BackerClub Project Selection Criteria

BackerClub receives A LOT of project submissions and we are pretty selective in what we approve. Our members are a very special group of crowdfunding backers and we will always endeavor to never take them for granted and fill up both their site and their email in-boxes with projects that we believe will not be received with a certain degree of enthusiasm and success.

But we are not perfect. There will be times when we approve a project that turns out to be a complete failure and we will reject projects that turn out to be stars. We will do our best and we appreciate your understanding. We know the process is very subjective but there is no way around this. We will try to get it right more than we get it wrong. We will not engage in discussions defending our submission decisions. Doing this put's everyone involved in a no-win, uncomfortable and sometimes argumentative situation. We do not want to have to defend our decisions and we don't want to put others in a position where they have to defend their position. We understand that this stance can be & will be frustrating at times but it can't be helped. We will do our very best to provide both the members and project creators the very best platform possible!

There are many, many factors that are taken into consideration when considering the approval of a project's submission. Here are a few but this list is not all inclusive:
Is the project interesting? Will it wow the members?
Video quality? It doesn't have to have a video but it will need to make up for one in the rest of the project presentation.
Length of video.
Are the rewards reasonable and desirable?
Is the special BackerClub reward/perk reasonable and desirable?
Is the funding goal reasonable?
Is the project content non-offensive and appropriate in a public forum?
Does the project appear to be honest in it's intent and not suspicious of fraud?
If the submission is already live on the crowdfunding site does it have a chance of funding considering how much time is left and what percentage of goal they are at?
Are the project creators nice people? It's just not fun to work with the mean ones :-)
Quality of the over-all presentation of the project. Do they tell a good story?

And the list goes on...... There is not a secret recipe here, no 11 secret herbs & spices, just old fashioned human intuition, common sense, life experiences and instinct, fallible as it may be....