Surfboard Luggage Bag 


The Surfboard Luggage Bag is a revolutionary surfboard bag specifically designed for airline travel to address the problem of boards being damaged during baggage handling operations.

Global Boardriderz began after what was going to be an amazing surf trip to Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, the third and final flight of the day was a short 35 minute trip from Adelaide to Kingscote which resulted in a cleanly snapped surfboard. The broken surfboard was a three month old Mark Richards Lone Ranger which was also the only board our founder Dean Gossip took on the trip, luckily it was covered by his travel insurance but that didn’t help when he was stuck on the shore watching others surf while he was without a surfboard during a surf trip in a remote location where he couldn't buy or rent a new one. 

It was the first time he had a board break on a flight but while speaking to many surfing friends they said it was normal and even expected sometimes with comments such as "that's why I always take two seperate board bags in case ones broken", "gotta have the best insurance" or "I stopped flying with boards for that reason". The design of the Surfboard Luggage Bag will help prevent damage and breakage of surfboards during travel. 

The Surfboard Luggage Bag contains three separate compartments. A compartment that can accommodate two surfboards is enclosed by two other compartments designed to accommodate clothes and other gear such as wetsuits and towels. These other two compartments provide cushioning to the board compartment in addition to the protective features of the Surfboard Luggage Bag. 

The board compartment in foam lined on all sides with 6mm high density foam, there’s also an additional layer of foam between the two boards. A hard polyurethane film also provides further protection to the boards creating a hybrid solution between a soft and hard case for maximum protection. 

The top compartment contains storage cells for surf accessories including one cell that’s waterproof for the short term storage of damp wetsuits and towels when necessary.

A supplementary feature of the Surfboard Luggage Bags design allows for just one bag to be taken on a surf trip with our bag being able to accommodate boards, wetsuits, towels, accessories and clothes in one bag eliminating the need for multiple bags and reducing costs on airlines that charge extra for multiple bags, a common occurrence especially in North America. 

The internal compression straps keep the boards firmly and securely in place while the external compression straps keep all the other gear such as clothes, towels and wetsuits in the correct position to provide additional protection for the boards.  

We’ve designed the bag to accommodate boards of various shapes and sizes in the one bag, our prototype bag will fit boards up to 6’7” x 23”. Upon successful funding we will contact and survey backers to determine what sized bags will get manufactured. 

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