Ready for sadness? Recent reports show that we've lost over 60% of the world's wildlife in just the last 50 years.  :( :( :( 

FORTUNATELY, there are thousands of wildlife biologists all over the world learning about different problems facing wildlife, and they're doing their best to come up with solutions for those problems. This type of research is expensive and there's currently just not enough money going into it! Contributions from Socks for Animals sales will go directly to wildlife biologists that are working in the field, and that money can go a long way towards helping the animals that we all love! 

The best part is that we're going to be completely transparent about how the money was used so that you can see the difference you're actually making. 

 Polar bears are well-known for being the big white bear. Newborn cubs come out of their winter den sparkling white, and while they do their best to clean their fur to preserve the arctic camouflage, over time it's just gonna get more yellow. WHY? Well, the hairs that make up their fur are actually translucent rather than white, so throughout their lives, dirt and other materials will build up on those clear hairs and make them look yellow. On our socks, we made our mom bears yellow and our baby bears white to remind you of this cool/gross fact! But don't worry, the yellow in the socks was not created by a build up of dirt! Our socks are super clean.

Polar bears completely depend on sea ice to hunt seals—one of the few animals fat enough to keep a polar bear alive. Without ice to hunt, polar bears starve. Scientists are trying to learn everything they can to help! Socks for Animals donations will contribute to their efforts, and will be specifically going toward a population of polar bears in Northern Alaska that have already seen a big drop in population size.

 Oh hi, indeed! We're excited to meet you, but since you asked about us... Our team of four includes a wildlife biologist, a designer, a savvy business planner, and a writer. As you can imagine, we have varying backgrounds and talents (and tbh, varying likabilities), but we all have one thing in common: we LOVE animals and the earth and conservation! 

We got together to try to answer one simple question: How can we create more awareness around wildlife conservation in a way that's fun? It turns out, we also had one more thing in common: socks! We think this sock subscription idea is pretty great, and we're super excited that others get to contribute and get excited about wildlife conservation with us!