Sick of feeling tired and lazy? Want to unleash unlimited energy and strength? Experience a Total Body Transformation with the ERGOMAX. Lift and support your body in optimum alignment, feel weightless and enhance your performance during any activity. A wearable, ergonomic elastic resistance support and fitness tool that compounds strength and helps you achieve your personal best effortlessly. Get results in as little as 15 minutes! Your simple solution to get fit fast and feel Superhuman!


A Total Body Support For Everybody

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Achieve Perfect Posture Instantly  

Relieve all the strain off your neck, back and shoulders and feel weightless





Experience A Total Body Transformation

Fits everybody and works to improve any body type


See and Feel Results Immediately

Appear and feel more confident, more powerful and more fit

Scientifically proven to improve balance, alignment, and equilibrium


How It Works

Resistance tubes provide a force against which your muscles must work.

This action causes muscles to contract, which stimulates bone as well as muscle growth. The use of resistance tubes are one of the safest methods to increase strength, rehabilitate injury and help prevent deterioration. Strength gains are compounded with increased duration and daily use.



Perfectore Patented Design Technology 

The ERGOMAX scientifically improves your center of gravity

Using a patented support cushion that supports your mid-back vertebrae this triggers a spinal righting reflex that adjusts your whole spine into optimum alignment.

A Fast Track to Results

Easily pass your plateau, achieve your personal best, any activity, any time

A Training Tool For Professionals

Support your body and reduce the risk of injury, get stronger, faster 


Feel Weightless

Your solution for laziness, feel more energy and vitality


ERGOMAX Total Body Support Kit

Made in the USA with the highest quality custom parts manufactured with our specialty manufacturers. One size fits all. Fully adjustable. 



The ERGOMAX is comprised of a series of custom made parts that act as supports, fixtures, elastic resistance tube and pads. Each part can be replaced if damaged.



Wearable progressive resistance support strengthens the body.

System Parts

Assembly required, video demonstrations provided

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Perfectore Corp leads the way as the premiere creators in wearable elastic resistance strengthening devices.

Devices designed to instantly transform, support and strengthen the body during regular activities of daily living, rehabilitation, exercise or sport. High quality, effective and durable Made in the USA products.

The ERGO campaign

Message from The Perfectore Team

On the heals of our amazingly successful $1 million +  ERGO Posture TransformerCrowdfunding campaign in 2017, delivering 10,000 ERGOs worldwide, we are proud and excited to bring you the evolution of the ERGO, The ERGOMAX. More support, more strength and more energy. Your pledge will help us in achieving the next phase of our global growth of our American Made Brand and assist us in continuing our mission to support as many people as possible with wearable strength. 

With the same great care and dedication we promise to deliver the best product available. 

The Perfectore Team 

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