Working on a new 200+ pages Kickstarter guide.

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Your goal is pretty intense.

I'm not sure how useful my feedback will be as I'm from a non-gaming background and my experience on Kickstarter only recently touches on gaming. Most of my advice is more general & people oriented - how to interact with backers during & post-funding, useful FAQs, etc. I've been compiling many of my thoughts into a single thread here on the group as I come across them again or as I'm talking with creators.

I'm also in the process of reading "The Kickstarter Companion" to see whats in it and how/when to recommend it.
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Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:58 am

Here is the latest draft: ... pha373.pdf

The draft has undergone more re-organizations. Some paragraphs still haven't been touched for months, but others are starting to get closer to finalized.
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Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:18 pm

What's the progress? September 2015 still a target date for final version?
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Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:51 am

Here is the latest draft: ... pha384.pdf
dalecool-invent wrote:What's the progress? September 2015 still a target date for final version?
I had hoped to finish it to help promote the launch of a specific project back in August. In summer I could focus a lot adding to the guide, but then I realized I needed to switch to helping that campaign prepare. Progress has slowed since then. It gets less than an hour per day of additions.

The first major problem is that an active campaign can take priority (especially if it is struggling) over working on my guide with the amount of time each day I can allocate related to Kickstarter. I make far more progress in winter when I'm not helping projects as much.

The second problem is the backlog of notes on paper. The stack is about 3 inches tall of looseleaf paper. About 3 double-sided pages are being added per week, but only 1 page is getting typed up per week right now. One reason is that it is easier to keep making notes (a scope creep problem) than it is to type them up and figure out where in the guide to put them.

August and September had a lot of good examples which resulted in many notes about reward structures. I've been thinking about a few variants on Kickstarter campaign tactics after some chats about strategies. The recent talks of the ""Indiepocalypse" has also generated many notes about positioning games in a market. The potential size of the section about designing rewards structures looks like it will become so large that I've been thinking how I should break it apart. Re-organizing the existing content is still in progress to make it easier to navigate.
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As a creator I would be happy to offer my opinions re: the Kickstarter process. I came in sort of blind and have learned a lot about the KS process over the last 29 days. I'd like to offer my take on the services and people that reach out once you've created the campaign and how much of a scam 85% of these people are. Like Malcolm X, get your hands out of my pocket!

Brainiacsfrommars - "PR company" Full of you know what.
Krowdster - Waste of money
Crowdcrux - Waste of money and sketch

Many many more to report!

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You might check out Jamie Stonemaier's tips -
Lots of candid feedback, some of which you might find of interest.

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Here is the most recent draft: ... pha401.pdf

Unfortunately I will have to take a bit of a break from Kickstarter to focus on my health. Progress has come to a stall because I've been priortizing effort into continuing the data collection, but even that may have to be paused. My health is probably the big reason for why I haven't kickstarted something like a physical copy of my guide yet.

Here is a photo with the notes that need to go into the guide in a box on the left:
A note can be as simple as a reminder about a good article or something I've seen like the functional working "Back this project" button they made that appeared above the risks and challenges section for Luminoodle. It is all these little notes that can become the more valuable tips in such a guide.
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have you thought of launching a kickstarter campaign, to raise funding to print copies of how to launch a kickstarter campaign? Or maybe just have a goal of like $1k and distribute digital copies.
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Hi guys, my name is Aleks.

I have just started a telegram channel about innovations, gadgets and just curious stuff that goes along with it. Only handpicked and really awesome things ;)

You are very welcome to join in!