"Museum grade deep space artworks that are beautifully vibrant and glow in the mf dark!"

Update - new stretch goal unlocked

WOW, Huge thanks to everyone for the incredible support so far we've unlocked another stretch goal!!!!!! More information further down the page! 

Hey You! (yes... you) 

Isn't space just incredibly beautiful?

I'm Cat, and three years ago I quit my day job and taught myself how to paint so I could share the universe in the most beautiful way possible... 

...by making galaxies that GLOW in the dark. :)

When we tried to make these prints, we uncovered a huge issue...

Every printing company we approached said the special type of fine-art printing we wanted to do was *impossible* to print with glow. 

So we did what we do best... We invented our own printing technology to make it happen!

After years of development I'm so excited to announce our Latest Groundbreaking Development...

"Ultra-glow print technology" Now twice as bright as our earlier prints - you can enjoy artwork printed to fine-art standards in the day... and experience the them glowing at night for up to 8+ hours.

Our new process allows us to use up to FIVE glow layers! It outshines anything we've ever created before. Not only that but its far quicker too meaning deliveries will happen even sooner.

DON'T WORRY - you don't need to pick right now - selections are made at the end

Update - New Stretch goal added, Cosmic Embrace. 

For the Canvas and Paper prints, you can choose from any of the 10+ designs to have printed in stunning glow in the dark. 

For the Mural Prints there is only one beautiful design - the milky way galaxy.

You get to choose exactly which designs the paper and canvas prints are.  The Selections are made once the campaign ends via a survey you'll receive.

 ✔   Incredible Glow - Ultra Glow Technology, our brightest glow-in-the-dark prints yet.  

Why is this important?-  Normal Glow inks are very dim, so other glow in the dark pictures don't glow brightly. Our method allows us to layer the pigments over and over so they glow far brighter.

✔   Museum Quality - Printed on archival FSC certified opalescent paper milled in Italy.

Why is this important? -  Fading prints are a collectors worst nightmare. Almost all cheap papers and canvases contain Acid &  Brightening Agents and these make your precious artwork fade. We've ensured that all of our stock is archival this means your investments last a lifetime, they don't contain these harsh chemicals and we also source our paper from a responsibly managed forest.

  Rare Collectables - Authenticity Certificate, Limited edition embossed & numbered.

Why is this important? -  Scarcity is really important when it comes to the value of collecting artwork. Every print is verified as authentic with special marks, and you can see how many prints are ever produced. 

Whilst I could make loads of money selling the same designs for years and years, ensuring you have a solid investment is more important to me. Therefore designs are only ever sold for one calendar year and after that, they are never available again as limited edition prints.

Lets impact the lives of those outside of our project

Every year we put any surplus funds into a bigger art project to benefit the lives of people outside of Kickstarter.

This time, we're building a galaxy chandelier of the milky way, 3D printed in crystal clear resin and suspended from thousands of fibre optic threads. 

Oh and it'll be 26ft / 8m in diameter

Built using data from the European Space Agencies GAIA Mission, I've already been fortunate to have several meetings with data scientist and people who worked on the mission as well as 3D printing companies and our development is underway. 

It will be the largest physical model of our galaxy and it'll give everyone who sees it, the unique opportunity to connect with our beautiful home - the Milky way. 

I calculated it'll cost around 250k to build, so I'll be funding it's production over several projects. So it's not going to be a deliverable for this project but I'm going to be taking you all on the adventure with me :) 

The best part - Once built, we'll be giving it away... for free... to Museum or Art Gallery. 

Hey I'm Cat, 3 time Kickstarter Creator - Nothing beats experience when it comes to Kickstarter projects. 

I really mean it when I say, I'll do anything in my power to make sure you have the most amazing Kickstarter experience. Together we've grown and after serving multiple successful projects I've  built a small team dedicated to serving you with awesomeness.  

We're also a registered taxpaying business with a difference - we measure our business success on kindness, responsiveness, and service. 

Before Kickstarter I ran video game studios and coordinated teams across the world, whilst I wouldn't say what we do here is a breeze in comparison, I would say my experience running complex projects has helped hugely. 

Mel and I are always here for you!  - Our aim it to have a response to every message, comment, poke, or smoke signal within 72 hours at the very latest :)  

Making sure you're happy with your rewards is the most important thing to Mel and I. So if your rewards are defective and even if it's not our fault eg it's been damaged or lost by the postal service, we will send you another at no extra charge! We absolutely stand by this. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message Mel directly using [email protected]

Exciting - Stretch goals - Here’s how it works! - Super simple...

Every 4 stretch goals we complete... a new bonus will be unlocked! WOO

For the picture and tweet challenges, post them on Instagram, or twitter with the hashtags (make sure the posts are public) and put the links to your posts in the comments so we can all enjoy your hard work :)

PS not going to lie - I'm excited for science dogs :P haha   

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First things first - you'll need to decide what reward you want, in principal there are only three main things and a few combination bundles. 

If you're ready to come on this cool space adventure with me - Head over to the green pledge now buttons and pick out which rewards you want.

As always, if you need help on anything just give me a poke :) 

Millions of loves Cat xxx

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