We all know luxury watches with their beautiful design, great comfort and outstanding quality. 

These watches are usually very expensive - but isn't there any alternative?

Now there is! 
We asked ourselves the same question when creating our first watch collection. We looked everywhere and talked to everyone. We searched for the best materials we could find.. for the best price - so we could create beautiful watches that are also of fine quality - for us.. and for you!

And now - only for the next 30 days - we are able to offer you a high guality watch for the best price you will ever get in your life.

With the JAGIS "MANHATTAN" you'll get:  


Versatility: Our minimal and puristic design gives you the opportunity to combine your Jagis Manhattan to every outfit - without having to worry! No matter if you are a businessman or if you are backpacking through shrubbery in far away countries: you'll always look stylish as hell.

For everyone from Businessman to Backpacker
For everyone from Businessman to Backpacker

 Many people don't know this.. but watches can make ALL the difference in your outfit. So better choose the right watch.

"But Josh.. How did you get the idea to create your own watch brand?"

- Hey! Thanks for asking. I actually get this question a lot.
So I've always been a watch freak so naturally I often showed my father some new watches and most of the time I told him what I like about them but also what I didn't like at all - like little details, colors, and so on.
So after I criticized some watch designs once again, my father just told me: 

"Josh, if you are always unsatisfied with the designs and details
of every watch: why don't you just design YOUR OWN Watch?"

Photographer: Ian Froome
Photographer: Ian Froome

 This hit me like a thunderstrike.

So I looked at him and thought to myself:
"Hmm, I've got the knowledge to design a beautiful
timepiece and I also know where to get contacts for
manufacturing and production. I should really try and
give this a shot.
I mean, I love wristwatches - this could be amazing!"

  That was the point when I started out with Jagis and only 1 month later I already had some designs and contacts to different manufacturers. 

My father has a local business for a long time now so he helped me with all the business issues like patenting our logo and brand name I didn't have any experience with. I am very grateful he inspired me to work on this project and made me believe that I can accomplish something like this.

Joshua Jagersberger at the Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna.
Joshua Jagersberger at the Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna.

In Summary: The design and creation of the Jagis "Manhattan" took me over one and a half years by now - but I tell you:

Time went by so fast working on this project and the
Jagis Manhattan is worth every second, every hour
and every month I put into it.
I love the Jagis Manhattan - it's like my baby.


Through Kickstarter we have the possibility to give you a Discount of up to 48% because here we can leave out all the middlemen who take a part of the money and give our product directly to you.

Usually you have to pay markups for products because of marketing costs, distribution, wholesalers and other costs that play a big factor in the price of a product.

We don't have these costs.
We deliver directly to you. You don't need to pay a penny more for any middlemen that stands between you and your Jagis Watch.

So only for the next 30 Days until the end of this campaign we are able to exclusively offer you a premium quality watch for less than €150.

Thank you so much for supporting this project and joining our Kickstarter community, we promise you that you will be happy with your choice!

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Info: Jagis Watches is an austrian watch company registered as GmbH in europe. In only a very short time Jagis Watches was able to generate thousands of fans on social media because of their beautiful watches and social media presentation and marketing of their high-quality watches.
This Kickstarter campaign is Jagis Watches start into exclusively selling their watches - only available on Kickstarter.