Atmos is the most comprehensive, versatile and quietest all-rounded handy inflation, vacuum and compression device on the market. No matter where you go, it can help you to save more space and get much better user experience in outdoor sports.       

There are always many inflating and deflating tasks to tackle in our daily life, e.g. struggling of packing clothes into a suitcase before a trip by sealing vacuum storage bag, vacuum-sealing a food storage bag to keep food fresh, inflating a deflated ball or air pillow etc. whatsoever. Using manual pump can be extremely tired. Most of the traditional pumps are so big and unportable. Stop wasting your time, your breathe and your energy trying to inflate or deflate anything again! Now simply use Atmos - the perfect accessory for inflating and deflating with ease and convenience! 

Atmos is named after the word “Atmosphere” which is the atmospheric frequency high pressure reflecting the high power of this product. Atmos is the most powerful, durable, multi-functional, compatible, handy vacuum & air pumping device in the world. 

It is so compact and portable with clean white, streamline and simplicity in design that is very comfortable and easy to hold. Ideal for people who love traveling, sports and healthy diets. You can definitely improve your quality of life with Atmos! 

 Save twice your time and double your space!   

Atmos will compress a vacuum bag full of clothes and double your packing capacity in just over 4-5 minutes. Always pack smarter and faster with Atmos! It definitely helps to save time when packing, save space in your suitcase/backpack/bags when traveling, and even work well for home storage by saving up to 4x more space in your closet. Use Atmos and vacuum bags to increase space-saving mobility that can improve the quality of life. 

 Atmos can inflate flat sport balls

With Atmos, getting some air into the balls to increase the air pressure is so convenient, fast and easy! You will no longer have to cancel your plans of kicking around the football or starting a football game in the park. Just make sure you always have an Atmos in your sport bag or pocket!    

To inflate the ball to the correct pressure it is recomended you use a ball pressure gauge. With our pressure gauge adapting to Atmos, you can easily control the pressure within the spec. when you are inflating the ball and also check the air pressure of the ball from time to time. 

Atmos is compatible to a wide range of athletic balls including basketball, football, soccer ball, volley ball, rugby ball etc. It only take less than half a minute to fully inflate the ball from totally flat, with very little effort. It is very lightweight, compact and portable, making it ideal to carry around whenever you need to top up pressure. Atmos comes with 4 standard inflation pins and you don't need to worry about losing one. Atmos will fit your needs perfectly.

Atmos can keep food fresh 

 Improper storage exposes food to air can cause food poisoning. Like to eat healthy and save money on your food bill? Use Atmos to compress the food bag or freeze bag or to keep the food fresh and store for a longer time.  

 Atmos offers you an air pillow!  

 We offer you a pillow bag which can be used as a storage bag, as well as an air pillow that can be easily inflated (just open to blow the air in) and deflated (by using Atmos to air out) in few seconds. The best travel air pillow that is designed to carry when traveling. You can bring this inflate air pillow with you on any trip without the hassle of space because they're hassle-free to pack. Absolutely perfect for long-haul flights and other journeys.

How to used the air pillow

Designed for Travel 

Atmos is cordless, portable, compact and lightweight that you can carry it everywhere you go at all time. It is cordless and rechargeable so it can be operated without a power cord attached to an electrical outlet to provide main power. Just simply recharge Atmos with wall charger or portable power bank when it’s running out of battery. Easy and simple! With Atmos, there is no limitation as you can use it anywhere at anytime.

Ultra-Long Duration

Atmos consists of a 1000 mAh lithium battery cell. The battery can support the pump to operate for up to 60 minutes. Enough for deflate 8 vacuum bags or inflate 25 basketballs.  It also support quick charging. To reach 100% capacity, it just needs one hour.

Compatible with most of the vacuum bags on the market  

In each box, we offered one adapter compatible to most of the vacuum bag on the market.  If you already have vacuum bags, just quickly connect the adapter to the nozzle, Atoms will help you to save up to 50% space. 

 We offer Atmos vacuum bags in different sizes.  

FLEXTAIL offers their exclusive vacuum bags that are compatible with and perfect match for Atmos. You'll be amazed at how much extra space you can save when you use these high quality, sturdy, long lasting and strong seal FLEXTAIL vacuum bags for storage.  

Atmos has much better performance than VAGO and ZK190. Atmos is the only one has battery inside. Do you like use VAGO with a powerbank or a wall charger? Or you would prefer to use Atmos with battery inside. Of course Atmos.

How to add amount to your pledge for additional Parts? 


Buying 1 x Pressure Meter + 1 x Vacuum Bag - M means you need to pledge additional US$9.

Atmos Travel Pack + Shipping to US + 1 x Pressure Meter + 1 x Vacuum Bag - M

= US$ 25 + 8 + 5 + 4  = US$42

With your order you will receive at least one of each of the following items: