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Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:25 pm

Hey folks,

I'm the creator behind a new system to teach kids to read. We launched on Kickstarter and have met our goal for printing our flashcards!!! but mostly this is from hustle on our end, emails to our existing mailing list, and all the good things entrepreneurs do to get the world to notice.

That said, I was wondering if folks had any thoughts on product category? There is no "Education" area, which would be a better fit. It's not a tabletop game (although it is flashcards). We're bundling in beta-subscriptions to our iOS game (work in progress, should release in a few months), but video games feels like a stretch as well.

Right now, we're in Children's Books, since the kind of backer looking there might also be interested in helping their kids learn to read.

Genuinely appreciate your thoughts on this if folks have a chance to chime in. Here is the project link: ... ref=ao1gcc