Huglee includes all the experience of the weighted blanket industry for the past few years, as well comments and feedback from millions of customers and expertise of leading sleep disorder clinics. 

The Huglee blanket will help you feel protected and sleep deeply like a baby. The therapeutic heavy blanket distributes deep pressure ideally across your body. Huglee imitates the sense of hugging. This increases the level of serotonin and melatonin while decreasing cortisol - which improves your mood and provides healthy sleep at the same time.

A regular heavy blanket will move deep into the cover, so unlike our solution, it needs to be pinned. So to wash the heavy blanket you'll need to untie 12 laces and then tie it back after the wash. We feel this procedure is quite tiresome, so we used Velcro fasteners for quick attachment of your blanket to its cover, making the process fast, simple and convenient.

To avoid having to whip the blanket, we've used a very sturdy zipper on our cover, which opens by 270 degrees angle. This allows you to unzip the blanket in three directions and makes the procedure easier.

To make sure you're kept warm even in most chilling days, we've made one side of the blanket out of the warming dotted minky material (which at the same time, thanks to its pimpled texture and unlike the other types of minky, leaves some space when you're covered, which ensures your skin can breathe).

Our bamboo is the type used for premium bedding sets. Unlike our competitors, we've increased the density from 200 to 300T, which allows the bamboo to stay amazingly soft, yet improve its durability.

Other heavy blankets end up teared and scatter their filler everywhere. That is why we've used a reinforced side stitching to protect the filler from spilling.

Other blankets' filler eventually leaks into neighbouring pockets, and as a result, all the weight ends up centered in one spot and the whole point of the blanket is lost. We've implemented double stitching which prevents filler spillage and reduced pocket dimensions from standard 6x6 to 4x4 for an even better weight distribution.

With heavy blankets, the material undergoes higher strain and breaks down relatively soon. We're using only 100% cotton and increased its density to 300T, reaching the perfect balance of material and hardness. 

We're using special glass beads for the blanket's weight, this lets you avoid having to deal with foul odour, which inevitably turns up when using plastic or silicone filler. 

We've also reduced the size of the filler beads to 0.7 mm. This allows you to enjoy maximum comfort during use without feeling them. They also produce no noise when moving under the blanket.

Our team decided to work with the biggest factory we have found. It is far from the cheapest, but we know for sure that they will manufacture the best quality product and provide excellent service.