Henry: customizable Made in France luxury watches 25,377.00 EUR
Felik - World's First AI-Powered Pet Toy 25,353.00 USD
Our Barista Cold Brew Makes the Best Coffee Around 25,350.00 USD
The Domenico Sneakerboot by Luigi Sardo Shoes 25,338.00 CAD
The Wallaby wallet notebook | Get Your Life Together.™ 25,331.00 USD
PYYROS | All-in-one Survival Tool + Flashlight 25,316.00 CAD
PowerSquare TANGO: Best Wireless Charger Yet! 25,314.00 USD
INKURU | The Ultimate Everyday Travel Solution. 25,313.00 USD
40mm Mens & Womens Minimalist Watch | Swiss Mechanism 25,304.00 GBP
United Mini Fidget Spinner 25,294.00 USD
Bulls & Bears Game: Learn all about Finance and Investing! (Canc 25,292.00 EUR
McDowell Time DelRay Auto-Quartz Watch 25,288.00 USD
LEOPARDËT: Made in Los Angeles Fashion 25,285.00 USD
Adopted 25,283.00 USD
Kekoa Foods: Herbs, Roots, & Spices in Baby Food 25,255.00 USD
Make your iphone a great camera 25,254.00 HKD
Declan - A universal accessory to solve a universal problem 25,247.00 USD
CORKY : For safe and stylish bike riding! 25,243.00 USD
The World's Best Commuter-to-Office Bag || HACKPACK 25,216.00 USD
PiMecha - Humanoid Robot on Raspberry Pi 25,201.00 GBP
TITANIUM Silverware : Elevated Eco-friendly Utensils 25,195.00 USD
BodyWHealth, Journey to Abundance 25,145.00 USD
Quilo 2.0: The Smart Air Cooler with True HEPA Air Purifier (Can 25,136.00 USD
Freedom Shirt, Powerfully enhanced, Superior comfort. 25,109.00 AUD
Captains of the Golden Age 25,102.00 EUR
Balldur | Adjust light, control music, create mood (Canceled) 25,092.00 USD
Stowaway - Ultimate Bike Storage Solution 25,081.00 EUR
Flypdeck - a handheld electronic action toy 25,075.00 USD
A High Resolution Full Color 3D Printer 25,027.00 GBP
Xpress-PRO: The MOST Advanced Mobile Memory/Charging Station 25,022.00 USD
FlipRocks - Extreme Flip Flops with Interchangeable Soles 25,014.00 USD
Fluent Panda — Have the right words, wherever life takes you 25,011.00 GBP
Norwegian made wood and silver jewellery inspired by nature 25,010.00 NOK
Hanger & Cloth: An American Movement 25,002.00 USD
Quotes Watch - The Art of Words 25,001.00 EUR
BLU - World’s Most Versatile Hearing Glasses 24,987.00 USD
DreamMe is the new companion for your smartphone at night. 24,974.00 EUR
Runbell - Avoid Collisions and Surprises 24,945.00 USD
Comeback of a Legend 24,892.00 EUR
X-Blade | 3 Styles of our Replaceable Blade Tools 24,881.00 USD
The Ultimate Boardshort 24,855.00 AUD
FITCAZE | Turn your iPhone into a BETTER one. 24,854.00 EUR
Combine Athletic Drills/ Cardio with Strength Training 24,847.00 USD
The Only Laptop Stand You Will Ever Need | XSTAND 24,836.00 USD
Racing & Battle Drones at Home 24,808.00 USD
Xenon Flash for iPhone 24,807.00 USD
Help Keep Plastic Out of the Ocean with Fair Harbor Clothing 24,782.00 USD
TODO-The next big thing! (Canceled) 24,773.00 USD
Vegua: Self-Cleaning Aquaponics System to Grow Organic Food 24,760.00 EUR
Chivote 2Face2 | The most functional leather backpack! 24,755.00 USD
Nitrokey Storage: USB Security Key for Encryption 24,738.00 EUR
Indie : The Most Reliable Desktop 3D Printer. 24,697.00 USD
Secure Internet Password NoteBook 24,686.00 CAD
The Pen from Space - INFINITY 24,639.00 GBP
Sit, Stand, Type with the 3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube 24,603.00 USD
GPS-powered travelopedia 24,593.00 USD
Savory Harvest, The UnSweet Snack Bar 24,592.00 USD
MerinoTech+: The Ultimate 2-IN-1 Traveler's Shirt and Jogger 24,580.00 CAD
VUP Plus World's smallest safest cycling backpack 24,562.00 USD
Leonardo | The Game of Art and Death | Plague Edition 24,543.00 USD
Cable Carousel - An Elegant Cable Organizer 24,540.00 USD
The CABLE™ Bracelet: Jewellery to last more than a lifetime 24,524.00 GBP
Radius F1 - Smart Self Adjusting Bike Light 24,524.00 USD
Finn Watches - Irish Design. Swiss Movement. 24,514.00 GBP
Herb&Rich Connect. 24,509.00 NZD
Numeracy Legends: Inspiring Kids Love of Math at Play. 24,486.00 USD
POP & STOP: #SAVETHEBEER - Opener and Sealer 24,485.00 USD
Rackless – the key rack that makes your keys float in midair 24,478.00 USD
Setting the standard as the 'World's Best' Charging Cable 24,452.00 AUD
An Icon for Everything, in Every Style! 24,447.00 USD
Switch: The SINGLE lamp that meets ALL your lighting needs 24,398.00 USD
ÖselBirch Birch Water Drinks - ESTonishingly refreshing! 24,381.00 EUR
Syzygy Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck 24,367.00 USD
Socks for Animals 24,357.00 USD
The Ockham Razor - a minimalist, modern razor. 24,325.00 GBP
WOODIE | All-in-one Italian Power Hub. 24,319.00 EUR
TACO vs. BURRITO : A Crazy Fun Game Created by a 7 Year Old 24,312.00 USD
EBolt Luggage - The World's First Self-Charging Carry-on 24,311.00 USD
The New Livesglass - Your Pocket Size Green House (Canceled) 24,300.00 AUD
Bespokino: The World’s First Custom Fitting Tool 24,295.00 USD
OPUL Shoes | Premium leather shoes, bespoke and hand-made 24,259.00 GBP
The Perfect Adventure-Ready Backpack: The Free Spirit 30L 24,251.00 USD
Waterproof Mp3 Player  Bluetooth Headset  FM  App All in One 24,239.00 USD
LAER 2.0: A Laptop Sleeve To Charge All Your Devices 24,210.00 GBP
Freeda Vintage Watches: The hallmark of the Modern Gentleman 24,178.00 EUR
Silver Mask: High-Performance, High-Fashion Breathing Mask 24,173.00 EUR
Racing-inspired watch with Carbon Fiber and Alcantara 24,154.00 USD
Coostr ~ pop-up turtle coasters 24,151.00 USD
Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody w RFID Protection 24,096.00 USD
Elections of US America Election: The Card Game 24,059.00 GBP
N O R T H - Simple, timeless and refined watches 24,050.00 CAD
VASCO || 24h TIMEPIECES 24,031.00 EUR
Pocketbands® 3.0 - Wristband With A Hidden Pocket 24,030.00 USD
YodelUP: on-glove wearable for music and communication 24,028.00 CAD
ARTSTATE - GPS Solar Watch 24,023.00 CAD
Vulcan Razors - A New Caliber of Shaving 23,980.00 USD
Starting At $50. High-Grade Minimal Watches, Rigorous Craft. 23,976.00 USD
BIY 2 Bike Kit - Build any bike with bamboo in 5 hours 23,943.00 USD
My Paint Saint 23,928.00 USD
riimo : Ultrasmall IR Smart Remote for any devices 23,914.00 USD
MINIMA - Minimal. Beautiful. Wallet. 23,904.00 USD
SMiD Pro: Cloud Privacy for Everyone! 23,873.00 EUR
STOIK: Stoicism Reformatted for the Modern Reader. 23,846.00 USD
Firestarter Survival Watch / Paracord Apple Watch Band 23,838.00 USD
The Sidekick: liberate your workout, exercise on-the-go 23,835.00 USD
STROM: Battery Upgrade For Your Apple Charger 23,833.00 USD
ULTIMATE CARGO ORGANIZERS - Keep your stuff safe in the car. 23,812.00 EUR
QUBE PLUS Bluetooth Speaker and Powerbank (Canceled) 23,788.00 CAD
Toyi: Transform Everything into Unique Toys! 23,778.00 USD
Styleables: The Fully Customizable Future of Accessories 23,738.00 EUR
Cuciniale – Cooks perfect meals for you every time (Canceled) 23,738.00 EUR
Netonos Note: Amplify your Sonos 23,730.00 USD
Flickerstrip: The customizable home Wi-Fi LED light strip 23,702.00 USD
WoodieHub | Rethink how you see powerstrips 23,690.00 EUR
Real Stone MacBook Covers And Phone Cases 23,681.00 EUR
Range Leather Apple Watch Bands & Travel Roll 23,680.00 USD
UberStax Color Expansion - Universal Game Piece Holders 23,663.00 CAD
ZipSeam 2.0 - Instantly Tailor Your Shirts 23,630.00 USD
iKi 'A' Series Watch: Minimalist watch with Swiss movement 23,622.00 AUD
Smart Protektor (Suspended) 23,614.00 USD
Alvieri – Elegant Watch With a Really Lively Dial 23,575.00 USD
Wuvo Spot: The Global Lost & Found Tracker 23,543.00 USD
Naked Case: World's 1st iPhone 7 Scratch-Resistant Skin 23,540.00 CAD
Aerowood: The Marvelous Modular Wooden Drone 23,538.00 USD
Lauco - Nano Suction Car Mount For Phones & Cases 23,520.00 USD
HB-V70 World's First Multifunction Smart Wireless Headphones 23,495.00 USD
Defrozo: The ultimate marketing platform for photographers. 23,479.00 USD
Carry the Stars in Your Hands: Rainbow Enamel Pins 23,473.00 USD
Weighitz: World's smallest smart scale! 23,369.00 USD
Coen Anders Timepieces - Elegant Watches For Every Occasion 23,321.00 SGD
SmartRazor the World's First Heated Blades Razor 23,268.00 USD
LovePop: 3D Holiday Cards That Pop Like Magic 23,252.00 USD
Balanst® Premium Wallet | Your Privacy Masterpiece. 23,230.00 EUR
Art of the Patent - Playing Cards 23,221.00 USD
IPPS: Portable Backup Sensors - No drivers excused 23,201.00 USD
The World's First Multifunctional Urban Jacket (Canceled) 23,192.00 EUR
Allegro:Charging&Sterilizer Travel Cup Electric Toothbrush 23,168.00 USD
GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker with Powerful HiFi Sound 23,123.00 USD
Linute: making later happen now 23,115.00 USD
NanoPad - Stick your Phone on any smooth surface (Suspended) 23,100.00 EUR
Jurassic Fossils 23,094.00 CAD
ATILIUM: A Retro-Styled Power Charger 23,091.00 USD
Jewell4men - Authentic constructions for men (Canceled) 23,086.00 DKK
The Lakewood Jacket: the most customizable jacket ever 23,044.00 CAD
Snap Clips TM 23,040.00 USD
Bloqbag: The modular backpack and messenger bag (Canceled) 23,028.00 USD
The Hydration Shirt: Only Shirt Proven to Boost Performance 23,026.00 USD
Buki: Luxurious technical sportswear for everyday. 23,000.00 USD
EKOOR Beacons: Add Proximity Intelligence to your Smart Home 22,978.00 CAD
PadBot T1: A Tiny Robotic Avatar 22,972.00 USD
Gunhand - A gritty Western feature film 22,959.00 USD
COA Presents AA01 "The Eclipse Watch" 22,946.00 GBP
The PRYZM Supermaterials Collection 22,946.00 GBP
Professional Dueling & Cosplay LED Saber 22,940.00 EUR
Astray Rolltop Backpack | Built to Last a Lifetime 22,929.00 SGD
Tympani: The Fast & Accurate Smart Thermometer 22,924.00 USD
ANKOR- A Flashlight Multi-Tool! 22,898.00 AUD
SkyMate - All-in-one drone with a 4K camera 22,878.00 USD
TOTOKAN Wireless Baby and Toddler Monitor 22,875.00 USD
Hamilton Perkins Collection: From Plastic Bottles to Bags 22,872.00 USD
The World's first 2-in-1 JetLag Supplement 22,842.00 USD
French-Russian vintage 24-hours watches by Kosmos 24 22,790.00 EUR
The Rocket | Ferrofluid Lava Lamp (Canceled) 22,786.00 USD
Spices Reimagined - Organic Spices in Innovative Containers 22,786.00 USD
The perFIcT Fitness App 22,777.00 USD
Turn Your Chair Into A Recumbent Exercise Cycle + Much More 22,775.00 USD
The World's Most Durable Waterproof Hat 22,773.00 USD
Compression Packing Cubes 22,772.00 AUD
Final Act - Take the role of a tank commander, tactics game. 22,768.00 USD
Uitto The Biocomposite Skateboard 22,750.00 USD
SPARROW wearable air monitor by ECO Sensors 22,704.00 USD
Animal Soul 22,701.00 GBP
PRYZM | Ultra rare materials collection 22,659.00 GBP
OPUL | Premium Leather Jackets & Long Coats | VOL.2 22,657.00 GBP
Simpresso - enjoy espresso beverages anytime @ anywhere (Cancele 22,654.00 USD
PBL ROBOTS dice & card game 22,645.00 USD
The World’s Best Passport Holder Wallet with 8 Features 22,636.00 CAD
Minimalist Analog Watch with Heart Rate Monitor 22,634.00 SGD
Circuband: The Ultimate Fitness Tool 22,614.00 USD
DUN FOLD - World's first contactless wallet 22,609.00 EUR
Apis Boots 22,607.00 CAD
Island Dice - A Strategy Game of Dice Selection 22,598.00 USD
FreeHand Travel 22,550.00 USD
Storyfab - Augmented Reality to create short films 22,545.00 CHF
Thingzo: Easily Find Out When Things Last Moved 22,526.00 USD
Oriboard : The amazing origami multifunctional cutting board 22,516.00 EUR
MIRRO - The tissue box between Illusion and Reality 22,512.00 USD
CGC : Luxury Leather Bags. Sustainably Made in the USA. 22,512.00 USD
Interlude - An Innovative Travel Chair 22,506.00 USD
The Invisible Carry-on Backpack - simplify your travel 22,470.00 GBP
Moscase: The New Generation Of Smartphone Cases SYSTEM 22,459.00 USD
Lumineer - the "world's most discreet" bike light! 22,454.00 GBP
Pegasus Venezia Legionarius: Italian Luxury Homage Watch 22,425.00 EUR
Vapor Soothers - Instant Nasal Congestion Relief 22,371.00 USD
Minimalist leather bags that don't break the bank. 22,356.00 GBP
Catspad: Smart Food & Water Dispenser for Cats 22,351.00 USD
Secure Password Journal 22,348.00 CAD
A tribute to Star Wars by David G. Forés - 'The Ink Harvest' 22,333.00 EUR
Epic Event: The most powerful pocket projector 22,314.00 USD
Air Button - The Last Button You'll Need for Your Mobile 22,310.00 USD
Wallor: RFID Wallet with GPS Tracking and Anti-Theft Alarm 22,304.00 USD
AONE: $17 SmartCar with ADAS, Ecall, and OBD II 22,302.00 USD
Morph - Pillow of the gods 22,286.00 USD
COIN- Make your Home Smart, Secure & More Intelligent 22,286.00 USD
Lume Smart Leggings - Made For Your Smartphone 22,280.00 USD
2048 | The DIY Open-Source Game Console 22,277.00 GBP
The Classic | First of Its Kind Motorcycle Helmet Bag 22,260.00 SGD
Smartphone Scope Mount: Digiscope with your tablet or phone 22,257.00 USD
Kyoto Threads: A healthier, sustainable bedding alternative 22,249.00 CAD
ESSENCE 22,249.00 EUR
ORBIT - The World' Most Fabulous, Refillable & Creative Pen! 22,243.00 USD
The Adventure Pals - A Story of Love, Giraffes & Hot Dogs 22,241.00 GBP
The $40 Men's Premium Jean, Made in LA. 22,233.00 USD
LifeCool - Amazing lifesaving cooler for all boats! 22,191.00 USD
The Flagship Grill Pan - Healthier Than Ever! 22,189.00 USD
Luxury footwear to conquer the corporate battlefield. (Canceled) 22,182.00 CAD
Barstow System and Mini Bar: Bike Tools from Mineral Design 22,170.00 USD
Müll - Cubes and More from Recycled Plastic Trash (Canceled) 22,163.00 USD
The American-Made Chelsea Boot by Mark Albert 22,150.00 USD
The CONSTELLATION | It's a statement. 22,143.00 EUR
Flens - The first flashlight booster for smartphones 22,109.00 EUR
Gamingvisor: a new kind of gaming glasses (pc and console) 22,085.00 EUR
High-Tech Optics for the HeadPlay HD FPV goggle 22,085.00 USD
Wild & Free Supply Leather Messenger Bags 22,075.00 USD
AnyTouch Blue - Smart Keyboard & Mouse USB Dongle(Restart) 22,056.00 USD
Mavericks: A Barbershop-Quality Shave at Home 22,047.00 USD
SLIM BIFOLD WALLET- Best bifold wallet with modern features. 22,022.00 USD
The Geometrically Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph Watch 22,003.00 CAD
SIEGE STOVE: The Ultimate Camping & Survival Stove 21,995.00 USD
Secret Storage Sphere-The perfect way to keep your valuables 21,980.00 GBP
TOM Backpack: The ONLY backpack you need! 21,968.00 USD
Tundra Band: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Runners 21,967.00 USD
ShowerShroom™ - Unbelievably Awesome Hair Catcher 21,963.00 USD
KMINA: The world's first painfree and stylish crutches 21,930.00 EUR
Up Beet Eating: Nutritous Home-Cooked Meals, Made Easy 21,929.00 USD
SoundBrake 2.0: Make Your Headphones Safer 21,926.00 USD
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning E-Degree 21,896.00 USD
PocketBands™ 2.0 - Wristband With A Hidden Pocket 21,857.00 USD
KHAMAMA Revolutionising luxury watches - embracing nature 21,828.00 GBP
Sriracha Stix, Season From the Inside Out with Real Sriracha 21,822.00 USD
UpCart® City: The Most Compact Stair Climbing Cart! 21,787.00 USD
Build A Cure: The Bunker 21,783.00 USD
The Turner - Your New Everyday Wallet 21,776.00 USD
The World's Finest 100% Cashmere Sweater by Pantera Bianca 21,772.00 EUR
Dutchbudz: Best Ever Reason to Go Wireless 21,763.00 USD
Pre-order (Delivery August 2015) 21,761.00 CAD
Count - Meet the World's First Smartphone AR Projector (Canceled 21,760.00 USD
OFFPISTE: An innovative sports pack, accessible in motion 21,745.00 USD
The Tactful (Tactical) Pen & Tool: A Unique EDC For Life 21,727.00 USD
Silver Lining: The Best Outerwear Ever for Guys and Dolls 21,726.00 USD
Corky's-Porkys: Barnyard Battle! A family dice & card game 21,717.00 USD
DashPal: 24x7 Protection for Your Car & Driver 21,697.00 USD
AlphaTechBlocks - Learning A B C's thru Tech & Touch 21,691.00 USD
I 21,690.00 AUD
The Chameleon Collection - Beyond Basic Pants 21,689.00 CHF
dfy 360 Wallet - The World's Best RFID Blocking Wallet 21,660.00 USD
Code&Quill - The Monolith Notebook 21,624.00 USD
Vallett - A Carbon Fiber Wallet the Size of a Credit Card 21,601.00 USD
Conquer the lunch box: This & That Lunch Kit 21,585.00 USD
Glow Battle: A Light-Up Sword Game for Active Fun 21,580.00 USD
Foundation. A Portable Posture Correcting Device 21,577.00 EUR
The revolutionary T-shirt that makes you look better | MORPH 21,556.00 EUR
Handcrafted Wood Pens made from Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels 21,552.00 USD
Handcrafted Wood Pens made from Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels 21,552.00 USD
Amber Crown: Safest Tick & Flea Dog Collar 21,541.00 USD
Leatherweight - The Sound Material 21,526.00 USD
The Only Designer Handbags Tailored Uniquely For You! 21,525.00 GBP
Monsieur Watches: A Gentlemen's Essential Timepiece 21,523.00 SGD
Eduonix Fullstack Javascript Developer Edegree 21,509.00 USD
Erase All Kittens - A game that inspires girls to code 21,508.00 GBP
Laauw | Dutch Leather Bags 21,483.00 EUR
The Devops Engineer E-Degree 21,478.00 USD
SIAM ETOH: Born to Chop | Make 100 21,445.00 USD
The Nowall CH-1 Earphones: Bluetooth® for Music Lovers 21,436.00 USD
Sunnyroots: Your color-changing shoes - made in Italy 21,435.00 USD
Urban Snow - Ski and Snowboard Year Round in the Bay Area 21,415.00 USD
Deviate Watches - The Ascent Pro 200m 21,397.00 CAD
THE OFFBITS - The Art of Spare Parts - FUNDED! 21,394.00 USD
OCEAN SWIPE 360: The Robot Cleaner Your Aquarium Deserves 21,391.00 CAD
LESIELLE | The World's first Adaptive Skin Care 21,378.00 EUR
B-Unstoppable World's First TankCopter Drone 21,360.00 USD
Pitch Cards 21,356.00 EUR
Ecofarm | Grow fresh food with your own mini ecosystem 21,322.00 EUR
ULTRON: Most Powerful Wireless Graphene Powerbank 21,320.00 USD
Tempi - The Smart Way to Monitor Temperature and Humidity 21,300.00 USD
Nautilus Surface Wall Clock 21,300.00 USD
FAST protects you from bike falls and thefts 21,290.00 USD
The Sonic Boom Gyroscope: High precision toy! 21,287.00 CAD
The Aviator Hoodie Collection: Go Further. 21,287.00 USD
Melissa Manchester - The Fellas 21,286.00 USD
Readybox | Fastest Consumer 3D Printer 21,284.00 USD
The first luminous jacket for bikers 21,278.00 EUR
Gesture-Controlled Smartcar 21,272.00 USD
Jive TWS Earbuds | Pure Wire-Less Audio 21,251.00 USD
EARTHY: 360º Flowing Aqua Lamp 21,249.00 USD
SMiD Pro: Cloud Privacy for Everyone! 21,246.00 EUR
Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat Body Armor 21,218.00 USD
Fidgi Pen 2.0 21,203.00 USD
PEZZ instant HealthCheck for Dogs 21,200.00 EUR
Vulpine: Be a Fox with a Sword 21,180.00 USD
Bambooti | A Wooden Back For Your Mac 21,138.00 EUR
Project Joy: Technologies for mental wellbeing and cognition 21,132.00 USD
Minute & Azimut Watch: 1960's Design with Swiss Movement 21,097.00 GBP
Sinister Deck: The Left-Handed Card Deck With Famous Lefties 21,096.00 USD
BE-Bop Buds Wireless Earbuds- BE Cord Free (Suspended) 21,092.00 USD
Smart Letters - beautiful connected toy for kids 21,091.00 EUR
EZ-Drinks: Mix the Perfect Cocktails Effortlessly 21,088.00 USD
The Pantiam Collection - Valachio Watches 21,084.00 CAD
SITGO™-World's First Electric Bike Chargeable By Car 21,083.00 AUD
New Drag n' Drop Mobile App Creator 21,070.00 EUR
Kaira Active - Activewear Made From Recycled Fishnets 21,058.00 USD
Live Streaming App for iPhone & Broadcaster Software Mac/PC 21,050.00 USD
Comfortable & fashionable design shoes with a twist 21,047.00 EUR
Technological fat reducer and muscle-adding device 21,032.00 USD
Exclusive Luxury Watches from Austria - JAGIS Watch 21,032.00 EUR
Leaf: The All Natural Energy Drink (Canceled) 21,028.00 SEK
Blaynk: Sleep On Nature 21,026.00 USD
Ambici: 100% Natural Wooden Watches 21,024.00 USD
All Terrain Electric Fat Bike by M2S Bikes 21,021.00 USD
Swiss Mov't, Lifetime Guarantee - $89 - Live BOLDLY 21,015.00 CAD
aLoo - Save Breast Milk Through Backwash Prevention 21,007.00 USD
INTERACTION - No more boredom! 20,974.00 EUR
Circle Footwear | Shoes Made Just For You 20,970.00 CAD
IDENTI-T: Christian Clothing with Quality and Purpose 20,968.00 USD
Bloom Smart™ Camera System for the Digital Family 20,954.00 USD
TheTsunami App (Suspended) 20,938.00 USD
ryfi: the smart way to limit kids' time online 20,910.00 USD
JuNiki's: Die perfekte neue Trinkflasche - Perfect new flask 20,888.00 EUR
The World's First Factory-To-Consumer Footwear Brand 20,884.00 USD
The Infinity Pen with InfinityTip© 20,875.00 CAD
Torr Attire: Performance-Inspired Dress Socks 20,873.00 USD
My Terrace Farmer: Solar Greenhouse for Busy People 20,872.00 USD
Freedom Optics Snow Goggles | Quick Switch Technology 20,857.00 USD
LeTrans - World's most accurate translation device 20,823.00 USD
Underwater Flashlight, Car Jump Starter and Powerbank 20,805.00 USD
Financial Fun Boxes for Girls By inherQuests™ 20,805.00 USD
ZIRUI GO Case : Fill, Snap, Go! Perfect Gift for Travelers 20,802.00 USD
Mobile Pro – The Ultimate Smart Bag 20,786.00 USD
EPIQUAL - The Most Beautifully Designed Toothbrush. Ever. 20,776.00 USD
Soul Insole / Shoe Bubble - Best Orthotic Shoe Insole Ever! 20,764.00 USD
Artezanz | An Online Marketplace for Global Artisans 20,761.00 USD
Trump's Really Great Amazing Russian Dolls 20,757.00 USD
SNOWBOARD Better, Easier, Safer, and Funner || LUMBOS™ 20,753.00 USD
8sense - start caring about your back health (Canceled) 20,735.00 EUR
InSoul - DRESS SUEDES (Sneaker x Dress Shoe) 20,732.00 USD
The Hot Seat - World’s First USB Heated Stadium Chair 20,731.00 USD
The Yogi Jacket: Naturally relieve pain and reduce stress 20,707.00 USD Your Cloud Platform to Socialize-Collaborate-Automate 20,705.00 USD
Plumduino DIY Programmable Light - Your first Maker Project! 20,687.00 USD
Sword Clips Part II - EVEN MORE Sword Shaped Tie Clips 20,683.00 USD
STONE COLLECTION - Mixed Material Watches By TAKE A SHOT 20,677.00 EUR
LoafNest: World's Easiest Artisan Bread Making Kit (Canceled) 20,673.00 EUR
Evolution Wear - RapidSol. Faster than all the others. 20,666.00 USD
MMARTINYCA: Menorcan Sandals Made with 100% Recycled Tires 20,662.00 EUR
POA Pack - GoPro Hero4 external shutter and status indicator 20,655.00 USD
PediGlide: The Ultimate Sedentary Sitting Solution 20,637.00 USD
SplayTray 20,628.00 USD
Multibru - a simple way to brew a great cup of coffee or tea 20,626.00 USD
Scuba - The Board Game 20,625.00 EUR
CollapseAndGo: Collapsible Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup 20,605.00 USD
CAMARADA: The First True 3D Camera App 20,596.00 USD
Ketologie: High Fat, Low Carb & Ultra-Yummy Keto Shakes! 20,595.00 USD
MUV| The worlds fastest Self Tracking for your Smartphone 20,595.00 AUD
Slim II - The Worlds Slimmest Classic Wallet 20,568.00 GBP
Luggashelf - The Simplest Way to Pack and Unpack a Suitcase 20,564.00 USD
Cave GH3 3D Earbuds - Upgrade Your Mobile Audio Experience 20,561.00 HKD
EXPLORER'S ATLAS: maps which hide over 1000 inspiring facts 20,556.00 GBP
mcSquares | Think & Collaborate Better In Any Space 20,556.00 USD
Ultralite Inflatable Life Jacket and Swim Tube by Restube 20,529.00 EUR
Memory Foam Wallet 20,508.00 USD
DAPPR WATCH | Vintage Pilot Collection 20,500.00 USD
Prestige | Eye-Catching Watch With Swiss Movement From US$89 20,498.00 SGD
sketchmi: Unleash your creative awesomeness 20,496.00 USD
CamHatch: Award Winning Webcam Cover | Redefine Your Privacy 20,487.00 EUR
World’s Best Smartphone Jacket - Record & Stream With Captr 20,480.00 USD
Target Acquired: Classic Endless Side Scrolling Run and Gun 20,470.00 USD
Eveia Active Footrest - le repose-pieds actif 20,466.00 EUR
SPIKE Ferrofluid Display 20,461.00 USD
Take the Trail: Packs for the Modern Adventurer 20,458.00 USD
Double Doggie, Two Dog Walker 20,454.00 USD
With the New Gold Claw GOLD Pan - Anyone Can Get GOLD 20,454.00 USD
Carreducker Barkan Desert Boots 20,451.00 GBP
BabyBit: The Baby Monitor That Keeps You Connected 20,436.00 USD
Imperium Watches - Affordable High Quality Watches 20,405.00 SGD
Nyrius Smart Outlet - Control Electronics From Your Phone 20,377.00 CAD
GoldEye Bar: The First Solar Charger for ALL Laptops 20,350.00 CAD
LitPix: Turn Your Mobile Photos into a Lamp of Modern Art 20,336.00 USD
Space Plus - ESS Sabre32 DSD/DXD asynchronous USB DAC 20,331.00 GBP
Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn (Original Title) 20,330.00 USD
Grace: The Lovely Ring Case To Create Your Timeless Moment. 20,317.00 SGD
VARIANT | A Different Standard of Affordable Timepieces 20,315.00 USD
Mostly Made: Meals you assemble in minutes 20,306.00 USD
Stealing Charlie Chaplin 20,302.00 AUD
Brothers Socks: Wear 14 days straight without washing! 20,296.00 GBP
Vault Magnetic Pedals - MagLOCK Bike Pedal 20,293.00 USD
Nextllen // 4-in-1 transformable sneakers 20,256.00 CAD
The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto: Book & Community 20,253.00 USD
Edison 3D - To Make ANY TV a 3DTV (Canceled) 20,183.00 USD
Eleven 3D Printer: Large, open source, affordable 3D printer 20,182.00 CAD
Patented Design Apple iPhone 6 & Plus Lightning CABLE CASE 20,165.00 USD
The Gospel of Mark: Word for WORD Bible Comic (Book 4) 20,158.00 GBP
Swivel Key Wallet™, organize your keys. 20,141.00 USD
Porta Rista™ by FUSE - Portable Espresso & Coffee Kit (Canceled) 20,141.00 EUR
SPARtool Outdoor and Survival Multitool 20,139.00 USD
Learning About the World Through 360° Virtual Tours (Canceled) 20,131.00 CAD
PERBETE®: Beauty Made Personal 20,102.00 USD
Stax: Fun Maths Toy for Kids! 20,100.00 AUD
Trestle Watch Co - Modern Watches with a Vintage Edge 20,098.00 USD
CO.ALITION Smart Backpacks 20,085.00 USD
Bringing The Gongfu Tea Custom To The West 20,080.00 USD
VoltVoyage - Wireless + Wired Charging Suitcase (Canceled) 20,078.00 USD
Dango Loop Hook and Wall Mount | Easy to Hang With 20,070.00 USD
SumoBoy - Arduino-based robotics kit for education and sport 20,070.00 USD
HOBLEN: A Beautiful Construction Toy Revolution! 20,065.00 USD
OmniTrack 20,065.00 USD
TUWAN: Revolutionary Anti-Snoring Pillow Pad 20,056.00 USD
Cul-De-Sac Conquest - Card Game 20,049.00 USD
FitBack- The World's Most Advanced Heat Therapy 20,045.00 USD
Empyrion - Galactic Survival (Canceled) 20,041.00 GBP
PYYROS: The Ultimate Survival and Emergency Tool (Canceled) 20,038.00 USD
Nū Pods | Instant Meal Replacements in Compostable Pods (Cancele 20,013.00 AUD
KiwiCard - World's Thinnest Tracker 20,008.00 USD
Dear Deer Pliers - The Incarnation of Elegance 19,969.00 USD
The Focus Journal: Focus on what matters and get things done 19,955.00 CAD
Slap Wraps Lifting Straps - The Instant Equal Grip 19,953.00 USD
Changing the Way you See leather 19,924.00 USD
CRAVAR - Leather Tote Bags & Travel Journals 19,888.00 USD
MathterMinds Family Edition 19,883.00 GBP
Main: First High-Performance Dress 19,866.00 USD
The Coziest Pillow - The World's Best Full Body Pillow 19,843.00 CAD
HiNICE+: The 1st Wearable Gem Necklace & Bluetooth Earphones 19,777.00 USD
Pukk: A magnetic stand for mobile devices (Canceled) 19,751.00 USD
The most rugged waterproof solar speaker 19,742.00 USD
World's Most Comfortable Super Stretch Shirts 19,737.00 USD
GET LEAN With Portion Control ~ ® 2017 19,731.00 GBP
Swing Bike 19,716.00 USD
Tushi Pal Fitness Tracker - Tradition & Design 19,704.00 USD
Technolites: A story-driven shoot' em up by Zugalu 19,694.00 CAD
LITTLE GREEN PLANET - Levitating Air Plant - Floating Plant 19,694.00 EUR
Origin Watch Co. Vintage Field Watch assembled in USA 19,680.00 USD
Soul of the Empire - Asymmetric Strategy & Combat 19,677.00 USD
CorkFrame - Put Stuff Up That Matters 19,676.00 GBP
Board Game Bag: The Prefect Companion for Your Games (Canceled) 19,652.00 HKD
FH Wadsworth Duffel Bags & Backpacks 19,621.00 USD
Undercover Sheets: World's Comfiest Bed Sheets. 19,603.00 AUD
The Aviator TRAVEL JACKET Series: Function, Comfort, & Style 19,569.00 USD
REVolutionary meals for life on the go. 19,555.00 USD
AquaShield smart controlling for hydroponics and aquaponics 19,542.00 USD
Celtic Realm: a New Edition of a Rare Craft Game 19,521.00 USD
The New dfy One Wallet - With Optional Bluetooth Tracker 19,519.00 USD
MYNT: Deft Remote For Smart Devices 19,504.00 USD
CLEVER KEBAB - Simply the Best Kebab Maker! 19,491.00 CAD
SVSTEM Watches 19,461.00 USD
Chi Vest Adjustable Heat and Fit for Work, Leisure, Health 19,405.00 USD
Titanium Circular Knife "Whorl" Inspired By Our Ancestors 19,404.00 USD
Codi: Interactive smart storyteller toy for kids (Canceled) 19,399.00 USD
Bondi Swim Co || The World's First All Day Swim Shorts 19,370.00 SGD
Safeskin: iPhone Theft Prevention System 19,364.00 USD
Stiglo: The lightest bags & backpacks you'll ever love 19,318.00 USD
Leash Tamer – simply the best leash you’ll ever own 19,315.00 USD
Leguino- Merging Lego® with Arduino™ -you are the inventor! 19,287.00 GBP
Barbas & Zacári Watches 19,276.00 AUD
Skalpel | The world's most stylish steak knife 19,265.00 GBP
LEDUNIA | The WiFi-Enabled IoT Dev Board | Made in Germany 19,264.00 EUR
JET STREAM SUPERMAN: a record skydiving mission 19,260.00 USD
Mason to Go #Masonables - Easy Mason Jar Lunchables 19,234.00 USD
ERA I Tailor your own Audio Combo, in a second! 19,230.00 HKD
Celsius Cubes - Recrystallized Metamorphic Marble Ice 19,214.00 USD
FunBrush - Make Brushing More Fun! (Canceled) 19,160.00 HKD
The No Bake Tent 19,148.00 USD
Tactile Keyboard For Your Android Smartphone 19,136.00 EUR
THE BEARING: A Stylish Watch Focused on a Sustainable Future 19,117.00 AUD
touchland | The Next Generation of Hand Sanitizers (Canceled) 19,107.00 USD
WING- The world's smartest hanger 19,105.00 AUD
JAPAN Kumamoto Automatic Toothbrush 19,036.00 HKD
Chotovelli & Figli - Minimalist Pilot Watches 19,032.00 EUR
The Morning Sidekick Journal 19,000.00 USD
MODUAL - An Award-Winning Bicycle Multi-Tool & Tool Roll 18,997.00 GBP
HAALA DENIM. Hand Crafted Premium Denim Jeans 18,979.00 USD
Endure: A True Survival Pen (Canceled) 18,977.00 USD
PURIDEA Pro X: A Portable Wireless Power Bank 18,968.00 USD
PowerMAG 18,948.00 SGD
Hex Gear: Premium belts made from Detroit's industrial-style 18,948.00 USD
Ultimate Control over your music, like never before! 18,921.00 USD
Sawtooth: Super Fast 6-Port USB Charger & Docking Station 18,906.00 USD
Exclusive organic N2R WINTER WARMER Jacket. EMBRACE NATURE!! 18,892.00 EUR
Meet Cloop: Your Handy Magnetic Cable Tie 18,856.00 USD
Kensa - The Pen & Pencil. Slim, Hexagonal & Made to Last. 18,849.00 GBP
Ëcke: Think outside the case: For all iPhone 6! 18,847.00 USD
The Timber Twist Bullet Pencil 18,826.00 USD
The Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock 18,818.00 USD
Cinch-N-Clinch 18,807.00 USD
Qmod: Energy Toys for Future Innovators 18,758.00 EUR
WeatherAtPoint BLE: Personal Weather Station 18,756.00 USD
Lylo Bag:The Stylish, Cell Phone Radiation Safe Purse 18,720.00 USD
Blade: World 1st OTG Card Reader for All Devices 18,719.00 USD
Streets of Stalingrad 4th edition boardgame playtest kits (Cance 18,702.00 USD
Eggbert Egg Fulfils his Destiny - A Children's Book 18,688.00 AUD
Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future 2.0 18,678.00 USD
The Woodieful Chair 18,666.00 USD
Charlie V: Unique Sunglasses With a "Twist" 18,641.00 USD
LEEF | The PERFECT Minimalist Wallet & Key Holder 18,639.00 USD
Brace – Beautiful leather accessories for life on the go 18,633.00 CAD
// Leather Messenger Bag, Tech Roll, Convertible Backpack // 18,625.00 USD
One Dear World: Multicultural Dolls for Diversity 18,621.00 GBP
HELCY. Made for your body. Loved by your mind. (Canceled) 18,595.00 EUR
Pinblock - Reimagine Building Blocks 18,573.00 USD
The MWR Saber System (Canceled) 18,541.00 AUD
Acticheck Assure – a revolutionary personal alert system. 18,517.00 GBP
Titaner Bolt Pen | Grade 5 Titanium Pen with HIDDEN FEATURES 18,513.00 GBP
Delicious Taste And Health (Canceled) 18,455.00 EUR
Backboard™: Improve posture and comfort when sitting 18,445.00 GBP
Qwikly: Build Mobile Apps Faster 18,394.00 USD
Scrubba™ weightless wallet 18,385.00 AUD
XKchrome: Play with Light Like Never Before 18,355.00 USD
n/a 18,315.00 USD
O2 Lightning Cable: MFi certified, durable and organized 18,314.00 USD
Repour: Wine Saver 18,275.00 USD
Learn Chinese While Having a Blast! 18,256.00 AUD
SuperVizor XT - Auto Escape / Rescue Tool 18,250.00 USD
Voyager Smart-World's Most Functional Smart Wallet 18,249.00 USD
INFLUX: WiFi Booster 18,235.00 USD
EmoFix: The Selfie Lover's Best Friend 18,233.00 USD
Powerleaf : The Intelligent Solar Charger 18,230.00 USD
The Bendy Pen - the pen that defies gravity 18,223.00 CAD
Stand4 Socks: Bamboo, Functional Socks with Impact