How do you get that precious shirt or delicate bra clean without deforming or color fading, especially during travelling or business trip? For delicate clothing, the washing machine is just too rough to do the job, and hand-washing will finish up leaving a great deal of bacteria behind. Moreover, these traditional laundry ways will cause chemical residue on clothing as well as water pollution. All of these were troubles until the coming of WASHWOW 3.0.  It is going to change the way that people think about doing laundry.

With the electrolysis of water, WASHWOW 3.0 can assist to very easily and quickly eliminate organic stains from clothing.  With it to clean your business and casual wearing in a high-tech gentle way, you can relax and say good-bye to clothes deforming or discoloration. All kinds of delicate fabrics are tested to be safe from any damage, including silk, lace, cotton, linen and so on.  

Don’t just clean your clothes, disinfect them! This gadget has a sterilization rate as high as 99.98% ! Just by using water in the electrolysis technique, WASHWOW 3.0 is able to disinfect even the most delicate article of clothing from within. 

This high-powered disinfecting gadget breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen gas which can decompose organic stains on your clothes without using any detergent or additive.  

Excess chemical residue in your clothes, from using detergent and softener, serves as a way for bacteria to expand.  WASHWOW 3.0 can effectively remove excess chemical residues from clothes, so this is no longer a problem.  

No matter whether there is sweat smell on the armpits of shirts, damp smell on used towels or socks stink, WASHWOW 3.0 can effectively eliminate any odor. In just 30 minutes of using this product, clothes will end up clean and odor-free. 

Weighing in at just 106g/0.23lbs, finished in a compact design perfect for taking with you on the road, WASHWOW 3.0 is the perfect solution for frequent travelers, over packers, and anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint.  

WASHWOW 3.0 can help you from hassle of laundry during business trip. Simply place it in your carry-on bag and take it onto plane.  

With WASHWOW 3.0, your baby or child's garments will be washed with appropriate care. 

No worry about sweat smell, just enjoy your workout!

With WASHWOW 3.0, you are able to clean clothes with just water and bank power while camping.

 Best of all, WASHWOW 3.0 isn't limited to laundry.  

Use it sanitize dishes, or disinfect vegetable and fruit etc. It can effective remove chemical residue on vegetable and fruit. 

 The working principle of WASHWOW 3.0 is to use the reactive oxygen species which generated by electrolysis of water to decompose organic stains on clothes. The machine interior is coated with noble metal which can create positive and negative electrodes. The components OH, O, O2, O3, On, HnOn can decompose the organic dirt into water and carbon dioxide or others, and hypochlorous acid has antibacterial effect to make bacteria and dust mites not attach to clothes. 

There is alkaline ionic at the cathode end during water electrolysis, to create an environment like having detergent but better effect, the metallic oxide, lipids and some residual chemical components in the wastewater are oxidized and discomposed accordingly. Also, there is acid iron on the anode end to achieve the effect of sterilization and deodorization combined functions.  

All in just 30 minutes, your clothes will come out clean, refreshed, and odor free without any chemical residue or discoloration.

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