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Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:31 pm


Ever since I started the Kickstarter User Satisfaction survey:
1. I have sent out 635 private letters;
2. Posted about it on 9 Facebook groups and 7 subreddits. Not to mention all the third-party websites, for example, BGG, etc.;
3. In return, I have received 834 questions about the study.
4. And got kicked out from 5 groups and subreddits in total. That was a lot of fun! 🤣

At this point, the survey stands at 290 respondents.😱 That`s 84,05% of the amount required for the survey to apply to the broader Kickstarter user base. In short, we still need 55 respondents!

Before I remind everyone about the chance to take part in the survey, I want to thank everyone who has already helped me out.

🎉🎉 Thank you!

I have noticed that the response rates for surveys have been declining from year to year. Yet, it is amazing to know that there are numerous people out there that are interested in voicing their opinions, promoting academic work and helping people out in general.

Also, 🎉🎉 a big thank you 🎉🎉 to everyone who has written to me personally. If there is someone who I haven`t responded to yet, then don`t worry, I will get in touch with you during this week.

Still, the survey remains open and I have a week left to find the missing 55 respondents. If you haven`t taken the survey yet, or if this is your first time hearing about it, then, please, follow this link - https://forms.gle/FzpWHkginCrAPagt5 .

If you have already taken the survey or you don`t wish to take part in my study, then, please, share this link with those that you believe would be interested in participating.

A summary of the survey:
1. You will be able to view the survey results right after you publish your answers.
2. The survey is anonymous.
3. If you wish, then I will credit you in my research paper. There is a question about that in the survey.
4. It will take you no longer than 19 minutes to complete it. Your mileage can warry, of course. Depending on your experience with Kickstarter, you might have to answer to only 5 out of the 12 questions.

If you have any questions then, please, don`t be shy to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in my survey,

Have a nice day!
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Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:32 pm

300 Spartans have already taken the survey. Thank you, brave soldiers!
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