The completely unique, patented design of TugNBrush® turns a dreaded task into a fun and interactive playful experience for both you and your furry friend! You will bond with your canine companion and make great memories while tending to a daily chore that used to be such a hassle, most people just give up even trying. But now that you have your TugNBrush®, let the fun begin! You sly dog!

Remember when you had to get another person to help you hold your pet while you struggled to get him to open his mouth so you could brush his teeth? Not to mention the times you almost lost a finger! Actually, 2/3 of pet owners "never" or "rarely" brush their pet's teeth despite the health benefits of doing so. Brushing your furry friend’s fangs is difficult, inconvenient, time consuming, and can even be dangerous. Chances are, your dog hates it even more—and he or she will make sure you know it. But those days are now over!

Whether it's dog days of summer or raining cats and dogs (pun intended), TugNBrush® makes brush time as easy as tug and play! Once you're done, put it away till the next day! And clean up is a breeze. Simply rinse under the sink while you tug on the rope.

The TugNBrush® is fun and easy to throw, which makes it ideal for retrieving. The reflective rope makes it easy to spot. Best of all, your dog gets a teeth cleaning every time he picks it up to bring it back to you. Turn a game of fetch into daily brushing!

The real magic happens when you engage our patented brushing technology—the fully encased brush slides back and forth across your dog’s tongue and teeth when you push and pull on the rope.

The center of the cylinder is equipped with doggie tongue scrubbers that are also designed to freshen your dog's breath.  

As your dog bites down on the sturdy cylinder, the soft nubs gently massage your dog’s gums and removes gunk and grime. 

In addition to being fun, the TugNBrush® is safer than traditional dog toothbrushes. You do not need to grab your dog’s snout, head, or lips to use the TugNBrush®. Just play Tug-O-War and enjoy play time with your best pal! 

Double the protection with our specially formulated Fresh Vanilla Mint Enzymatic Toothpaste for use with the TugNBrush®. The clear gel perfectly seeps into the bristles keeping the toothpaste where you need it and doesn't make a mess. The toothpaste contains natural pink himalayan sea salt, calcium and the enzyme glucose oxidase. The enzyme is derived from the same origin that produces penicillin and becomes antibacterial in the presence of glucose and oxygen. Our toothpaste is designed to stay in your dog's mouth helping promote oral health long after your TugNBrush® playtime is over.  

With Kickstarter you can only pledge for one reward at a time, so if you'd like to use our healthy toothpaste along with TugNBrush, simply add $6 to your pledge total (or as many as you'd like at $6 ea) and we will include a 4oz tube(s) with your pledge. Thank you for your support!

Little dogs, don't fret! We have the perfect size for you too! Tug 'n Brush comes in two different sizes, perfect for big and small dogs too! At the end of our campaign you will receive a backer survey where you'll be able to choose the color and size that best fits your furry friend!

TugNBrush® comes in green, but if you help us meet our stretch goals, we will also offer a pink and a blue option for you to choose from on a campaign backer survey that will be sent to you once the campaign has ended.

See how TugNBrush® works below:

Check out our prototype development process: