The Fuse Vert is a premium vertical vinyl audio system  which can also play FM radio, stream  songs via Bluetooth, USB MP3's, Alarm Clock, Line in and Line out. We took the plain record player and flipped it up into a beautiful mid century modern style audio player. Visually a head turner and audibly a stunner.  

By taking cues from Mid Century Modern Design, the Fuse Vert took the plain record player and flipped it up. The Vert showcases your favorite vinyl records in pure form with the record spinning  vertically. A unique design while still maintaining a premium high-quality sound.

A smooth grained hardwood that has a durable aesthetically beautiful finish. The Ashtree wood veneer is gracefully wrapped around a MDF box. Ashtree complements mid-century modern style to its finest. 

With no extra set-up needed to play, it's simple enough for everyone to enjoy. This means first-time vinyl listeners are able to use it as easily and efficiently as record enthusiasts!

You can connect the Vert to your external speaker system, or use the built-in speakers on its own as a standalone audio player.

The Vert has the following playback options

A ceramic cartridge with diamond needle, fine tuned for an amazing playback on the Vert.  It's Dual Channel (Stereo), frequency range of 80-10000Hz with Channel balance of <3dB. The ceramic cartridge provides a rich mid end and beautiful upper range sound.

OPTIONAL Upgrade - The Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge is one of the world's best selling needle cartridges. The needle is a Conical Styli with a Bonded Round Shank. Stereo Dual Moving Magnet, frequency of 20 to 20,000Hz with Channel balance of 2dB. It provides a warm bass and balanced sound through the upper mid range. 

Perfectly balanced and counter weighted tone arm allows for the record to be played in a vertical position without wobbling from side to side. Each tone arm is dynamically adjusted to ensure the tracking force is applied at the correct weight (4g) without damaging your favorite records. This sets a steady sound even when the vinyl has a wobble preventing anti-skating. 

1. Fuse Vert Vertical Audio Player (Ashtree Veneer Base) 

2. Record Clamp (78, 45 & 33 1/3 RPM)

3. Aux In 3.5mm Cable

4. A/C Adapter 

The Fuse Vert will ship from our facility located in Los Angeles, California. Each system will be carefully packaged and insulated with foam. 

United States: $25. Package will be sent via UPS Ground for 1-5 day delivery once shipped.

Canada: $55. Package will be sent via UPS/DHL Worldwide for 2-5 day delivery once shipped. Local taxes/duties may apply. 

Rest of the World: $85. Package will be sent via UPS/DHL Worldwide for delivery. Local taxes/duties may apply.  

Why we need backers - we have finalized all design and tech elements of the Vert. 

The Kickstarter will be used to help lower our raw material and production costs, making it possible for the Fuse Vert to be more widely accessible. 

 **should we meet our funding goal early, we will start material sourcing and production early.

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