Have all of your gear with you, always, and on demand.

Power1 is equipped with a patented station that charges and stores your AirPods all in one easy-to-use system. It is accompanied by a transparent door with a magnetic door lock magnetic door lock that keeps your pods visible, safe and secure.

Redefine your audio experience and never forget your AirPods again.

Power1 constantly monitors your devices and provides power where and when needed.

Power1’s priority charging feature ensures your iPhone and AirPods are always the first to get power. When recharging Power1, your iPhone and AirPods will simultaneously charge first. When your iPhone is full, Power1’s supplemental battery will begin to charge.

Power 1’s lightweight, high-strength design protects your devices like no other.

Its slim profile not only feels great in your hands, but also provides high-level protection through drops and bumps. Raised edges around the screen give another layer of protection. Not to mention, a microfiber interior further cushions your iPhone against impacts.

Great products start with an idea and a dedicated group of people who are willing to bring them to life, and Power1 is no different. From the beginning, our goal has been to create unique products that offer effective solutions to the biggest problems that come with the devices we use every day. The emergence of new smartphones and accessories brings the need for better power, protection and storage options. Born from this need, Power1 was designed to be a multifaceted solution that gives you the opportunity to charge and store your devices all in one place, with just one product. Through a team of dedicated designers, engineers, manufacturers and marketers, Power1 is now fully engineered, tested and ready for you!

We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make Power1 a reality. 

We know not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, so even if you can’t purchase Power1 at this time, you can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of!