Idiegogo early bird perks disappear

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Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:04 pm

Is it me or disappear perks on Indiegogo?
Club members often get the early bird price even it is sold out. Unfortunately it seems these perks get deleted after a while from the project website. So how should I know what the early bird price or if there was one? It would be nice if Backerclub would do a screenshot of the initial project.
For example: I'm interested in the Thin Ice Indiegogo project. Club members "get $20 OFF any clothing item or system package (Early Bird Pricing)". I get the Early Bird but on Indiegogo these perks are gone. Ok $20 off any... but what if there was no early bird for a specific perk? So do I get $20 off or not? This is not clear for this example in BackerClub. :?:
A bit more information on the BackerClub website would be nice.
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