We are Tactica and we create cool stuff for your everyday adventures. We're excited to bring you our latest innovation, the M250 hex bit toolkit.        

The M250 has been designed from the ground up to deliver you the tools and features you need without weighing you down.   

No matter what you do from work, sport, hobbies or around the house, it's the small things that can become BIG and stop you in your tracks. The M250 was created to help keep you doing what you love...and to get through the things you don't, quicker.  

How many times did you find out that you were missing the right screwdriver? With the M250 we wanted to make sure you had the ones you needed. That's why each toolkit comes with 12 of the most common hex bits that you might need & 2 spare slots to add your own. 

The M250 is sized to be compact with it being less than the size of a credit card.

Each toolkit comes with:

 1. Complete screwdriver set - 12 of the most common hex bits you might need. 

2. M250 magazine - holds your hex bits and includes heavy duty driver

3. Extended reach - 2"/ 50mm hex bit extender 

4. M250 holster - Pocket, belt or on the fridge, the choice is yours

The patent pending storage system allows you to take your hex bits in and out with ease. The TPU retention elastomer ensures your bits stay in place securely. So no need to worry about pieces falling out in your bag or pocket.

Similar to the M100 multitool, the M250 features a hardened stainless steel insert to ensure you have the necessary strength to budge even the toughest of screws*. Combined with the wider body, the M250 also gives you the leverage you need. 

   *Screws driven in by the Hulk not covered

Each M250 comes with an integrated 50mm/ 2" hex bit extender. Perfect for getting to those hard to reach places or when you can't get your tool in the right spot. The extender features a magnetic tip to ensure your bits stay in place when in use.     

What would a toolkit be without an easy way to carry it. Each M250 comes with its own holster that keeps the toolkit magazine in place and allows you to carry it wherever you want. 

A clip on the side of the holster allows for pocket or belt carry... 

...And a magnetic plate lets you attach it to the fridge at home, the office or the workshop. Just attach it to any metal surface and you're away.    

The M250 holster also comes with an attachment point to loop into your bags. Seen here with the latest Peak Design backpack.   

Travelling interstate or to another country? No need to worry as the M250 complies with current TSA regulations for airtravel. Please see FAQ for more details 

The M250 uses an engineering grade composite that makes it not only 40% lighter than titanium but also doesn't scratch your technology. So now your ipad, iphones and other technology are safe from scratches next to your M250


We love our products and take care when designing and making them. This is why we stand by this and offer a lifetime warranty on the M250 (see warranty details in the FAQ).



A feature of the M250 is the use of an advanced engineering grade composite in the Magazine. This provides both an ultra lightweight structure (~40% lighter than titanium) with the necessary strength. The composite is typically used as a metal replacement and perfect for our requirements for the high torque socket.  


Over the course of of 2018-2019 we have been busy developing and refining the M250. Some 50+ prototypes we created over the course of this period. In addition we have further developed our existing M100 multitool that uses alot of the manufacturing + material technology. As such we are confident in the final design that we have pushed to production.


Yes that's right, tooling has already commenced. This means that the design has been refined and now locked down ready for the first samples. Once tooling has been completed we will be testing out the off-tool samples and adjusting as required. 

So what does this mean for you?

It means that you'll be seeing your rewards quickly as the timeline below shows. We'll be keeping you upto date with all the developments and testing as well. 


As part of our development we love involving our supporters in the process. We created the Test Pilot Program as a way of doing this. In our last campaign about 1000 backers applied and 100 were chosen to test out our off-tool samples. We will be doing the same for the M250 so stayed tuned as more info becomes available through the updates.

Tactica create cool stuff for your everyday adventures.

In 2016 Tactica we launched our founding product the Talon multitool on kickstarter. It quickly went on to become the highest funded multitool in crowdfunding history and over 8000 backers supporting us. 

Our backers and supporters are a key part of the way we create our innovations at Tactica. Our "Test Pilot" program allows some backers to get their hands on early production versions of our products to test them out and provide much needed feedback. With your help we are able to make great innovations that deliver.