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Pigzbe is a (very) smart device that teaches kids 6+ the value of money in a digital world. It's one of the first ever family products built using the blockchain.

We call it a piggy-wallet™. 

Today’s kids live in a fast changing financial world. Digital money, contactless payments, in-app purchases and cryptocurrency are all things they need help to understand.

It's hard to get to grips with money if you can’t touch the notes or feel the coins!

We wanted to find a way to make digital money physical, so children can touch, play and experiment with it. The same way we did with the coins in our piggy-banks. 

Pigzbe teaches kids about money in a language they understand. It is made up of four connected elements:

 1. Pigzbe Device 

Pigzbe is a friendly and interactive financial assistant that’s packed with personality. Take Pigzbe on adventures, play games and learn together as you grow up. 

2. Pigzbe App

The Pigzbe App connects the whole family to a child’s financial education. Parents can send allowances, set tasks & reward milestones. Kids learn through play.

3. Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency 

Using Wollo kids learn how to save, budget and manage digital money. Every new Pigzbe comes with 200 Wollo inside, enough to start having fun right away!

4. Family Payment Card

Spend Wollo easily anywhere that takes Visa using our Family Payment Card. Or spend Wollo using a Wirex Visa card (both cards available in selected locations, additional fees apply). 

In the Parents App, Mum and Dad moderate. They can set allowances, create tasks to earn money, reward milestones, and invite others to join the family network. 

The Kids App is an interactive game. It allows children to feed their money tree, watch it grow, and learn new financial concepts as they play. 

Lots of parents struggle to talk to their children about finances, and worry about passing on bad habits. Pigzbe helps create a more positive family dynamic around money.  Kids learn: 

Wollo is our family-friendly cryptocurrency, designed specifically to send money globally, quickly and cost-effectively (it costs $0.000001 to send as little as $0.005).   

 Where do I get Wollo?  

Every Pigzbe device comes with 200 Wollo inside, enough for parents to get started setting tasks and giving rewards. You can buy more Wollo online like any other currency. 

How does Wollo work?

Wollo works like any other currency – it has an exchange rate and you can buy it with dollars, pounds or other cryptocurrencies. Like any other currency it can go up and down in price.

Fluctuation is an important financial concept to learn (the dollar does it, the pound does it) so introducing children to this idea with very small amounts of money, is a useful lesson.

How can I spend Wollo?

You can spend Wollo by exchanging it online for other digital or everyday currencies or using a Pigzbe Family Payment Card or Wirex Visa card (selected locations, fees apply). 

Pigzbe comes with all the necessary parts to start playing right out of the box: A. Pigzbe Piggy-Wallet, B. Pigzbe App (Parents App + Kids App), C. USBC Charging chord 

Lights! Sound! Touch! D. 128 LED lights, combined with a E. speaker, a F. vibration motor, and G. 2x buttons, to provide a tangible window into you digital money.  

We're a team of engineers, technologists, artists and storytellers from 15 countries. We've worked on incredible projects for companies like Apple, Google and NASA. We know what it means to deliver exceptional experiences to millions of people. 

Pigzbe is our next big adventure.  

We worked with the amazing team at Pentagram, the world's largest independent design consultancy, to build a truly unique product.  

Pigzbe runs on a Dual core XTENSA® 32-bit LX6 with AES/RSA/ECC/SHA hardware encryption. It has a 24 x 8 LED matrix display, 6-axis motion sensing and works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Everything is ready to go. We just need your support. Pigzbe will be in stores in Q2 2019. Back us on Kickstarter and be among the first in the world to get one!   

We’re a team of Mums (and Moms) and Dads who have built some of the world’s best-loved educational toys, things like  Cubetto, the Kano, SAM, Hack-a-Ball, and Suzy Snooze. We know from experience how kids learn.

Collectively, we’ve produced and delivered robots, computers and connected devices across multiple Kickstarter campaigns since 2013. Meet the team here.

Some might say we’re Kickstarter veterans. 

There’s no secret about the challenges involved in delivering bits and atoms, but we know what we are doing. 

We give you our word and guarantee that every backer will receive a quality product made with skill, dedication and passion.

We're so sure about Pigzbe that we are offering a 100% Delivery Guarantee. If we fail to deliver the rewards for whatever reason, we will reimburse the full amount you pledged on Kickstarter. 

Thanks for reading!

? Team Pigzbe x