New RFID Wallet with Illuminating security feature?

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Just thought I would introduce an amazing product I've seen on Kickstarter.

RFID Cloaked, the company behind the hugely successful RFIDsecur™ Contactless Blocking Card, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative new RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert that will keep you safe from RFID identity theft. Following the massive success of its first Kickstarter campaign two years ago, the Exeter-based business is now turning to crowdfunding once more to bring its latest invention to market.

Constructed with a metalized ABS and polycarbonate frame, the intuitively designed Secure Wallet is fit for the 21st century, combining the ultimate in protection technology with beautifully functional design. With optional in-built theft detection, RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert will light up whenever it comes into contact with a card reader. Requiring no batteries to work, this never before seen technology will alert you to potential criminals trying to access your card data.

This unique wallet will not only protect all of your contactless cards from attack with its RFID-blocking technology, its innovative design also means your payment cards never needs to leave your wallet to make contactless payments. With two slide-out trays, contactless secure payments just became intuitively effortless. Simply slide out your card to make a payment and it will automatically retract, remaining secure in your wallet the whole time.

The RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Julian Ghail and Reuben Millard who co-founded RFID Cloaked with the goal of improving personal financial and data security. In 2015, the pair developed an ultra-thin RFID blocking card using a specially created combination of materials that could be used in a wallet or purse, to protect cards against RFID identity theft and unauthorised payments. They have now integrated this technology into their latest proposition: a wallet that utilises innovative design to not only protect your cards at all times, but also make contactless payments effortless.

With contactless card fraud on the rise, so much so that it recently overtook cheque fraud for the first time ever, there has never been more of a need for this product.
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Illuminating, you say?

*makes secret Illuminati handshake*