Bwitbee —the first Bluetooth 5.0 Music U-Pillow with Magnetic Absorption Charging in the world. Provide the most comfortable and relaxing musicexperience,Loudspeaker shock multichannel stereo,High quality memory cotton is soft and comfortable,Noise Reduction Midhead Call, 12+ hours listening time,Magnetic charge,Portable storage, etc.We push the experience to the extreme.   

Wearing the ear for a long time will make the ear uncomfortable, and sitting for a long time will make the cervical vertebra painful and uncomfortable. However, our Bwitbee designed the neck protector according to the ergonomics of the u-shaped pillow, bringing enjoyment and comfort around the u-shaped pillow, so that the neck has a soft support .  

The ergonomic design of u-shaped pillow neck protection relieves neck ache caused by long working hours and enjoys the comfort and comfort brought by u-shaped pillow.

If you use your ears for a long time, the eardrum of your ears will be damaged, and the use of acoustics in public places will disturb others. However, Bwitbee has memory cotton wrapped sound insulation, and only one surface sounds, so you can enjoy music comfortably without disturbing others.

The installation angle of the horn is 45 degrees from the horizontal plane,let the sound go directly to the human ear,minimizing Sound Leakage. 

The combination of soft memory cotton and bluetooth loudspeaker is adopted. Directional loudspeaker enables sound to be concentrated near the ears. The soft memory cotton can effectively isolate the sound and avoid interfering with the people around.   

BWitbee adopts the latest bluetooth 5.0 protocol to increase the data transmission speed by 2.5 times compared with the previous generation, reduce the power consumption of the effective transmission distance, and maintain stable connection.  

BWitbee is semi-open, the speaker has sound orientation, and the horizontal plane is at a 45-degree Angle. It has memory cotton wrapped sound insulation, and only one surface makes sound, and the sound is concentrated.The stereoscopic sound effect is just like an experience.

Semi-open design, can not only enjoy the music sound brought by the sense of presence, but also will not ignore the surrounding information.

Avoid inserting damaged cloth surface,Charging is more convenient,One step in place.

Considering the convenience of wearing and operating,design only one function button,Implementing 8 Functional Operations.

Black or gray, choose the one you're comfortable with.

Excellent internal structure design,After rolling up, the volume is reduced by about 60%,Matching special purpose storage bag.Excellent internalstructure design,After rolling up, the volume is reduced by about 60%,Matching special purpose storage bag.Built-in double-net pocket with charging wire and plug.


Unfolding Dimension:220*230*110mm

Folding Dimension:115mm*150*150mm

Cover Material:50% cotton, 50% polyester

Loudspeaker Size:38*38*26mm

Loudspeaker Input:Available 1-way, -42dB

Bluetooth Signal Coverage Area:10 Meters

Charging Time:2 Hours

Battery Run-time:It can last for around 12 hours on a single charge.


Charge Indicator:Red color when it’s charging; blue color when it’s fully charged.

Track:Dual track

Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery:3.7v/1000mAH

Working Temperature: -10~50℃

As early as 2016, we had the idea of how to enjoy music more comfortably, Not affected by the environment, Use anytime, anywhere, So we had a new idea and realized it. Bwitbee took a year to make, When we took out the final sample, we asked hundreds of people for feedback, everyone showed a strong need, and they all said that the experience was great, enjoy music or entertainment in such a comfortable way.

According to sufficient market research, our products have wireless bluetooth connection, which can play music and protect neck.