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Hi folks,

I'm a backer from Canada who is affected and thought it might be a good idea if you update the original post with information on how to file a complaint with the Canadian Government. This would be your only recourse as a Candian. ... 89T-7TDNA5

All the details required for the form have been provided in this helpful thread, the rest is up to you. Please do so if you are Canadian. It might even be useful to file a second complaint against Kickstarter, I beieve they are complicit through inaction but that's up to you.
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Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:19 pm

Thanks for contributing to this thread and for pointing Canadians in the right direction. The link has been added to the list of Consumer watch dogs (section #5 page 1.)
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Link to videos not currently shown on KS.... ... sp=sharing
Copy and paste the URL into another browser tab.

1] Unboxing video
2] Original front campaign video
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Find below the link to today's newsletter

Newsletter Comhear - click to read full article

Until very recently Dr. Mark Waldrep was the sender of the updates you had been getting from Comhear which stopped after he had to part ways with the company due to Comhear’s reluctance, failure to spend our contributions in the manner we have entrusted it to them for. If not for Dr. Waldrep (and valiant backer warriors like @Edwin, @Jerry et al) we would be completely in the dark as it is highly doubtful you’d be getting any updates from what remains of Comhear other than potentially one where they tell us that we’ve been shafted and they have folded perhaps (I’m speculating but not unlikely). At least now we know what happened behind our backs and where things stand even though it doesn’t sound good for us.

Also the transparent and balanced information provided by Dr. Waldrep, a former valuable insider on the technical side but never with management control, gratefully allows us to take more relevant, appropriate actions through the unprecedentedly detailed and focused actions initiated and being successfully cultivated by particularly @Edwin and @Jerry to name a couple.

We are very grateful to Dr. Waldrep for taking our side and deciding to fight our corner, all in the name of doing his best to right the wrongs of Comhear for a product that is very near ready and works very well and one that he is very passionate about as one of its creators and a fellow backer. It would be great for a much greater number of backers to get a voice, express their views, participate in the initiatives that has been started through this backerclub forum now that the cat is out of the bag so to say. Time has come for us backers to not take Creators’ abuse of the crowdfunding system, concept where the odds are very heavily skewed against us lying down.
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Hi everyone,

Successful refund!

I had filed a dispute with my credit card for a refund on what I paid Comhear through Kickstarter. My CC company asked me what the promised delivery dates were and when they provided updates. I gave them the date I paid, dates Comhear promised to deliver, the dates Comhear gave us an update with a new estimated delivery time frame, then explained that Comhear went completely silent (each date I emailed them or messaged them on Kickstarter and got no response and the date of the last update on the delivery time frame). My CC concluded in their investigation that I was right and let me keep my money.

I'm not sure if the funds returned to me came from Kickstarter's account or Comhear but I did get it back. While normally there is a specific time frame that is given for any potential disputes, I argued that this was a special case as the promised delivery date itself was far beyond the time frame. My CC company agreed and opened the investigation. If you'd like your money back, I would strongly recommend speaking with your CC companies and making the point that even though it is past their time frame for disputes this is a special case.

Additionally, one cannot truly consider payments on Kickstarter as "donations" as there is an expected "gift" or "reward" in return. It's just a different way of purchasing in my opinion. If it were a true donation, there would be a disclaimer indicating that the donors should not expect anything in return and that they will not receive anything in return let alone even charging for "shipping."

I'm not legal or financial expert. However, I was able to get my money back and wanted to share what I did to get it back and my opinions. I hope you'll all be able to receive a refund. Additionally, I would be willing to financially support legal action against those who have (or attempted to) defrauded this community.

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Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:04 am

Press release - 23-01-2019


Click to read full article

On January 23rd this (pre-) press release has been rolled out to the media mentioned on the Comhear Yarra 3DX campaign websites on Kickstarter and Indiegogo (‘Yarra 3DX in the press’).

These media outlets are linked to this failed campaign now, so it seems fair to have them cover the backer story first before taking it to the press and selected media.

The press link can be used freely to inform others you feel need to be in the know by sharing it through channels if your choice like social media, your local press, local authorities, etc. Upon request the original full press release can be provided.

Recipients overview/notified: If you have any valuable contacts that might be of interest, you can share it by PM to have it added to the current list
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Posting Kickstarter's statement
From: "Kickstarter Trust & Safety (Kickstarter)
Feb 4, 11:24 AM EST

Hello Edwin,

Thank you for your patience and for passing along your letter to Comhear. I wanted to give you a quick update on our investigation into Yarra 3DX.

After a thorough investigation, we recently spoke to Comhear, Inc. CEO Gerry Chastelet. During that conversation we were told that Comhear is still committed to fulfilling the Yarra3DX product to all backers and actively working towards that goal. They indicated that they are taking successful fulfillment of the product seriously and understand the frustration backers have experienced.

We did request that Comhear more actively engage with the community, including posting more regular updates and offering more transparency into their ongoing efforts to fulfill the campaign.

Moving forward, Kickstarter will continue to keep an eye on their fulfillment progress, but if you have any other documentation or information you'd like us to review, feel free to share here.

(red: Director of Trust & Safety)
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Hello all, great work so far. I was looking to share the Press Link with 'The Register' but unfortunately upon clicking the link, I received an error 404 message. Has this been taken down intentionally or just a temporary glitch?
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Thank you for your message and thanks for noticing. The link should work, we are aware it's not functioning properly and has been reported to Backerclub admin last week.

As you may have noticed, last week Backerclub has upgraded the entire forum to a new styling. From a 'stylish' point of view the forum has improved, something obviously went wrong when admin made the conversion.

Meanwhile you can use the original link ... 2019_x.pdf

Or embedded as link to the press release (copy this link)

The original link on BC should be restored shorty, hope this solution works for you.

Best regards,

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Hi Edwin, thank you for the quick response, for your information I have sent the details across to Kieren McCarthy at The Register as he is a reporter on 'IoT and emergent technology' which seemed apt.
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