Meet The Perfect Travel Companion 

My name is Farouq Abraham, and my business partners name is Samira, we are the co-founders of Skylight INC. As people who travel quite often for both business and leisure, there were problems we constantly ran into while travelling.  

 First off, I hated having everything in different pockets at the airport, my wallet, headphones, charger, passport, and boarding pass all scattered and unorganized, only to take it out moments later at the customs security check, then stuff them all back into my pockets. When in Europe, I'd forget to bring a travel adapter and looking to get my phone charged for that important call was a headache. On top of that I never had a pen handy when it came time to fill out customs documents upon arrival. So i teamed up with my partner Sam, to come up with an elegant and practical solution. After several months of prototyping and testing, and with help from top-level design engineers, "The Skylight: iTravel Smart Wallet" was born, the world's first and only smart passport wallet. What is it? Think of it as a passport holder 2.0. A multi-functional anti-theft passport holder, featuring over 10 innovative functions designed to make travel and life as easy as ever. It features slots for your boarding pass, IDs, international cash, an embedded hybrid charger which charges iPhone/Android and Huawei smart phones, has a headphones slot, and even comes with a premium ballpoint pen, so you're prepared the next time you have to fill out customs documents upon arrival, allowing you to pack light, keep charged and have all your essentials organized in one place and most importantly stay safe from theft. We also added an LED indicator on the backside, which lets you know how much power is left. To recharge, simply plug in your passport holder into a USB outlet. At only 2.5 mm, its super slim design makes it very easy to carry. With help, we made our vision come to reality.

Now we really need your support and backing. We're offering it at the lowest price it will ever be, and we're confident its an investment you will be very happy you made the next time you're traveling. What we need To fulfill our first MOQ we need to raise $1,000 in funds, if we don't, unfortunately, the Skylight: iTravel Smart Wallet will not see the light of day and we will have to refund any contributions made under our  goal. With your help, we can make it come to life. My team and I would be so grateful for your contribution and support.   

We all know someone who travels, help us get the word out and let a friend or family member know and they too can capitalize on the first iTravel Smart Wallets @ up to 50% OFF retail! Share our campaign link, and spread the word!