It's Time To Put Your Crappy Sheets To Bed

Your bed sheets are awful for three reasons: 

1) Your sheets are difficult to put on your bed.

2) They don't stay put.

3) It is a hassle to make your bed every day.

Traditionally, hospital corners have been used as an attempt to keep your top sheet in place, but they don't solve the problem. Hospital corners are a hassle to do and your sheets still come untucked.


The Time Saving Sheets

We have taken a traditional flat sheet and redesigned a new sheet that fits your mattress like it should. The Spun sheet makes it easier to put on your bed, keeps it in place night after night, and simplifies the process of making your bed each day.  


 How It Works

Our top sheet is fitted to the corners of the foot of your mattress. This keeps your sheet in place without being restricting. Start by pulling the corners down over the mattress.

The bottom flap tucks far enough under your mattress that the sheet is secure and in place until you remove the sheet. Our seam keeps the sheet from shifting throughout the night.

The side flaps are short enough that you can choose to keep the sides of your sheet untucked and your bed will still look nice and finished,


yet long enough to tuck, whichever look you prefer.

The Spun Sheet will stay in place night after night, no matter how restful, or rowdy, your sleep is. Best of all, making your bed the next morning takes half the time!

The Fitted Sheet That Stays

We designed our fitted sheet using a strong and durable 3/4” grippy elastic. This feature will keep your fitted sheet from popping off the corners of your mattress. Our directional tags make it simple to put the sheet on the right way rather than guessing and repeating the process.

Keeping Your Pillow Where It Belongs

Since functionality is one of our priorities, we designed a better envelope pillow case. Our discrete envelope case keeps your pillow from sliding out during the night. 

Spun sheets are the complete package!




We believe strongly in the functionality of our product, but not at the cost of quality and comfort.

 We tested hundreds of fabrics in search of the perfect construction.

We found that when looking for the perfect set of sheets, there are 5 factors to consider. We have combined the best of all of these factors to give you a sheet that is incredibly soft and durable. 

We take pride in the fact that our sheets are made with premium quality and will last your for years.

We Are Obsessed with the Details

The design of a bed sheet has not been improved for years. 

We have worked tirelessly to improve your sheets, starting with the function of the sheet, the premium materials and feel, all the way to the aesthetics. There is no detail we haven’t thought of.







We were frustrated that our sheets were not both functional and out of this world comfortable. We believe they should be both. We wanted to take something as simple as sheets and turn them into something people love. 

♥ London and Chloe / Co-founders of Spun





We manufacture with the best textile manufacturer in the world, and they specialize in sheets. They have been a huge part of making Spun's unique design come to life. All product development for Spun Kickstarter rewards is complete and our manufacturer is ready to proceed. We have planned for some wiggle room in our timeline in case there are any surprises or delays, which we do not anticipate. We will do everything we can to keep or beat, our proposed schedule.


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