PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition:   A revolutionary tool to help you leap from distractions to a purposeful and prosperous life.

The Legacy Edition is based on the foundational principles of top performers who value faith, family, impacting the lives of others, and legacy.

How’s Your 2018 Going?

If you’ve achieved your goals….FANTASTIC!

If not, you’re not alone!  It’s frustrating when you’re bombarded with so many responsibilities and distractions—how can you get anything done and move closer to your dreams?

A recent survey revealed that 65% of people describe themselves as “very” or “insanely” busy. 

Do You Want 2019 To Be Your Most Successful Year?

If you are ready for a fresh start; then allow us to introduce you to the PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition!

The truth is, failing to achieve your goals isn't due to a lack of's due to a lack of following a proven system.

Studies show that using the correct organizational tools can improve time management by 38%. 

Think of the Legacy Edition as a mentor in a planner—-with you every step of the way. This powerful tool is engineered to make you more productive, hold you accountable for (and passionate about) your goals, strike the perfect work-life balance and ultimately, kickstart the dawn of your leacy.

What is Legacy? 

Steve Jobs wanted to ding the universe!

Dr. King wanted everyone to be judged by their character. 

Legacy is about making life and the world better for those who follow us. 

That’s Legacy!  And Yours is Important! 

You can be....

An entrepreneur who wants to create a product or service that makes a positive impact on people. 

 A person who wants to make a difference through service and be remembered for helping others. 

Or, a parent who wants to leave your kid(s) financially secure and make a generational impact on not just your children but your grandchildren as well. 

If this is you, PROSPR Planner can help! 

We founded PROSPR Planner just over a year ago. And from day one our message has been about—FAMILY!

In a society that promotes work, work, work-- we sometimes forget to focus on what really matters most.  And one day, you’ll look back (like we did) and ask the question: What Happened?

We designed this tool uniquely for family-focused individuals! For those individuals who want to achieve more but don’t want to lose themselves in the process!

We wanted to create a product that helps you do more than just completing daily task, but one that would change your way of living, help you build healthy habits, and guide you through creating a brighter future for your family.   

After receiving positive feedback from our customers about the release of our first line of planners(Sprint and Mastery Editions)—we wanted to create something revolutionary!

We researched, asked, and listened to what’s most important to people like you. 

We took all our research and beautifully engineered it into the PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition! 

First, it all begins with a vision. We know from personal experience how important it is to have a vision for your future and know where you’re headed. 

That’s why we’ve included a foldout vision board with this planner.  It’s the anchor that will keep you focused on achieving your goals. 

A vision board is a powerful tool to have in your legacy building tool chest because numerous scientific studies conclude that our brains are hardwired to process and retain images over words. That’s why the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so powerful!

Not only will you utilize this vision board to place photos and images that will inspire you; this section is where you’ll write your why. You can write what motivates and drives you to accomplish your goals. Is it your kids and family? Is it a new home or better career? Financial freedom?

Whatever your why is— PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition can help you achieve it. 

Your vision board is a place where you’ll reflect on the impact your actions will have on those closest to you. 

Your vision board will act as your North Star, guiding you towards your perfect life and keeping you on track to overcome any obstacles that get in your way. 

Dream big and write down your short and long-term goals.  Achieving these goals will have the biggest impact on your legacy.

We know how demanding life can seem when you are operating without a clear plan.  Writing down our goals was a big part of our transformation!

Every Legacy Edition is designed with pages where you’ll write your short and long term goals. Your goals could be health, financial, family, career or community oriented.  A mind-map is provided to help you chunk your large goals into to smaller actionable steps.

The best plans in the world are useless without action.

The good book says it best:

The PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition is designed to be your accountability partner/mentor and help you execute on your plans.

BRAIN DUMP:  You’ll step into each week with a brain dump. Get your thoughts, hectic schedule, and ideas out of your head and onto paper. 

Review your vision board, your short and long-term goals and list all tasks to accomplish for each important area of your life. Similar to a to-do list, but with the freedom to customize it how you want!

TOP 3 DAILY PRIORITIES:  Integrate these tasks into your daily top 3 priorities. These are your most important goals and must be complete by the end of the day!

DAILY SCHEDULE:  The Daily Schedule is overflowing with space so you can plan your day like a boss!  Time-block your priorities into your schedule and let nothing stop you from completing the task.  The schedule begins at 5 am for early risers and ends at 9pm.
    More importantly, the Legacy Edition is an undated 12 month planner with a unique weekly layout—you don’t have to wait until January 1st to transform your life. You can start at any time!

TODAY'S WINS:  Finally, hold yourself accountable to your goals by recording TODAY’S WINS.

WEEKLY DASHBOARD:  Utilize the weekly dashboard for clarity and focus on what goals must get accomplished this week.

POWER OF GRATITUDE:  Science proves that people who incorporate gratitude into their lives are happier, obtained better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, and have higher long-term satisfaction with life. So each week PROSPR planner helps you adopt an attitude of gratitude. 

CONNECTION:  One of the most important life lessons we learned is that connection is important. You can’t build a legacy or anything that’s worthwhile alone. Every week you’re encouraged to reach out and develop those relationships that matter most to you.

Unlike other planners, the PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition has all you’ll need to slay your goals and build your legacy.  Everything is beautifully combined into one notebook.  You know that the pieces for your perfect life are there, just waiting for you to put them together: this planner will help you to do so. 

UNIQUE GRID DOT DESIGN:  this open layout provides plenty of room to write your schedule, ideas, goals, and much more.

UNDATED:  Why wait until January 1st to transform your life?  You can start at anytime!

New Month Overview:  Take a bird’s eye view of the upcoming month and decide what actions you will take to achieve your goals.

Monthly Recap:  Look back at the previous month and smile :)  because you’re improving your life, crushing your goals, and making an impact.  You are now laying the foundation for your legacy with the PROSPR Planner.

Relieve Stress:   Studies show that most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress. Adult coloring has been proven to attract calmness, a clearer mind, more happiness, and relaxation. Stay calm, get inspired and express your creativity at the end of each month with adult coloring sheets.  Each color sheet contains a motivational quote that will keep you anchored to your legacy.  

Develop Better Habits:  The key to a successful life is in the development of positive habits.  Decide each month what habits you're working on and make them a priority. Persistence and perseverance is key so don’t break the chain of positive habits.

Build Wealth: take control of your finances and budget like a pro.  Put your money to work and start building lasting wealth. 

Notes:  Each month has a notes section to use however you please.  Here you can jot down your million-dollar thoughts and ideas!  Doodle, draw, or sketch-- the opportunities to express your creativity are endless.

Debt Sheet:  destroy your debt and efficiently increase your income with the PROSPR Planner Legacy Edition. 

We are Kramon and Carolina the founders of the PROSPR Planner.  We have been married for over 16 years; and we have two amazing kids that make each day more wonderful than the last.  We have been helping people become better organized, harmonize home and work-life, achieve their goals and build stronger families through our products.

However, things weren’t always so bright for us.

There was a point in our lives when we both lost our way.  Our lives became so stressful and all we did was work and worry ourselves sick.  Alas, no matter how hard we tried to get ahead, we still lived paycheck-to-paycheck with no college funds for our children or emergency saving saved up.  We felt like failures.  

This struggle affected us deeply in every aspect of our lives, and it soon affected our health.  Carolina had to overcome lupus, a terrible autoimmune disease, and this additional stress brought depression to both of us.

That’s when we decided that we should focus on what matters and focus on making a plan to improve our lives for good.  We started writing everything down, carefully planning each step and designing a better future for our family.  Planners were essential to during this stage, and well, we’ve tried them all.

However, nothing we tried felt right.  They were all focused on completing task and appointment setting.  Nothing was specifically designed for family-focused individuals and helping to build a legacy.  

So we decided to build something bigger than ourselves and create our very own.  We made a planner that would not just help your daily tasks, but one that would change your way of living, help you build healthy habits, and guide your through creating a better future for your family.

And this is how the PROSPR Planner began.