Souvenirs of those special days you never want to forget.

Remember your once in a lifetime experiences.

Bring color into every space.

Work while being inspired.


Control your playlists and visual inspirations.

 It will work like Spotify for Photos:    

  • Carefully curated photography & art playlists
  • One of the first solutions worldwide 
  • Photo-streaming: a big innovation for private and for business purposes
  • Billions of photos are made daily, but most vanish in apps or the cloud 
  • FRAMEN turns all black screens (TV, Tablets, etc.) into photo-streaming devices 
  • High quality images in all screen sizes Instantaneous streaming, no loading time 
  • Compatibility with any device and OS

With your support, we can become the "Photo-Streaming Startup" for private and professional Photography & Art!

  • Share your talent with the world and upload your professional photography playlists
  • Shareable private photo playlists among family & friends 
  • Easy access to your gallery
  • Google Photos Login supported 
  • The FRAMEN app will stream all your memories that are currently dusting in the clouds!
  • You can enjoy our playlists to discover the world's most beautiful places 
  • Relax and get inspired: from fashion to travel, from history, to art 
  • We change people's moods and color rooms in a very innovative and fresh way. 
  • FRAMEN is the place where the inspiration from around the globe meets with the best photographers, artists, and entertainers 
WeWork Creator Awards Berlin 2017
WeWork Creator Awards Berlin 2017

One year development 

We have been working on the idea since last year and we participated in a 3 months coaching at Zuehlke, a Swiss Hardware Engineering Company. We learned how to design hardware and how to scale our technology properly. Some impressions of the Workshops