What are the ingredients?

Answer: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Sugar, Caramelizied Coconut, Turmeric, Black Lava Salt, Essential Oils of Cardamom & Black Pepper?

Is your chocolate vegan approved?

Answer: YES!

Is your chocolate paleo approved?

Answer: YES!

Is this a "white chocolate"?

Answer: NO! Technically speaking, white chocolate is supposed to have dairy in it, so this bar doesn't meet the definition of white chocolate. Additionally, since we created this bar from "cocoa butter to bar" we're able adjust the ratios of all the ingredients, which is why we're able to use the same amount of sweetener that a dark chocolate bar typically has. The bold, lightly bitter turmeric root balances the sweetness and makes this bar truly unique amongst other chocolate bars in the world. 

I have an allergy to ________, can I eat your chocolate?

Our facility processes tree nuts, and this bar contains coconut. Our craft chocolate micro factory is free from all other major allergens like wheat/gluten, soy, dairy. 

Is your chocolate organic?

YES - this bar will be 100% certified organic!

Is your chocolate fair trade?

YES - as a company we typically buy cacao and other ingredients decoupled from commodity market rates, which means farmers can depend on a steady, higher-than-market rate level of compensation for the ingredients we purchase from them. We're big believers in transparent trade for everything we do!

Tell me about your single origin cocoa butter!

The cocoa butter we'll be using to make this bar is pressed from single origin, regeneratively grown cacao from Ecuador, from a farmer group we've been purchasing from for several years. We're the first chocolate company in the world to have paid higher levels of compensation for regeneratively grown cacao, and to commit to sourcing 100% regeneratively grown cacao for all the bars we produce, whether its this new Golden Mylk bar or any of the other bars in our lineup of all-starts and award-winners.

I've heard that golden milk needs to be consumed warm and/or with black pepper to be absorbed, how does this bar achieve maximum bioavailability?

To release the full bioavailability of the healthy compounds in turmeric, it needs to be heated in the presence of lipids (fats) for a period of time, and consumed with a small amount of black pepper. By virtue of the chocolate making process, the turmeric is exposed to hot molten cocoa butter for 12+ hours before we add just a touch of black pepper essential oil during the tempering process, to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and function. We've done all the work for you to have a perfectly portable, edible version of golden milk any time of day. 

Can you send me information on purchasing these bars wholesale for my boutique, grocery store, etc?

Yes! These bars will be available to current and future retail partners around the United States. Please send an email to [email protected] if you're interested in our wholesale program.