Established in 2005, Keyport® is dedicated to creating the next generation multi-tool for the modern lifestyle. We consolidate smart tech (smart home, connected car, Bluetooth locator) and essential physical items (keys, remote fobs, pocket tools) in a modular system that allows Keyporters to build their own personalized everyday carry solutions. Keyport has enthusiastic customers in over 60 countries, and this is Keyport's fourth Kickstarter.

OmniFob has been in development for over two years
OmniFob has been in development for over two years

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From day one our primary goal at Keyport has been to transform the bulky, jingly, unwieldy, and often unattractive keychain into a stylish multi-tool for the modern lifestyle that streamlines keys, remotes, pocket tools, and smart tech. OmniFob is the final piece in our modular everyday carry system that bridges the gap between a pocket full of unwieldy personal items and a completely connected world. Now, whether it is physical or digital, you can carry less, do more, and add a little sophistication to your everyday carry at the same time.


OmniFob is a finger-sized key fob that transforms any standard keychain into a connected life remote providing quick and easy access to your favorite smart functions

Open your garage, unlock your door, turn on your lights, start your car, find your keys, call for help, and more all in one VERY smart fob that attaches easily to any conventional keychain and that is also compatible with Keyport's modular Slide 3.0, Pivot, and Anywhere Tools.

Think of it as a mobile hot button for your smartphone... a single key fob that:

OmniFob™ is the World's first all-in-one smart remote for home and auto with BLE locator powered by Chipolo

                           Just click a button and control your everything.

Turn on the lights, open the garage, disarm the alarm, unlock the front door, and even do it all at once!

A remote fob's primary value is that it provides quick and easy access to certain functions - ON/OFF, OPEN/CLOSE, LOCK/UNLOCK, ARM/DISARM - you use every day. So, we have focused our efforts on those particular smart home IoT devices which meet that criteria, and they fall into five categories:

However, OmniFob is not limited to these devices. You can control the primary functions of nearly any smart home device. 


Activate multiple devices with one click
Activate multiple devices with one click

Routines (as Yonomi* calls them) or scenes (as Samsung SmartThings* refers to them) allow a user to initiate multiple commands at once.  For example, a Leave Home routine might include the following:

Once a routine is programmed in the Yonomi app or in the SmartThings app, OmniFob can initiate it with one simple click.  The possibilities are virtually endless... Wake Up, Go To Sleep, Leave Home, Coming Home are just a few of the most common routines which you can personalize to suit your needs.

* see COMPATIBILITY section below to learn exactly what devices OmniFob can control out of the gate. 

OmniFob™ (patent pending) is a tiny shortcut remote that triggers the apps you use to control your smart devices, scenes, routines, and even your cars. It's like having multiple smart buttons in one tiny remote. Currently OmniFob can control over 100 devices and scenes. But since OmniFob only has two buttons, how fast is it to access all your devices if you have to scroll through the menu each time? The answer is… Quick Controls :)   

With Quick Controls, you don’t have to look at your OmniFob to activate it. You can simply perform a double-click, long press, quad-click, or shake & click to trigger your most frequently functions. Quick Controls combined with a scene or routine allows you to trigger smart actions quickly without digging your phone out of your pocket or purse, unlocking it, selecting an app, opening it, and then selecting the function you wish to initiate. Quick Controls are completely customizable in the Keyport app so you can assign your most frequently used actions to the Quick Control option of your choice. Currently we are building five standard Quick Controls in addition to a panic trigger for personal security (more on that below).

Here are a few examples of Quick Controls you can program yourself in the app. 

Without question, auto lock/unlock is the most requested function, and we have heard you loud and clear! Over the past several years, we have researched, examined, outlined, prototyped, and tested dozens of options, and we are excited to introduce you to our first partners in the auto space.

While still early in the development, we are working with two of what we hope will be several aftermarket connected car applications to bring you remote start and lock/unlock solutions.

It is true that these first solutions require the purchase and installation of a compatible* smart** aftermarket system, but the benefits are significant.

* By compatible, we mean an aftermarket system that we have permission to connect to and that we have worked together with the system's developer to integrate.

** By smart, we mean one that can be controlled by an app on your phone, 


Our first partner in this space is an exciting early stage company which is doing very cool things in the car sharing space.  They have been testing their original system all over the World this past year and have recently launched the newest version of their smart auto start / keyless entry system called MoboKey.

Once the system is installed in your vehicle, OmniFob will be able to control the various MoboKey functions depending upon which version you have.

MoboKey comes in three versions:

For more information on each of the above, please visit, or contact them directly at (713) 701-5748.

We will be sending out an EXCLUSIVE discount courtesy of MoboKey to all of our backers at the conclusion of our campaign.


We are also working with Blue Eclipse, a startup founded by a pioneer in the connected car space who helped develop the first commercially available connected car app at Delphi Automotive. BluRemote by Blue Eclipse (due out in early 2020) offers connected control of OEM and aftermarket remote functions for any car, garage door, or home security alarm without the need for professional installation. DIY installation is simple and requires only a few minutes to configure. For a car, you simply place your remote in a small box, place the box securely in the vehicle (can be hidden or locked down), and you will have access to all of the fob's functions through both OmniFob and the BluRemote app.

Here is a little video sample of this exciting device.

This is Only the Beginning...

These are just the first two of what we hope will be several compatible aftermarket systems. If you have one of them already - like Viper SmartStart, Compustar DroneMobile, Completely Keyless, Voyo, etc. - contact them through their website and on social to let them know that you want it to work with OmniFob. The more they hear from you, the greater chance we have of moving up their priority list.

From there, we hope that integration with OEMs will not be far behind.

Having a device separate from the phone that doesn't attract as much attention is a valuable thing when it comes to personal security. In the case of an assault for example, the assailant's first order of business will be to get your phone away from you so that you cannot contact anyone. Having access to a panic button that is separate and that can trigger an event on your phone like texting or calling emergency services, a friend, or family, or even all of them can be critical at such a time. 

Several single function panic buttons are already popular on college campuses, for exercising by yourself, for late night walks, and for jobs that can take you to out-of-the way locations and in contact with strangers like a real estate agent.  OmniFob combines it with a range of other functionality so that you don't have to carry multiple devices.


OmniFob pairs to both the Keyport app and the Chipolo app (for locator specific functionality) on your smartphone. Once set up, the commands you issue by selecting the function and then clicking the button on your OmniFob will be sent via Bluetooth to the requisite app which will then initiate your request. For example, to open your garage door, you select the Garage Door - Open/Close function with the Mode button on the side and then click the Select button which initiates the command. The Keyport app receives the command via Bluetooth, determines which function to call, and then initiates the action via API through the cloud.


Setting up your OmniFob is simple. After pairing OmniFob with the Keyport app on your phone, just click Add Device and all the compatible devices you have already set up appear as available devices.  Just tap it and name it, and it will be available almost instantly on your OmniFob.

Add, remove, and modify your configuration in the app at any time.

You can even share device functionality with other OmniFob users in your household or office.


Out of the gate, OmniFob will be compatible with a wide range of devices through Samsung SmartThings and Yonomi, which includes most items that are compatible with the Wink hub, as well as a handful of direct connections to great partners like Chipolo, MoboKey, and Nexx Garage (Amazon's most popular Smart Garage Door Opener).

Alongside smart home, connected car, and personal security, OmniFob has incorporated a built-in Bluetooth locator powered by Chipolo so you can find your OmniFob from your phone... or find your phone from your OmniFob.

And it too works with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. 

Find OmniFob with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant
Find OmniFob with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant

After testing several Bluetooth trackers, we were convinced that the team at Chipolo not only knew exactly what they were doing, but they are just awesome to work with. Based in Europe with an outpost in NYC, the Chipolo team has developed several award-winning locators including the Chipolo Classic, Chipolo Plus, and the Chipolo Card.

We will be sending out a discount code courtesy of Chipolo to all of our backers at the conclusion of our campaign.


Trying to take the perfect selfie is not exactly the suavest of moves. Now you can use OmniFob as a remote camera trigger so that you can do it without looking like a tourist.


A tiny keychain flashlight is always a useful everyday carry item.  To give you one that doesn't take up any additional space, we added a mini-flashlight for shining a little light when you need it most.


It is true that your phone can do these things... although not together in a single app and not with easy one-handed access.

We designed OmniFob to be the ultimate shortcut to your smartphone's apps by combining:

In addition, we added a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy locator powered by Chipolo, selfie remote, and mini-flashlight to give you everything you need to control your... everything.

In creating OmniFob, our team has four objectives in mind:

1. Make Smart Functionality Easy to Integrate into Your Daily Life

OmniFob simplifies the everyday recurring functions you do by giving you quick and easy shortcut controls without having to:

It is true that aggregation apps like Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Yonomi, Gideon, Wink, and others simplify this process by consolidating functions into a single app. A number of them also introduce scenes / automations into the equation which is the ability to initiate a series of actions like turning on all the lights at night with one click. And we are very excited to partner with a number of them. Yet, even with these, accessing your phone on the go can be a bit clunky. 

Many current smartphones are just large enough that you tend to operate them with two hands which means you need to have both hands available and not full of stuff. You also need to be looking at your phone... which can be an issue at times...

Instead, we designed an alternative... pull out your OmniFob or simply clip it to your collar or pocket as it is about the size of your index finger, toggle through the list of actions you have set up, and click on the one you want. Quick Controls will make this especially easy as you won't even need to look at the screen.

For those who have not incorporated the benefits of smart home yet, we hope that OmniFob is a helpful starting point. Purchasing a smart plug or smart light bulbs is an easy way to get started, and once you get them up and running, they are very easy to pair with your OmniFob.

2. Give Your Smartphone a Wingman

There are also a few things that OmniFob can do that the smartphone cannot do as well. We believe that this makes OmniFob a valuable complement to your phone. Here are a few examples:

3. Combine Smart Home, Connected Car, and Personal Security Functionality

We are currently the only solution outside of your phone to combine connected home and car along with personal security plus lost & found in one single device.

4. Transform Your Bulky, Antiquated Keychain into a Modern Day Multi-Tool

While IoT is gaining ground, the vast majority of us still carry some form of a keychain. Keys are not going away anytime soon, and our key rings are chock-full of other everyday carry items as well - pocket tools (e.g. mini-flashlight, bottle opener, pocketknife), auto and access fobs, security tokens, contactless payment options, loyalty cards, etc. At Keyport, our mission is to add some organization to the chaos and to transform your keychain from an unwieldy collection of physical items into a fully customizable, modern day, connected multi-tool for the modern lifestyle.

OmniFob has multiple carry options besides clipping it to your pocket or bag,
OmniFob has multiple carry options besides clipping it to your pocket or bag,

A part of the Keyport modular everyday carry system, OmniFob is compatible with the Keyport's Anywhere Pocket Clip™ (comes standard and can connect to virtually any keychain), the Keyport Pivot™, and the Keyport Slide™.

Before we go into specifics, here are a few general things about OmniFob's security:

OmniFob does not connect directly to your devices. It simply connects to the Keyport app on your smartphone via Bluetooth and acts as a shortcut to your smart apps. It’s that simple. All the work is done app to app, by your smartphone, just as if you are controlling your devices directly from your smartphone. When you press a button to activate a device, scene, or routine on the OmniFob, it sends a signal via Bluetooth to the Keyport App on your phone. Our app sends the command to the 3rd party app, which then triggers the action and... voila. 

In the Keyport App, you connect to a compatible 3rd party app via Oauth2 validation. Once your account is linked, the devices, scenes, and routine names you have programmed in the 3rd party app automatically populate in the Keyport app. The only information written to your OmniFob is the custom names you select for each device, scene, and routine.

What if I lose it? There is no need to worry about security if you ever lose your OmniFob. It is designed to be a shortcut to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Therefore, OmniFob will not work if it is out of Bluetooth range of your phone and the Keyport app to which it is paired. So, a potential thief would literally have to get a hold of it and be within your smart phone’s Bluetooth bubble (approximately 60 feet) for it to re-pair with your phone.

But we have a simple solution for that too. Just unpair it in the Keyport app and all your devices will be inoperable even if the thief finds his way back into your Bluetooth bubble.

In comes Chipolo - And lost doesn't mean forever with OmniFob... You will still be able to track it down via our locator powered by Chipolo and its crowd mesh network which shows its last known location. You can check it right on Chipolo's app.

But, let’s say you totally lost it and un-paired it from the Keyport app as described above. Guess what? It is still connected to Chipolo so you can mark your OmniFob as lost in the Chipolo app and you will have a chance at finding it again using their Community Search feature. When you get it back you can easily re-pair it with the Keyport app.

Anonymity - Imagine, you leave your keys somewhere and someone finds them. That person now has access to your car, house, office, and any other keys you have on there. But, unless you have your address on your keys, they are anonymous, right? Most likely, that person is just going to be a good samaritan and turn them into the lost and found. The slim chance that person would become a potential thief is eliminated with OmniFob, because when you un-pair it from the app as described above, it becomes useless.

Testing Before Launch - In addition to the initiatives we have undertaken during design, we are already putting OmniFobs in the hands of our partners, beta testers, and white hat hackers (some of our security professional friends from DEFCON) to identify any potential issues. We will continue to study best practices and develop a community which helps us to discover and then patch any potential vulnerabilities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Even without any smart home products, OmniFob provides quite a bit of value. Here is what you get when reserving an OmniFob reward:

*Includes top smart home brands including August, Wink, Philips Hue, WEMO, LIFX, Yale, GE, Sengled, Cree, Ecobee, IKEA, Leviton, Kasa, Schlage, Kwikset, and more.

We have added significant discounts to ALL reward levels, so even late-comers to the party get a break for their support.  Obviously, the sooner you pledge, the bigger the discount, and the sooner we hit our goal, the sooner we can let our manufacturing partners know to get started, and the more stretch goals we can unlock!


For more information on each of the above, visit:


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Your support has a direct impact on OmniFob by helping us to:

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