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Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:16 pm

Hi all,

To anyone who backed wave cables "The Strong Cable, I just wanted to let you know my experience with them. I had pledged for one cable to,get the BC deal and also asked if I would get a third cable via another promotion (BH) and was told sure. When it came to survey, I was told that I could not piggy back deals. When asked why they are not honoring their offer, the wrote:

"Wave Cables
Wave Cables
Aug 20 2015
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Hi Isreal,
We are unable to account for all mistakes, all we can do is our best to
fix them. We gladly issued you a refund and believe this is fair.

Our apologizes,
Strong Cable Team"

I thought this was over and lost hope for the cables. Then, I get the email below:

"Hello Isreal,

My name is Angeli Angelos CEO of A Life Company, we just acquired Wave Cables. We have been looking at all the messages on Kickstarter and noticed the previous owner did not honor his word. Since we just took the company over today, we don't want to taint our brand name which seems already tainted by the previous operator.

We will honor the original offer for you the $25 for the 3 cables. We will be launching our online store within a few days and you may check out there if you want to give Wave Cables another chance.

This is my personal email so feel free to contact me here.



Wave Cables "A Life Company" "

After a few clarification emails, I tried to purchase on their website and the coupon code didn't work out the numbers so I emailed with no response. After a few messages, I finally received the email below:

"Wave Cables
Wave Cables
Oct 17 2015
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At this time we are not able to offer you a price quoted previously. All quotes are subject to change.

Wave Cables."

What a waste of effort invested in dealing with them.

I may be unfair in my assessment, but they really left a bad taste in my mouth!
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