AirLoop: The World’s First 3-In-1 Convertible Wireless Earbuds 

AirLoop 3-in-1 Earbuds convert quickly & easily to suit your style— go completely wireless or get connected in just seconds!  

 Powerful Magnetic Connection 

Innovative AirLoop Link™ magnetic technology secures your AirLoop earbuds to the sportband or neckband, ensuring your earphones always stay in place, no matter your pace.

Stress-Free, Mess-Free

Relax and enjoy your music without ever worrying about your earbuds falling out of place.

With AirLoop’s revolutionary 3-in-1 design, you’ll save time and money by eliminating the need to switch out multiple pairs of earphones for different activities so you can quickly and easily go from home to the gym to the office to the subway to anywhere without missing a single beat.

Play All Day & All Night

Powered by AirLoop superpower technology, AirLoop earbuds provide you with an unheard of 10 hours of battery life on a single charge— putting AirLoop earbuds miles ahead of the competition.  

Earbuds battery life mainly depends on chipset power consumption and battery capacity.AirLoop is equipped with Qualcomm QCC 3020 Low-power chipset and 85mah large capacity battery.These make ten hours single charge possible.

This means that AIRLOOP's products can be used throughout the day without charging. In the current technology age, there is no concern about whether electronic products need to be recharged. We are proud to announce that this will make your expectations a reality.

Need even more juice?

When you’re on the move, connect to the neckband for an additional 12 hours of battery life or to the AirLoop sportband for more 3 hours and if you really need to last long, plug into the AirLoop charging box for a whopping 80 hours of pure power — enough to power you through an entire roadtrip and then some. 

In Sync With You

AirLoop’s intuitive in-ear-detection technology senses when you put the earphones in and when you take them out. Audio automatically stops upon removal and resumes when inserted back in your ear, for a smooth, uninterrupted flow that grooves with you. 

 Water & Sweat Resistant 

Designed to endure your hottest, wettest workouts, AirLoop earphones are rated IPX7 for Water-Proof and Sweat-Proof resistance. …so go ahead— push it to the limit on your toughest bike rides, HIIT classes, or that half marathon or triathlon you're training for — live without limits.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Block the noise that surrounds as you enjoy your own sound. AirLoop’s superior sound quality provides a high-quality audio experience that’s preferred by audiophiles, gamers, and athletes alike. 

Listen to music and audiobooks without distraction. Cut out ambient noise during important phone calls as you appreciate the crystal clear signal in both ears.

 Unbreakable Connection, Ultra Low latency 

Powered by Qualcomm's latest smart audio chip, AirLoop provides extremely stable connectivity with an ultra-low signal latency— meaning whether you’re grooving on the subway or streaming while skiing, you’ll experience nothing but clear, fluid audio with no lag time.  

Single Mode

AirLoop have adapted the latest "Master switching mode" . Each earbuds can act as "master", receive audio signal from your device and retransmits it to the other. Whether you are calling or listening to music, you are free to use separately one.

Personal Voice Assistance At Your Fingertips 

Once you’ve synced or connected AirLoop with your phone, simply hold down the earphone button to activate Siri, Google Assistant, or your phone’s other preferred built-in voice assistant. 

Complete Control In Your Hands

AirLoop comes equipped with two function buttons that give you full control over all interactive features of your earphones. 

What's in the Box?

Stretch Goal

The AirLoop team is comprised of a group of young and highly-skilled international entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing cool and creative technology to life.

Our team members have previously worked for big names such as Harman, DJI, Anker, and others and are now coming together to create superior audio technology.

We came up with AirLoop by examining similar products on the market and combining all of the most desirable features into one amazing multi-functional earphone. 

As designing and producing the world’s first 3-In-1 convertible wireless earbuds is no small feat, we worked days, nights, and weekends in order to overcome and conquer every challenge that came our way— and 6 months later, we were rewarded with our first batch of prototypes.

Like what you see? We can’t wait for you to hear the difference with AirLoop. 

But we need you help to get AirLoop mass produced and shipped to eager listeners around the world. Back us now and bring AirLoop to life!