Toyi is a limitless creative play kit without instructions that enables children to transform everything around them into unique toys. Make the world children's playground.  

With Toyi every child is a toy designer. A water bottle can turn into a rocket, an old box to a train compartment or a pine cone to a cute monster. Children can design their toys on their own or along with their friends, improve their creativity by making their dream toys come to life with Toyi. They become real explorers interacting with their physical and social surroundings, and their inner worlds. 


Buy One Gift One!

As Toyi, we believe every child has right to play. To took responsibility on this we got different civil society organizations on our side as operation partners: for every Toyi kit claimed on Kickstarter we will send a Toyi kit to a disadvantaged children. A detailed list of our partners and target locations is on our website.  


A New Reward: World Children’s Day Special Edition Toyi Ambassador Pin

We wanted to do something special for the World Children’s Day! With this reward, you will receive a “make the world children’s playground” pin and we will be donating a Toyi kit to a child in need with the operational partnerships made with civil society organizations around the world. 

Play kits with the starting price of $25 can only be purchased during the campaign. 

Every Toyi kit comes with all the necessary parts to begin play: flexible connectors, foot, hand, wheel, eye, joint, stick.

Shipping is not included in the kit prices.

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Each Member Chooses a Toyi Bundle Will Receive an Extra Toyi Kit!

How to Play

With a kit consisting of flexible connectors, foot, hand, wheel, eye, joint, stick, children aged 6+ can transform any object around them into a toy of their own creation. 

There are no instructions or rules in Toyi kits. The entire process is left to children’ imagination. With the open-ended play experience Toyi provides, children can make a limitless number of toys using their creativity.

What Play Experts Did

We believe children are the sole play experts. That's way we consulted them in every step of the design process of Toyi.  

Our Approach

The toy of every child

Toyi is a toy for every child regardless of their sex, language, geographical location and socio-economic status. 

More room for children and play, with an open-ended play experience

The play and toy industry is shaped by grown-ups whose creativity is limited compared to children. Play rules are set by grown-ups; they tell children how to play and what toys to make. Even with toys composed of construction blocks, the end product is shown to children beforehand. Toyi is giving priority to children’s needs, and supports free play; it contains no instructions or rules and the entire play process is left to children’ imagination. Toyi reminds parents, teachers, and all grown-ups that child-led play is a great way for children to develop lifelong skills.

21st century skills improving through play

Toyi is designed not only to ensure that children will not lose their creativity as they grow up, but also to enable them to develop many skills that they need in this century.  

Our Story

The concept of Toyi originated with Elif's desire to design toys for children who can't access them. She explains: "Especially in regions with many disadvantaged children, it is hard to send them the desired toys; so we thought we should make something that allows these children to transform the materials around them into toys." Toyi, which has come to life following this idea, has been developed by realizing that all children who can’t use their creativity in full due to the urban lifestyle, pressure for academic success, parental instructions, and the restrictions of the toy industry, can benefit from this approach and product. 

The first prototypes of Toyi were produced in 2017 out of clay. Since then we improved it in many ways by making dozens of prototypes and eventually we put into final form for production and market display by April, 2018.

Throughout this design process we played with hundreds of children in many workshops and we developed our product according to the feedback we got from them and their parents and teachers. We also consulted with pedagogs, play therapists, and play designers to improve the play experience of Toyi.  

In June 2017, we graduated from imece, incubation for social entrprieses and we became a social enterprise aims to produce play experiences that will make play accessible for every child by connecting social entrepreneurship and toy industry.  We attended a crowdfunding training programme of UNDP AltFinLab. In July 2018 we partnered with ATÖLYE, an Istanbul based transdisciplinary innovation platform in order to expand our impact and reach many children as possible.  

After 1.5 years of work which started with Elif's hand sketches, we've come a long way and we are now ready for boutique mass production of patend-pending Toyi and worldwide sales with our competent team.  


Project Timeline 

Why Kickstarter? Why Now?

As the Toyi team we've been working on developing the Toyi parts by creating a system allowing maximum connections with minimum elements for 1.5 years now. During this process we've organized workshops with children to improve the play experience of Toyi. In April May 2018 we manufactured our first version molds in order to start boutique mass production. We're now ready to introduce Toyi to new play friends!

We believe that Toyi is more than just a packaged toy. We want to build a community including parents, teachers, toy designers, and everyone interested in play, around Toyi as a social enterprise advocating child-led play and equal play opportunity for children worldwide. This is one of the reasons we joined the Kickstarter family because we observe that Kickstarter is not only a place for crowdfunding but also a rich ecosystem where such communities emerge.

Let's create an alternative in the toy industry supporting child-led play!

Let's make the world children's playground! 

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