We have had 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns and now we have been at the design table again to make a new Titanium collection. This time a Wayfarer-Style, that fits both classy style and Sports. We are proud to present this new prototype with you and hope you like it as much as we do.


We are keeping our track that we will beat the market prices while using the best materials possible. Reliable glasses that do not break and are not absurdly overpriced. Why buy new glasses all the time when you can have a pair that continues to last through all occasions you expose them to. 

Titanium is the perfect material for sunglasses. High strength-to-weight-ratio. Extreme temperature and corrosion resistance makes it to a obvious choice. We have added some carbon insertion on the sides from the same material as our Fibrous glasses. The ear rest made of rubber to make them a soft and pleasant to wear. and to make them fit perfectly we have German OBE hinges to complete the reliability as we had on the Aviator Collection.

We found these boxes a while back and haven't found anything that beats those in feeling and looks. Every pair of our Titan sunglasses comes with an exclusive PU leather box that easily can be folded so it does't take up any space when you have your shades on!

The lenses might just be the most important part of a pair of sunglasses. And what good would they do if they didn't match the high quality of the titanium frames? We have searched long and hard to find the right lenses and are proud to present the optics for our Titans. First off we use 7 layer polarized lenses that effectively reduces glare, eliminating dazzling light reflection and scattered light which makes the vision more soft and clear. The Polaroid lenses have seven layers composite materials with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard. This means that they block all wavelengths of light from 400 nm, which covers all of the UV spectrum. The first and last layer features a clear and durable scratch-resistant layer to avoid any damage you expose them to.

Besides the quality of the lenses we wanted to heighten the diversity so that you can give your Titans a more personalized look. The solution was to design them so that you safely and easily can change the lenses yourself. With bunch different colors of polarized lenses you can give your Titans a new look every day of the week!

If we reach our first stretch goal we will open some new stretch goals after that. First is one more lens colors to choose from and the second will be revealed when the first one is reached. Third will be revealed when stretch goal 2 is reached.  

We are not gaining anything to use cheap materials and selling them  overpriced with fine words. We want quality and to stand proud by our products. We believe that would be the best for both customers and our brand. Therefore we put allot of time and effort in our products.

In return of your support and belief in us we give you some great offers beside our new collection. we give you a chance to get our previous collections with a grate discount.

Here you can see all of our collections, and all are available in this Kickstarter project to a great price and nice combos.

 Go to our store to see more photos on all our products --> CLICK HERE


First, all of you who have backed our previous projects. It wouldn't be possible without Kickstarter to make this happen.  

We are still on our mission to show you that its more then the big cooperation out there. And you don't have to to pay overprice to get quality products. We will keep doing our best to promote and provide our products at a fair price. 

We have come a long way along the road and we have come in contact with a lot of awesome people that we work with. We are very proud of all the people who have make this happened. This wouldn't be possible without them. 

Zerpico changed owners in the beginning of 2018 to make more time for Zerpico. The old owners are still on the team and still want to see Zerpico succeed with the goals we have in common. We have just added some more enthusiastic people and better company.

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