Developed in 1990 by the Lankhor studio,
Maupiti Island is the sequel of their precedent game, the manor of Mortevielle.

Tilt d'or Canal+ and Génération 4 "best game of the year", nominated in several countries,
with tens of thousands of copies sold across Europe,
Maupiti Island is still one of the biggest French adventure games ever made. 

30 years later, it's hard to find games that put as much energy
to immerge the player in a deep,
complex and captivating story.
Productions with that level of quality can be counted on the fingers of one hand. 

Which led us to wonder : What if we rethink Maupiti, keeping his soul,
while endowing it with today's technologies?

To allow old and young players alike, to (re) immerse themselves in its complex narration

within a reworked, re-sounded, re-adapted environment?

The starting point of a trip already started. ;-)

After Mortevielle, Jérôme Lange is back. 

Fleeing a bitter Paris, the detective accepts the invitation of an old friend and embarks for Japan,
aboard the sailboat of a client.  But a hurricane interrupts his trip in the middle of the Indian Ocean,
and forces him to dock on Maupiti, an island with paradisiacal landscapes, well known to sailors. 

A lull of short duration : right after waking up, a woman, Maggie, comes to ask for help.
One of her employees has disappeared! 

Jerome decides to postpone his holidays to lead the investigation ... 

And begins to understand that Maupiti, his natives and his regulars hide many secrets.
An investigation that will include a brothel, a murder, pirates, opium, weapons traffickers ...
And the "Bamboo", a fishing boat arrived during the night to escape the storm,
whose crew seems suspicious...

The investigation is going to be hectic.

The island of Maupiti is a character by itself : Exotic, mysterious,
surrounded by white sand beaches and local legends, ...
Its landscapes are the perfect host for Jerome's investigation...

Prepare to confront deep and complex people (11 different characters!),
and to adapt to different psychological profiles and attitudes,
that will also evolve during your investigation!


While keeping the main characteristics of the original game,
many new features will improve your experience,
making it even more immersive and enjoyable!



 Gameplay Video /  Vidéo gameplay




Lead your investigation in an exotic and mysterious 3D environment

Mener votre enquête dans un environnement 3D exotique, dangereux et mystérieux


Use your magnifier glass to reveal hidden clues

Utilisez votre loupe pour déceler des objets et indices cachés


Use your flashlight to light up dark areas

Utilisez votre lampe pour éclairer les endroits sombres


Establish peoples schedules, remember previous answers and confront suspects 


Collect information and objects, and combine them to find new leads

Collectez des indices et associez les entre eux pour découvrir de nouvelles preuves


Live score progression : any action will have an impact on your overall score.


Hide and wait at the right place and time, and wait for interesting things to happen


Follow characters around


Corrupt suspects !


Convoke everybody  at Maguy's house when you are ready to reveal the truth


You have 3 days to solve the case !


Platforms : The game will be delivered on PC, MAC, and Android and IPAD tablet. Depending on the reached goals, the game could be available on Switch, PS4, XBOX and VR Devices.


Languages: Voiceover and subtitles options include French and English. And depending on the reached goal, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and German will be added.


Estimated release: June 2020



An experienced studio of developers, a galaxy of French and European talents.

The project is initiated and piloted from the South of France by the studio Milleniumprod,
a team of experienced developers and graphic designers, used to working together for decades
on the most varied projects. 

A development undertaken under Unity for several months, with one goal:
to offer you an unmatchable experience, beyond the original game!

Different partnerships with experienced French and European talents,
sensitive to the  mysterious atmosphere of Maupiti and able to give the game a new breath,
have also helped to lay a solid foundation for the project, both technically and artistically. 

With one goal: to give Maupiti the prestige it deserves!


Cup Of Games

Cup of Games is a brand new Development Studio, created by Milleniumprod founders,
that will lead the project and will be responsible for the development and engine deployment,
3D modelization of most of the elements, and the adaptation to each device.



"Milleniumprod is a 20 years old Web Agency, specialized in web and app developments,
who will produce the UI, 2D elements and animations,
to add those little details that make the difference !"


Victor Lahlou

"Having started at Ubisoft, Victor is a concept-artist / illustrator who likes to diversify his projects.
Moving from the French gaming giant to the independent studio,
its customers today are many and varied, from Microïds, responsible for the Syberia series,
to  Ac Media, French editor for the Fallout 4, Overwatch and God of War artbooks."


Florian Boué

3D Artist in a permanent quest for adventure, Florian is specialized in the creation of environments.
With the will to create the ambiance of the greatest stories.
Winner of the Unity Technolgoies price during the neon challenge,
he works now for several studios on projects where immersion is a priority.


Visual krafts

"Based in Cannes, Visual Krafts is a film company,
that produces commercial videos as well as creative contents.
They are helping us with the sound design and the cinematics edition..
And provided us with that great trailer ;-)"


Studio Hideout

"Hideout has a short but great story; where long time friends, Jorge and Nuno,
got together and decided to create a studio;
mostly because they wanted to have a unique voice in the industry
but also because they wanted to have the most friendly work environment possible.
And better yet, doing all that without leaving their beautiful country, Portugal. 
They've been in the industry for 5 years, working mainly for independent studios
(Agora-vfx, Ironic Game, Blackorange, RP Models)."


Anthony Lynn

Professional sound designer, Anthony is remastering Maupiti's original musics,
and provide us with his experience (and sounds database!) to improve the overall ambient sounds,
as well as the FX and UI interface sounds.


Your name on the generic

We thank you for your support, and are honoured to announce
that your name will be featured in the game's credits!


Poster Maupiti

Thanks for your support! This will not happen without you.
You will be of course constantly updated about game progress and events,
and will receive our sincere and eternal gratitude. And a fabulous poster!

Image not contractual
Image not contractual



The new game / Le nouveau jeu

In reward for your investment and support, we will offer you, the day of its release,
the dematerialized version of the new Maupiti!


A Limited edition T-Shirt / Un T-Shirt édition limitée

You will get one of the limited edition of the offical Maupiti T-Shirt,
intended to become iconic in the years to come!


Limited box edition / Édition Limitée Boîte et manuel

You will receive, the day of its release,  the limited edition of the new game,
in a box inspired by the original package, with  its legendary manual,
and a link to download the original game and soundtrack!


Limited Wood box edition / Édition Limitée Boîte bois et manuel

You will receive, the day of its release, the limited edition of the new game,
in a vintage wood box inspired by the original package, with  its legendary manual,
and a link to download the original game and soundtrack!

Image not contractual / Image non contractuelle
Image not contractual / Image non contractuelle




50 000 euros : The complete game

Complete game with illustrated characters

French and English voiceover and subtitles

PC, MAC and tablets (Android, IPAD) versions


60 000 euros : More languages

Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic subtitles


85 000 euros : 3D characters

Animated 3D characters within the scenes and during dialogs


95 000 euros : More devices

Switch, PS4 and XBOX versions


120 000 euros : Total immersion

VR (Oculus, HTC Vive)


150 000 euros and more  : Sky is the limit

New clues, new character, new scene...

Everything is possible, and to be debated with the community!



Currently, we are five members working on the game. Enough to start the project,
and put it on the right path, but we will need more people to complete each of the next steps ;-)

The money raised during this campaign will give us the opportunity to create a game
that lives up to our ambitions with higher quality.  
This campaign will also allow the studio to create a community around the project,
and get everybody feedback during the development.