The Solidteknics iron pan is crafted with one piece of American iron, is impossible to break, and cooks and seasons like cast iron. Best of all, it is much lighter in weight, smoother, and simply easier to use.

Chefs have been telling us for decades that they still wanted iron pans for their superior cooking, and for natural seasoning to achieve that famous renewable non-toxic nonstick.....but they did not want the weight. Or, they wanted French steel pans, but thicker and tougher, and without the rivets that are hard to clean and turn all gunky, and eventually get wobbly. 

For our wrought iron pans we took inspiration from French carbon steel pans — for centuries a chef's favorite — and made ours even better by eliminating the rivets and using more conductive iron. 

How? We're mechanical engineers who cook, and after 2+ decades trying, we finally found an innovative way to form a pan body and handle as a single solid wrought monobloc, eliminating all welds, screws, and the dreaded rivets (the bane of every chef's existence). This seamless wrought construction makes our pans easy to clean, and basically indestructible (you can say goodbye to loose jiggly handles). 

Another way to think of our wrought iron pans is they're much like cast iron. They're also 1 piece, and season and cook the same, except our wrought iron has serious performance advantages over cast:

Our pans are lightweight, but we're not ...   

If this is the first time you've heard of us, please don't assume this is just another overnight marketing exercise by crowdfunding hipsters. We're real mechanical engineers who cook, and we've spent decades researching a way to make a machine-wrought solid 1-piece iron (or stainless) pan. We found a way, and patented it, then instead of running offshore for max profits like most others, we committed to investing in local Australian and American production. 

After 17 successful Kickstarters in Australia in 5 years, we've built our wrought iron pans to #1 in Australia in kitchenware retailers, exported them all around the world, and received wide acclaim from chefs and experts for revolutionizing iron cookware:

We hope the cooks of America will embrace our vision for healthy, sustainable, multi-century, locally-made cookware, just like the Aussies have. We can only get there with your support on Kickstarter and social media.

That's why we always say, 'together we're making history, not just the world's best cookware!'

Like all our Kickstarter launches, if you pledge for it in this campaign you will receive a limited edition skillet engraved with 'FIRST EDITION' and the date of manufacture.


The experts all love the way our American wrought iron seasons and cooks the same as cast iron, but weighs much less. They also love the fast and even heating from our highly conductive wrought iron. Rivetless easy cleaning, and never wobbly handles. Forever-renewable natural non-toxic nonstick.   

An unbeatable set of high performance features and multi-century durability, for pro chefs, home cooks, camp cooks, bbq heroes, pit masters - anyone who wants high performance, healthy, sustainable, local cookware!   

The following reviews are independent and unsponsored. These quotes show real love for our well-established Sydney-made wrought iron seamless pans, the same patents and material as our new Chicago-made pans:

Read many more independent Facebook reviews (avg. 5 stars from 150+ reviews), and reviews all over Google. Here's a small sample of those reviews:

Note that we never 'plant' reviews. All are written by unsponsored chefs, food media, experts, and home cooks who understand the significance of this revolution in seamless, healthy, sustainable, multi-generation wrought 1-piece cookware.)

Our innovative US-ION cookware has been featured in a lot of press!
Our innovative US-ION cookware has been featured in a lot of press!

After 17 successful Kickstarter launches in Australia, and success at retail and export, this is our 5th Kickstarter in the USA for Solidteknics Chicago-made cookware. We've had two very successful launch campaigns for US-ION wrought iron pans, and two for our nöni ferritic stainless steel pans:

Retail stock of cookware from our first USA campaigns (including the nöni stainless pans not offered here) are available from our online store though the best set deals are right here on this Kickstarter! 

Please remember: Kickstarter is also the only time we offer new launches stamped with 'FIRST EDITION'. The most collectible and rare of all our pans!

Yes, cracking of cast iron is a bigger problem than people think: experienced cast iron cooks know they crack quite easily if dropped on a hard surface. It's always a tragedy to see heirloom family cast iron lost like that (and it often crops up on the cast iron cooking forums). It is impossible to crack our malleable wrought iron, so your descendants will need to physically wear through them to destroy them. We think that could take 1,000+ years.....  

We still love cast iron, in a nostalgic sense, but we've found the cooks open to innovation will generally make the switch to wrought iron and never look back. Our supporters know that we've revolutionized/created a whole category of cookware (wrought solid 1-piece), and believe this industry will never be the same again..... 

See more FAQs in Kickstarter menu for more detail on the definition of 'wrought iron', and how our lighter iron pans can have enough 'thermal mass' and still be tougher and cook more efficiently than cast iron.

Weights: 11" US-ION Skillet-Lid 4.6lbs (2.1kgs) and 11" US-ION Deep Skillet 3.7lbs (1.7kgs)
Weights: 11" US-ION Skillet-Lid 4.6lbs (2.1kgs) and 11" US-ION Deep Skillet 3.7lbs (1.7kgs)
Weights: 11" US-ION Skillet-Lid 4.6lbs (2.1kgs) and 11" US-ION Deep Skillet 3.7lbs (1.7kgs)
Weights: 11" US-ION Skillet-Lid 4.6lbs (2.1kgs) and 11" US-ION Deep Skillet 3.7lbs (1.7kgs)

Yes, plus or minus, depending on brand. 

Note: Some cast iron brands are even heavier. Some new 'hipster' machined thin cast iron is a bit less than 2x our weight, but be careful not to drop them onto a hard floor! Cast iron is more fragile than you think, under thermal or impact shock. Thinner is more fragile.

Solidteknics US-IONRaw iron pans enable a non-toxic natural nonstick surface that you build and maintain yourself over time. Cook with fats and oils, wash carefully, and your natural nonstick will keep renewing for many lifetimes. 

Don't worry: our seasoning is not some new marketing gimmick! Our wrought iron seasons exactly like cast iron (or carbon steel skillets, or woks) have for hundreds of years: build your seasoning following our instructions in Section 2 below, or use your own seasoning ritual. 

Above are beautifully seasoned US-ION skillets, seasoned according to our instructions (but there are many good ways to season iron pans).
Above are beautifully seasoned US-ION skillets, seasoned according to our instructions (but there are many good ways to season iron pans).

Build your own natural nonstick that is non-toxic, and never wears out. This is a great source of pride for Solidteknics iron pan owners: building their own healthy and sustainable nonstick!

Our pans will clearly last for centuries, so if the seasoning is well maintained, many future generations will be cooking on your ancient and rare First Edition American wrought iron pan.....and it will still be nonstick after centuries. The ultimate in healthy, durable, sustainable, heirloom cooking!  

Remember: we're always here to help you one-on-one with any of your seasoning difficulties. We also have a Facebook Group of 5,000+ friendly enthusiasts who are always keen to help anyone new to cooking on Solidteknics iron:

We're mechanical engineers, and we know the engineering behind all the other cookware brands/styles. We're quite sure our pans are the toughest.  

How tough? Wrought from a single sheet of American iron into one seamless, indestructible piece. This malleable wrought iron won't crack like cast iron can.    No rivets, welds, screws, or wobbly handles.  No synthetic coatings. No toxins. No (feasible) heat limits. No clad/ply layers. No worries. So durable, all US-ION™ pans come with a multi-century warranty. That's a safe promise, if you know how tough this iron is. One piece that will never crack, so you would need to eventually wear through.....   

Solidteknics cookware is already acclaimed by chefs and experts, as well as health- and sustainability-conscious home cooks around the world. Our new USA cookware is bringing local production to our rapidly growing US support base.  

It's a long road. Disposable synthetic non-sticks still dominate the retail shelves...and landfills. We're driving a growing grassroots movement that rejects disposable and toxic cookware, and changing attitudes. For the sake of future generations, we will continue to push for a reversal in unsustainable consumer habits worldwide. 

Leave the engineering to us - we've got it covered - but we need YOU to support our vision! 

Follow our USA Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, subscribe to our Solid Supporters Newsletter, and join the wonderful community on the Facebook Solidteknics Cookware Lovers Group. Share the news about the finest iron cookware available today with your friends and followers. 

Tell them they're now made in the US, and that these new heirloom, collectible FIRST EDITION US-ION™ pans are only available this once, by pledging here on Kickstarter before the campaign deadline. 

Together we'll make history, not just the world's finest new breed of seamless wrought iron cookware. 

Thank you and happy cooking!! 

Mark, Steve, Belinda, Marshall, and the Solidteknics USA Team 

If you don't know our Solid history: a background summary   

In composition, our iron is very similar to traditional cast iron pans, but our US-ION™ design is formed from a single flat wrought sheet of iron, and not by casting molten iron into a sand mold. Our very pure wrought iron is a better conductor of heat, providing a faster and more even heat distribution. 

Our wrought iron skillets are about half the thickness and therefore half the weight of cast iron, so it's far easier to handle as a daily 'workhorse' skillet. If you're struggling with the weight of your cast iron but want to keep all the seasoning and cooking benefits, you need our half-weight wrought iron!

Wrought iron is also tougher and will never crack from impact or thermal shock like cast iron can (we show impact cracking in our video because more cast iron pans are lost in accidental kitchen tumbles than some people think, and it's a tragedy when old family heirlooms shatter on the floor). 

Being wrought in one piece of very tough material, our pans will clearly last centuries!

Our long ergonomic handles are designed for comfort. Based on simple thermodynamics, we added ventilation gaps to our long, easy-to-hold handle so the heat from the pan won't transfer to your hand (unlike thick, short cast iron handles).  

We've also included a pouring rim around the entire pan to avoid messy drips down the pan sides. No need for pouring spouts! 

There has been a huge shift among cooks to healthier and more sustainable cookware in recent years, due to the very real concerns about toxic, disposable synthetic-coated nonstick pans. If you haven't seen it yet, here is an excellent documentary on the dangers of nonstick pans: 

Many cooks rediscovered the advantages of traditional old cast iron skillets. Many are now tired of their disadvantages, including heavy weight, hot handles, and slow heating (and occasional cracking). Our wrought iron has solved ALL those disadvantages.      

Naturally-seasoned iron pans are very low stick - the only similarity they bear to synthetic nonstick pans. Our seamless, rivetless single piece of tough wrought iron is non-toxic and will easily last multiple centuries. Pair that with simple seasoning that can be renewed yourself, indefinitely, and you have the most durable and sustainable pans we know.

We hope to build a revolution in seamless conductive cookware in the US, just like we did in Australia, and leave a legacy of healthy sustainable cookware for future generations. 

This is our vision, but we can't make it alone. To make it a reality, we need your support to launch new innovations via Kickstarter. 

Unusual (we think we're the first), but true: we are offering a multi-century warranty for all our indestructible, 1-piece wrought cookware, including US-ION™.    

This is not a marketing gimmick. We're not marketeers, we're engineers.....and this is solid engineering.    

Made from one seamless 3mm wrought monobloc of very tough wrought iron, this material won't crack like cast iron. There are no synthetic coatings or enamel, and no rivets, welds, seams or clad layers to eventually fail. It would be clear to any experienced engineer that there is far more than one century of life in US-ION™ cookware, and quite possibly millenia.....  

Our multi-century warranty applies whether used in the home, restaurant, or campfire...US-ION™ is basically indestructible!   

In Australia we switched from a smooth surface to a shot-peened surface in 2015, but our US importer has been selling both: the orginal smooth Aussie pans have remained more popular with USA cooks. It's also a lot less expensive to produce, so we're continuing with smooth for our Chicago-made wrought iron pans. 

We offer US-ION™ Raw with no shot peening or seasoning, just coated in natural beeswax to protect from rust in transit.  

Note: French steel chef pans have long used beeswax to protect from rust. It's natural and non-toxic. We'll leave the seasoning for you to use your favorite method (like any cast iron or steel pan), or follow our instructions below.  

We want our supporters to buy our cookware only once, and hand them down for multiple generations as treasured heirlooms. That's why we stamp the date of manufacture on every pan. 

We are immensely gratified by the acclaim of our products and our sales success, but our greatest source of pride is the parents and grandparents already planning to hand down our pans as family heirloom history....

US-ION pans are ready to start seasoning yourself in the normal way: the same as any bare cast iron pan, French steel pan, or carbon steel wok, if you have experience seasoning those. Our US-ION pans come coated in natural beeswax  (totally healthy and non-toxic), so you can warm the pan and wipe it down with a paper towel, then go ahead and season in any of the normal ways. The remaining thin coating is a good foundation for seasoning! Or, you can strip our coating and start again with your own seasoning oil/method.

If you don't know how to build your own seasoning, see our intro video below for 'best practice', and our instructions here: or the many different seasoning guides all over the internet. 

Note that our video method is extreme 'best practice' for our pans, and not compulsory. For example, scuffing all over makes a much more even result on smooth pans (anchors seasoning better), and 3 oven seasons make a more rust-resistant pan all over. If you have the patience, you will be rewarded with beautiful seasoning more quickly. If not, you will still get there with any seasoning method!  

Why does Solidteknics seem different to the average business?

Some clues are in this video.....

 .....and the essence of our difference is in our original vision statement here: 

A passion for good food:  

Our founder and design engineer, Mark J. Henry, with decades of experience developing chef equipment in Australia, USA, France, also loves to cook (just don't call him a stiff engineer LOL!)
Our founder and design engineer, Mark J. Henry, with decades of experience developing chef equipment in Australia, USA, France, also loves to cook (just don't call him a stiff engineer LOL!)

Horses for courses.....  

We still prefer the natural nonstick of seasoned iron for high temp oil/fat-based frying, grilling, etc, but..... 

Skillets in stainless are also easier to maintain, and faster to clean if you're in a hurry. Trade-off: they'll never be as nonstick as seasoned iron, so every kitchen needs both kinds

Our successful first USA launch campaign in March 2018 was for our nöni seamless ferritic stainless cookware, made in the same way (same patents) as our US-ION wrought iron cookware (see the nöni campaign here ). 

Those 3 nöni pans are available on our direct online store here: and the 8" Sauteuse is offered FREE with the BIG set in this Kickstarter.

A track record of successful campaigns, reliable shipping, and thousands of happy first-edition backers!  

Sure, we got the engineering right, but without so many strong supporters we would still only be 'dreamers with prototypes'. We are forever grateful for your support!

Could I just wait until these pans come to retail?

Don't miss this first/last opportunity: If you particularly like the look of these new US-ION pans, we recommend pledging for them now, while they are historic engraved First Edition of our first USA production, and while they are much lower in price than the eventual retails. 

After only 4 years since the first Kickstarter launch in Australia, Solidteknics wrought iron cookware is a huge retail success story. In the USA we are taking more time to ensure our pans are only in the right retailers. That may take a few years, and they will probably be much more expensive, so our tip is to secure the rare First Editions when they launch in all the coming Kickstarters!

Still have questions?   

Please do not run first to social media with a public post before you understand the background. If you knew us you would know we have solid integrity, not just decades of experience in mechanical engineering development for chefs, and we are dedicated to making all our supporters happy. 

We always give, and expect, mutual respect. 

You have witnessed the birth of an innovative new era in USA cookware manufacturing, now follow the growth: 

*Patent and Trademark notice:     

'Solidteknics','US-ION', 'AUS-ION', and 'nöni' are trademarks of Solidteknics USA, Inc. (and its parent companies), and reserved for our exclusive use with cookware worldwide. Various innovations in Solidteknics products or product features are protected under utility patents, published and pending. Please do not copy any of our intellectual property.    

To be clear: DO NOT COPY SOLIDTEKNICS cookware.  

The key utility features are protected in all our markets of interest. We defend our hard-earned innovations vigorously