Indiegogo/PayPal MAJOR Issues During Our Campaign

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Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:34 pm

Since launching our campaign it has been a struggle to process payments. We had chosen fixed funding which required people to pay through paypal. Well that was a mistake. For a week Paypal Guest checkout was down which cost us over $2,000 in pledges. Once the issue was fixed paypal security blocked almost everyone payments. Everyone had to call in and do a verification process that took about an hour. We had to take orders and process them on our website with the intent to use my own card to transfer funds to Indiegogo (double fees). Well, what a terrible idea because even with my own card PAYPAL WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT! For every order we had to do a verification process. Not only that but we could only do it once every 24 hours! It turned out we had to quit directing people to Indiegogo and go to our website. We lost A LOT of business due to indiegogo and PayPal and I am furious. We still reached our $15,000 goal with 6 days to go, with the support of BackerClub, but my experience so far is not great.

Do not use fixed funding unless you want the pain of PayPal.
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