Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away! - Travel the skies safe and sound in this luxurious holder to hold all your travel essentials  Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, your travel wallet shelters, in its premium carbon fibre outer shell elegant and functional display of your most precious precious documents encased in a fine Napa double inner lining. NOIRE has arrived.

Our travel wallets are ultra-thin, flat, and small because we use our proprietary ultra-thin materials  but extremely sturdy and durable . A meticulously designed carbon fibre wallet  does all the work separating your travel essentials in each designated pocket rather than thick bulky passport holders. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the thinnest travel wallet in the world.

Our Carbon Fibre is a fabric-like material that is built of carbon atoms bonded together to form long, microscopic strings. These strings are extremely durable, light amongst many other properties;  and our manufacturers have braid them into threads, woven into meshes and combined with resins and plastics to produce excellent construction. Most commonly used by world renowned manufacturers for the build of modern sports cars and supercars.


Each pocket already includes an open leather etui. This closable travel wallet is easily accessible and is practical addition: Hand made from the finest Italian Napa vegan leather it perfectly holds and protects your belongings 

The linings inside all NOIRE travel wallets are made out of 100% fine vegan leather. In addition to being vegan, sustainable materials are constantly sourced in design  such as cork and rubber.


A elegant and spacious travel companion, your NOIRE travel wallet will would fully shelter your passport, as-well as your bank notes and plane/train tickets, and up to 8 credit cards, SIM/SD cards. 

Amazingly, NOIRE Travel Wallet stays thin even whilst holding your passport, cards, tickets etc. 

Travel can be hectic, and any minute saved is a worry gone. Your travel organiser was engineered to fit in any pocket and to easily showcase your passport information page when needed and keep your within reach. 

Universal Passport Slot - Personal & Business
Universal Passport Slot - Personal & Business


Everyone is a cautious traveler you are, life happens: the wear and tear of your nomad life can damage your documents. NOIRE travel wallets are built to last encased in its waterproof, rip-stop protective carbon fibre case for the years to come, your passport will expire before the first dent damages its cover!

 NOIRE travel wallet outer shell technology imparts impressive levels of water and perspiration resistance to  for extended and long-lasting usage


Its built-in RFID-blocking technology, your discrete travel wallet organiser protects your biometric data from theft. Wherever you are, your precious data will never leave your passport or credit card without your consent and away from prying eyes. 


Traditionally travel wallets are commonly made from nylon, bulky in size and look rather ugly in appearance, also your personal information is not protected.  NOIRE travel wallets have revolutionised this with "The Next Generation Wallet"


 Our incredible travel wallets are now also available in a VEGAN version. Made of vegan leather, sustainable and cruelty-free;  they  are available in black, red and blue .. Just like  our classic version, Our vegan travel wallets are made with love from NOIRE.  


 Brand your NOIRE travel wallet with our unique personalisation service; we offer personalising leather embossing, gold foil, or print-on. Using our best expertise, we will style the personalised embossing in the most appropriate design and format for the item.


NOIRE Travel Wallet by Zane Alexander & Co. Elegant travel wallet organiser for men & women. Eight credit cards slots and a black RFID blocking cover in Carbon Fibre & Fine Napa Leather. Ideal for receipts boarding pass SIM cards/SD Cards + Currency.



Our timeline has been a long time in progress, with all of the research, composition and design happening behind the scenes in secret. We are utterly delighted to tell you that the timeline is now up in our campaign  amazing! It features our extensive journey broken down into four phases. 


We are a small group of three product designers with a touch of digital marketing. We offer a balanced approach to projects with technical competence, design ability and importantly a professional marketing service. We have recently become members of the of the Design Council . Scale and proportion, creative thinking, passion and collaboration are expertise. As designers we need to keep up date with technical advancements and changes we achieve this through a CPD program and a zest for knowledge. Our goal is to design innovative product solutions on time and to make it affordable to consumer. 


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