We all have our shower routines. Some like them short and cold and others have more elaborate routines.

In either case we think you deserve a reward at the end.

Preferably one that's velvety-soft, large enough to wrap around your body and doesn't smell of mold.

At Casamera we believe that better basics should come from quality materials. That's why we focus on one naturally remarkable fabric: Long staple Egyptian cotton. 

When you first consider buying something as essential as a towel, quality is the first thing you look for. Before anything else you want to buy something that will last you years and at the same time does the one job it's supposed to do. Dry you.

We thought if we can bring all those qualities together and make them lusciously soft too, then we’ve come up with the perfect bath towel.

After a long process of sourcing, field visits, interviews, prototypes and testing this is what we came up with.

Living in Egypt we came to appreciate the level of precise craftsmanship and high quality of the materials used in linens. Noticing that the local linen products are a cut above and beyond anything else we’ve seen or touched.

Fueled by our passion (and aggravation) we began our journey of research and discovery. We found hundreds of variations of the same towel but none that checked off all the boxes. 

Meet your evolved bathroom experience.
Meet your evolved bathroom experience.

Lusciously Soft

Softer and more plush than your favorite stolen hotel towel. 

Generously Oversized

All sizes of our towels are at least 25% larger than average. The Casamera bath sheet (40 x 65 inches) was designed specifically for tall people.

Buy it for life

Quality craftsmanship gives you an enduring product. Casamera towels are built to last you a lifetime or maybe even two. And since they're made of the highest quality fabric they'll only improve with every wash.


Every product that makes it from us to you brings us closer to building a stronger more independent community for Egyptian cotton farmers. At Casamera we strive to improve not only your bathing experience but every person’s life involved with the making of this towel.

We decided to keep the design functional and simple. By combining century-old practices with modern day engineering we created the towel that keeps you dry and stays dry.  

A wet towel = mold and bacteria growth 

A dry towel = healthy towel

 You will notice a remarkable difference in how fast the towels dry themselves. A dry towel means it is not vulnerable to bacteria and so it stays clean. 

The label says Egyptian cotton but is it really?

After testing 100s of towels it was clear that the labels on these products couldn’t be trusted. Almost all of them read the same thing: “100% Egyptian Cotton” 

Inspired by the time-tested resilience of The Great Pyramids of Giza our premium collection of towels are loomed at 750 GSM. These super soft towels are designed to feel like a warm hug. If you're hoping to drape yourself in what is really just a robe disguised as a towel, this is the set for you.  

 The one pack includes one embroidered bath towel and one face towel.  We even threw in an all-natural sea sponge. Comes in Pearl White or Moon Grey.

The Casamera Signature Collection comes in a beautiful gift box in packs of one and two. Available in limited quantities in Pearl White and Moon Grey.

Save big on our hardcore bundles. The more you buy the more you save!  

 "Best day of my life. Seriously, I mean that" - Your skin 

Want to add more towels to your reward right away?

Due to Kickstarters limitations It’s only possible to pledge to a project once. Accordingly, backers can only choose one reward tier per pledge. 

Take advantage of Early Bird rewards while they’re still available. All you have to do is add the amount of your extra towels to the reward you have chosen. Then message us to tell us what you would like to be added to your pledge.

If you're trying to get your hands on some quality home linens your mission might be harder than expected. 

The “100% Egyptian Cotton” label is one of the most common labels used in textiles today but the truth is Egyptian cotton is so rare it might not be around for very long.

The fact that it's becoming a rare commodity is encouraging suppliers and manufacturers to resort to fraudulent labeling. This in turn is hurting production of the real stuff and most of all the farmers who harvest it. 

You should feel confident in knowing that the cotton in our lustrous towels has been carefully handpicked with your comfort in mind.

Our towel design has been heavily tested and refined. We have already completed the first production run with the help of an experienced manufacturer and craftspeople. We have built a strong supply chain network that will allow us to bring you our towels without delay.

Suli next to the first Casamera prototype sketching Dobby lines
Suli next to the first Casamera prototype sketching Dobby lines
Fares using the Casamera hand towel after a clean shave.
Fares using the Casamera hand towel after a clean shave.
Close up on the edge of a Casamera prototype in Moon Grey
Close up on the edge of a Casamera prototype in Moon Grey

We need your help to raise $12,000 in order to complete our initial production run. More specifically this money will go towards overseas shipping and fulfillment of our backers' orders. 

Stretch Goals

Reaching these milestones means more unique products are added!

Don't leave your friends behind and help us turn this project into a reality.  

Believing in the positive power behind the science of color therapy, this group began renovating and adding color to the decrepit slums of Egypt. Every product that makes it from us to you will contribute to helping Mashrou El Saada (The Happiness Project). 

In a country so densely populated and plagued with a high rate of poverty, a little color goes a long way.

Your backing will help bring Impactful, thoughtful and long term change to those who need it: one towel at a time. 

Questions about this project? Check out our FAQ

Elaina testing the extra-large bath sheet for balance!
Elaina testing the extra-large bath sheet for balance!