Would BackerClub support comics

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Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:08 pm

I noticed that when you filter on comics none come up. Is BackerClub against comics, or just don't happen to be any good ones at the moment?

Also, I'm new, so hi. I joined KickStarter a few weeks ago. 95% or more of my backings are comics. I'd probably be willing to back any comic as long as it wasn't either political, a compilation of already released material, generated from stock or game imagery, or something else that I'd personally consider spam.

Basically if a human being wants to pour out their story into a comic, they have my attention. If they are trying to shill me some heartless spam then I'm not interested. We have big box bookstores for that.

I have a comic on KS now. Though I'll only mention it, if that is not against the rules.
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I never saw this. I think we've had a comic or two now. I know a number of us back comics. We've begun posting our favorite current campaigns in the Kickstarter category's forum.
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I have yet to work out what criteria BackerClub uses for accepting projects.

As Tasha indicated, a number of us back comics and we are always willing to look at something posted in the relevant thread. I look forward to seeing yours and others you find interesting.
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What are the relevant forums?