Meet MonkeyCycle: The Bike That Grows With Your Child

As parents we want the best for our kids, right? We knew a balance bike was the best way to teach balance skills and the fastest way to pedal freedom. ​

You may have bought bikes in the past only to realise that they grew out of it super fast! 

As an engineer and keen cyclist, I knew a better solution was possible. 

Meet MonkeyCycle!

The Modular bike that grows with your child. Monkeycycle has 8 kits that grow with your child so you'll never need a new kids bike again.

The Different Bike Kits That Grow With Your Child | 8 In 1 Kits

What we have built is a bike that lasts as your child grows through the different kits, you can use a kit to change the bike from  9 months all the way up to 6 years old.

You no longer need to get a new bike! One bike will last years.

Change Kits Easily In Minutes

A Kids Bike Built With Quality That Lasts 

As a parent I wanted to build something that only saved money but also built a product that lasted. I've spent a lot of attention to every detail of the project. 

Color Options 

The Story Of MonkeyCycle

We bought a high-end balance bike from Germany, but sadly it was too heavy for our kid. ​ The lack of brakes in our hilly neighbourhood bothered us. Also, he grew out of it super fast. ​As an engineer and keen cyclist, I knew a better solution was possible.

We researched and asked parents and kids what they wanted from a bike/ride on toy and took notes, market research came next, it seemed no one was making anything like what we had in mind. Design started in 2015 and we have finally got to the stage of being able to launch to market. 

What we've created is a high end bike that everyone can be product of.

"The agency that looks at creating long lasting brands not one off success" - Joopio