Entirely made with a technical polymer that guarantees, at the same time, great strength and rigidity of the poles and excellent flexibility of the arms, Pluvi is an ultra durable, lightweight and colorful umbrella, with exceptional resistance when subjected to wind stress and a weight of only 265 grams.

The stretcher, designed to last thousands of opening and closing cycles, is made of a single piece of flexible material with integrated joints.

Unlike traditional umbrellas, which are made up of a multitude of pins and rigid rods that break easily, our particular patented geometry allows it to flex elastically, avoiding deformation and damage.

The number of components has been considerably reduced, from over 130 in traditional umbrellas to just 24 in Pluvi. The assembly has been simplified by replacing the traditional screws and hinges with long-lasting snap-fit, increasing the overall reliability of the umbrella.

The handle and the shaft have been designed to take full advantage of the high flexibility of the whole umbrella when it is subjected to wind stress.

The canvas, made with a high density micro fiber Pongee 210T fabric, ensures a high degree of water repellency that allows water droplets to quickly slip away and performs an important protective function by shielding 95% of UVA and UVB rays.

We compared Pluvi, in terms of Durability and Flexibility, with traditional umbrellas of the same Price Range.

Few components to minimize the chances of failure and all produced by the same injection moulding technology. Our unique technical polymer, used for every single element of the umbrella, has been specifically developed to be easily recovered and reused for the manufacturing of new products.

Perfectly suitable for a complete cradle-to-cradle system or an alternate version made from zero-impact biodegradable polymers.

Pluvi is an umbrella with a modern look and attractive colors, combining sustainability with Italian style.

For those who are looking for something practical and stylish or simply as a useful original gift.

Traditional Umbrellas are made of many rigid metal parts not suitable to withstand the stress of the wind.  Once broken it’s almost impossible to repair and the recycling of the materials turns out to be difficult and very expensive.

The data collected by the International Trade Center states that over 2.5 Million umbrellas per day are imported by the major countries in the world; since the global market is stable, this means that:

If we consider that in a traditional umbrella (average weight of 350 grams) there are approximately 280 grams of metal and almost 1 square meter of fabric, this means that:

Let’s put these numbers in perspective:

We have been developing Pluvi over the past 3 years; at present Pluvi is in the pre-series production phase utilizing temporary moulds. This is a truly passionate project for our team and we are here to ask for your support in making it a success.

With your help we can shine a light on a fresh design and a new solution and introduce an umbrella that is fully recyclable and can actually improve the environment.

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