Handy Gym brings the most innovative inertial technology to the world of fitness! Presented in the form of a compact accessory of a two-pound, contact accesory, Handy Gym contains two inertial discs capable of converting its turn in strength of resistance. It comes with the accessories necessary to make it portable - from your home to the outdoors, you can now workout at any time! It also comes with a wide variety of gripping elements that allow to perform up to 200 different exercises and work any muscle group you want.

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What People Are Saying

While we’re reserving exclusive early access to Handy Gym for you, as our Kickstarter backer, we’re proud to say that we have already conducted a closed market test of the product and we’ve made quite a few athletes and fitness enthusiasts very happy.

MICATON: Who We Are and Where We Stand

We are a team of fitness enthusiasts and serial entrepreneurs who believe in creating smarter devices for smarter and more effective fitness and training experiences. We also wanted to create a device that could be equally used for physical rehabilitation. After all, our CEO, Manuel Montes, who has been dealing with Parkinson’s for 11 years, was the first in our team who tried to create a device to train his mobility at home and we just knew we had to had to get together and develop a device that could be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Three Kickstarter Success Stories

Handy Gym is our fourth Kickstarter campaign, actually. After three successful campaigns in the field of hand tools as Micaton Ergonomics (Magnet Driver DDN, Magnet Driver Space Rocket and Micaton Magnetic Screw Holder were our creations), we are now committed to developing a new product for the fitness world, which we want to make better through our innovative solutions such as Handy Gym.