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Sat May 26, 2018 8:55 am

Hello, my name is Brian, and it's great to have learned about Backerclub. So far I've backed over 140 projects, mostly comic books. Backing projects gave me the knowledge I needed to understand the ins and outs, so I've developed a new hobby...I have started making a few comics of my own.

So far it seems that they are a bit like tattoos, or what I have heard of them. I have none myself, but I've heard that once you get one...well for me making comics is the same. I set out to make just a couple, and bam! I think there are 7 now.

I drive a truck cross country for a living, feeding the trees, and I run my little publishing empire from an old Asus ROG laptop. I am hoping to learn even more here, both how to help others and also to be more successful in my own projects.

I like wiener dogs. And Wienerschnizel...they have great chili dogs. And I'm not proud of this, but I wrote a short novella of plant smut. Twice.
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