Whether you’re using the charging band or one of the standard bands, the premium quality leather will give you a sophisticated appearance to match a variety of styles and outfits. Both bands are compatible with Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3 and 4. The bands are offered in black, brown, red and blue.

This is the new way to charge your Apple Watch… while you wear it. The flexible batteries live inside your watch band, wrapped around your wrist, giving you freedom from every-night charging. You can charge your Apple Watch anytime, anywhere. This newfound flexibility even allows you to continue using your Apple Watch functionality while charging. You can still do things like read notifications, text, make calls, use apps, talk to Siri and more.

When you’re done charging your Apple Watch with the ARTENIX BAND charger, you can swap out the charging band for one of the standard band or the wrap-style band. The connect piece helps you switch quickly and conveniently. The components are compact, portable, and perfect for daily wear. ARTENIX BAND has a unique locking mechanism that secures your watch and prevents accidental detachment.

ARTENIX BAND provides up to 550 of mAh, extending the battery life up to 16 hours. It is made with new and innovative flexible battery technology. Manufacturers have struggled to create wearable batteries because of their firm shape and low capacity. Our full-range, flexible battery allows ARTENIX BAND to be light, thin and flexible.  

Introducing, the leather artisan who helped create the ARTENIX BAND, Yeochang Yoon from the Nebular Project. He has a strong passion for space, people, nature, design, leather goods, the future, robots and machines. His passions led him to become a core team member for the ARTENIX BAND project. 

With the support of a strong team of engineers, Yoon started designing the flexible battery inclusion into the leather ARTENIX BAND. His creation will help advance watches from simple timepieces into core products to help us function. He believes that the flexible battery technology used in ARTENIX BAND brings users infinite possibilities to stay connected. 

People love their Apple Watches — they are ecstatic about the newfound connectivity that allows them to manage their personal and professional lives easily and efficiently. 

However, its advanced functionality and connectivity requires you to charge it every night. Your Apple Watch can only re-power through a charging stand or dedicated magnetic cable. You aren’t able to use your watch while it charges — which is a frustrating and unproductive problem. What’s the point of having an Apple Watch for your active, on-the-go lifestyle if it needs to re-charge for multiple hours a day on a sedentary charger? So we’re introducing a casual, convenient solution that charges your Apple Watch while being worn. 

ARTENIX BAND is made by LiBEST Inc. which stands for Lithium-ion Battery Energy Science and Technology. LiBEST is setting the standard for powering wearables with full of battery enthusiasts and experts. LiBEST Inc. is the world’s best flexible battery manufacturer, and launched a technological wave by introducing the most advanced flexible batteries designed for wearables. Founded with a vision to revolutionize wearable technology and create a better life, LiBEST has increased areal capacity of batteries while maintaining full-range flexibility. Using advanced technology, LiBEST is ready to power wearables to the next level. For more information, visit http://libest.co/. 

Founder, Elon Kim, has published 17 academic papers, which have been cited over 1,400 times. He also has filed 72 patents. His inventive spirit led him to the idea and design of ARTENIX BAND. 

We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make ARTENIX BAND a reality. 

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