We showcase artwork on T-Shirts and support the artists involved!

We are a group of creatives with a clear purpose. We want to help artists promote their work and make some money along the way, by creating beautiful T-Shirts with their designs on them. The vision for Meera came from a burning desire to see more art outside stuffy galleries and on more streets and bodies. We want art to be living, breathing & stimulating our lives every day. In order to do that we want to bring the creative community to their canvases - you

We're a growing community of artists, makers and creatives in Berlin
We're a growing community of artists, makers and creatives in Berlin

What makes Meera special?

Empowering Artists

We want to help artists showcase their work through our online platform, while we promote them and support them financially. How do we do this? 

Every designer collaborating with us has their work regularly promoted through our social media platforms. They all have their own page on our website where you can check their artworks and short bio - information that will also appear on our T-shirt's paper tags.  

Six beautiful designs to choose from!

NUWARA VORTEX - Design by Odysseus

 EME-TOAST - Design by Apollo 

 LINESS - Design by Olivia 

RATIONALIZATION - Design by Odysseus 

THEME QUARK - Design by Omick 

THOUGHT PROCESS - Design by Odysseus 

Three different styles to choose from!

We have chosen three of the simplest cuts to give space to the beautiful designs, which we always place in the front and middle, as seen in the photos above! You can choose between Mens or Ladies T-shirts after the campaign ends or go for one of our Unisex Sweatshirt deals, exclusive to Kickstarter!

 * The above photos are taken from our supplier's catalog and are used only to present the clothes we print on. All Meera rewards will come with your chosen design printed on them!

Ethical & Sustainable

We are equally passionate about respecting the people who make our clothes. Sourcing our clothes from ethical & sustainable suppliers was never part of our concept idea or marketing plan, it was simply the only way to go. The fashion industry's complex supply chain has been and still is hugely damaging to millions of lives, and massively harmful to the environment.  

We do our best to keep true to these values in every aspect of what we do.  To make sure we avoid being a part of this, we are currently working with a single supplier. 

Neutral® is a Danish company that sources its garments from India and is working with six different independent bodies to guarantee their products are manufactured according to the highest social, ethical and environmental international standards.

Screen printing

We have chosen screen printing as the preferred method to transfer designs onto our clothes, as it is the highest quality and most durable way to go. Our main printing partner in Berlin is Black Star, one of the first textile printers in Europe to be awarded GOTS certification (see above). This means that they can print shirts with GOTS approved printing inks while the whole process is certified.

Our Progress

We dream of expanding our network of artists and designers, while staying true to our values. We have been testing our product for over a year now by printing six unique designs from four artists on unisex T-shirts and selling them to our friends and our community of artists, creatives and designers. The feedback we have been getting is truly amazing, and it's what gave us the courage and motivation to move to the next step!

What we'll do with your money

1. Producing Your Order

We need your full support to hit our goal of €5,000 for any of you to receive a Meera T-shirt or Sweatshirt. If we don’t manage to hit our goal, your card will not be charged, and no gifts will be mailed out. 

2. Expand our Artists Support

A successful campaign would give us the required funds to invite more artists, organize exhibitions and events in order to promote their work, and create more opportunities for the artist community.

3. Future Production & Marketing

With your support, we will move to the next stage and start running our online shop. This requires funds for ordering more clothes and investing in marketing in order to reach more people. The more we grow, the more we can give to our Artists, both in terms of exposure and financial support!  


We've created packs with huge discounts for Kickstarter. 

You'll be able to pick your designs after the campaign ends.

Our Artists


Born and raised in Athens (Greece), Apollon spent much of his adult life in the UK and later Luxembourg. He was a scientist who helped satellites launch into space and communicate with the earth. He was also incredibly talented and creative, spent a lot of time drawing, painting walls and skateboards and making stuff. 

Apollon suddenly passed away in December 2017 in a snowboarding accident, leaving a huge hole in our lives. He left this world doing something he loved, living his life to the fullest until the last moment. His passionate approach to life was an inspiration to all of us, he was an incredible friend, he was family. In many ways, this brand is dedicated to him.

This is the first time his work is showcased online, and we will be donating all earnings from his designs to a cause to be decided in discussion with his close family.

Apo, words can't express how much we miss you.


Odysseus is a Greek graphic designer, illustrator, architect and photographer based in Berlin, Germany. He has been doodling since he first grabbed a pen, a skill which he has managed to evolve through countless enjoyable hours of drawing.

He is now trying to develop this into a livelihood  as the co-founder of Meera.


Olivia is a young enthusiast of the endless combination of old and new, past and future, classic and modern. Having lived in Skiathos and Athens, brought up in a bilingual home of dual nationality, she brings contrasting elements into all her work whether that be in interior architecture or jewellery design.  


Omick has inscribed his name on the walls of Lyon since 1997. He is meticulous in his approach, conveying both tags and illustrations. Faithful to the street, he's paved the way for a new school that combines the basic codes of writing with varied and surprising influences.  

On the wall or on paper, Omick leverages the clear line of Hergé, the obsessions of Robert Crumb, the blackness of the deep sea and exoticism of forgotten bestiary. The artist creates laughter by the unexpected combination of disparate elements, building his drawings as a game.

It's a light tone that allows him to address the most metaphysical thoughts when he writes for example, a rebus: sentences from the legendary philosopher Hermes Trismegistus. A painter and a draftsman, he also uses the practice of etching to give more bite to his images, which are of a graceful and demanding complexity. 

Omick was born in 1981. He lives and works in Athens (Greece) where he settled in 2013. Visit his tumblr and instagram to see more.

Our team