Here's the deal:

In the Milky Way alone, scientists say there could be up to 40 billion Earth-sized planets. That's not me talking, that's the scientists, take it up with them. Imagine all the forms of life out there, waiting to be discovered. Imagine what they could teach us about the nature of life in the cosmos, and about ourselves. That's what this comic is about: exploration and discovery, finding bizarre and surreal alien species that redefine our idea of what life can be. 

A scientist and a soldier explore alien worlds for new forms of life while struggling against a corrupt megacorporation that's intent on owning every undiscovered natural wonder.

That's the whole story in a sentence. I'm sure you've already clicked the most expensive reward tier by now. But just in case you need more convincing: here's the cover and the first seven pages. 

The Series Pitch

Dr. Leo Bell explores alien worlds for new forms of life, and brings home discoveries that transform our understanding of life itself. But exploring uncharted exoplanets is dangerous work, and Leo is forced to partner up with Major Zofia Flores, a soldier who doesn’t share his child-like wonder at the beauty of life in the cosmos. She only cares about survival...and staying out of the food chain.

They have to work together in the wilderness of untouched worlds while competing against Crown Galactic: a megacorporation that’s bent on owning every undiscovered natural wonder. If Leo and Zofia can get past their differences, they’ll find life flourishing out in the vast unknown that will revolutionize astrobiology. Or one small mistake could end their exploring forever.

This Issue

Astrobiology #1. 32 pages. A self contained story. If we get to do future issues of Astrobiology, every issue will always be a self contained story.

We meet Leo and Zofia, and they meet each other for the first time. It doesn't go well. On their first trip together, they travel to a world to discover a species capable of bioplasmagenesis: the ability for life to generate plasma. While they explore this untouched planet and its dense forests, mysterious figures from their pasts haunt them like ghosts. Crown Galactic races them to discover the creature that can produce plasma, hunting Leo and Zofia with an army of drones led by Alexander, their chief astrobiologist and a sentient robot.

If Leo and Zofia can learn to trust each other, they might just make it out of this alive. 

The Team

I'm Seth Jacob. I wrote this whole thing with nothing but my fancy words and a keyboard and copious quantities of coffee. That's my handsome face in the video up there, ranting and raving in front of a green screen. I've written some stuff before, like Heart of Weirdness, Memoirs of a Crimefighter, and The Fastest Route.

Tyrell Cannon illustrated the comic and tolerated my shenanigans. You know him from Victus, Simon, Gary, Weed Priests and the Speculative Relationships anthology, which has had three successful campaigns on Kickstarter. He's also provided cover work for Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl (Image Comics), Ghost Fleet (Dark Horse Comics), and Paybacks (Heavy Metal). 

Daniel Irizarri is behind the colors. He colored and illustrated Cloudia and Rex from Lion Forge. He also wrote, illustrated, and colored the back up story “Greetings from Verde Luz” which appeared in the Image series Prophet. In addition to his colorist work, he illustrated Judge Dredd at IDW and Americatown at Boom. 

Aditya Bidikar handled the letters. He's lettered comics like Drifter, Motor Crush, Black Cloud, Paradiso, VS, Isola, Grant Morrison’s 18 Days, Maxwell’s Demons, and Grafity’s Wall. He's currently working on Punks Not Dead, Black Cloud, Days of Hate, Void Trip, and more.

Dylan Todd did the logo design. He's done design work for Image, Marvel, DC, Oni, Dark Horse, and Valiant, including books like Crowded, Kaijumax, Heartthrob, Her Infernal Descent, Rock Candy Mountain, Citizen Jack, Hawkman, Justice League United, Doctor Fate, and more.  

The Rewards

There's a lot of them over there on the right, so I won't repeat myself (I never do, I'm always brief and succinct). Here are the highlights:

Astrobiology #1. You can get it as a PDF, or as an honest to god, print comic book. Do they still make those?

The Behind the Scenes PDF. This is a digital only version of the comic with over 100 pages of extra material. It will have several illustrations by some really great artists, including Sloane Leong and Grim Wilkins. You'll also be able to peak behind the curtain and see the development of the idea, from my handwritten notes to character designs to uncolored pages and more. As much as it physically pains me, you'll be able to read a draft of my script...if you're a longwinded writer like me, you might be into that sort of thing. 

Here's an example of one of the illustrations, a gorgeous piece of art by Matt Lesniewski.

You can also get this original art in one of the reward tiers.
You can also get this original art in one of the reward tiers.

Astrobiology #1 with Variant Cover by Artyom Trakhanov. You may know Artyom from Undertow, Enforcer, Turncoat, and Slavic Nihilism. Check out his cover below!

Artyom's original art is available as a reward!
Artyom's original art is available as a reward!

Artyom Trakhanov Variant Print. An 11x17 print of Artyom's variant cover.

Discovery notes. Three pocket-sized notebooks with the Astrobiology logo on them. 

Custom written short story. I'll write a 2000 word Astrobiology short story to your specs.

Cameo appearance. You can have a cameo in the background of Astrobiology #1. 

Original Art. You can get pages of Tyrell's original art from Astrobiology #1, including interior pages and his cover. You can also get your choice of an original drawing of either Leo, Zofia, or a new alien creature by Tyrell. You can get Artyom Trakhanov's original variant cover art. Not good enough for you? Well, you can also get Sloane Leong's Zofia drawing. Check it out.

Still not enough for you?! You drive a hard bargain. Alright, I'll level with you: we've also got an amazing piece of art by Grim Wilkins, depicting Leo and Zofia out in the field...this one has his lay out sketch from Prophet: Earth War on the reverse side, which is pretty cool, I have to say.

There's more rewards to be had, but like I said, I always keep things short and to the point and never have rambled once, in my life. Ever. So check them all out on the right!

How the Sausage is Made

All the money raised in this campaign will go towards paying my collaborators their rates to finish the rest of Astrobiology #1, as well as printing the book, fulfilling various rewards, and shipping. I'm getting paid nothing. And in fact, I will almost certainly lose money, even if we reach our $5,000 funding goal.

Indie comics is a tough business with razor thin margins. Anyone who produces comics knows that very well. But I'm happy to lose money if it means I get to make good comics. You're welcome? 

Stretch Goals

If we make it over 5 K, any extra money will go towards paying Tyrell Cannon his full rate. If we really do gangbusters and break 7 k, maybe I'll even get paid myself. A boy can dream, can't he? 

But if we do go over 7 K,  we will sweeten the deal with something extra for you. I've still got a few tricks left up my sleeve.