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Hello there,

I'm the creator of Mk1 speaker, which is funding on KS now, this is the first campaign of my team, we learn a lot from process and we prepared to fail as well.

We have spend over a year to prepare this campaign, during the review process , had resubmitted for 3 times, I agree KS need to review much carefully as many scam on raise funding platform now a day.

Our team really don't have much money spend on prototype build, but due to KS doesn't allow us to post any CG photo, we are not able to show how pretty of different transparency color will be, and how unique of the speaker, that's reduce the attractive of our speaker directly.
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One of the key feature of this speaker is the beautiful transparency housing, we have discuss with prototype makers, it cost a lot to build a transparency housing, we have pay for it.... but finally the prototypes color is far from our expectation. That disappointed to the team, but due to lack of money and time to rebuild, we just keep the campaign launch and going.

I have 20 years experience in plastic tooling industrial, I have confidence able to make the final product close to rendering CG, but as creator I need to respect to the rule from KS.

About the sound quality, i have spend a very long time work with the driver manufacturer, we have try many different combination on magnet and paper material, also i tweak the housing many times to reduce energy propagation inside housing, and build about 10 prototypes to test the sound quality. We have confidence it won't be bad compare to many world class brand name product, as i have design many bluetooth speakers for them as a acoustic engineer.

We don't know how to promote the speaker, we don't know what we don't know... But we won't give up, will come back to have another campaign very soon.

Below is our campaign
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/21 ... k1-speaker

Thanks for read thru the text