Arrow Electronics, Indiegogo cerification body?

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I could not find an entry about 'Arrow Electronics' in the forum, and I had not seen that before on Indiegogo. On the 'StarSailor' campaign page ( ... /x/9193899) the following entry can be found:
"Certified By
Arrow Electronics
This entrepreneur received a design review with Arrow to ensure the campaign is ready for production. Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics are proud to offer this resource to help entrepreneurs bring products to life. Learn more"
Under 'Learn more':
Arrow Electronics
Project Certifier
View program info

About Arrow
Arrow is a global $23B technology company with thousands of engineers, offering savings, exclusive design tools, marketing support and warehousing and distribution expertise to help entrepreneurs successfully design and produce their product.

What is Arrow Certification?
Arrow has reviewed this campaign and verified that the design is ready for manufacturing. In partnership with Indiegogo, the Arrow Certification program provides campaigners with design and engineering tools to create their vision, discounted materials to keep costs down and mentorship from Arrow’s engineers to address problems or setbacks before they happen.
Arrow Certification is a seal of approval from experts in engineering. "
IMHO this is a joke. The StarSailor device does not even have a fixed design, yet. Please see the discussion under The ones among you who have been backing for a longer time might recognize the telltale signs of looming fail. The mildest bad outcome might be the stripping of a good part of the original enticing features, like it happened/s with the Cmoar project ( ... rated-elec).

It looks like Indiegogo does not really learn how to care about their backers. In the disastrous 'Dragonfly Futurefön' campaign Indiegogo had been notified by several concerned backers about the problems in the campaign. What Indiegogo did was to promote said campaign to the "project of the week" - it looks now like the campaign is dead, without the backers having received anything. Indiegogo had received its share, of course ;-).

Now Indiegogo gets to 'certify' the 'StarSailor' device that does not even have a fixed design, yet.

Anyway, any information about 'Arrow Electronics' would be appreciated. I will try to contact Indiegogo/Arrow Electronics but do not expect anything but standard replies. I'll keep you posted.
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Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:45 am

The use of "Arrow " is a misdirect. Like you imply it means zero and adds no value. It has nothing to do with Arrow Electronics. All is means is that your design is feasible. Not that it will work or that it is being made - just feasible for a price. I