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It seems that only a handful of cryptocurrencies get all the hype and attention - we all know who they are. But do they really deserve it? For the most part we believe they're slow, overpriced, unstable, and incapable of providing the features that are needed to serve as an everyday medium of exchange. Moneda is different. Built on the Stellar network, it's been designed to reward investors and to enable fast, economical transactions of any amount - big or small - even those under $1. 


The original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was designed to be a trustless, peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Unfortunately, many unforeseen problems arose from Bitcoin's use and popularity. Among these problems are speed, economy, stability, and scalability, which were all compromised with the expanded use of the coin. In addition, virtually all other cryptocurrencies suffer from at least one, and usually more than one, of these deficiencies.


We believe that only a cryptocurrency which is stable and can provide the necessary speed, scalability, and cost effectiveness elements will prove suitable for use as an everyday currency. 


The primary objective of the Monetran project has been to develop a stable token which can be used in everyday commerce, including for micropayments of $1 or less. The token has been designed not only to maintain its value, but to steadily increase in value over time. It has been backed by a portfolio of tangible assets and we plan to make it redeemable for a portion of the account that reflects the number of tokens in circulation.


In short, we believe this token – called Moneda – will deliver all of the features a cryptocurrency would need in order to be considered as the favored medium of exchange for Internet transactions.


Built on the incredibly fast Stellar network, Moneda will enjoy all of the benefits that platform has to offer, including swift and secure transactions, economical transfers, and conversions from one currency to another.

Future plans call for the establishment of a funds transfer network with a primary emphasis on remittances, which are at this point in time a global market worth nearly $600 billion and growing.


Don Bielak | Founder and CEO



Equity offering available to U.S. investors under SEC Reg. CF rules.


The Offering

$1.00/Class B Unit│When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $1.1M.



Right to Receive Moneda Tokens:

The Offering includes the right to receive, one (1) Moneda Token for every $1 invested.
For example, an investment of $500 would entitle the investor to 500 Moneda Tokens.

In addition, the following bonuses will apply:



$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive an additional 10% Moneda Tokens. (a $1,000 investment = 100-Token bonus)

$2,500 — If you invest $2,500, you will receive an additional 12% Moneda Tokens. (a $2,500 investment = 300-Token bonus)

$10,000 — If you invest $10,000, you will receive an additional 14% Moneda Tokens. (a $10,000 investment = 1,400-Token bonus)



Additional Bonus to early investors — this bonus will be added to the total number of Moneda Tokens authorized, including any volume bonus noted above. Minimum investment to qualify for this bonus is $500


     Invest within the first seven (7) days of the Offering = 10% bonus tokens

     Invest within the first fourteen (14) days of the Offering = 6% bonus tokens

     Invest within the first twenty one (21) days of the Offering = 3% bonus tokens


After the first three (3) weeks (21 days), no "Additional Bonus" will be applied.  The volume-based perks will still apply throughout the entire Offering.


*All perks and tokens will be delivered after the campaign is completed.  
See Offering Summary below for additional terms.


For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.


Moneda Token

Description: Moneda Tokens have been built on the Stellar Blockchain platform and will function as the primary medium of exchange usable within our own proprietary Monetran application. Through the Monetran network, Moneda Tokens may be used for money transfers and commerce payments as a medium of exchange between any individual(s) and firm(s) which accept such a payment method. The Monetran application will be used to transfer Moneda between users as well as convert Moneda Tokens to applicable fiat currency.


Our mission is to establish a digital currency for everyday use in Internet commerce. We intend to ensure that the currency has tangible value and that people everywhere will find it desirable for transactions. We believe that, ultimately, our efforts will result in a cheaper, faster, more flexible method of transferring funds, bringing benefit to people the world over. Moreover, we believe that the mining portion of blockchain technology is a wasteful process which can be replaced by eliminating that procedure in favor of the Byzantine Consensus Algorithm model, which was refined by the Stellar network and adopted by Monetran.


Social & Environmental Responsibility

Millions of people in the world lack access to financial systems

Although Monetran expects its native token, Moneda, to gain universal acceptance in the first world, it also intends to make its system available to those in the developing and third-world countries. Many inhabitants of those areas lack access to financial systems which many of us take for granted. We believe the Monetran system, taking advantage of the many features of the Stellar Network, will make swift, economical transactions available to millions of people who previously had to deal with slow and expensive transfers of funds, which is part and parcel of most existing processors. 


According to statistics supplied by the World Bank, the average $200 remittance in these areas is subject to approximately 7% in fees, or almost $14. The Monetran system, enabled by the Stellar network, expects to be able to transfer $200 nearly anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds at a cost that is 70% less.


Cryptocurrency mining wastes valuable resources

Typical blockchains require a vast amount of energy to verify or "mine" transactions. It is estimated that by February 2020, mining the leading cryptocurrency alone will use as much electricity as the entire world does today. When all other cryptocurrencies that require mining are factored in, the electrical drain is absolutely mind boggling. 


The Monetran system will be built on the Stellar Network, which utilizes a Federated Byzantine Agreement to reach consensus, thereby eliminating the need for mining. No matter how popular Moneda gets, we believe it will not waste a single watt of one of the world's most precious resources. 


The Monetran App

Intended for an easy user experience, the Monetran App will allow users to send money internationally or domestically using federation ID's. Forwarding money will be as simple as entering an email address.


The Stellar Network enables lightning fast transfers and transactions - in excess of 1,000 per second.  Sending funds from one federation ID to another only takes approximately 2-5 seconds.  No more standing in lines or waiting for hours to receive your funds.


The Monetran App will charge a fee that is up to 70% less than the competition when you send money domestically.  This translates into huge savings on Internet payments. Also, the majority of the fees will be deposited into the asset account backing Moneda, yet another benefit to the holders of Moneda tokens.


The Monetran App will be modeled after RocRemit's funds transfer app called ToNaira. ToNaira was developed by Gbolahan Onadeko, who won an award from Stellar for his creation. Onadeko will lead the development of Monetran's App as a true expert on the Stellar protocols.

Federation IDs will make sending money as easy as sending an email


The Stellar network will enable many of Monetran's finest features

The many advantages of Monetran / Moneda


  • The Stellar network will enable transactions in 2-5 seconds
  • Moneda are backed by a portfolio of financial instruments
  • Will provide very economical transaction fees
  • The price of Moneda will be enhanced by regular token burns
  • Will enable micropayments, even those less than $1.
  • Will provide token stability benefiting customers and merchants
  • Moneda functions as a store of value and increases gradually
  • Will enable P2P international transfers including conversions
  • Trading of Moneda will be available on Stellar's SDEX exchange
  • Will not require mining which wastes valuable resources

How Moneda Stacks Up Against Top Cryptocurrencies 

The top three cryptocurrencies in existence today have a combined market cap of more than $200 billion - yes, billion with a "B." However, they all share several alarming features. All of them are very expensive to use, none of them can enable micropayments, and not a single one of them is backed by anything of value. In addition, none of the leading tokens are redeemable, which is a big reason why they suffer from destabilizing swings in price. If all that isn't enough, none can serve as a real store of value.


Moneda comes up big in every one of the categories that are necessary to make a cryptocurrency a solid investment. 


Monetran has a big advantage over the leading cryptocurrencies. Because they were established in the early days of digital currency, they cannot take advantage of the technology which was developed subsequently. In short, the Big Three may have been the first but, ironically, that is precisely what will always keep them from being the best. 


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Redeemable Tokens

Holders of Moneda tokens will have the option of having them redeemed directly from Monetran. 


Making Moneda redeemable accomplishes a couple of important things.


First, it provides liquidity. We believe Moneda holders will never have to worry if there will be a buyer for their tokens.


Second, it promotes stability of token price. Because Moneda tokens will be redeemed at a price which is determined by the principal in the asset account, those who buy and sell on the exchanges will have a built-in reference of what the approximate market price should be. Because token holders will have the option of redeeming their tokens with Monetran, there should be no significant difference in price between the open market and the redemption price, although tokens traded on the open market should be slightly higher due to the likelihood that future increases will be factored in.

Token Burns

The process of burning – basically destroying – tokens is something a cryptocurrency company does to increase the scarcity of their tokens. It can be done to reward token holders or simply because it is part of the operating agreement, such as a post ICO burn to eliminate any leftover tokens.


When a token becomes more scarce, in theory its price should increase because the demand for such tokens remains the same while the supply is decreased.


The process for burning tokens is fairly simple. The tokens to be destroyed are sent to an address which has a private key that is unobtainable, thereby rendering them impossible to retrieve or spend. 


Monetran plans to remove any profits earned by the asset account on a quarterly basis and to use those funds to buy Moneda on the open market. Those tokens will be burned, thereby increasing the scarcity which we believe will very likely trigger an increase in token price.

Asset Backed

Moneda are backed by a fully transparent, actively managed portfolio of financial assets.


40% of the proceeds from any funding campaign go directly into “seeding” the asset account. This will ensure that Moneda tokens are backed by tangible assets from its inception and will ensure that Moneda has intrinsic value.


The asset account has been established with Fidelity Investments,  one of America's most trusted providers of financial services. 


The objective is to preserve capital and to seek a reasonable rate of return. Plans call for investment in conservative instruments such as corporate and municipal bonds, U.S. treasuries, etc. A small amount of precious metals may be added as a hedge.  


Monetran will always attempt to have a profit at the end of each quarter in order to purchase Moneda on the open market and to subsequently burn them which should enhance its price.

 Future of Monetran

Because there is evidence of an underserved remittance market, in the future Monetran plans to embark on a mission to use Moneda and the Monetran system to compete for a section of that business. 


According to statistics from the World Bank, the average $200 remittance is subject to nearly 7% in fees, almost $14. The Monetran system, enabled by the Stellar network, will be able to transfer $200 nearly anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds for a fee that is 70% less. Regarding the problem of cost, Monetran / Moneda is obviously the solution. 


Our first foray into the remittance market should likely be the USD / Mx. Recent statistics show that the total amount of USD sent to Mexico as remittances was nearly $30 billion in a year's time. 


A 3% market penetration would translate to nearly $1 billion in business with commissions, based on Monetran's fee schedule, that would yield revenues of $20 million.