When you hand around, you may notice many unlocked bicycles, motorcycles, and strollers on the street. Mainly there are no portable and safe locks for them. For this, Anysafe U-lock is a good choice for you.

Anysafe U-lock has the functions of traditional lock and fingerprint lock and can be used in different use scenarios, such as bicycle locks, shop locks, door locks, and warehouse locks. This exquisite smart fingerprint lock exudes the dual charm of technology and fashion, bringing an unprecedented security experience to your life.

Anysafe U-lock is a secure fingerprint lock for daily life. It combines semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology, biotechnology, material technology, and other complex cutting-edge high-tech research and development results under the light and exquisite appearance.

In daily life, when you try to open the lock, you may not find the keys. The keys are easy to be lost and it may cause a lot of trouble after losing the keys. Unlike the traditional locks, U-lock is more convenient and safer. After a lot of trials, U-lock is here for you. It's equipped with a high-performance CPU, intelligent sensor and complex algorithm, which greatly improves the speed of fingerprint unlock and makes the finger become the real intelligent key.

The Anysafe U-lock has built-in semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology that intelligently recognizes fingerprint changes and automatically collect new fingerprint features, complement, and update fingerprint data, which can quickly identify the fingerprint changes that have been entered, even if for the kids and the elderly.

The newly upgraded intelligent learning algorithm dramatically improves the speed of fingerprint recognition and can effectively prevent the input of fake fingerprints.


If you unlock the bicycle when you are out, in the face of the cumbersome mechanical lock, you often need to go through the wallet, find the key, align the hole and other complicated actions. Even if it is a mechanical code lock, there are still easy to rotate errors, and even forget the password, which makes it difficult to open in a short time. And the Anysafe U-lock smart fingerprint lock can be instantly turned on with a single touch of a finger.


Anysafe U-lock has the current top-level touch recognition capability. In the case of traditional keys or mechanical passwords that are difficult to unlock, especially in the dark environment, Anysafe U-lock can also speed up unlocking. It is precise because of the configuration of the planetary geared motor and the high-end sensor that the unlocking speed of the fingerprint lock can respond quickly. The user does not have the trouble of aligning the keys, solves the problem that the different fingerprint angles are difficult to recognize, and makes the process of unlocking smooth as desired.


It is also such intimate details that the Anysafe U-lock is the only fingerprint lock on the market with a fingerprint cover. Unlike the general fingerprint lock, the Anysafe U-lock is designed with full consideration of the challenges that may be faced in different scenarios, especially when it is used outdoors, it will face rain and wind and sun. A fingerprint cover is configured.

The fingerprint cover can protect the fingerprint chip from external impact, avoid accidental touch and frequently activate the fingerprint lock, and even avoid the state of conductive activation after the fingerprint lock is accidentally touched by the rain, without these frequent accidents. The cruising ability of this lock is also greatly improved, and it can reach 2 years of standby time.

The Anysafe U-lock can also store 10 different sets of fingerprints to support 10 people unlocking at the same time. Only after recording the fingerprints for everyone who needs to use the lock, everyone can open the lock smoothly, without having to assign keys to everyone. Not only is it convenient for more people to use, but it also saves the cost of keying.


The whole lock is made of zinc alloy, and the high-end Q235 carbon structural steel is used in the lock body and the lock beam. It is equipped with the thickest chain on the market, safe and not easy to cut, and can even withstand 500 kg the above pull.

Anysafe U-lock has rock-solid safety performance. Even tools that deliberately use hydraulic tongs cannot be cut open, and the safety factor is extremely high.

This design not only looks high-end elegance, but also because of the high strength and toughness of the material itself, the careful design in the manufacturing process, and the strict quality control.

In order to allow users to use the traditional locks for a long time, the Anysafe U-lock has gradually transitioned to the current convenient and easy-to-use fingerprint lock. Two unlocking methods have been specially designed. The traditional unlocking method the fingerprint lock is retained so that the user can slowly change the unlocking habit. 


Considering the difference in the use of the scene and the outdoor environment, Anysafe U-lock is IP67 waterproof, and the fingerprint cover protects the lock, especially in the rain. 

Unlike other fingerprint locks on the market, Anysafe U-lock has long-lasting battery life. It only takes a single charge and can stand by for up to 2 years. And other fingerprint locks on the market, only up to half a year of battery life. And don't worry about the Anysafe U-lock will have no power, even if it is used frequently, it can be used for more than 1 year. In the unlikely event that there is no power, don't worry, just use the mobile power to quickly charge it.



Anysafe U-lock team members have a world-renowned college education background and have rich R&D experience in the mechanical lock industry and smart electronic equipment industry. Most of the members have served the world's leading companies and brands, and have participated in many research and development of security products that are popular in the market as a major member. They have rich experience in the development of fingerprint locks.